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First Companion of Mirza Ghulam leaves the Jamaat
Posted on Sunday, October 04 @ 06:05:05 CEST by admin
Left Jamaat

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 26th March 2000


Why did 1st Mured of Mirza,

Mir Abbas Ali, leave the Jamaat?


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Mir Abbas Ali Ludhianwi was a disciple of Hazrat Shah Sulaiman Tonsavi RA. After his death, Mir Saheb started looking for another murshid. This was 1880 and it was in those days that Mirza Ghulam had just started his journey towards 'prophethood'. When Mir Saheb heard about his book, Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and his claims about recepient of inspirations etc., without investigating further, he accepted him as his guide. This association started in 1882 when Mirza Ghulam had just published the 3rd part of Braheen -e-Ahmadiyya and most probably Mirza Abbas Sahib was the first disciple. No one had yet given his hand in the hands of Mirza Ghulam. The first and the most bulky volume of Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya consists of those letters which Mirza had written to Mir Abbas. Mir Abbas had shown such excellent devotion and servitude towards his Master, that he surpassed all other Ahmadis. During the following years, many a times such incidents happened when his firm belief was shaken, but he did not abandon the faith. Finally after 9 years of wandering in the darkness, the divine call of hidayah came and Mir Saheb broke all shakles of Ahmadiyyat and reverted to the fold of Islam. As usual this unleashed a barrage of abusive accusations against him by the founder of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and his followers, but could not shake Mir Abbas, rather he challenged Mirza Ghulam for a final test - to either show him the Holy Prophet SAAW to prove his prophethood or else Mir Abbas will show him the Holy Prophet SAAW to prove that Mirza was a Liar. Mirza could not face him directly.  

Mirza Ghulam in Praise of Mir Sahib

In his various letters, Mirza Ghulam had showered his praises for Mir Abbas. Thus he writes:

"That Eternal Being who had given you this sincerity, is the One who had chosen you Himself." (Letter dated 21st May 1883, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"AlHamdolillah that God had made you the closest of my ANSARS (helpers). This humble self takes pride in your existence and I consider you a complete embodiment of mercy from God." (Letter dated 29th October 1883, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"He is fortunate on whom goodness is dominant, these are the ones who stay away from stummbling, their natural light save them from the satanic darkness, and only few are like this and AlHamdolillah I see you in the first grade of those few." (Letter dated 1st January 1884, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"Your sincerity and passionate love has reached its zenith; This is the Fazl of Allah, He give it to who so ever He wants. (Letter dated 19th April 1885, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"The amount of pain that you have undertaken to propagate the religion and raise the name of Islam, may God be pleased with you the way He is pleased with His true servants and accepted ones." (Letter undated, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)

Moreover introducing his close associates who were ready for the propagation of his message, he writes in his book Izala-e-Auham:

"Hubbi fi Allah - my lover in Allah Mir Abbas Ali Ludhianwi. This is my first friend in whose heart God had put my love and is the first one who took trouble of travelling, according to the way of the pious souls, in solitude, only for Allah, came to meet me in Qadian, he is that Buzurg. I can never forget that with true enthusiasms he expressed his loyalty and endured all kinds of difficulties for me and heard all kinds of talks from his people...... He is spending his days in this inn only trusting in God. In his early days for 20 years he was government servant in British Office but because of poverty and derveshi, it was not apparent on his face that he knows English as well. But despite that he is very simple." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.527-528)

The Level of Steadfastness of Mir Abbas Saheb:

Whatever was said above in praise of Mir Abbas, I am sure it carries great significance in the eyes of every Qadiani/Ahmadi. However there was something else which out shines far more than anything said above. Mirza Ghulam even received an inspirations regarding Mir Abbas's sincerity:

"Mir Sahib is a person with great spiritual condition and has a spiritual connection with this humble self. And to prove his level of sincerity, it is enough that once this humble self received an inspiration in his favour: 'aslohoo sabitun wa farohoo fis samaa' (his roots are firmly fixed and his branches are in the sky)." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.528)

The meaning of this inspiration that Mir Abbas was so firm and steadfast in his faith that there was no question of any wavering or downfall of his faith in Mirza Ghulam. But when Mir Abbas Ali denounced Mirzaiyat and reverted to Islam, Mirza's disciples started asking him that how did this happen? God had informed you Huzoor that the roots of this tree are firmly established in earth, how did it uproot?  

Reasons for Leaving the Jamaat:

There were several reasons for denouncing Mirzaiyat. Mir Abbas was in search of spiritual upliftment and for that he remained  associated with Mirza for 9 years. he did everything in his power to be a sincere follower and servant as above writings prove. However with the passage of time he got more and more disillusioned. Mirza Ghulam gave two reasons for his leaving the Jamaat:

Wrong impression of Delhi Debates in the heart of Mir SahebAn absolutely false idea is fixed in his heart that I am a Naturist, deny the miracles, and refute the Night of Ascension, Claimant of Prophethood, Slanderer of Prophets, and turning away from the Islamic beliefs. (Tableegh-e-Risalat Vol.2 P.82)

Readers will note that Mirza Ghulam did deny the miracles of various Prophets, did actually wrote that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW did not go on the Night Journey with His body and soul, did slandered all the Prophets of Allah, did claim Prophethood and did actually turn away from most of the basic Islamic beliefs. It was the intelligence of Mir Abbas Sahib which detected all these subtle things in 1892 well before Mirza Ghulam openly started writing about them, as his later writings show.

