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Fatwa No 29 Part 2
Posted on Saturday, October 10 @ 18:13:07 CEST by admin

Al-Fatwa International No 29

(Translated From Urdu)

Part II

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali


Mirza Ghulam, Hindu Arya Samaj and Pandit Lekhram

The era after unsuccessful War of Independence of 1857 was a very trying period for the Muslims of Indian Subcontinent. On the one hand British had usurped the power from Muslims and on the other hand Christian missionaries and Hindu Arya Samaj had started a vigorous campaign to convert illiterate Muslim masses. To further their ulterior designs, in such difficult times, through a conspiracy hatched by the Colonial Masters (British) in which Mirza was selected to create division amongst the Muslims and subdue the Islamic from their hearts so that they won't fight the Imperial Colonialism, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was introduced into the Islamic society as a servant of Islam. He reached Lahore in 1869 and on the pretext of serving Islam, started challenging Christian missionaries and Hindu Arya Samaj leaders for religious debates. The purpose of such an exercise was not to serve Islam but to gain popularity amongst the Muslim masses of India, and he was quite successful in that. Through his challenges to Hindu Arya Samaj leaders, he was able to attract that attention of simple-minded Muslim, certain Muslim friends living in Lahore also played a significant role in this propaganda. Wherever they go, they would praise Mirza Saheb and his love of Islam. This was Mirza Ghulam's first step in the direction of establishing his credentials as a servant of Islam. Here it should be made clear that Mirza Ghulam was not an eloquent speaker or debater, rather he would feel more comfortable in writing articles. In the history of Ahmadiyyat there is no instance available where Mirza Ghulam had challenged his opponent for a debate and have come out of it successful. Yes, his ignorant opponents would certainly get impressed by his talk but whenever a scholarly person would stand up against him, then Mirza Ghulam try to trap him in his tortuous conditions and intimidate and impress him with his prophecies.

After spending few months in creating religious commotion in Lahore, Mirza Saheb went back to Qadian and started a regular campaign of advertisement. The purpose of this whole exercise was not to serve Islam, as he would have everyone believe, but to promote his own image. Addressing Arya Samaj was also part of the same process. Mirza Saheb began this campaign of Advertisements in 1877. In 1880 Mirza published part 1 of Braheen Ahmadiyya in which he announced his claim of being 'Appointed by Allah' to prove the truthfulness of Islam. This was just the beginning. From being 'Appointed by God', Mirza gradually proceeded to claim being a Mujaddid (rejuvenator) and Messiah. In the light of his inspirations he also claimed to be Hindu Avtar, Lord Krishna. To propagate these claims it was necessary that he should challenge Arya Samaj (a Hindu group).

There are certain rules laid down in Islam for its propagation. Allah says in Holy Quran:

"Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best who have strayed from His Path and who receive guidance".(Quran 16.125)

"Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance." (6.108)

However when we examine the methods adopted by this so-called 'Preacher of Islam', Mirza Ghulam, we see that these basic principles have been blatantly ignored. For thousand years Muslims and Hindus have been living in the Indian Subcontinent in peace and harmony, regarding each other's religions with respect, having scholarly discussions on the merits of each but never resorting to abusive and slanderous attitude. However after the coming of British Raj to India, things changed. This 'Self-cultivated seedling' of British played his role perfectly well.

Ever since the debates initiated by Mirza Ghulam, Hindus started slandering Islam and the Founder of Islam SAAW openly, something which was not observed over the centuries. How this happened? It is a long story, but in a nutshell it is like this. In 1877 Mirza announced that he is going to write a book in 50 volumes, namely 'Braheen Ahmadiyya', to prove the truthfulness of Islam. Mirza announced that whosoever would write a rebuttal of this book would be presented with Rs. 10,000 (a big fortune in 1880s). Book came into the market, and people read with shock the manner in which Mirza had repeatedly challenged Hindus and reviled Vedas and Shasters of Hindu religion. In these early volumes of Braheen Ahmadiyya, in his Advertisements and other books of earlier years, Mirza had used a humiliating and provocative attitude towards people of other faith, especially Hindus. Some examples are given here:

"It is the task of these people to address as liars, their religion and faith and god and Bhagwan is only lust for the worldly things, or crude honor or their nation and tribe.... then who will call them Pundit Ji and Guru Ji and Swami Ji?" (Braheen Ahmadiyya part 1, Roohani Khazain vol. 1 p.107)

