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Why did I leave Ahmadiyyat ?
Posted on Saturday, October 03 @ 21:29:40 CEST by admin
Left Jamaat

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 11th July 2001

Why did I leave Ahmadiyyat? For Ahmadis, but Muslims can also read it!

by Prof. Munawwer Ahmad Malik

Professor Munawwer Ahmad Malik had been a qadiani for 40 years. In 1999 Allah gave him the hidayah and opened his heart for Islam, after which he denounced Ahmadiyyat. Now he is engaged in exposing the secrets of this cult, so that ordinary Ahmadis can discover that which is hidden from him.

My Dear Friends of Jamaat! I want to talk to to you about certain things, draw your attention towards such things which are not only just worth considering, but also worth investigating. Since I have spent 40 years of my life with the Jamaat, therefore you cannot deny those things. As a sincere Ahmadi, I had been engaged in tabligh as a Muballigh of Jamaat, and as an ordinary worker I have been participating actively in every activity of the Jamaat. Lastly I had been the Naib (Assistant) Ameer of Jhelum Jamaat and after developing a relationship with the hierarchy of the Jamaat and experiencing their ways, I thought, investigated and then Allah gave me the guidance to leave the Jamaat and thus entered the fold of Islam. If what I am going to say, you tell me that this is not true, then I will be justified in saying that either you are not aware of the reality of this Jamaat or else you are just a paid 'murabbi'.

Dear Jamaati friends! You know that since childhood every Ahmadi child's mind is fed with this belief that Ahmadiyyat is true Islam, that in this last era God has given the task of total victory and domination of Islam to Ahmadiyyat, that the Islam of rest of the Muslims is not only stale but also it has been altered, that that Islam which was present at its advent, Ahmadiyyat is presenting that Islam to the world .... etc. etc.

Dear friends of Jamaat! The basic articles of faith in islam are five, which every follower of the Jamaat accepts. They are Kalima Tayyebah, prayer, fasting, Hajj and Zakaat. These are basic articles of faith and not to accept any one of them is equivalent to not fulfilling the basic conditions of Islam.

Dear Friends of Jamaat! There is great stress in the Jamaat on donations. Chanda Aam is that basic donation that is payable by every earning person (rather now it has become compulsory for unemployed persons as well to pay it), its payment is obligatory. Every employed person must compulsarily pay 6.25% of his salary as Chanda Aam. Round the year members' attention is drawn towards this task. Two three times a year inspectors come from the center and make sure the 100% collection of this donation. To facilitate its collection, many 'religious incentives' are given, that those who will make 100% payment, their names will be sent to 'Huzoor' (Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani) for dua, and that at such and such times the names of Jamaat will also be mentioned etc. etc. Before the end of financial year, the leaders of the Jamaat give several sermons on the importance of this Chanda and to draw attention towards its collection; and at the end of the year, the details of this donation is announced, details of promises and next budget is announced.

On every person, whether employed or unemployed, donation 'Tehreek Jadeed' is compulsory. Earlier it was optional, but now gradually it has become obligatory. To make 100% collection of Chanda Tehreek Jadeed, separate inspectors come from the center, leaders give separate sermons and the whole machinery of Jamaat gets busy in collecting this donation. 'Chanda Salana' is also a compulsory donation, which is taken annually at the rate of 10% of the monthly income. For its collection as well special sermons are delivered. 'Waqf Jadeed' also was introduced as an optional Chanda but that is also now becoming an obligatory donation. The inspectors of above mentioned four chandas come from the center three times a year to make sure the collection of these chandas. Those on whom the dues of these chandas are outstanding, inspectors even approach their homes to collect the donations.

Apart from these, there are other chandas: For instance on young people (Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) there is Chanda Majlis, Chanda Ta'ameer Hall, Chanda Ijtama'a; on aged persons (Ansarullah), there is Chanda Bosnia, Chanda Africa etc. etc. Chanda 100 years Jubilee was collected for 16 years.

One Ahmadi whose salary is Rs. 3000 per month, he has to pay at least Rs. 300 per month in these donations. If his wife, children and parents are with him, then their dues will also be collected from the same salary. Thus he is compelled to pay between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 every month.  If he does not pay, then it would be added to his account so that at the end of the year he will have between Rs. 3000 to 4000 due against him. Similarly if someone is earning Rs. 10,000 per month, then annually he has to pay more than Rs. 12,000.

Apart from these donations, there is another system in place, which is that if someone wants that after his death he is buried in a special 'heavenly graveyard' in Rabwah, then it would be necessary for him that instead of 6.25% of Chanda Aam, he will pay 10% and he will transfer 10% of his property to the President of Anjuman-e-Ahmadiyya, and he will continue to pay 10% of all his earnings in future to the centre. These conditions are applicable from the day he makes the will. Now if a person dies and his dead body has reached Rabwah, but 10% of his property has not been transferred to the President of Jamaat Ahmadiyya or if he has some unpaid dues, then his burial will be stopped. Unless his heirs clear all his dues, the burial cannot take place.

