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Why did I denounce Mirzaiyat ?
Posted on Saturday, October 03 @ 22:22:24 CEST by admin
Left Jamaat

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 3rd February 2000

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Denounciation of Qadianiyat

Why I Left Qadianiyat?

By Maulana Lal Hussein Akhter

Translation by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Maulana Akhter Lal Hussein was a well-known figure in the Muslim and Qadiani world. Many benefited from his efforts to expose the Qadiani deception. Both, in and out of the country, people acknowledged his unparalleled services. Initially he was a Qadiani muballigh but left the Jamaat when the truth dawned on him. How, when and why it happened, let us hear from his own mouth. He wrote 14 articles denouncing Qadianiyat.In the following article, ‘Tark-e-Mirzaiyyat’ he describes his reasons for leaving Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

Unlimited Praise and Glory be to Allah, The True Creator who brought everything from none to existence. Millions of Praises be on Him who excelled earthling over all creations and put his stamp of ‘Ahsan-e-Taqweem’ over this excellence. Thousands of Salutations on that Holy Personage who was sent as a Mercy for all the worlds, whose blessed advent, cooled down from East to West, from North to South, the flames of polytheism and disbelief with the showers of Oneness of Allah; created a world of spiritual light in the darkness of materialism; whose Pious and Holy gaze rid the man of all those afflictions of ignorance, barbarism, immorality and corruption which were clinging to him. This Perfect Guide and the True Leader, this biggest pedagogue, the Intercessor on the Day of Judgment, is that individual on whom befits the phrase, ‘ba’ad uz Khudaa buzurg Tooee - after God, You (O Muhammad) are the Most August One. He is our Lord and Master, Muhammad Mustafa (may peace, love and blessing of Allah shower on Him). It is He who transform a beggar into a King, it is He who shows the path to the lost souls, it is He who cleanses the sinful and introduces them to the Divine Presence.

By the Grace of Allah and through the blessings of the Holy Feet of RasoolAllah SAAW, a sinful person who for 8 years was lying in the dark ditch and had been staggering in the dark cave of misguidance, today he is entering the bright world of lights and Nur. This is the Blessing of Allah; He bestows it upon whomsoever He wants.

The credit of the beginning of my religious life goes to the Khilafat Movement. I was studying in Oriental College Lahore when Khilafat movement started. Based on Quran, religious scholars gave a religious edict boycotting the education in Government owned institutions. I therefore left the college and set off for my place, Dharamkot Randhawa, District Gurdaspur. I was fully aware of my feebleness, lack of courage and my ignorance. But despite that I had a hidden desire, which wouldn’t let me sit quietly, an intense desire to serve my beloved Islam. Contrary to the advice of my mind, my relatives and friends, I did not listen to anyone. Reciting the lines of some poet {I have put my heart now in the river of love, I have put my faith in Allah} I signed my name in the Khilafat Committee. For 8-9 months I worked honorarilyy with Batala Khilafat Committee in District Gurdaspur. I toured the entire district and with full vigor propagated the aims and objectives of Khilafat. My activities and reawakening of masses ignited the fire of revenge in the Government. Finally on the basis of my 3 speeches a case was filed against me that I am inciting hatred against the Government of Gurdaspur. After some cursory hearings, court punished me to one-year imprisonment. I spent one year and 20 days in Gurdaspur jail. Before my release, I learnt through newspapers in the Jail that Swami Shardhanand and Arya Samaj has taken up the task of converting Muslims into apostates and Shudhi Movement is progressing with full swing. After my release from Jail, I studied the atmosphere and decided that I must propagate Islam against Arya Samaj and Shudhi Movement.

It was in those days that I came across some muballighs from the Lahori group of Ahmadiyya movement. They presented to me greatly exaggerated claims of the propagation (Tableeghi) activities of their Jamaat and told me fictional boastful stories of Mirza Saheb’s services to Islam and said that their Jamaat has the same beliefs as that of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat; that Mirza Sahib was not the claimant of prophethood, those who attribute such claims towards Mirza Saheb are lying about him and have fabricated and feigned a lie against Mirza Saheb. To prove this statement they recited some of the quotations from his earllier books in which Mirza Saheb had labeled a claimant of prophethood as kaafir, dajjal and out of the fold of Islam. Since my knowledge about the Mirzai religion was nil, in the name of Tableegh-e-Islam, I got trapped in their net and put the rope of Mirza Saheb’s Mujaddadiyat and Mahdiwiyat around my neck. After taking the oath of initiation, I entered the Tableeghi College of Anjuman.