"This new sect which has come out amongst the Hindus, which call their religious gathering as Arya Samaj, these days its leader, rather the founder of this sect, is a Pundit Saheb whose name is Diyanand. All those thoughts and metaphorical meanings that this sect has created regarding Vedas, they are not found collectively in any ancient Hindu religion .... rather among those collection of different thoughts some are the desires of his own heart." (Little did Mirza know at the time that a time would come when he will be in the situation in religion to Islam and its preachings!!!... Rashid) Braheen Ahmadiyya, Roohani Khazain vol. 1 p.72)

"Now O Arya! Congratulations! The whole reality about your God (Permeshwar) has been exposed and from the evidence of Pundit Diyanand himself it is evident that your Permeshwar is a dense body, which falls on the ground like other souls and is eaten like vegetables. That is why sometimes he became Ramchander, and sometimes Krishna, and sometimes Much and once it appeared as pig and entertained those who came to see him by eating the delicate food (faeces)." (Roohani Khazain vol 2 p.395)

"Permeshwar is 10 fingers below the umbilicus, those who are clever will understand." (Meaning penis ... Rashid) (Roohani Khazain vol.23 p. 114)

The language of Braheen Ahmadiyya was so offensive that it was impossible for a Christian and Hindus to read it and not get furious. Same things which were written in a provocative and aggressive style could have been said in a polite and appealing manner. Such slanderous approach of Mirza generated a permanent hostility against Islam and Founder of Islam in the hearts of Christians and Hindus.

"Mirza Saheb started scolding Hindus and their ladies in volumes of Braheen other literature and advertisements. On page 19 of his book, Shuhna-e-Haq, he writes: ' You are not going to give me the hand of your daughters that you are investigating my property'. In his book, Surma Chasme Arya, he mentioned Arya girls in bad language and abused their idols. Moreover he started intimidating Hindus in his Inspirations. Such things made Hindus furious and a source of permanent animosity."  (Asha'at us Sunnah vol. 18 p.13-14)

Pundit Lekhram Peshawari of Arya Samaj was a very out-spoken and rude person. In response to Braheen Ahmadiyya, immediately he wrote a book called 'Takzeeb Braheen'.

"Mirza Saheb had announced that any non-Muslim who would write a reply to Braheen Ahmadiyya would be rewarded with Rs. 10,000. Pandit Lekhram wrote a reply by the name of Takzeeb Braheen. However this rebuttal was a shameless collection of slanders and abuse and I believe that since the humans have been born, no anti-God had abused Prophets and other people close to God in such a manner that Pandit Lekhram had penned in his book.... If one looks with fairness then it will be obvious that it was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Saheb who provoked the said Pandit against Islam and Prophets of Islam and forcing him into writing such slander." (Raees-e-Qadian p.1332-133 by Rafiq Dilawari)

Letter of Pandit Lekhram to Mirza

On 24th June 1893, Pandit Lekhram wrote in his letter to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:

"If writing a rebuttal of Braheen is ill-mannerism, then you are the first criminal, because according to Quran you had committed Kufr, you provoked us, because of which we wrote a reply. Had you not provoked us, then Permeshwar knows, that we had never thought of writings against religion of Islam. Thus if God forbid, divine punishment will descend then first its lightening will fall on your sitting room in Qadian. Then if self defense is a crime, then I too should be blamed." (Weekly Satdharam Parcharak, Jallundher, dated 16th July 1897, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.133)

Mirza's Advertisement to Propagate his Power of Miracle-exhibition - Are Prophets of Allah like that?

By the publication of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Mirza Saheb was hoping that his greatness would be publicized to all corners of the globe. But Alas! He was in for a big disappointment. Scholars of Islam issued fatwa (edict) of kufr against him. Mirza changed his strategy. Since the intention was to impress upon the public his greatness, he started advertising his so-called spiritual powers and powers of performing miracles. In 1885 he published an advertisement and thousands of English and Urdu copies of it were distributed, in which he invited non-Muslim chiefs and religious leaders to come and observe the miracles.