If an Ahmadi refuse to pay the above Chandas, then he does not remain an Ahmadi. If he doesn't pay the chanda or delays the payment, then that chanda will be added to his dues, which will be collected from his relatives after his death. Anynow who has arrears in payment, his name is advertised, he will be considered 'tainted' in the Jamaat and like an animal whose tail is cut, he will be the focus of everyone.

Dear Jamaat Friends! By all this details, the point that I want to highlight is that how active is the jamaat regarding the payment of Chandas and how an organised network is working for it. BUT have you ever seen a ZAKAAT INSPECTOR coming from the center? Has Zakaat (which is an obligatory duty of every Muslim) ever been tried to collect from you? Has Zakaat ever been added to your arrears? Have you ever heard a sermon or lecture on Zakaat from 'Huzoor' (Mirza Tahir)? Have you ever seen any attempt at the central level to draw your attention to the collection of Zakaat? Definitely your answer would be in negative. Is it not worth thinking that a basic tenet of Islam has not only been left, it is considered as out of religion. Can Islam exist without this pillar? What I mean is that can Ahmadiyyat remain linked with Islam without this pillar?

Dear Ahbaab of Jamaat! On numerous occasions you must have heard several sermons from the mouth of 'Present Khalifa' (Mirza Tahir) about the 'barakaat' of Jalsa Salan, good wishes about the attendees of this Jalsa and supplications for them, you must have heard many lectures and sermons about these Jalsa Salana programs, drawing attention to attend them. We keep reading detailed reports of Jalsa Salana, Rabwah and London in magazines and newspapers of Jamaat like 'AlFazl', 'Khalid', 'Tasheed-ul-Azhan', 'Misbah', and 'Ansarullah'. As a result of all these efforts, a person who has been hearing all this since childhood, by the time he reaches 30-35 years of age, he developed so much faith with every aspect of this Jalsa that no non-Ahmadi can imagine that.

BUT have you ever heard any sermon on Hajj from the mouth of 'Khalifa-e-Waqt'? Have 'Huzoor' ever told Jamaat members about the details of Manasik-e-Hajj? Ever heard any lecture on Hajj by any high placed Jamaat's office bearer? Your answer will definitely in negative. Why is this so? A basic tenet of Islam has not only been ignored, instead as ooposed to it stress is laid on attending Jalsa Salana. How many Hajj were performed by the 2nd Khalifa Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud? In 51 years when he was the Imam of Ahmadis, he should have done more than 30 Hajjs, but just to decieve people he did once only? He was supposed to have a special affiliation with religion, yet how many Hajj he performed. It was he who informed Ahmadis that all non-Ahmadis are not only Kaafirs, but they are PUKKA kaafirs. And it was his such delicate writings that in 1974 Ahmadis were declared as a minority and made it reach upto this point.

Then Ahmadis do not perform Hajj because of restrictions but spend thousands of ruppees to go to london to attend Jalsa Salana. A government employee cannot leave the country without official permission. But an Ahmad government servant attend Jalsa abraod by obtaining fake passports and by providing false informations, they even go to Qadian to attend the Jalsa Salana. They do not care for any restrictions to attend this Jalsa. in other words they prove by their actions that as compare to Hajj, Jalsa is more important.

Dear Ahbaab of Jamaat! If until now you consider yourself a Muslim and considers it necessary to believe in 5 basic tenets of Islam, then think, where is Jamaat taking you by totally neglecting/denying two basic tenets (Zakaat and Hajj) of Islam? And then how can you call yourself a Muslim?

Dear Ahbaab of Jamaat! Now i want to draw your attention to another important problem. When the time comes for the election of President/Ameer of some local Jamaat,

then at the time of voting, such persons are shown out who have outstanding chnada dues of six months or more, irrespective of how much such a person is pious, respectable, regular in prayers, he is definitely removed. Such a person can neither cast a vote not can he become an office bearer. Now those who are casting votes, among them are persons who are not reglar in prayers, nor are they pious, nor are they active in Jamaat activities, rather they are far away from religion. Just prior to the election he has paid his dues, and Jamaat gives them an entitlement to elect the Ameer Jamaat and other office bearers (members of exceutive council). Not only this, such a person has full right, rather entitlement, that he is elected as an office bearer, or even he can become Ameer of Jamaat.

Dear Friends of Jamaat! Just think! The only qualification to be a voter or an office bearer is Chanda and Chanda alone, that MONEY. He who pays the money is a pious person, and he who does not pay the money he will be rejected. Is this not the same condenmable principle which is practiced by our corrupt government departments and persons, which has spoiled the atmosphere of this blessed country? He who pays the money, he is respectable and is in the forefront, who cannot give the money he is contemptible. Ahmadiyya Jamaat claims to be a purely religious Jamaat, what has happened to the religion?

