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LATEST POSTMORTEM of Mubahila 88 reissued by Mirza Tahir in '98
Posted on Friday, October 09 @ 21:17:54 CEST by admin

Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign

3rd February 1997

In the name of Allah, the One & Only. His Love and Peace be upon Syedna Muhamaad, after Whom there is no Prophet and upon His Family & Companions

Lo! Those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers; on them is the CURSE of ALLAH and of ANGELS and of the whole MANKIND. (alQuran 2:161)

Latest Postmortem of the 1988 Mubahila Challenge by Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, Head of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Dear Readers!

On the occasion of Centenary Celebrations of Ahmadiyya Movement in 1988, Head of Ahmadiyya Movement issued a Challenge of Mubahila addressing the Entire Muslim Ummah as DISBELIEVERS and LIARS. Its purpose was basically to boast the falling morale of Qadiani Creed and invigorate their faith in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. With the collaborations of 'unseen hands', the success of this Challenge was announced a few weeks later when General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, President of Pakistan, was killed in a plane crash alongwith the cream of Pakistan Armed Forces. Sweets were distributed in the streets of London by Qadianis. Whether it was divine punishment or a human conspiracy, only time will tell, InshaAllah. A team of experts was appointed by Government of Pakistan who could not come up with any explanation. Head of this was a QADIANI!!

This Mubahila has booby trapped Mirza Tahir into his self-created quagmire. The more he wants to wriggle out of it, the deeper he is sinking. It was his big mistake to give the initial challenge in 1988. It was this mubahila which led to the formation of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, an awareness campaign to inform Muslims and non-Muslims in remote corners of the earth about the Pious Fraud of Ahmadiyya Movment in the name of Islam. By the Grace of Allah All Mighty, due to efforts of scores of volunteers in various parts of the world, Muslims and non-Muslims are getting educated about the decietful nature of this movement.

Since the day of its inception, it has been the policy of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement not to indulge in debates and discussions about the doctrinal issues of Finality of Prophethood, Death/Life/Ascent/Descent of Jesus etc. Had it been possible to solve the Qadiani issue through such discussions, it would have been solved long time back by the learned scholars from both sides. But we saw that the problem got from bad to worse and rather than Qadianis trying to prove the truthfulness of their founder, Muslims ended up defending their faith. We decided to expose the personality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and let people judge for themselves.

Our moto: Let us analyse the character, the life, the sayings of the man who claims to be a Prophet/Messiah/Mahdi. Even when an ordinary soldier is commissioned into the army, he must meet certain standard to qualify. It is unthinkable that Allah should not have any standard for his army of Prophets. Back in 1988 we challenged Mirza Tahir to furnish written proof that first 40 years of Mirza Ghulam's life resemble any True Prophet. He has yet to prove it.

Now on 10th January 1997, Mirza Tahir has made another blunder, hopefully the last one, of renewing the Challenge of Mubahila of 1988. Somehow his followers have been brainwashed into believing that Muslims had run away in the past and are going to run away again to avoid this challenge. Flood of mails in my guestbook are a proof of such mentality. Initially they dared me to accept and now that I have accepted this challenge, they are telling me that I am unfit for Mubahila!! Anyway I am not going to let the man off the hook so easily. Time has come that this challenge should be scrutinized in the light of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's writings and then let people be the judge.

Let us just see the salient features of this Mubahila.

Mubahila Challenge of 1988 by Mirza Tahir

For English Version, visit the following site: Mubahila 1988

Writings Speak for themselves

As Muslims we endorse, affirm, believe, and declare it as part of our faith anything and everything that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW has said or done, irrespective of whether we know it or not. We expect the same from Christians about Jesus, from Jews about Moses and from Qadianis about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. Whereas I have no doubt that present generation of Qadianis are by and large ignorant of the writings of their founder, but this should not be taken as a proof of baselessness of Anti-Ahmadiyya allegations.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was quite right when he said, "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Another 16th Century Englishman, Dean Henry Cole, said: "Ignorance is the mother of devotion."

We will endeavour in the following passages to enlighten the reader (and Qadianis/Ahmadis). I invite all qadianis to verify the authenticity of these references and then review their faith in its light. Following quotations clearly portray the true personality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. If it can be demonstrated that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's beliefs were against the preachings of Islam, then it is easy to determine the position of present day Ahmadiyya Movement and its adherents.

Mirza Ghulam's relationship with GOD !