"If you have any doubt about the truthfulness of this religion or the veracity of heavenly signs, then come to Qadian as a true seeker and stay with this humble self for ONE YEAR and observe with your own eyes these heavenly signs; but with this condition of intention (which is the sign of a true seeker), that after viewing these heavenly signs you will announce embracing Islam or attest to the viewing of an un-natural sign. If you come with this intention, then you will surely observe the heavenly sign. This has been promised by God and there is no possibility of faltering it." (Collection of Advertisement vol.1 p.21)

"This suggestion (showing a miracle) is not the result of my own thinking or decision, rather it has been permitted by God Al-Mighty and as a prophecy this gladtiding has been received that the addressees of this letter will be denounced and speechless and subdued." (Collection of Advertisements vol.1 p.20)

"If you come and did not observe any heavenly sign after staying for one year, then you will be paid Rs. 200 per month as a penalty or damages." (Collection of Advertisements vol.1 p.21)

SubHanAllah! What a Miracle-exhibiting-power!! Who will have the spare time of ONE YEAR to spend in God-forsaken village of Qadian with Mirza Ghulam, forget about his life and family for this period and keep a watch for ONE FULL YEAR for some unknown signs, that no one knows when it might happen at the hands of Mirza. And then what is fishy about the whole thing is that as a precaution he had applied a condition of INTENTION of a TRUE-SEEKER to see the heavenly sign. If someone does not observe the heavenly signs, then Mirza can very safely claim that that person did not come with a truth-seeking intention.

True Prophet of Allah's Majestic Attitude under such cir*****stances:

Did The True, Last and Final Messenger of Allah, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW demand such a conditional performance of miracle from the Kuffar of Makkah? Did He (SAAW) ask them to stay with Him for one year to wait for an unspecified heavenly sign that may appear any time during that period? No. When the kuffar of Makkah demanded to show them a Miracle, Holy Prophet SAAW did not hesitate, did not make any conditions and did not give them a time frame. Instead He SAAW simply pointed towards the moon and it was split into two parts.  The great sphere of the Moon had split into two distinct parts in front of their very eyes. The two parts had separated and receded so much apart from each other that to the on-lookers one part had appeared on one side of the mountain and the other on the other side of it (See Sahih Bukhari). One Kafir demanded that if the small stones in the hands of Holy Prophet SAAW will bear witness that Muhammad SAAW is the Prophet of Allah, he will accept the truth. Immediately Holy Prophet SAAW took some pebbles from the ground, and they recited the Shahadah in the hands of Holy Prophet SAAW and the Kafir could hear it. No preconditions attached, no time frame given, no requirement of having a good niyah. To convey the truth was His responsibility, whether the other person accepts it or not, that was the last of His concern, because hidayah was in the Hands of Allah.

Such was the August Character of Holy Prophet SAAW, the True Prophet of Allah, the Last and Final Messenger.

Miracle is by definition is something that defies laws of nature, something that defies human logic, something which human beings are completely helpless to perform or to understand. By the Will of Al-Mighty Allah, the Creator and Master of Universe, miracles were performed by His True Prophets, to prove to the public the Honor and Augustness of His Prophets, to show them that Allah is with them and He who has created the Laws of Nature has the Power to by-pass those laws. They were performed instantaneously with no strings attached, to subdue the disbelievers and to increase the faith of those who believed in the Prophet. Another point worth remembering is that no Prophet of Allah had ever boasted about these miracles, let alone advertises them.

However the character of impostors was entirely opposite to this, as has been shown above and as the readers will discover later in the following pages.

Letter of Pandit Lekhram to Mirza Ghulam

As soon as Pandit saw the advertisement, he targeted Mirza to expose the fallacy of his claims. He was already annoyed with the way Mirza had ridiculed Hindu religion and its books, and saw a golden opportunity to take his revenge. He wrote to Mirza and expressed his willingness to stay in Qadian. He wrote:

"I saw your letter published by Murtazai Press Lahore. In this letter you have been instructed by God to write that anyone belonging to other religion, despite staying with you for one year, does not observe any heavenly sign and does not become Muslim after satisfying himself, then you will pay Rs. 200 per month as penalty or damages. Therefore to discover the heavenly sign I am prepared to some to you on the condition that at the rate of Rs 200 per month deposit Rs 2400 in Government bank for safe keeping, and give an undertaking that if am not satisfied and do not embrace Islam after one year of your guidance and heavenly sign and miracles, then that Rs. 2400 would be handed over to me, and for a period of one year that amount will remain deposited in the government bank, you will not be entitled to take that money back. I accept to be your student for one year." (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 3rd April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163)

Reply of Mirza Ghulam - Twisted Conditions

Mirza Ghulam must have become very nervous at the response of Pandit Lekhram. As was his way, he started trapping the Pandit in convoluted conditions, in an attempt to get rid of him. He wrote:

"In my published letter I have addressed those people who are respected scholars and famous leaders of their community, whose acceptance can affect a large group of people, but you are not a man of such position or status, and if I am mistaken in this opinion of mine and you are actually a leader of your community then very good, I do not want to bother you too much, just do this that all the members of five organizations, Arya Samaj Qadian, Arya Samaj Lahore, Arya Samaj Amritsar, Arya Samaj Ludhiana, Arya Samaj Peshawer, all of them should give an undertaking on oath stating that Pandit Lekhram who is our leader, if he is subdued in this matter and will observe some sign, then all of us will embrace Islam without delay. If you do compile and send me such an undertaking within two weeks, then you will be considered a common man, who is not worth addressing." (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 17th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163)

Reply of Pandit Lekhram

"That proverb fits on you: Teeth of Elephant, for showing different than for eating. And I thought that according to the contents of your letter you will be keep your promise, but I was wrong. Your statement that I should get the undertaking of members of five Arya Samaj (of five cities) proves that proverb correct that 'a dodger have lots of excuses'. How can the members of five Arya Samaj be forced to embrace Islam by my subduing and accepting Islam? If suppose you become an Arya, your brother, relatives and other Muslims of Qadian will also embrace Arya religion? Never. Mirza Saheb! By meaningless claims lead to nothing but embarrassment. If after full investigations you embrace Arya religion, then it would be a good proof of the truthfulness of Arya religion. Similarly becoming a Muslim of a person like me will a glaring proof of the miracle of Religion of Islam. Since the fallacy of your claims of miracle have already been fully revealed to me through the Arya Samaj of Qadian, therefore I should not have really followed the saying 'to test a tested person is foolishness'. However I would like to state this much that you are deliberately avoiding and dodging the issue." (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 9th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.164)

Another Excuse of Mirza Ghulam

"Rs 200 per month was fixed for people of high status. If I fix Rs 200 for all high and low status, then from where am I going to get this much amount? If you are earning this amount from some other place, then I have no objection. Prove it that you are a man of this status .... It is obligatory on you to come to Qadian to get rid of this evil thought and verify it." (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 16th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163)

Insistence of Lekhram

"Mirza Saheb! The meaning of your first published was something else, letter of 7th April is saying something else and letter of 16th April is revealing something entirely different. God knows, why do you keep backing off from your statements. My last request is that if you are really truthful in your promise, and explorer of Truth, seeker of the guidance and have been appointed for the guidance of mankind, then deposit Rs 2400 at the rate of Rs 200 per month in Government bank and give an undertaking that if am not satisfied and do not embrace Islam after one year of your guidance and heavenly sign and miracles, then that Rs. 2400 would be handed over to me, and for a period of one year that amount will remain deposited in the government bank. If you are really appointed by the God Al-Mighty, then why do you refrain from giving such an undertaking and deposition of amount. When truth should not be scared and you have full faith in your miracles, then it is useless to evade it. If God has informed you and He has made this prophecy, and you, according to your own statement, have tested your prophecies on numerous occasions, then I will surely be incriminated, be subdued and become speechless. God has promised you and now you are evading fulfilling this promise.  Then how can it be accepted that there is no question of it being postponed, when you yourself do not have full faith on it. Claims of completion of altercation and to give advertisement to the effect that when the sun will rise from the west, then you will pay the amount, is casting a dark stain on an intelligent person like you. It is because of such flouting of promises by you that no Arya brother is willing to come to you. I am writing again and again that to test you miraculous power, I want to offer myself as a test and with an honest heart I accept being your student and stay in Qadian for one year. If this time as well you will evade this issue then further correspondence is useless." (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 30th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.164)

Mirza Responds - One more condition!!

