Thus I entered the fold of Islam
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 31st August 2000  

Thus I entered the fold of Islam

by Mohammed Rafiq Bajwa

Janab Rafiq Bajwa was a born Ahmadi/Qadiani. When Z A Bhutto nationalised the private educational institutions, he was studying in Taleemul Islam College, Rabwa. When he stressed upon the Qadiani leadership to whole-heartedly accept this decision by the Government, the Qadiani heirarchy became his enemy. An attempt was made on his life in Rabwa. With a broken heart and bloodstained clothes, he left Rabwa and reached Maulana Taj Mahmood in Faisalabad. Seeing the example of Muhammadi manners of Maulana, he embraced Islam. His family was forced to leave Rabwa and took refuge in their ancestral village, Chawinda. Seeing the injustices and cruelty on her brother, his sister also embraced Islam. While he was in Chawinda, Qadiani hooligans again made another attempt on his life, but Allah saved him. Agha Shoresh Kashmiri and Maulana Taj Mahmood shook the Punjab Government on this issue which took Qadianis to the task. He was a tall, beautiful young man. He is currently settled in Canada with his wife. May Allah bless him and continue to protect him , whereever he is. Following is his autobiographical account of why he left Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

"My grandfather, Chaudhry Rehmat Khan Bajwa Sufiad Resh of District Sialkot, like many others got caught in the Qadiani trap and embraced Ahmadiyyat at the hands of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. My father, Chaudhry Basheer Ahmad Bajwa was a bron Ahmadi/Qadiani. On the appeal of Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud (the 2nd Khalifa), due to his religious fervour and madness, he left his excellent job in a government office and devoted his life to the propagation of Mirzaiyat, accepting a meagre salary.

Families of both my father and mother belonged to Qadiani families, I was also born in 1952 in a pure Mirzai atmosphere, it was only natural that I was a Mirzai and according to my parents even my name was also suggested by Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud.

Under such cir*****stances, for 21 years that I spent (in Mirzaiyat) I could never imagine that I would denounce Mirzaiyat and even such a though never crossed my mind. Thus as a sincere Mirzai student I started taking active part in religious and Jamaat's activities. I remained a member of Atfal Ahmadiyya, which is the religious and Jamaat's organisation of Mirzai children. After that I became an active member of the Mirzai youth volunteers' organisation, Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya. As I continued to actively participate in Jamaat's activities, I had occasions of closely observing and understanding the entire atmosphere of Rabwa. Although like other blind followers I was also a great devotee of Mirzaiyat, but when I used to see the noticeable differences in attitudes that were being displayed between the members of the family of Mirza Saheb and other people, then a faint desire used to surface in my heart, whose pain and soreness made me think…

Every child had special emotions about his parents. Naturally I also loved my parents intensely, I was their only son and they had brought me up with great love and affection. I used to feel the pain for my parents also because despite belonging to a land lord family, they were living in great poverty and humility only for the sake of Jamaat.

When I used to see the rude behaviors of the officers of Royal Family, my heart used to turn to pieces, but then I would console my heart by saying that they were our religious leaders, they have spirituality and they were respectable people for the Jamaat, thus I used to keep quite. The consideration by members of Mirza Saheb’s family as Royal Family and by the other residents of Rabwa as the family of slaves, always used to stick in my heart, especially when certain un-mentionable stories of some of the princes of this royal family started reaching my ears.  I was in Rabwa when some friend gave me a booklet ‘Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat’ to read. I discovered that certain people from the Jamaat were forced to revolt and this happened when some serious and colourful secrets reached them about Khalifa (Mirza Mahmud, the 2nd Khalifa), as a result of which their devotion for the Khalifa ended. Fearing exposition of these colourful and compromising secrets, Mirza Mahmud arranged attempts on the lives of those persons and they had to leave Qadian and then Rabwa. I felt curious in mind to know what were those serious and colourful secrets for which great people like Abdur Rehman Masri and Mian Abdul Mannan’s devotion to Khalifa ended and Khalifa Saheb resorted to trying to killing such stalwarts of Jamaat and to save their lives they had to leave the centers of Ahmadiyyat. I tried a lot in this respect but like other Mirzais, I was also a frog in the pond in this particular atmosphere of Rabwa. Therefore someone would tell me something, and yet others would shut me up by giving a sincere advice and then I would sit quite once again. Because of my parents’ devotion for the Jamaat and because of their respect and fear, I would not mention my concerns to them. Although my activities for the Jamaat continued but I started observing and studying the atmosphere in Rabwa more closely.