In 1924 I became Mirzai and repented in 1932 and became a Muslim. I spent 8 years in Mirzaiyyat, for 3 years Mirzais gave us education, Molvi Muzaffer Ali and me. At that time our education cost around Rs. 50,000/= At Rs. 150 per month two teachers used to teach us Hebrew and we studied Bible (Old and New Testament) from him. Two teachers were for teaching Sanskrit, we studied Vedas and other Hindu religious books from them to debate with Aryas. Two teachers were appointed to teach us Hadith and one for teaching Tafseer of Quran. Initially there were 30 students but of the difficult Sanskrit grammar they all left except Molvi Muzaffer Ali and me. Thus in 3 years we completed our education and then for 8 years we engaged in debates for Mirzais. I was in the Lahori Jamaat.

After finishing the course in designated time, as a successful Muballigh I was given the task of propagation and lecturing about Ahmadiyyat. During this period I was not just performing the duties of a Muballigh and performing debates, I also held the important offices of Secretary Ahmadiyya Association, Editor of Newspaper ‘Paigham Sulh’ and ‘Mahsel’ etc. For 8 years with my might and soul I was actively engaged in lecturing and propagating Mirzai beliefs.

Once Maulana Raipuri asked me why did I leave the Jamaat? I replied: By the Grace of Allah, I started having dreams. In one night I used to have upto two three dreams, nightmares. I would get up recite Ayat-al-Kursee, Ma’oozetain, La Hawla walaa qoowata illa billah etc and then sleep again but again the nightmares would be worse than before. I used to think that these were satanic dreams. I still remember two dreams vividly. In the middle of 1931 I saw few dreams one after the other in which I saw Mirza Saheb with a horrible face and in very bad condition. I could not relate these dreams to Mirzais because if I had done that, they would have told me that these are dreams from Satan. Neither could I relate them to any Muslim, because they would have told me that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a liar in his claims and that I must repent and denounce Ahmadiyyat. I was confounded and my condition was like a catch 22 situation.

Dream 1:

One night I saw a dream that there is a large clear ground and the earth is salty. Lot of anxious and distressed people are standing there, I am also among them. We are surrounded huge iron pillars wrapped with barbed wires from floor to above. There is no way or door to get out of this enclosure of barbed wires. Thousands of people are imprisoned in it. I asked them that why are we confined with this punishment? They said: “We have been barricaded here by our opponents because of Ahmadiyyat. At some distance from here ‘Maseeh Mowood’ is sleeping and he is not aware of our condition so that he can try to do something about our freedom. We do not have any tool to cut these barbed wires to make a way out of this barricade.” I started looking all around these wires and found a place nearer to the ground where the wire was loose. I sat on the ground and put my right foot on the wire and pressed it down till it touched the ground. Then I pushed above the other wire near my head, now there was enough space for me to get out. At a distant I saw a bed on which Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was lying covered with sheet. I went near him and stood beside him respectfully. He removed the sheet from his face and I saw that his mouth was two feet long and face was that of a pig, one eye was blind and closed and the other was small, the size of gram seed. He said: ‘My situation is very bad’. With these words a gust of strong fetid odour emanated from his mouth. I was terrified with his face and fetid smell and immediately woke up.”

Dream 2

There is a plot of land with a room there and a lot of people are gathering. I asked them why are they gathering there. They replied: We have come here to see Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. I asked: Then why don’t you go inside? They replied: We do not have permission. I said: I have the permission. Then I entered the room and saw that there is a huge bed, which is covering the entire room. Mirza Saheb is lying on it and covered with white sheet. I went to the bed and stood beside it with respect. Mirza Saheb removed the cloth from his face. I saw that his mouth is 3 hands long and face is that of swine. One eye is blind and the other small. He said to me: I am in a bad condition, why have you come here? After that I woke up.

Dream 3

One man is walking about 200 yards ahead of me and I am following him. There is a string around his waist whose other end is tied around my neck. We are walking from West to East. One person appeared from the right hand side, very beautiful, white face, bright eyes, medium height, and white dress. He asked me smiling: Where are you going? I replied: Where this man in front is taking me. He said: Do you know who is he and where is he taking you? I replied: I do not know who is he and where is he taking me. He said: He is Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and he is going towards hell and taking you as well to hell. I said: There is no one in the world who will go to hell willingly and take others with him. He asked me: What do you say about Musailma Kazzab? Did he not falsely claim to be a prophet thus deliberately chose the way to hell? When I could not reply to this reasoning, he said: Look ahead carefully. I looked ahead and saw on the horizon there is redness from the sky to the earth. He said: Do you know what is this red colour? I said: No. He said: These are the flames of hell. I kept walking behind Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and that person disappeared. Now I could even feel the heat. That beautiful person reappeared and took a knife from his pocket and hit the string with force. The string broke, my necked jerked and I woke up.