"I saw in my vision that I myself am God and believed that it is true . . . . Godhood penetrated my tissues . . . and in this state I was saying that We want a new heaven and a new earth. Thus I created heavens and earth . ."

(Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.103)

"On one occasion Hazrat Maseeh Mowood revealed his condition that the State of Revelation came upon him in such a manner as if he is a woman and God has expressed His power of Virility. Hint is enough for those who can understand."

(Tract No.34, Islami Qurbani p.12 by Qazi Yar Mohammed Qadiani, a close associate of Mirza Ghulam)

(SubhanAllah! Accusing Allah of Homosexuality! May Allah protect us from such wild imaginations.)

God tells Mirza in his Wahi:

"(O Mirza!) Heavens and Earth are with you as they are with me. . . .You are from me as my Unity and my Uniqeuness.You are from me like my Throne.You are from me like my son.I make mistakes and I fulfil . . . . .I Fast and I break the fast.We give you the gladtidings of a son which will be the menifestation of 'HAQ' and the MAJESTY, as if GOD has descended from Heavens. We give you gladtidings of a son.."

(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.79-99)

Mirza Ghulam claims to be better than other Prophets:

"Many Prophets though have come but I am not less than anyone in knowledge.

Every Prophet recieved a cup (of knowledge) and my cup given to me was full to the brim."

(Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.477)

"I have been given that thing which no one has received in both the worlds."

(Roohani Khazain vol.22, p.715)

"All the different Virtues present in other Prophets, all of them were present more intensely present in Holy Prophet (Muhammad SAAW) and now all those virtues have been given to us by the Holy Prophet and that is why my name is Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Joseph, Solomon, Yahya (John), Eisa etc...."

(Malfoozat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.4 p.142 by Manzoor Ilahi Qadiani)

Mirza Ghulam's Wahi: "Many Thrones descended from Heavens but your throne was placed at the highest level."

(Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.92)

"This place (Qadian) compare to previous Prophets, a lot of Miracles and Prophecies are present, rather there is no comparision between (these) and some of the previous Prophets' miracles and prophecies. Moreover their miracles and prophecies are now merely stories and anecdotes, but thousand of people are witnessing these miracles. Even Hindus have a lot of stories. To mention stories are similar to presenting a heap of dung in front of Musk and Amber."

(Nuzool-e-Maseeh Roohani Khazain vol.18, p.460)

"This Ummah's Joseph that is myself is better than the Israeli Joseph (Hazrat Yousef alaihe Assalam) because this humble self was saved from the prison despite praying for it but Joseph s/o Jacob was put in prison. And 25 years ago God testified to absolve the Joseph of this Ummah that is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from accusation whereas Joseph s/o Jacob depended on the testimony of a human being for his vindication."

(Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part5 Roohani Khazain vol.21, p.99)

"God is showing so many signs for me that if they had been revealed in the time of Noah, they would not have drowned."

(Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.575)

Mirza Ghulam claims to be second advent of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"'Muhammedur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' in this revelation God has named me Muhammed as well as Messenger."

(Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.207)

"Holy Prophet has two advents or in other words you can say that in one Buroozi way coming again of Holy Prophet (saaw) was promised which has been fulfilled by the appearance of Promised Messiah and Promised Mahdi."

(Roohani Khazain vol 17 p.249)

"Anyone who differentiates between me and MUSTAFA (pbuh), he has not seen me and has not recognize me."

(Roohani Khazain vol 16 p.171)

"Maseeh Mowood is not a seperate thing from Holy Prophet pbuh, but it is He Himself who has come again in this world in Buroozi form..... therefore is there any doubt that God has sent Holy Prophet again in Qadian?"

(Kalimat Alfasl p.104-105, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Review of Religions, Qadian, March 1915)

"I have said several times that according to the verse (of Holy Quran) 'wa akhareena minhum lamma yalhaqoo behim' as Burooz I am the same Prophet, the Khatamul Anbiyyah, and 20 years ago God named me Mohammed and Ahmad in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and declared me His Being."

(Aik ghalti ka azala, Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.212)

Mirza Claims to be better than Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"When I am the Holy Prophet re-incarnate and when all the accomplishments of Muhammad including the prophethood are reflected in my mirror of my shadiness, then who is the man who has claimed prophethood in a seperate being ?"

(Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, p.8; Roohani Khazain, vol.18,p.212)

"The truth is that the spirituality of the (reincarnated) Holy Prophet at the end of the 6th millennium (i.e. these days in the form of Mirza), is much more stronger, more complete and forceful than in those early years, rather it is like the 14th (moonlit) night". (Khutbah-e-Ilhamiyah, Roohani Khazain, vol.16, pp. 271-272

  "The spirituality of our holy Prophet (SAW) was conceived in 5th thousand (ie Makki birth) with its precise attributes and that period was not the the climax of his spirituality's development. It was rather the first step to the highest pinnacle of its perfection. Thereafter this spirituality manifested itself in its full glamour during the 6th thousand (his rebirth in Qadian) at the present time".

(Mirza in Khutba-e-llhamiyah, Roohani Khazain, Vol.16, p.266)

"The mental development of the promised Messiah (i.e. the Mirza of Qadian) was higher than that of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). And this is only a part of the superiority which the Promised Messiah has over the Holy Prophet. The mental faculties of the Holy Prophet could not manifest fully owing to the deficiency of civilization; although the ability existed. They have now manifested themselves fully through the Promised Masih by virtue of the advancement of civilization."

(Review of Religions, May 1929, as cited in Qadiani Mazhab, p.266, 9th Edition, Lahore)

KALIMA in Ahmadiyyat:

Now that it has been shown how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had claimed to be the second advent of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW which is better and more complete than the first coming, it would be easier to understand how Kalima-e-Tayyebah has acquired new meanings. Present day Qadianis claim that they are reciting the Kalima just as the other Muslims do. But do they really? Read the following statements.

"With the coming of Promised Messiah one difference (in the meaning of Kalima) has occured and that is that before the advent of Promised Messiah, in the meaning of 'Mohammad ur Rasoolullah' only Prophets of bygone days were included, BUT with the advent of Promised Messiah, ONE MORE PROPHET HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE MEANING OF MOHAMMADUR RASOOLULLAH......thus to enter in Islam it is still the same Kalima, the only difference is that the advent of Promised Messiah has added one more propet to its meaning...we don't need a new Kalima, because Promised Messiah is nothing seperate from Holy Prophet, as he says: 'saara wujoodi wujoodahoo (my person became his person)' and 'he who differentiates between me and Mustafa has not seen me and not recognises me'.....thus Promised Messiah is Mohammad Rasoolullah himself who has come again in tis world to spread Islam, therefore we do not need any new Kalima. Yes if someone else had come then we may have required it --- thus think all of you."

(KalimatAlFasl p.158 by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)

"As a result of the birth of the Promised Messiah a difference has cropped up (in the meaning of the Kalimah). Before the birth of the Promised Messiah in the world as a prophet, the words 'Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah' included in their meaning only such Prophets as had preceded him; but after the incarnation of the Promised Messiah in the world as a prophet, one more prophet has been added to the meaning of Muhammadur Rasoolu Llah. Therefore on account of the incarnation of the Promised Messiah the Kalimah, God forbid, does not become abolished; it rather shines more brightly. In short, the same Kalima is (effective) even now for embracing Islam, with the only difference that the incarnation of the Promised Messiah (Mirza Qadiani) has added one more prophet to the meaning of Muhammadur Rasool Llah".

(Kalimatul Fasl, page 158, by Mirza Bashir Ahmad Qadiani)

DUROOD (SALAAT) on Mirza Ghulam:

'One of the objections of the ignorants is also this that the followers of this man (Mirza) apply on him the words ['alaihe assalato wa assalam] and to say this is HARAM. The answer to this is that I am the Pormised Messiah, and leave aside the saying of Salaat and Salaam, Holy Prophet Himself said that he who finds him, convey His salaam to him; and in all Hadiths at hundreds of places Salaat-o-salaam is mentioned for the Promised Messiah. When such words about me are said by The Prophet, Sahaba has said, rather God has said, then how can it be Haram for my Jama'at to say such words for me."

(Risala Durood Shareef, Arba'een No.2 Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.349)

"Thus according to the verse (of Quran) 'O people of the faith! Send your Salat on Him and salute Him with the Salutations (33:56) and according to those Hadiths in which there are instructions to send Durood on Holy Prophet pbuh, sending Durood on Hazrat Maseeh Mowood is just as neccesary as it is on the Holy Prophet pbuh."

(Risala Durood Shareef by Mohd Ismael Qadiani p.136)

Grave of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"To hide Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, God has chosen such a despicable place which was most putrid and narrow and dark and which was a place of excreta of insects." (Roohani Khazain vol.17, p.205, footnote.)

