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Interview of Press Secretary of Jamaat Ahmadiyya
Posted on Saturday, October 03 @ 20:52:52 CEST by admin
Left Jamaat

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 26th September 2003    

Statement of Rasheed Chaudhary Press Secretary of Jamaat Ahmadiyya London.


Recently, Mr Rasheed Chaudhary gave an interview to Ahmedi.org. Apart from various things that were asked, issue of the numbers also came up. Following is the english transcript of that portion of interview.

Question: Chaudhary Sahib, this figure of seventeen million given by 4th Khalifa, do you personally consider it to be true?

Ch Rasheed: Yes, absolutely true, rather presently our numbers are 200 million.

Question: Chaudhary Sahib, how is it possible?

Ch Rasheed: Why is it not possible? In one one day hundreds of thousands are converting to Ahmadiyyat.

Question: Chaudhary Sahib, give us reference of any country/city of the world where hundreds of thousands have converted to Ahmadiyyat?

Ch Rasheed: The name of the country is Benin.

Question: Chaudhary Sahib will you spell it?

Ch Rasheed: B E N I N. 90% of the Kings of this country have become Ahmadi. When one king converts to Ahmadiyyat, the whole tribe and village becomes Ahmadi. ( The official language of Benin is French and its total ppulation is 6,590,782).

Question: Chaudhary Sahib, can you give any proof of this. show the bait forms, since you have the entire system of do*****entation.

Ch Rasheed: What are you takling, these are 50 year old things. Now-a-days forms do not come. One tribe converts, one king converts, and with him all become Ahmadi. What is the need of a form there?

Question: This is then just a blind following, this is not embracing a faith?

Ch Rasheed: There is a big difference between Momin and Muslim. They said that they are Ahmadis, so they become Ahmadi, as the hadith says he who says he is a Muslim, he is a muslim.

Question: Do they know even the name of Mirza Sahib?

Ch Rasheed: We are educating them, and MashaAllah we have many children of WAQF-e-NAU getting ready. For this work, our footsteps are mving ahead. We had challenged all Mullahs, but no one came forward except Shah Ahmed Noorani, who said that he will not rest till he wipes out Ahmadiyyat from Europe.

Dear Readers

This statement of Rasheed Chaudhary Sahib exposes the myth of Ahmadiyya propaganda about their preaching. They had somehow convinced the head of some villages, whom they call KINGS, most probably through financial incentives (otherwise called bribes), and of course pretending to be sunni Muslims. So this is how they claim that hundreds of thousands have been converted in one day. Qustion is: If 90 % of Kings are already converted, then there are not much people left to convert. If the population of Benin is 6.5 million, then 90 % Kings and their followers are already Qadiani followers, meaning the majority of the population. Is that really true?

One more fact came to light. No more bait forms are being signed by the new converts. Is this happening only in Africa or in other parts of the world as well? Why are they not being the bait form to sign? Has Jamaat Ahmadiyya discarded the bait form? We know that the original bait form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib is no longer there, it has already being altered to delete the item number 4 which dealt with loyalty to British Raj.

Another worth noting fact that have come to light from this statement is that these new converts will have to wait for their education regarding Ahmadiyyat, till the children of Waqf-e-Nau grow up and ready for preaching.

This interview was taken this month, September 2003, and the press secretary of Jamaat Ahmadiyya is still insisting on the number of converts over the last few years to be true. It would be worth seeing whether the newly appointed Khalifa endorses this statement of Rasheed Chaudhary Sahib.

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali




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