When Mirza realized that Lekhram will not leave at any cost, he accepted to deposit the money but with another new condition:

"On the one hand this humble self will deposit Rs 2400, and on the other hand you will also deposit the same amount according to my wish on the shop of a muhajin (muhajin is a shop owner in villages who gives loans on interest), as a penalty of refusing to accept Islam, so that whoever is given victory by God, it would become a souvenir of his victory." (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 17th July 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163)

Lekhram's reply

"The basis of our correspondence is that advertisement that you published from Mutazai Press Lahore and in which you had claimed in clear words that God has ordered you to invite people of other religions to Islam and whosoever stays with you in Qadian for one year and after seeing the heavenly sign and miracle does not embrace Islam, you will pay him damages at the rate of Rs 200 per month, an amount of Rs. 2400 for the whole year. Upon this I had requested you that I am prepared to stay with you for one year. Now you have forwarded a new condition... my dear! Why do you run away from your own publicized promises and why have you forsaken justice? Is this is the way of religious people and rightly guided persons? Now it is only fair that first you publish this advertisement that what you had publicized earlier, you are canceling it. When you had announced your miracle, you should have full belief that you will definitely perform the miracle and its impact would be right on the mark and he who witness it would surely embrace Islam. The literal meaning of miracle is to make everyone powerless. If the opponent does not become powerless and subdued then that cannot be a miracle. This shows that you yourself are in doubt about your miracle that this man (Lekhram) will not be subdued by your miracle. That is why now you are stating a new condition. Nevertheless, according to the principle 'See the liar unto his home', I am even prepared to accept this new condition, like you I will also deposit Rs 2400." (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 20th July 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.168)

After accepting this new condition, Lekhram further wrote to Mirza Ghulam:

"Since I doubt your steadiness, therefore make clear what kind of heavenly sign are you going to perform...... also fix the date and time of exhibiting your miracle so that it can be advertised." (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 20th July 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.168)

Mirza makes another attempt to dodge Lekhram

"I cannot make any condition on exhibiting miracle and neither can I show demanded miracle. I do not know what will appear. We are just an appointed servant. We do not know that what kind of sign God will exhibit.  We know and understand that sign is that thing which is beyond the power of human being. We claim only that God will definitely manifest such a sign for which humans are powerless, but the CONDITION is that to give an opinion of YES or NO regarding our miracle, such accepted judges be appointed from both sides who do not belong to the religion of both the parties." (Letter of Mirza Ghulam, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.170)

Lekhram Lambastes Mirza Ghulam

"If you had wanted the opposite party also to deposit money, then you should have mentioned this condition in your first advertisement that like a gambler put your money against my money, so that later the conditions would not have to be changed and canceled. And if you had written clearly then even a person with low intelligence would not have paid attention to such gambling, let alone that I would have taken all the trouble of writing to you. The reason for not trusting your promises is your baseless boasting and baseless claims. ....  Truth is that you have made this boastfulness your source of earning. It was for these reasons that I had requested you to deposit the promised amount in advance. You were not right in thinking that because of your harsh conditions no one would like to remain imprisoned without chains in Qadian for one year among the peasants and ignorant people; and moreover that if no one responds then your claims would be accepted one-sidedly. But when I stood up to prove your claim wrong and because of above-mentioned reasons tried to get the promised compensation in advance, then against your advertisement you invented a new evasive tactic ……

By saying that 'we are only an appointed servant' and most of what you have written in the first two lines of your advertisement, it is very obvious that you are claiming prophethood, and by writing the respected name of Hazrat Eisa, you have expressed yourself to be equal to him. It wouldn't be out of place to draw attention of Respected Muslim Scholars, because it is obvious like a sun on all special and common Muslims that Hazrat (Muhammad) is the Last Messenger. Thus why don't they issue a religious edict on such a person, because internal enemies bring most destruction and a snake in the sleeve is more likely to be deadly. Your (Mirza's) statement that I do not what kind of sign will God exhibit is most flimsy. The way you have been appointed for a very important service and a grand task, why have you not been informed about the secrets of your mission? And when you do not know what kind of sign will be exhibited then why did you publicize the claim of heavenly sign without God's saying so? When the Bismillah of your inspiration is itself wrong, what are you going to achieve later? It is obvious that because of this ignorance, to appoint you to the Grand Status of a Prophet cannot be the working of God, the Knower of All Hidden Things. This is the blessing of some other person (satan). I had also requested you to show the signs that are beyond human power, we didn't ask anything more. By you have evaded that as well. Now you have forsaken half portion of your claim, from 'HEAVENLY SIGN' you have retained only one half, the 'SIGN', and this second part that is SIGN, that also you have made it obscured, because you do not know how and what it is going to be. Thus your claim has been become totally false. At long last, you are exposed. After admitting all this, I do not know why do you make this condition that to give an opinion of YES or NO, judges should be appointed. It is true that when a case is being conducted, a doubtful matter is being presented, then you need judges. But since humans do not have knowledge of the hidden, they also shoot in the dark. If your miracle is also of such doubtful nature, then you better show such miracles to shepherds of goats and excuse us. Instead of seeing the miracles of your boasting, we prefer to stay quite." (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 5th August 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.171-172)