(Astaghfirullah. May Allah forgive me for quoting such blasphemies - Rashid)

Hadith and Mirza Ghulam:

"The basis for my claim is not Hadith but Quran and that WAHI which comes to me. Yes in support we also cite those Hadith which are according to Quran and DO NOT CONTRADICT MY WAHI. REST OF THE HADITH I THROW THEM AWAY LIKE A WASTE PAPER."

(Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.140)

Mirza's Bait-uz-Zakr in Qadian vs Khana-e-Kaaba (House of Kaaba) in Makkah:

Mirza Ghulam's wahi informs him: "Didn't we open yopur heart? Didn't we made everything easier for you that we gave you Bait-ul-Fikr and Bait-uz-Zakr 'wa mun dakhalahoo kaana aaminaa (and whosoever enter in it, is in peace)'?"

(Roohani Khazain vol1 p.666)

(Note: This verse was revealed glorifying the House of Kaaba in Makkah)

Qadian and Hajj:

"Those friends who really due to genuine excuses cannot come to Qadian on this occasion (of Jalsa Salana), they are of course absolved ... but those who honoured their commitment of keeping their religion above the worldly affairs and .... in the desire of benefiting from the blessings and lights of ARDH-e-HARAM (Qadian), to get the glimpse of Honouable Imam, have reached the Daar-ul-Amaan-e-Mahdi on time, their godliness and their devotion is really commendable. At the time of standing for prayers when the crowd cannot accomodate in the Masjid-e-Mubarak then worshippers are seen in the streets, in shops and on pathways everywhere and this spectacle revealing the truth about the Four Worshiping Mats of the ARDH-e-HARAM is also seen every year."

(Akhbar alFazl, Qadian vol.3 No.74, 26th Dec 1915)

Poetry of Mirza Ghulam:

The land of Qadian is now Honourable

Assemblage of crowd has made it ARDH-e-HARAM

(Dur-e-Sameen p.52 by Mirza ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

"Since only those people can go for who are rich and capable, although Allah's Movements spread amongst the poor and Shariah has excused poor persons from Hajj; therefore Allah has created one more SHADOW HAJJ so that that nation with whom He wants to take the task of propagating Islam and the poor people, that is the Muslims of Hindustan may participate in it."

(Address of Mian Mehmood Ahmad, Khalifa-e-Qadian, alFazl Newspaper, Qadian, vol.20 No.66, p.5, dated 1st December 1932)

"The insparation of Hazrat Maseeh Mowood that 'WE WILL DIE IN MAKKAH OR MADINA', we say about it that both these are the names of Qadian but Ghair Muba'een (Lahori Jama'at) consider Lahore as Madina and Qadian as Makkah."

(Address of Mian Mehmood Ahmad, Khalifa-e-Qadian in Jalsa Salana, alFazl Newspaper, Qadian vol.20, No.80, dated 5th January 1933)

"People go to perform ordinary and Nafli Hajj but in this place (Qadian) the blessings are more than Nafli Hajj and to be negligent is harmful and dangerous because this Movement is heavenly and the order is divine."

(Aina-e-Kamalate Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.352)

"When this Jalsa (annual gathering) contains such blessings that to attend it makes one more deserving of the rewards than a Nafli Hajj then every member of this Jama'at must have a craving to get the benefit from these rewards."

(AlFazl Newspaper, Qadian, vol.20 No.76 p.3 dated 25th December 1932)

Dear Readers!

I invite you to read the above quotations from the authentic Qadiani sources. Aftre this, read again the Challenge of Mubahila by Mirza Tahir. Now I hope you will understand why Mirza Tahir Ahmad prefers to send curses sitting in the safe corner of his house. After reading the above quotations you will have no hesitation in repeating the following words:

"With full understanding and responsibility we declare that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a LIAR, FABRICATOR, APOSTATE, KAFIR and OUT of the FOLD of ISLAM. We pray to Allah to protect the Muslim Ummah from the PIOUS FRAUD of Ahmadiyya Movement in the name of Islam. Moreover we also pray that May Allah give Qadianis/Ahmadis/Lahoris the insight to distinguish between right and wrong and then give them to leave aside all considerations, denounce Ahmadiyyat and re-enter the fold of Islam. Ameen.

Wassalam on those who follow the right path.

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

PO Box 11560

Dibba, Fujairah, UAE

T. No 9719 444022

Fax:   9719 442846

email: rasyed@eimrates.net.ae

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