The last straw was an incident that opened his eyes and gave him the courage to call it a day.

The Last Straw:

Once a Muslim conjurer came to Ludhiania. In those days Mirza Ghulam was had just started boastful claims of being a Promised Messiah. The conjurer came to Mirza Ghualm and said:

"Either you show me some trick or I will show you mine."

Mirza Ghulam said: You show me your trick.

Upon this, the conjurer took a weeding knife and dig a little in the earth, put some seeds in it and sprinkled little water. In a little while, shoots started coming out, within no time these grew to about 18 inches in height. Then on each of them 5-7 different kinds of flowers blossomed, each of them have a different fragrance.

Everyone was awestruck at this trick. Once again this conjurer demanded:                     "Show some miracle and I will show you all some more tricks." Mirza Ghulam said:                     "I only know how to make dua, I do not know any other trick." Later Mirza Ghulam told Mir Abbas:                     "Even if 100 or 200 ruppees are spent, we should try to learn this trick."

This was the last straw, it put a permanent knot in the heart of Mir Abbas Saheb. He thought: what kind of a Messiah is he? He is definitely materialistic, if there had been even a trace of love of Allah in his heart, he would not have been impressed with the conjurer's trick.

Mir Abbas demands a proof of Mirza Ghulam's prophethood

Once Mir Abbas announced his intention of leaving the Jamaat, as usual barrage of explanations and accusations were put forward by Mirza and Co. Mirza Ghulam gave a lengthy explanation about his INSPIRATION which he had recieved from God praising Mir Sahib:

"Because of some hidden defect and weakness Mir Sahib fell into an affliction and then because of this affliction his passionate attachment converted into spiritual restriction, which then led to dryness and strangeness, and this progressed to cessation of respect, and from cessation of respect to sealing of heart, and from sealing of heart arose open adversity and from this arose the intention of slandering and belittling and insulting." (Asmani Faisla, Roohani Khazain vol.4 p.346)

"We reveal this to viewers that Mir Abbas Sahib published an advertisement adversarily on 12th December 1891, which is full of words of hatred and cessation of respect ... there are three things that should be answered:

Firstly in the heart of Mir Sahib, the wrong impression of the state of Delhi Debates has been established. To remove this doubt, this pamphlet is enough provided Mir Sahib read it carefully.Secondly by a great mistake this thought is impressed that I am a Naturist, denier of miracles, and a rejector of Night of Ascension, claimant of prophethood, slanderer of Prophets and turning away from the Islamic beliefs....Thirdly, Mir Sahib in his poster has expressed his excellence as if he has the power to show the Prophet SAAW. Thus he (Mir Sahib) writes in this poster that I did not compete with him on this point; he (Mir Sahib) said that both of us (Mir and Mirza) sit in a mosque, then either I show him the Holy Prophet SAAW and prove my claims to him, or he shows me the Prophet SAAW and decides the issue."

(Roohani Khazain vol.4 p.347)

As usual Mirza Ghulam started giving explanations and excuses for not acceptinng the challenge. He said:

"If Mir Sahib really has such a power that Holy Prophet SAAW comes in his dreams, then we do not to give Mir Saheb the trouble to show us (the Prophet SAAW), rather if he can prove his own visualisation then we would accept it....We really doubt his power of 'Seeing the Prophet SAAW' let alone we accept his power of 'Showing the Prophet'. First step of his test is to know whether he is truthful in his claim of 'Seeing the Prophet' or liar...." (Roohani Khazain Vol.4 p.349)

Then he advised Mir Abbas Sahib to wait for the fulfilment of his prophecy regarding the marriage with Mohammadi Begum:

"Wait for the prophecies which will appear. See Izala-e-Auham p.855, read carefully Izala-e-Auham pp 635, 396, wait for the prophecy of the 10th July 1887 poster with which this inspiration is also mentioned:

'and they ask you that is this thing true. say Yes, I swaer upon God this is true and you cannot stop this thing from happening, we have married her to you ourselves; no one can change my words. And they will trun their faces and will not accept and will say that this is real jugglary or magic.' 28-27-14-2-27-2-26-2-28-1-23-15-11 1-2-27-14-10-1-28-27-47-16-11-34-14-11 7-1-5-34-23-34-11-14-7-23-14-10-1 14-5-28-7-34-1-7-34-11-16-1-14-7-2-1-7-5-1-14-2-14-2-28-1-7

Wassalamun ala mun faham israaronaa wa attaba'a alhuda (Peace on those who understands our riddles and follows the hidayah) An-Naseh wa Al-Mushfiq, Khaksaar Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani 28th December 1891" (Roohani Khazain vol.4 p.350)

Readers will notice how cleverly Mirza ghulam avoided the issue of seeing or showing the Holy Prophet SAAW. Finally Mirza Ghulam once again tried to trap him into his prophecies and the riddle of numbers that he mentioned in the end. Mirza never got married to Mohammadi Begum. No one knows the meaning of the  riddle of these number, not even Mirza Ghulam.

Despite that Mirza declared:

"He became apostate. His end was bad. When days of misery comes over someone, then he sees wothout seeing." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.240)

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali http://alhafeez.org/rashid/ rasyed@emirates.net.ae  

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