Certain inspirations and some of the prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad were always disturbing for me, but the power of my devotion and excessive love immediately used to suppress such thoughts and I used to console my heart by saying that Mirza Saheb is not a prophet that all his utterances should be true. But the frequency of these dreams overwhelmed me into thinking that though the religion is not dependent on our dreams but they can nonetheless guide one towards the truth. Finally I decided that I will keep aside the love or hatred of Mirza Saheb, I must judge the truthfulness or falsehood of Mirzaiyat on the touchstone of research.

Swearig by Allah, the One and the All Mighty, Ever-Present and Ever-Seeing, I consider it my duty to announce that leaving aside the love or hostility of Mirza Saheb and with an open mind, as an investigator, for six months I had carefully studied all the famous books written by Mirza as well as those books of Qadiani and Lahori Jamaat which were written in support of the claims of Mirza Saheb. I also read some of the books written by Muslim scholars in refutation of Mirzaiyat. Truth is that the more I studied, the falsehood of Mirzaiyat became more evident to me. Finally I became fully convinced that Mirza Saheb was a Liar in his claims of receiving inspirations, Mujaddidiyat, Meseehiyat and prophethood etc. I reached the conclusion that Holy Prophet SAAW is the Last Prophet, Hazrat Maseeh AS is alive in heavens and will return to this world before the day of Qiyamah.

O God! All secrets of religion are opened up on your slaves We got the sure-knowledge, the knowledge through visualization and then knowledge of Truth.

Now I faced the most difficult situation. On one hand was my job (of Muballigh), my friendly and pleasant 8-years old relationship with the members and followers of Jamaat Mirzaiyah. As a very successful Muballigh (preacher) and Munazir (debater) I had attained great influence in the Jamaat. But when on the other hand I used to see that the beliefs of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad are totally opposed to Quran and True Hadith, used to see his Inspirations and Prophecies blowing up to pieces in 0air and used to visualize the interrogation on the Day of Judgment about the false beliefs, I would start trembling. On one hand was the truth and on the other falsehood; on one hand was torch of light and on the other darkness; on the one hand was a reasonable income and 8-years of relationship and on the other was treasure of faith but intertwined with worldly difficulties and afflictions. Finally I made up my mind that even if I face thousands of difficulties, I would tolerate them joyfully because the choosers of Truth always face difficulties and afflictions.

If for truth my life is sacrificed, so be it Difficulties after difficulties befell me, so be it.

Thus with tearful eyes, repentant of my kufr and apostasy and with trembling heart, I repented to Allah from Mirzaiyat. The world of my heart totally changed.

My sins and the Mercy of my Lord There is no end to this and there is no end to that!

O My Oft-forgiving and Merciful Lord!

We never gave up the sins But you never broke our hearts We tried our best to go to hell But your Mercy could not tolerate that.

"Praise be to Allah Who hath guided us to this (felicity): never could we have found guidance had it not been for the guidance of Allah. (7.43)

This is the blessing of Allah, bestows upon whomsoever He wants.  

O Lord! You are Merciful and your Prophet is Merciful Hundred thanks that my person is surrounded by two Mercifuls.

On 1st January 1932 I resigned from the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Lahore, which was accepted on 26th January.

Announcement of Denunciation from Mirzaiyat

In the beginning of 1932 Kashmir movement against British and Dogra Government was at its peak. More than a dozen mujahideen of Majlis-e-Ahrar had been killed. All its leaders and 40,000 volunteers were imprisoned in jails. British Government had banned all gatherings. When conditions improved and restrictions were lifted, a public gathering was organized by my friends. Lifesize  posters were printed saying:

“On 7th May 1932 after Isha prayers, in the garden outside Mochee Gate Lahore a public gathering is being held in which Maulana Akhter Lal Hussein, on whose education Mirzais had spent more than Rs. 50,000 and he was a famous preacher debater of Jamaat Mirzaiyah Lahoriyah, will announce his denunciation from Mirzaiyat and will give reasons for this along with irrefutable proofs for his decision. After his address, representatives of Mirzais will be given time for question answer.”

Both in and out of the city announcements had been made. After Isha prayers, for 3 hours I addressed a gathering of at least 30,000  on Turk-e-Mirzaiyat (Denunciation of Mirzaiyat). In front of the stage, tables and chairs were laid down for Mirzai Muballighs and Debaters. After my speech, the Chairman announced that as promised Mirzais are given time to ask questions on the topic addressed by Maulana Akhter Lal Hussein, so that audience can judge for themselves the truth and falsehood of Mirzaiyat. Despite a large contingent of Lahori and Qadiani Muballighs and Debaters present there, no one dared to stand up and face me. The proceedings ended after the supplications by the Chairman.