Now I was a student of Taleem-ul-Islam college in Rabwa. Because of my nature my activities were of charitable nature providing help to students. As a result I became prominent and out-standing among the students. During those days one friend in Rabwa gave me another book to read. This book was written by Mazhar Multani. Mazhar Multani was the son of a Shaheed (Martyr) of Jamaat from Qadian, Fakhruddin Multani. Because of his stay in Qadian and closeness to the Caliphate environment, he came into possession of certain colourful and serious secrets. And now in Pakistan, he published this book, Tareekh-e-Mahmudiyat, which had been printed many times. It also came to be known that using their contacts in the government, Mirzais managed to get this book banned, making it illegal for anyone to possess this book. Now this book reaches people discretely and they read it. Hearing such stories, my interest in this book had increased and I also discretely read this book from beginning to the end. In this book sworn on condition_of_divine_punishment_if_wrong statements of nearly 30 dependable and highly influential Mirzais are given. Apart from this, it also contained the heart-terrorising letter of Abdur Rehman Masri which he wrote to Mirza Mahmud Khalifa Qadian. After reading this book, the truth dawned on me. I would also have labeled this book as false and misleading, but certain things and talks had already come into my knowledge repeatedly which were beyond the shadow of doubt. My those thoughts were in total conformity with what was mentioned in this book and my mind became absolutely clear. I became enlightened about the entire spirituality and leadership of  Royal Family in Rabwa. I became absolutely convinced that this Pharoanic attitude of people of the Royal Family and slavery of others was not due to any religious and spiritual superiority or inferiority but simply on the basis of their riches and their power in Rabwa, they were playing God here, and only because of their neediness to feed their family they were forced to accept this humiliation. Now my mind was set on revolt from this system, because I could not force my nature to accept lies as truth or to accept black as white just to fill my stomach or simply because of my parents’ helplessness.

Just during that time, the movement for Peoples Party commenced and Bhutto Saheb raised the attractive slogan of ‘The era of Kingdom of Democracy is coming’. This slogan was exactly in accordance of my emotional state, because I was also of the opinion that: Whatever useless impression you come across, erase it. Thus I raised the Peoples Party flag on my roof top against the wishes of gods in Rabwa. Royal family or Rabwa and its paid cronies tried their best but I refused to take down the flag. This was my first rebellion against the gods of Rabwa. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifa Rabwa, had earlier given the fatwa against Socialism, how can any Mirzai could dare in Rabwa to say anything against the wishes of Khalifa Saheb? But I continued to raise this flag of public movement of Peoples Party and till the last day when we vacated that house, flag remained there.

Peoples Party came to power and as usual just before that Mirza Nasir and his associates had already prostrated in front of Bhutto Saheb, since it was the customary for them to worship the rising sun and say that this is our lord.

Government took over the Taleem-ul-Islam College and I was very happy with this step of the government that at least the College atmosphere would be rid of the dictatorship of Mirzaiyat and we would be able to continue our education in an open atmosphere. But Rabwa had gripped this college with an iron fist. They were secretly resenting this step by the government and continued to extract college tuition fees and hostel charges from the students and deposit them in their personal coffers. With the help of other students I raised my voice against this injustice, saying that this college is now government property and it is a government institution, Rabwa had no right to extort money from the students and put it in their own treasury; it is government fund and as such it should be deposited in government treasury. But the college principal was on the one hand a Mirzai/Qadiani/Ahmadi and on the other hand he was their slave, and because of his personal weaknesses he was their sycophant, he did not move an inch on this issue. Rather one day while I was addressing the students, Mirzai hooligans attached me at his instigation. Students became furious at this misdemeanor of Qadiani hoodlums and they went on strike.

Now principal became nervous, he started trying various tricks but could not break the unity of students. Next day all students, among them Ahmadis and non-Ahmadi students, sat down and decided that voice should be raised against these injustices and with the help of press this matter should be brought to the notice of the government. Therefore a delegation of students went to (a nearby city of) Chiniot and called a press conference of national newspapers representatives at the Chiniot press club.

This unpleasant task was given to me that in front of press conference I should highlight all the irregularities and injustices being practiced in the college. I gave to the press all the information regarding the corruption, embezzlements and excesses of Mirzais being practiced in the college after its nationalization.

Next day the details of our press conference came in the newspapers. The entire Khalifa palace was in uproar, great mayhem started. Parents of Ahmadi students were started being summoned, they were being interrogated. Inquiries started at ambassadorial and departmental levels and decisions were being taken to expel and punish certain students. Fourth day it came to our knowledge that Dr. Adbul Khaliq, Punjab’s education minister is coming to Layalpur ( a nearby town). Our delagation went to Layalpur to me him and told him how our college is being controlled by Fascists, how the government’s policy of nationalization of educational institutions is being compromised, various punishments are being decided against the students and an atmosphere of fear and terrorisation is being generated in the college.

