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Fatwa No 30 Part 1
Posted on Saturday, October 10 @ 18:29:38 CEST by admin

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam September 25 2004

Al Fatwa International No. 30


Founder: Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah                            Sept 2003 - February 2004                                   Editor: Syed Rashid Ali

Respected Readers

Assalamo alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu

We apologise for the delay in bringing to you this new issue of Al Fatwa. This is a combined issue for the last two quarters.

Hazrat Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah passed away

We regret to announce the sad demise of Hazrat Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah on 2nd July at 90 years of age. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeoon. He was a prominent spiritual figure of Sindh. He was the founder of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement and Al Fatwa International. For the last 40 years he was residing outside a small village, Gujjo, in District Thatta and preaching the message of love and peace in Interior Sindh. He established Al-Hafeez Zakireen Tanzeem for this purpose. He had one mission in life: that Muslims should for forget their petty differences and get united on the platform of Kalima Tayyebah, just as Sahaba did.

He was not a Pir in the traditional sense of the word, instead he rebelled against the institution of Pir-Mureed for the simple reason that in his opinion present day inheritors of the Great Sufis have everything except the Faiz from their forebearers, and as such they have commercialised this institution. He would say: I teach what I know, without binding my students into the bond of Piri-Mureedi, and I learn what I don't know. Zhikr (Remembrance) of Allah was his way of life and creating love for Allah, His Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAW in the hearts of his students and Allah's creations his ultimate goal. He was very particular in respecting human values and giving away the rights of others. He used to say: Allah is very Merciful. Any shortcomings in fulfilling His rights will be forgiven by Allah but most will be caught on the Day of Judgment because of deficiencies in giving the rights of others. On the day of Judgment when everyone would be concerned about himself, who will be willing to forgive others? Sain was very particular about Akl-e-Halal and Sidq-e-Maqaal (eat only halaal and say only the truth) and used to consider the foundation for all acts of worship. He used to lead a very simple life. People used to visit him from far away places with their problems and Sain would entertain them with a smile solving their problems. Visitors irrespective of their caste, colour, creed or social status were considered so honourable that he used to prepare the food with his own hands, and this routine continued all his life. There were always 8 to 10 guests on his dining-cloth. Because of his charming manners, kindly behavior and fascinating and soul-enriching talk, a large proportion of youngsters became his students, who would love him more dearly than their own parents. Sain would pay special attention on their spiritual up bringing. For this purpose he would not give long sermons, rather his day to day life pattern was an example and a source of great inspiration for them.

In 1988 when Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, the 4th Khalifa and leader of Jamaat Ahmadiyya issued a challenge of Mubahila addressing all Muslims and labeling them on its title cover as Liars and Disbelievers, Sain became infuriated. He said: SubHanAllah! This cannot be that the entire Muslim Ummah, the followers of True Prophet of Allah Muhammad SAAW be labeled as Disbelievers, and the ummat of an imposter be called believers. Since that day till the end he continued chasing Qadianiyat in all corners of the earth through his writings and speeches. He published many books and pamphlets, toured various countries to create awareness amongst the Muslims against the deception of Mirza GHulam Ahmad Qadiani in the name of Islam. By the Grace of Allah, I am grateful that such a useless person like me got the opportunity to assist him in this mission. May Allah continue to Grace me so that I can continue this awareness campaign. Ameen.

During his years of campaigning, Sain Abdul Hafeez Shah challenged Mirza Tahir on several occasions for a prayer duel (Mubahila) but he always avoided accepting it. Life and death is in the hands of Allah, when the time comes for someone to go away, no one can stop it. But here it would be worth mentioning that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers always used to believe that LIAR DIES IN THE LIFETIME OF TRUTHFUL. AlHamdolillah, summa AlHamdolillah, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani passed away on 19th April 2003, in the lifetime of Sain Abdul Hafeez Shah.

May Allah elevate the stations of Sain Abdul Hafeez Shah and give us the hidayah to follow his teachings. Ameen O Allah, by the Grace of Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAW.

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

News from Germany

Shaikh Raheel Ahmad Embraced Islam

Shaikh Raheel Ahmad was a born Ahmadi. His family had been staunch Ahmadi and an ardent follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani for three generations. He himself had been very active in Jamaat, holding several offices in the German Jamaat. By the Grace of Allah in August 2003 he along with his family denounced Ahmadiyyat and embraced Islam. On this occasion he said:

"I was a born qadiani (ahmadi) and after studying for several years and pondering over it, he has come to the conclusion that Jamaat Ahmadiyya Qadiani group is not a sect of Islam, rather it is a corporation which collects money in the name of religion. I have held several posts in the Jamaat for a long time, and for this reason several things have come into my knowledge, due to which I thought it more appropriate that I should leave this Jamaat and break my relation with this system of exploitation in the name of religion and come into the fold of true service of Holy Prophet Muhamade Arabi SallAllaho alaihe wassalam".