Mirza requests Pandit to Come to Qadian for Settlement

Mirza Ghulam was dumbfounded by the above, thought it wise to shut up in response. After three months Pandit wrote a post card of reminder. In reply, Mirza also sent a post card and wrote that Qadian is not far away, come and meet me, hopefully at this meeting conditions can be finalized. (Takzeeb Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya by Pandit Lekhram, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.171-172)

This correspondence between Mirza Saheb and Pandit spanned over five months. It was published in various newspapers of Punjab, for instance Aaftaab Punjab, Kohinur etc. (Takzeeb Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya by Pandit Lekhram p.331, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.171-172)

Since Mirza Saheb was openly subdued and humiliated in these exchanges, we do not find such correspondence in Ahmadiyya literature. Takzeeb Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and its Zameema (extra edition) was published during the lifetime of Mirza Saheb, he had read them and had complained about Pandit's harsh language in several of his books. When this correspondence was published in Zameema of Takzeeb, Mirza Saheb could not have the courage to refute it.

Pandit Lekhram in Qadian

As soon as Pandit received the invitation, he immediately arrived in Qadian and started to discuss the conditions. Mirza once again started dodging and evading the issue. Unfortunately for him, Pandit was not the kind of person to give him any reprieve. He clung to Mirza Ghulam like an albatross around his neck. However hard Mirza tried to get rid of him, Pandit Lekhram, who had served in the police force for years would not let him off the hook One day Pandit was sitting in the house of Mirza Ghulam finalizing the conditions of staying in Qadian for observing the heavenly signs. During the conversation the word 'KHAWARIQ-E-AADAAT' (against nature) came under discussion. Pandit said:

"'Khawariq-e-Aadaat' means breaking the nature. Knife has been given the power to cut, fire will burn anything put in it, trees are fixed in the earth. If by God's order you (Mirza) break this principle, that is if your miracle prevents the knife from cutting or the fire does not burn the thing put in it or the tree start walking on earth, then I will become Muslim. And if you could not perform such a miracle then you should become Arya and stop making false claims."

Mirza Saheb said:

"In Quranic terminology this is not the meaning of Mau'jiza (Miracle)."

Pandit said:

"When this word is not even mentioned in Quran, how can an argument of Quranic terminology be correct when such a word does not even exist in Quran."

Mirza Saheb kept insisting that this word is mentioned in Quran. Pandit Lekhram himself gave the Quran to Mirza Saheb and asked him: For God's sake show me where in Quran the word 'mau’jizah' is mentioned. (It is true that this word is not mentioned in Quran, instead the word 'JAMAAT - signs' have been used .... Rashid) Mirza Saheb turned the pages of Holy Quran for a few minutes but could not find anything. Finally he gave up and said: I take back my claim, this word is actually not present in Quran. Pandit Lekhram wrote in his book that at that time Hakeem Kitten All, ALA Inhale Chained, Pandit Jai Kitten, ALA Lax Sahib, Mirza Sahib's cousin Mirza Kamaluddin, Mince Mural Ali and one old traveler was sitting with us, and hopefully Mirza Saheb would also not deny this happening."

(Takzeeb Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya by Pandit Lekhram p.86, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Raffia Dilawari p.172-173)

Pandit Lekhram's Imprecations and Mirza's Humiliations

Pandit tried his best that Ilhaami Saheb (Mirza) stops dodging and somehow agrees for fair and judicious conditions for one year's stay in Qadian. But he could not succeed in bringing Mirza to a rational level of discussion. Ultimately he gave up talking on the conditions of stay in Qadian. Rather he started demanding immediate performance of a miracle. Daily Pandit Lekhram used to visit Mirza's house and say: If you are truthful in your claims, then show me some miracle. Poor Mirza had nothing to show except hang his head in shame, because performing a miracle was an impossible feat for an impostor. Simultaneously, Pandit had made a routine of gathering hundreds of Hindus (Arya) in the market of Qadian, make venomous speeches and ridicule Mirza and his so-called piety, people would laugh their hearts out and then Pandit would return home. Mirza Saheb had bitterly complained about this whole episode in his book, 'Faryaad-e-Dard'. For instance he wrote:

"During those days when Lekhram was determined to abuse Islam and at every sentence he used to utter abuse, in his excitement he also did this that to argue with me he came to Qadian and stayed for one month. I did not go to his village or district to debate with him, neither did I initiate correspondence with him. He himself came to me in Qadian with his beastly excitement, and all Hindus of this place are witness that he stayed for nearly 25 days in Qadian, and he could not stop himself even for a single day from extremely abusive and harsh language. In the market on the track used by Muslims, he used to hurl abuses at our Holy Prophet SAAW and used words to incite Muslims. Due to fear of disturbance of peace, I had instructed Muslims not to stand in the market at the time of his speeches and no one should try to face him. Therefore, despite the fact that every day he used to be ready to create disturbance in collaboration with some ruffians, but because of my repeated advises Muslims had suppressed their excitement. Several honorable Muslims came to me during those days complaining that this man (Pandit Lekhram) is openly slandering our Holy Prophet SAAW, and I saw that they were very agitated, then I advised them politely that he is a traveler, he has come for debate, be patient. By my repeated checking, they refrained from their agitation. And Lekhram had adopted this attitude that daily he used to come to my house and demand to see some sign or miracle, and extremely ridiculing sneering words used to come out of his mouth. Always he used to come in the morning or in the afternoon, used to slander Islam and Holy Prophet SAAW in various manners, and as the cruel Christian Padres had propagated, he used to say repeatedly that 'your Prophet (SAAW) had not performed any miracles, neither any of His prophecies were fulfilled; just to glorify your religion Mullahs have filled the books with fake miracles'." (Faryad-e-Dard by Mirza Ghulam p.A, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p. 175-176)

Mirza's failure to perform any miracle

Question is that when Pandit Lekhram was openly ridiculing Mirza, disparaging Islam and slandering the Holy Prophet SAAW right in front of Mirza Ghulam in his own house, Pandit Lekhram was daily demanding to show him some miracle, if Mirza Ghulam really had some power of performing miracles (as he had claimed in his original advertisement) what prevented him from showing any miracle? What happened to his sense of honor for Holy Prophet SAAW? Why did he not subdue this Pandit who, day in and day out, was uttering extremely foul slanders against The Holy Prophet of Islam SAAW? After claiming (by his so-called God's permission) to have the power to perform miracle, why did he not silence Lekhram once and for all, so that others would heed the message? Mirza's following claim is on record:

"As compare to previous Prophets, I have more miracles and prophecies, rather there is no comparison between the miracles and prophecies of previous Prophets with my miracles and prophecies; moreover their prophecies and miracles are now merely anecdotes and stories, but my miracles and prophecies are eye witness accounts for thousands of people and are of such grand and august status that none can be imagined more majestic than them; that is thousands of people in the world are their witnesses, but for the miracles and prophecies of previous Prophets, there is not a single witness alive, except for our Holy Prophet SAAW for whose miracles and prophecies I am an alive witness, and Holy Quran is a live witness. And I am that one, for some of whose miracles and prophecies there are millions of witnesses." (Statement of Mirza Ghulam, Roohani Khazain vol. 18 p. 460-461)

However, a practical proof of this claim was that despite being pressed by an enemy of Islam Mirza could not perform even a single miracle. It is obvious that had there been an iota of truth in his claims of having been appointed by God or that he has power of performing miracles or that God has promised him that a heavenly sign will be exhibited at his hands, then at such a critical juncture when an enemy of Islam was lampooning Islam and openly attacking the Holy Prophet of Islam SAAW, there was no reason why Allah would not have instantaneously shown a sign at the hands of his appointee. Not only that he could not perform any miracle, he could not even subdue this enemy of Islam by his speech. He even stopped others from protesting. This proves that all his claims of being appointed by God, being told by God that heavenly signs can be observed in Qadian or that he can perform miracles, were nothing but the deception of his own nafs (flesh). Since he had made a fabrication on Allah, therefore deliberately disgraced him at the hands of this enemy of Islam. Alas! Mirza still could not read the writing on the wall.

Mirza's another weapon - Invitation of Mubahila to Arya

After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of an idolater and kaafir (Lekhram), in 1886 Mirza wrote a book entitled 'Surma Chashm-e-Arya'. In this book he invited the respectable Aryas for Mubahila (prayer duel). He wrote that the effect of this Mubahila will appear within one year.

InshaAllah in the next issue of Al-Fatwa, you will read the rest of story of Lekhram that ended in the murder of Lekhram. 


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali May 2003 



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