Dr. Abdul Khaliq listened to our complaints and expressed his deep sympathies with us but probably because of his fear of Rabwa, he avoided committing himself on this issue. Students decided to proceed to go to Lahore on their way back to protest in front of Governor house. Next day a delegation of hundred students reached Governor house, conveyed their demands and told the government that the Principal of Taleem-ul-Islam College Rabwa has become an instrument of the religious traders of Rabwa, that they are spoiling the government’s policy of nationalization of educational institutions, and that for God’s sake, government should pay some attention to this issue. Next day the delegation also met the Chief Minister of Punjab and in front of him as well, students protested the injustices being practiced against the students in Rabwa. Upon the written complaints of students, Chief Minister wrote a very strong note to the Principal of the college and gave it to the students.

When this delegation reached Rabwa, they discovered that Principal has already decided to take prohibitive action against all student leaders, where as the Hamanic authorities of Rabwa was also taking ever worsening decisions. As soon as students handed over the order of Chief Minister to the principal, he lost his control and tore off that order.

Now students started thinking of ways and means to to protect themselves from this hooliganism and oppression. It was decided that a delegation of students should meet the famous religious scholar Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti and the leader of Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nabuwwat Maulana Taj Mehmood, editor ‘Laulaak’ of Lyallpur and inform them of these events so that they can mobilize public support to stop this oppression of these cruel people. Therefore under my leadership one delegation went to Chiniot and Lyallpur to meet them. In this delegation, half the students were Ahmadis and other half were non-Ahmadis. After hearing our story Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti said that we would lodge a strong public protest against these injustices and through the stage we would inform the government. When our delegation reached Maulana Taj Mehmood, he told us that: After reading about your press conference in the newspapers, I had understood that now you would not be spared. It is nothing less than the Doomsday for Mirzais that the call of protest against the religious dictators of Rabwa starts from within Rabwa and what is more is that Ahmadi boys were also part of this protest. And Mirzais will raise a bigger mayhem on this event. With great love and affection he made us realize that our way was nothing but an emotional action and excitement and there are great dangers for us on the way. It would have been better that we would not have protested in this manner, and that if we had been a little patient we would not have faced so much hardship. Then for our consolation, he got up and showed us one file and said that after reading about your press conference, I sent telegrams to Governor, President and different concerned Ministers and officials. These telegrams were detailed and contained balanced text, had asked the government to interfere immediately and had drawn its attention to protect the rights of students.

Maulana Taj Mehmood treated us with great honour and mannerism and adviced us that even now we should abandon our protests and concentrate on our studies otherwise the risk of getting hurt is greater. In this two hours long meeting, I noted especially that despite his severe opposition of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, Maulana was not trying to provoke us to use against Mirzais. He was more concerned with our lives, our education and our future. When he was informed that among these students there are Ahmadi students as well, he said: All of you are my children, asset for the country, and a precious treasure for this nation. When he was reassured that all these Ahmadi students are dead against Mirzais, he still insisted that because of their emotional state they are against Mirzais, and I would not use them to fight against Mirzais and carry the burden of their murder on my conscience. I am against Mirzais, but my opposition is not personal rather it is due to my religious beliefs and I am carrying on this opposition on the principled stand based on human, righteous and Islamic values.

Then Maulana told us with an advisory note: My dear ones. You are actually not aware of that side of the picture that what kind of treatment do they met out to those have difference of opinion with in their Jamaat. There is a separate history of such events and I do not want to go into its details because you are my guests and I do not want to break your heart. However I will say this much, that had you been aware of this history you would have never convened that press conference, would not have protested and would have adopted a different way of expressing your difference of opinion or your displeasure. Since I am aware of the history of Ahmadiyyat, I am giving you this advice. It is strange that Mirzais themselves demand a right of having a difference of opinion of an extreme kind, break the hearts of Muslims, express beliefs and display writings which are infuriating for Muslims, and if because of these differences of beliefs and their heart-breaking attitude if they are told something, they make a big fuss that look how cruel are Muslims that they do not give us the right of difference of opinion and right of having our own beliefs, pretend to be greatly oppressed in front of governement and in public. Yet in Qadian and now in Rabwa, despite having the same belief, and despite being their member and a loyal Ahmadi, if anyone has a difference of opinion, they immediately resort to boycott, expulsion and murder.

Maulana Taj Mehmood was talking all this, and I was thinking that these are the people about a horrible picture is portrayed for us in Rabwa? Anyway, I was greatly impressed by the talk of Maulana, other friends were also greatly satisfied and decided that we would end the strike and will pay attention on their studies and in future will keeping unity in their ranks, they would fight a moral war against Mirzais without excitement and madness.  Maulana took note of each of our name and address and noted them down. Then he adviced the non-Ahmadi students that they should continue their work respecting the religious feelings of their fellow Ahmadis in this movement. With great affection he offered us tea and saw us off.

On our way back, I kept thinking the whole way that these were people whose an entirely different picture was portrayed to us and God knows what we used to think about them but today I realized how well-mannered and open minded these people were. And those whom we consider our leader, our Imam and sons of our prophet, what was their conduct?