(Daily Ummat, Karachi, 27 August 2003)

Addressing Khatme Nabuwwat Conference at Rabwah {Chanab Nagar} on 6th September 2003, he said:

My brothers! This honour of embracing Islam for me and my family, it is not my own achievement, nor do we have any part in it. Rather it is the eternal truth of Holy Quran that Allah shows the light hidayah (guidance) to whomsoever He wants. And those who do not seek guidance, He leaves them to remain stray in darkness (of kufr). Allah has always blessed me with His bounties, but now the greatest Bounty that He has bestowed on such a worthless person as myself, is this that me, who had opened his eyes in Qadiani household, and who was a 3rd/4th generation of Qadiani, and who was conditioned in a pure Qadiani atmosphere, (yes my brothers! in Qadianiyat a child is not brought up, he is conditioned/brainwashed) who received his education in Rabwah and who all his life held various offices in the Jamaat, at the age of 56 Allah, The Pure One, brought him out of this darkness to the light (of Islam). Allah's bounties do not stop here, but along with me He brings out nine persons of my family also to sit in the candle lighted by Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, and for the sake of His Habib SAAW, gives me the the honour of embracing Islam along with my family. AlHamdolillah.  (Khatme Nabuwwat Conference, Chanab Nagar, formerly Rabwah dated 6 Spetember 2003)

Addressing the Muslims, he said:

But I want to draw your attention towards one thing that treat the common Qadiani with love, do not abuse him, that poor fellow has been brainwashed/conditioned; pray for him, talk to him with wisdom and instead of talking to him on the topic of Death of Hazrat Eisa alaihe Assalam or Khatme Nabuwwat, draw his attention towards the person of Mirza Sahib and his character, which is very important. Ask your Qadiani friends what do they consider Mirza Sahib to be? They will tell you that they accept him as Maseeh Mowood, prophet or muhaddith. Then you invite them to talk on the personality of Mirza Sahib and ask them what would be their reaction if Mirza Sahib is proven to be incapable of this position by his own writings, sayings, and talks, and the writings of his companions and his own children? Ask them to establish the credibility of Mirza Sahib, then there is nothing more to talk. Any common person can discuss this topic. I can assure you that they would never stay in front of you. His (Mirza Sahib's) life has been veiled by thick covers, but the true scholars have so diligently exposed these hidden aspects that one is awed by their hard work. Whatever glasses they (Qadianis) have over their eyes, when you talk to them with such wisdom then inshaAllah it will definitely have its effect.

After the last several years of my study I have reached this conclusion that Jamaat Ahmadiyya is definitely not Islam, neither is it a sect within Islam. Rather it is a new religion, which has been grafted in the body of Islam like a parasite. The founder of Islam was Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW and the founder of Ahmadiyyat was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib. After accepting Muhammad Mustafa SAAW, any one can become Muslim, but by accepting Mirza Sahib a person can become only Ahmadi or Qadiani and not Muslim, because Islam is the Allah's gifted religion, and Qadianiyat is a man-made religion. There is no doubt that Qadianis recite the kalima 'la ilaha illAllah Muhammadur Rasoolullah', but they include Mirza sahib in it. If anyone denies then ask him to read the book, Kalimatul Fasl by Mirza Basheer s/o Mirza Sahib. But when Muslims recite the Kalima, then by Allah, there is no inclusion in it, that Kalima is purely the Kalima of Muhammad Mustafa SAAW.  Holy Prophet SAAW left behind an army of Big Sahaba, where as Mirza Sahib has only left behind a Jamaat of Hypocrites. Only that person can remain in Jamaat Ahmadiyya who wants to remain a hypocrite. According to the reasoning of Mirza Mahmud Sahib himself more than 99% of Ahmadis are hypocrites. Jamaat Ahmadiyya is a Jamaat of collecting money in the name of religion, which are not donations, they are JAGGA TAX (~ransom money)

Addressing Qadianis/Ahmadis, he said:

Now I want to put a question to my Qadianis friends who are present here and through them to other friends, that ok for the sake of argument, let us accept that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib was a prophet. Do Allah grant the supplications of prophets in favour of their ummat or not? and in those supplications of prophets, are there or not included supplications to raise in his ummat pious, God fearing, and people capable of leading? Now either Mirza Sahib's supplications were not granted or he did not supplicate for raising good people in his ummat. Either way it castes a shadow of doubt on the prophethood of Mirza Sahib, because according to the claims of Jamaat, its strength is 200,000,000 (although the numbers are doubtful, but let us accept it for the time being). Among these 20 crore was there not a single person who could come up to the standard of Taqwa (God fearing), piety, honesty and leadership, whom you could have chosen for a Khalifa? Is only the family of Mirza Sahib capable of Taqwa, piety and leadership? When staying in this Jamaat, for the last more than hundred years you could not give birth to a single God fearing person outside the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, then it is time for you to think that what are you getting in this impotent Jamaat? Come! Come into the fold of Islam, even today you will find hundreds of thousands of God fearing people. Just study the life of Mirza Sahib, look at his books, read his sayings, look at the writings of his companions, look at the writings of his sons. Not those writings which they show, but those writings which they had published but now they hide them from you. Then, like me, you will also reach the same conclusion that Mirza Sahib can be anything but a prophet or muhaddith. May Allah keep all of us in the light of Imaan and give you also the guidance to come into the original servitude of Muhammad SallAllaho alaihe wa Sallam. Ameen.

(Written Address of Shaikh Raheel Ahmad from Germany to Khatme Nabuwwat Conference at Rabwah Pakistan, 6th September 2003)

Shaikh Raheel Ahmad's departure from the Jamaat is not a small incident. Ahmadis are very much worried since he was a high profile member member of the Jamaat and belonged to one of the oldest Ahmadi family of Rabwah. It coincided with the visit to Germany of the newly elected Khalifa of Jamaat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. The elders of the Jamaat including the Khalifa understands the significance of this incident. No wonder that Jamaat is now busy doing a character assassination of Shaikh Raheel Ahmad.

Poet of Ahmadiyyat, Muzaffar Ahmad also Embraces Islam in Germany

The impact of Shaikh Raheel Ahmad's departure from the Jamaat had not yet lessened when another high profile Ahmadi along with his family denounced Ahmadiyyat and embraced Islam on 19th September 2003. 36 years old Muzaffar Ahmad hails from Peshawer Pakistan and had been staying in Germany for many years. In recognition of his services for the Jamaat, he had been given a Gold Medal and the title of Poet of Ahmadiyyat. He had also been serving as an important member of Bait-ul-Maal of Jamaat.

He formally announced his denunciation of Ahmadiyyat and embraced Islam in the Tauheed Mosque, Offenbach, Germany at the hands of Maulana Mushtaq-ur-Rehman. Sources say in this regard that the Ameer of Husum Jamaat, Muneer Ahmad, and National Ameer, Abdullah Wagushauser has also been informed in writing, after which he and his family are receiving death threats from the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Muzzafar Ahmad has also written a letter to the Regional Ameer, Columbus Khan, in this regard, in which he has informed him that he is getting death threats, and that this should stop. According to sources, in his letter to the regional Ameer Columbus Khan, he has mentioned that I do not want to expose the collective efforts of Jamaat and your individual efforts in a court of law, neither do I want to create a perpetual irritation for Jamaat by pricking its lifeline. However if Jamaat did not stop its Dajaal-natured, Evil-character, and old and stupid traditional policy against me, then we will meet in the court of law. (Daily Ummat, Karachi 19 September 2003)

On 20th September 2003, Muzaffar Ahmad addressed the Friday gathering in Tauheed Mosque. He said:

"This day is a very blessed day for my whole family. We are coming out of the tortuous valleys of infidelity, cunningness and deception into the straight and lighted path of Islam. The story Qadiani conspiracies, viciousness and wickedness is spread over hundred years. For me the reasons of my conversion are as follows: Behind this decision, there are seven years of day and night reading books, personal observations, internal conduct of Jamaat, staying away of the Jamaat from the Sunnat of Holy Prophet SAAW, Jamaat's unnatural and un-Islamic attitude, innumerable pagan beliefs of the movement, Movement's attempts to flood the literature with alterations and metaphorical in the meanings of Holy Quran, and the decisions of Muslim Ummat in April and Sept 1974 regarding Qadianis (declaring them out of the fold of Islam). On the other hand the claims of Mirza Sahib extend from being 'Self-Cultivated Seedling of British' to the claim of divinity. In summary the other name for KUFR is Qadianism. Therefore I alongwith my whole family denounce all those repulsive beliefs and announce my reversion to Islam.

