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My Departure from Qadianism Albanian brother leaves Ahmadiyya Belgium
Posted on Saturday, October 03 @ 21:57:26 CEST by admin
Left Jamaat

Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam June 2001


My Departure from Qadianism Albanian brother leaves Ahmadiyya Belgium - by Rinol -

Bismilahi-Rrahmani-Rrahim INTRODUCTION

My name is Rinol, I am an ethnic Albanian from Macedonia. Currently I am a student in Belgium. I, like many others, have fallen in the dejjalian trap of Qadianism. Qadianism is known to a very small number of people; especially those Muslims who live in Eastern Europe are much more vulnerable to the Qadiany creed. It is known to everyone under what hegemonic conditions the Muslims have lived in the communist law of non-religious tolerance. By this I am trying to say that I was not very prepared to resist the Qadiany creed. In 2000, I heard by a Qadiany who told me about his “sect which in not really a sect”. This Qadiany student told me that in the Qadiany mission house, they have some books in Albanian. This attracted me, since I had not read any Albanian books for a long time. This was a twisted promise, because the primary reason for it was to talk to the Qadiany doctors specialized in brainwashing young eastern European Muslims. I think I should clarify for the sake of not being misunderstood that the Qadianies have not been successful at all in propagating their cult among Eastern European Muslims who live in Western Europe. Most of those who have joined the Qadiany fold, have fled it. My presence in this group lasted about 5 months. I am not going to go into detail in describing the way I fell in the trap, but I am going to talk about the way I got out of the trap. Eventually I started realizing that I was in some sort of a trap. The more I was learning about the new “reforms”, and the more I was learning about Qadianism and Qadianis in general, the more it was becoming evident that something is wrong. First of all, I did not know that after the death of the founder of Qadianism, the Qadianis split into two groups. Second of all, the Qadianis were saying very good and endorsing words about the Jews. At the same time they were saying very aggressive and horrible words about the Muslims. The Jews on one hand were chosen, and the Muslims on the other were kaffirs. Furthermore, a Qadiany is not allowed to pray with a Muslim imam. The thing that I could not understand was that how can the Jews be chosen if they tried to kill Isah (a.s.)? Most importantly, how can they be chosen if they fought against our Holly Prophet (SAWS)? Moreover, the Holly Koran clearly portrays the Jews as the enemies of Islam. I found out that they have very good relations with the British from their literature. The Son of Mirza Ghulam, in his book "Invitation to Ahmadiayyat" mentions the fact that he was praying for Great Britain to win the First World War. Was not India colonized by the British? It would have been logical if he prayed for Great Britain to lose the war. Therefore, this showed to me that there must have been some sort of relations between the Qadianies and the British colonizers. Later on I found parts of the book Ahmadiyya Movement: British Jewish Connections, written by Bashir Ahmad who is a Muslim. This book significantly helped me recover from the deceptive state. In particular I was happy to find proof that indeed the Qadianis have strong relations with the Jews, and that it is a British puppet movement in "Islam".

O, those of you who believed! Do not make allies the Jews, nor the Christians. They are allies of one another. Whoever from you makes allies with them, he is from them (he is like them). Really, Allah does not put in the right path, the sinful people. (Chapter 5, Verse 51 - my translation from Albanian)


About 6 months before I became a Qadiany, I saw a dream, which was very clear. In this dream I saw the holly prophet Muhammad SAWS stand in front of me. Although he did not tell who he was, I absolutely knew it was him, and I was very happy in the dream because I was expecting good news. I had never such a clear dream. The setting behind was a blue sky like in the morning, and lots of sunshine. Our holly prophet Muhammad SAWS was dressed in white, with a few vertical gray stripes. He had long dark hair, and an attractive face. Muhammad SAWS spoke to me in my mother tong (Albanian): "You are going to have "garth" [I had never seen nor heard of this word]." At that moment I woke up, and I saw my uncle going to work very early in the morning. I asked him what does this word mean. He told me it was fences that you put around the house or usually for sheep or other animals. My older brother told the same thing to me, but he added that it could be used as protection. The moment I became a Qadiany, this dream did not go into my mind. When I told this dream to the leader of the mission, and the preacher, they kept on suggesting that I must have seen Mirza Ghulam or one of the other four Qadiany leaders. I made clear to them that I knew for sure it was Muhammad SAWS. When I saw this dream, I already knew some things about Ahmadiyya movement, because of my fellow student. Hence he had created on me a few doubts about the coming of the Imam Mahdi. This is part of my reply that I made to the student:

He wrote:" I never showed you those dreams, it was Allah. So if you want to blame someone for guiding you to this path blame Allah!!" I replied: Indeed, it was ALLAH who showed me those dreams … dreaming about Muhammad SAWS is a grandiose thing. [Murabi sahib and Maksud kept on suggesting me : " Are you surre it is not Mirza Ghulam or our khalifs?"] Such a dream than should not be sent to a person who will flee the "true" path, i.e. Ahmadiyyat. You may say, well than you did flee your Muslim path. I did flee it, but it was temporary, it helped me clearly see that Qadianism is wrong …Thus, it was destined that I was going to enter your fold and ELHAMDULILAH it became absolutely crystal clear that Qadianism is wrong.


Mirza Ghulam had written a book called: "The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam". The president of the Shura recommended this book to me, after I had asked them to supply me with the books written by the founder. Naively, this is the first time I read a book written by the founder of Qadianism. By the grace of ALLAH, the tiny book that was given to me provided me with enough information to pinpoint the liar, and deformer of Islamic principles. In the English translation of this book, the thing that finally struck me was his translation of Chapter 102 (Suretu et Tekathur: has 8 verses) in the Koran, at which he translates them incorrectly and corruptly. He does that on purpose to reinforce his interpretation. In the end he ADDS something which is NOT mentioned in the verses, that is:"...you will know hell through your experiences" [Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam. The Philosophical Teachings of Islam. London (1992). Page 75.]. It is indeed a horrific crime to do this. Only a very wicked person can dare to do this. Therefore, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is a dajjal (liar). This was the point when I departed away from Qadiany trap.


The leader of the mission including the president of Shura, have both refused to provide me with information regarding the number of Ahmaddies in Belgium. When I say "refused", I do not mean that they said, "we cannot tell you the number", but they sort of escape the answer claiming that the West is a "materialistic nation". According to my observation, I estimate the number of Ahmadies to be about 200 (including the children). The vast majority of them are from Pakistan. The number of converts (non-Pakistani) is about 10. In my five-month presence, I witnessed 2 people to have fled the group. They had not shown up at the mission house for months. Thus, I asked the president of Shura where were the two guys. He did not give me any answer at all.

In this short resume, I have not managed to mention all the points that made me see the truth. Mentioning all the mistakes that I found is going to require an extensive elaboration, so I am not going to do all that. Inshallah, I will do that some other time.

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