Enticement and Murder Attempts

When the story of this huge gathering and defeat of Mirzaiyat came in the newspapers, I started receiving the invitations from all corners of the country to deliver speeches. I gave scores of speeches in different cities and had 5-6 successful debates with Mirzais. In those days I was staying in front of Oonchee Masjid, Inner Bhati Gate Lahore. Daunted by my speeches and debates, a delegation of Mirzais met me at my residence and said:

“Based on your research you have denounced ‘Ahmadiyyat’. We would not say anything about your present beliefs. We have come to tell you that your speeches and debates are unbearable for us. We know that except for speeches and debates you have no source of income. Jamaat Ahmadiyya offers you Rs. 15000. Take this money from us, start a General Merchant or Clothing business with it, and give us in writing on stamp paper that for 15 years you would neither give any speech against Ahmadiyyat nor give a statement or write a book against it; and if you do against this agreement, then you would pay Rs. 30,000 penalty.”

Moreover they said:

“To refute Ahmadiyyat is not such an obligation without which you would not remain a Muslim. Among the Hanafis, Ahle Hadith and Shia there thousands of scholars who never refute Ahmadiyyat. If they can remain Muslim without refuting Ahmadiyyat, you can also remain a Muslim.”

I said to them:

“How dare you people try to trap me into this enticement. I am not responsible for the attitude of those scholars who refrain from refuting Ahmadiyyat. For me refuting Mirzaiyat is absolutely obligatory because for a long time I had propagated and preached it. I have to pay penalty for this. No worldly temptation can stop me from refuting Mirzaiyat.”

After nearly an hour talk, they became despondent of me and got up to leave. While leaving they said:

“You have adopted a very dangerous attitude towards us. Its consequences would be disastrous.”

I did not care for their aggressive challenge. As earlier, I kept busy with my travels for Tableegh, speeches and debates. According to their preplanned scheme, Mirzais, attempted to murder me in the debate in Dera Baba Nanak District Gurdaspur and in the gathering of Belon Dilhosie.

I got injured in the Dera Baba Nanak attack and one Mirzai clearly told me:

“Remember! We will get you murdered even it costs us Rs. 50,000” I said: “I believe that there is no better death than the death of Shaheed. The night of grave can never come in the house.”

After Isha prayers I was giving a speech in the mosque of Belon Dilhosie. One Mirzai who had wrapped himself in blanket came near the pulpit. One Muslim caught him. Mirzai had a dagger hidden under the blanket. A Sub-Inspector of Police was present in the meeting who immediately arrested this Mirzai and took custody of the weapon and locked up the Mirzai in the cell of police station. Next morning he was produced in the court of Area Magistrate, who took a 6-month of guarantee for good conduct from him.

The news of attack on me in Dera Baba Nanak was published in newspapers in Lahore. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan published an article on me. When the elders of Majlis Ahrar learnt about the attacks of Mirzais on me, then leader of Ahrar, Maulana Habibur Rehman Sahib Ludhianwi asked his office incharge to arrange a public meeting to reply to this Mirzai aggression. Thus large amount of posters were distributed, published in newspapers, and announcements were made in every surrounding village that in the Garden outside Delhi Gate after Isha a huge rally will take place under the presidentship of Ch. Afzal Haq Sahib in which Maulana Habibur Rehman will reply to Mirzai Agression.

After Isha prayers in a gathering of more than 40,000 Maulana Habibur Rehman introduced me on the stage. He said:

“This young new-Muslim scholar has given most humiliating defeats to Mirzais in debates. When Mirzai could not refute his proofs, they attempted to murder him in Dera Baba Nanak and Dilhosie. I do address Mirzais, I ask their Khalifa, Mirza Mahmud that if you want to play such a game, then I challenge you to be a man. Atack again Maulana Akhter Lal Hussein and then experience the devouts of Ahrar, their onslaught and their sacrifices. For each one person, we would avenge with one thousand. We would not let the blood go waste. Our history is in front of you. We do not believe in state politics. We are the one who unfalteringly wrestle with our enemies in the battlefield. Whatever we want to do, we declare it openly.”

The speech of Maulana Habib was nothing but an ocean of sacrifice, courage and truth. Repeatedly slogans of Allahu Akbaar were being raised. He said:

"We are the same Ahrars whose 2 dozen volunteers became shaheed by accepting the bullets of Dogra government to protect the honour of Islam and Muslims and 40,000 happily accepted the punishment by imprisonment."

I had no intentions of writing the reasons for my denuciation of Mirzaiyat. But my respected friend Hafiz Molvi Muhammad Lateef, Imam Oonchee Masjid Bhati Gate Lahore, and my friend Shiakh Muhammad Rafique forced me to put my research about Mirza Saheb on paper so that common Muslims can benefit from it. Muslim brothers are requested to remember not only me but also my two other friends in their prayers. May Allah also give them success in both the worlds. Ameen.




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