(Urdu Poetry: Hum aisay saada diloon kee niyaz mandee say Butoon nay kee hein jahaan mein khudaeeyaan kiya kiya)

Because of the benevolence of simple-hearted people like us Idols have performed many divine acts all over the world."

In the end he thanked Maulana Mushtaq-ur-Rehman, Maulana Mohammed Ahmed, Iftikhar Ahmed and Shaikh Raheal Ahmad for their guidance and expressed his determination to work for the cause of Islam. (Daily Ummat, Karachi 19 September 2003)

Mirza Abu Bakr Salahuddin, the TOMBMASTER, from US Denounced Ahmadiyyat and Embraced Bahaism

Jamaat Ahmadiyya had not yet pulled itself together from the shock of the departure of Shaikh Raheel Ahmad, another high profile Ahmadi, a black American from United States of America, Mirza Abu Bakr Salahuddin, denounced Ahmadiyyat and embraced Bahaism. Although he had taken this step in July 2003 but the announcement was delayed because Jamaat was desperately trying to get him back into the fold of Jamaat.

Mirza Abu Bakr, has been staying in US for the last 27 years. He was a leading figure of Jamaat Ahmadiyya of US and Qadiani IT expert webmaster, was also incharge of Qadiani websites and have authored 3 books. He was the driving force behind preaching of Ahmadiyyat through Internet and had made it a very successful venture. Mr. Abu Bakr had authored many books in support of Ahmadiyyat, but was most well known amongst the Ahmadis due to his website "Tomb of Jesus", hence the name Tomb Master. On this website he had tried to prove through his writings that Jesus (Eisa Ibne Maryam AS) have died and is buried in Kashmir.  In the beginning when he wanted to promote his website, he tried to hide his links with Jamaat Ahmadiyya but soon it was apparent that he is a diehard Ahmadi. He had close ties with Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the fourth Khalifa, who was full of praises for his efforts and had predicted a bright future for him. But Alas! Mirza Tahir was once again proven wrong.

According to Qadiani sources, he has mentioned in his resignation that he no longer believes in Qadianism, he considers Bahaism as his saviour, therefore he is resigning from all his responsibilities and denounce all beliefs (of Qadianism). He has further written that:

I am no longer concerned whether Jesus has died or he was put on the cross; I consider Bahai religion as a true path. According to sources, he has further written that he is no longer convinced about Islam and does not consider any Islamic belief to be correct (Ma'azAllah).

(Daily Ummat, Karachi, 3 September 2003)

Here I would like to draw the attention of readers that Mr. Abu Bakr embraced Ahmadiyyat thinking that it is Islam. However when he did not get the spiritual satisfaction that he was looking for, he not only left Ahmadiyyat but also became disillusioned with Islam. If he is really in search of the truth, inshaAllah Allah will guide him one day to real Islam. Ameen.

Murder of Pandit Lekhram

(The story continues from the Previous Al-Fatwa)

Dear Readers! In the previous issue of Al-Fatwa International No 29, we had presented certain stories which made it clear the Jamaat which raise the slogan of "Love for All, Hatred for None", how they treat their opponents. In this issue we will examine how the founder of Jamaat, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, used to treat his opponents. In this regard part of the story of Lekhram was related in the previous issue of Al-Fatwa. Rest of the story is related here.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had began his religious voyage as a servant of Islam and a debater. From the very beginning, he started provoking Hindu Arya Samaj by his speeches while he was in Lahore. After returning to Qadiani, he regularly started challenging them for debates through advertisements. The purpose of this exercise was not a constructive dialogue or preaching of Islam, but to get fame and recognition. All these advertisements are still part of the Collection of Advertisement published by Jamaat Ahmadiyya's London Headquarter.

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and the Claim of being an Appointee of God

In 1880, Mirza Ghulam claimed that he is appointed by God to write Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya in 50 volumes to prove the truthfulness of Islam. Simultaneously he challenged non-Muslims to write a rebuttal of this book. Unlike the established Islamic principles of a polite dialogue in matters of religious dispute, in this book Mirza Ghulam adopted a very aggressive tone in addressing the non-Muslims. The tone was so objectionable that no Christian or Hindu could contain their anger after reading this book. This book sowed a permanent seed of animosity and hatred against Islam and Muslims in the hearts of Christians and Hindus. A proof was in the form of Pandit Lekhram, wrote a rebuttal by the name of 'Takzeeb Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. This book was nothing but a shameless collection of slanders and profanities. It contained extreme slurs and accusations against pious and holy people, especially by uttering obscenities against the Prophets of Allah, Lekhram had fully exposed his internal wickedness. It was the direct consequence of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya that during the period following its publication many books were published which were frankly blasphemous towards Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad bears the sole responsibility for such a reaction.