Now let us see the method of election. Those who are emtitled to vote, they are all or some of them can become office bearer. At the beginng of election, one person will stand up and nominate anyone for any office, the person whose name has been proposed, he may not know about it, his permission may not have been sought, rather if he refuses to participate, still his name would be amongst the proposed names. Then someone will second this name. Similarly another person will get up and propose the name of another person for the same office. Then someone will second it. Thus two persons will be contestants for the same post. Now open voting will take place. People will be asked that those who are in favour of the first one, raise their hands. If the first one is an influential person, then all votes will go to him, if the second person is influential then the votes will be reserved for him. There is no concept of secret ballot. . It is obvious that in all rural gatherings, only land lords, and unscroupulous people get the votes, because these persons have big families and have considerable inluence over people, and people are afraid of giveing votes to his opponents in front of him. Thus in such gatherings when such a person becomes the President or Ameer, then he remians on that post till his death, because during the three years for which he is elected, he onsolidates his position, and then there is no chance of him leaving that position. Then the method of election is such that no candidate can talk against another person, cannot pass a remarks against another person or try to improve his position among the voters. Now if a corrupt, scoundrel and infamous person becomes a President, then he will remain on that post, there is no way to remove him, Jamaat cannot remove him, because it says: those who have elected him, should remove him. Now who can vote against such a person and generate enemosity for himself?

It is the result of this old, incomprehensible and impractical system that the Ameers of many Jamaats are in place years after years, Ameer of some cities or districts are in place for 20 years, in other places for 30, and in one area he is holding the office for 47 years. All these Ameers remain in office till death and because of their life long rule, they are above all kinds of principles, rules, regulations and good policy. They rule in a free style manner, and are an example of an ideal walking dictator. Because of these 'qualities' of Ameers, many Ahmadis are leaving the Jamaat, this process is going on and it is gaining momentum with every passing day. Majority of those who are leaving the Jamaat, are educated and are fed up with this out-dated rituals and excesses of Ameers.

Ahbaab Jamaat! Once again come back to the method of election. You have made a non-pious, un-righteous person Ameer of Jamaat, as I explained in detail that a land lord, holligan, village-leader had become an Ameer of Jamaat. Now these Ameers from all over Pakistan, will first elect district Ameers, and then they will elect an Ameer for Pakistan or Ameer for the whole Jamaat - the 'Khalifa'! Imagine, what a good quality butter is being obtained from this 'poisoned milk'. Probably this is also a 'MIRACLE' of the Jamaat. How pious can be the leader of such irreligious and impious people?

Now sincere Ahmadis will immediately counter this by saying that the office of Ameers is purely administrative or that Khalifa is just an administrative post. Now let us analyse this aspect as well. A land lord has been elected by you as Ameer of Jamaat. In his Jamaat, a 'Murabbi' (preacher) is also present from the center. 'Murabbi' has obtained 7 years of religious education, before being appointed by the center, but according to the rules and regulations of the Jamaat, it is the right of Ameer first to deliver the friday sermon. If he orders 'murabbi', then only murabbi will deliver the sermon. Now the friday sermon is a purely religious duty, what has that got to do with the Ameer of Jamaat, since to become an Ameer of Jamaat there is no requirement to have religious education, nor is it necessary to have worldly education, it is possible that he is totally illiterate, yet Ameer has the first right to deliver the sermon according to rules of Jamaat.

Similarly, the position of the Incharge of all Ameers of Jamaat, i.e. Khalifa, is not just administrative, rather he is all in all, in every sphere, be it religious or administrative, policy making or any other matter, position of 'Khalifa' is the top most, final decision is his. He is not bound by anyone or anything, nor is he answerable to anyone, nor can his decision be challenged anywhere. Every administrative decision, every religious edict will come from him. These strange rules and regulations, sayings and practices, keep Ahmadis mystified under the cover of their blind faith.

Jamaati friends! Now let us just see the 'power' of above mentioned Ameer. If an ordinary Ahmadi has some diiference of opinion or grevience against some remarks, attitude, character of Ameer Jamaat or differnce on some other religious or administrative matter, then that Ameer Jamaat will send his complain to the higher authorities. It doesn't matter how weak is the position of Ameer, or how objectionable is his attitude, and it doesn't matter against whom the complain is being lodged, how right he is, it is the Ameer of Jamaat's words that would be taken as true. Now what action is taken upon this complain, that is another story, but what happens to the future of this Ahmadi, just read that:

Since Ameer is now angry from this sincere Ahmadi, then the 'Khalifa' will also be angry from this Ahmadi becuase Ameer of Jamaat is his representative, therefore it is compulsory that the Khalifa will be angry. And from whom Khalifa is angry, according to Ahmadi beliefs, God is also angry with him, and if God is angry with someone, then he can imagine his fate! Now if Ameer will become happy with this Ahmadi, then God will also be happy. In other words God is bound by the wishes of the Ameer of Jamaat, if he permits then only God will be happy with such a person, otherwise not.

Above mentioned system is exactly how it works in the Jamaat. Now the picture that emerges is this that God is bound by the wishes of Ahmadi land lords, scoundrels and criminals of every town; for whomsoever he would request to be forgiven, God will forgive, and for whosoever he will recommend hell, God will be bound to put that person in hell.

Every Ahmadi will admit above mentioned facts, but never openly, because the example of freedom of expression that exist in Ahmadiyya Jamaat, is not seen anywhere else.

Wassalam Munawwer A Malik Physicist Prof. of Physics Jhelum




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