Instead of writing a scholarly response to Lekhram’s rebuttal, Mirza Ghulam started proclaiming his power to show miracles. In the previous issue of Al-Fatwa I had quoted many references to demonstrate how Lekhram stuck up with Mirza Ghulam to fulfil his promise of showing miracle. Obviously it was not within the powers of Mirza Ghulam, an impostor, to perform miracles on demand. Initially he tried to dissuade Lekhram with his tortuous conditions but when Lekhram was not discouraged by such tactics, Mirza Ghulam wrote a book in 1886 entitled ‘Surma Chashme Arya’ in which he invited Hindu Arya Samaj (of which Lekhram was a leading figure) for a prayer duel (Mubahila) and fixed an year’s time for the effect of Mubahila to be apparent.

“…and then waiting time for the Heavenly Verdict would be one year. If after the passing of one year the author of this flyer is not afflicted with divine punishment and suffering or it does not descend on the opponent, in either case this humble self (Mirza) will pay the penalty of Rs. 500/=.” (Surma Chashme Arya, Roohani Khazain vol.2 p.251)

Mirza Ghulam once again challenged the Hindu Arya Samaj that no one can write a response to his book:

“This book, that is Surma Chashme Arya, on the occasion of Debate with Lala Murlidhar, Drawing Master, Hoshiarpur, which totally exposes the false beliefs of Ved, is written with this conviction and claim that no Arya can write a refutation of this book.” (Advertisement of Reward Rs. 500, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 320)

However against the claims of Mirza Ghulam, Hindu Arya wrote a reply to it, regarding which he wrote in his writings:

“and further more that booklet which is entitled ‘Surma Chashme Arya Kee Haqeeqat Aur Fun Feraib Ghulam Ahmad’ (The Reality of Surma Chashme Arya and the Art of Ghulam Ahmad’s Deception) is worth seeing along with my book.” (Shuhna-e-Haq, Roohani Khazain vol. 2 p. 328 footnote)

After publishing this invitation for Mubahila, Pandit Lekhram came forward to face Mirza Ghulam. Accepting his challenge of Mubahila in 1888, he published 'Mubahila-nama'. According to the agreed condition by 1889 Lekhram should have been afflicted with some divine punishment but nothing happened, but both parties remained well. Then Mirza Ghulam started blustering about showing a heavenly sign. He failed in that as well!!!

"Janab Mirza Saheb. Namaste..... My reasons for coming all the way from Peshawar to Qadian was only this, and even now I am staying here with the hope that I will testify after observing your miracles, supernatural happenings and inspirations and heavenly signs and before we can debate any other principle, this matter should be finalised in a gathering of respectable people .... here it must be remembered that sitting at home and presenting the proofs in front of devotees is different, but the verification in a gathering of respected and learned people is different. I hope that you will honour me with a reply. Do not give excuses .. again and again I am requesting you that if you have an iota of truth, show me (the heavenly sign) otherwise for God's sake, abstain (from making such claims)......." Signed: Lekhram. (Letter of Lekhram to Mirza Ghulam, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 113)

But Mirza Ghulam could not show and supernatural heavenly sign. Lekhram continued to write to Mirza. Ultimately after correspondence spanning over many years (from 1885 to 1893) they agreed on the following agreement which was published by Mirza Ghulam in his book:

"That agreement which was reached between myself and Lekhram regarding the observation of 'SIGNS' and its text which Lekhram wrote with his own hands, is this:  ..... the summary of this long agreement is that if a certain prophecy is told to Lekhram and it does not turn out to be true, then it would be taken as a proof of truthfulness of Hindu religion and it would be obligatory on the person who has prophesised (Mirza Ghulam) to embrace Arya religion OR else pay Rs. 360/= to Lekhram, which have to be deposited in advance on the shop of Mr. Shrampat resident of Qadian. And if the person prophesizing turn out to be truthful, then it will be taken as a proof truthfulness of Islam and it would be obligatory on Pandit Lekhram to embrace Islam." (Istafta, Roohani Khazain vol. 12 p. 117)

It is obvious and clear as a day light from the above statement that whatever prophecy was going to be announced, at the time of its fulfillment Lekhram would be alive, he would witness the fulfillment of prophecy and it would be obligatory for him to embrace Islam after its observation, since without being alive there was no question of observing the supernatural heavenly sign and miracle of Mirza Ghulam, nor would he be able to profess Islamic faith if he were to die at the time of fulfillment of this prophecy.

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