We came back to Rabwa. It was evening. I reached home. Everyone was worried in the house. It was the evening of 12th December 1972. I felt that something was going to happen to us because since morning our house had been surrounded by the security forces of Rabwa. After a little while five hundred hoodlums belonging to Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya and Nazir of Umoor-e-Aamma surrounded our house. They were being led by Mirza Lugman Ahmad, the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifa of Rabwa (now son-in-law of present Khalifa, Mirza Tahir and a strong candidate for future Khilafat). In the first row of these hoodlums were included Zahoor Ahmad Bajwa, Nazir Public Affairs, Rasheed Ghani, professor of Taleem-ul-Islam College, Rabwa, Aziz Sajid, Principal Tibbiyah College Rabwa, Hameedullah, President of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya. They were armed with rifles, pistols, axes and batons.

One of the leaders of these hoodlums, Sameeullah, who was a barber, shouted to others that if they do not open the doors, then they should scale the wall, enter the house and kill Rafiq Bajwa. They climbed on the walls upon which the veiled ladies in the house came out and started screaming. None of the Ahmadi ‘Mo’min’ had mercy on us. However they got off the wall and continued their siege. My mother had hid me somewhere inside the house. Someone informed the police station about this hooliganism but they declined to interfere. Someone tried to contact the Lalian police station (in the nearby village) but the Rabwa operator had disconnected all lines to Lalian. At last around 2 am I managed to escape out of the house and in the cold December took refuge in a village away from Rabwa. Although I managed to escape from Rabwa and was safe from getting caught and killed by these hoodlums, but when they discovered that I am no longer inside and have managed to escape, they threw out everything from the house, expelled my parents from the house and locked it. They ordered my father, who had been a born Ahmadi and until this old age had spent a life of poverty for the sake of Ahmadiyyat as a most sincere and devoted servant, to leave Rabwa. My father brought a truck from somewhere, loaded his stuff and took his children to his ancestral town of Chawinda.

When I heard the behaviour of false descendents of prophet of Rabwa towards my parents, I thought that if anyone was at fault, it was me. What was the fault of my parents to receive such treatment? Their only fault was that they did not handover their only son to the hoodlums to be murdered. Now I was more than convinced that this Rabwa and its prophethood, its messiahship, its spirituality was all a fraud and nothing but pure business. The entire truth about Ahmadiyyat became crystal clear for me. I started recollecting one after another what Maulana Taj Mehmood had said: You are not aware of the history of this Jamaat…..

Next day I wrote a letter to Maulana Taj Mehmood and sent it by hand, informing him of everything that happened. I decided in my heart that I must leave these impostors for ever, that I will denounce Ahmadiyyat and that I will spend the rest of my life, not in the abyss of Ahmadiyyat, but in the light of universal truth, Islam. When that dervish of man, Maulana Taj Mehmood, learnt of my predicament, he sent me following hand delivered note:

16th December 1972 My Dear Rafiq Ahmad Bajwa Saheb May Allah prolong your life Assalamo alaikum wa rehmatuallh

I received your letter. By the Might of Allah, before even I received your letter, I was extremely apprehensive. Thanks to Allah that your life is safe. I am very sad that this so-called Jamaat had behaved very unbecomingly with you and your parents. Unfortunately meeting between me and you took place after the press conference. Had I known, I would have never allowed you to conduct this press conference, rather we would have done this press conference on some other pretext. Anyway, whatever was the wish of Allah, it happened like that. I am specially distressed at the suffering of your parents, who unnecessarily became the victim of these cruel people.

Zaheer Chatta is staying with me for the last two nights. He was injured and similarly Ghazanfar Ali also received the beatings. Complain has been lodge by both of them in the Lalian Police Station. A delegation has met Malik Mairaj Khalid (Chief Minister of Punjab) today especially for this reason. Last night I spoke to the Superintendent Police of Jhang. Today Deputy Commissioner has gone to Chiniot and Rabwa. I have sent a message to him that first change the principal and give protection to students, those who have injured, their FIR should be registered and criminals should be apprehended.

Tomorrow morning Zaheer Chatta, along with his other fellow students is conducting another press conference in Lyallpur to expose everything in the press. My heart is worried about you, but do not come until your parents are satisfied. However if you come to me, inshaAllah you would be safe. Zaheer Saheb etc. also want to meet you. Please do send a reply. May Allah make you victorious and help you. Wassalam Taj Mehmood

A few days after receiving this letter, I went to him. By that time the police of Lalian, Officials of Chiniot and the higher officials of District Jhang had already proven their loyalty to the Royal Family of Rabwa. The Qadiani Principal of this Government College had picked out and removed all the students (who were involved in this agitation). Zaheer Chatta was lured by sympathetic manners and after reaching Lalian, he was given a restication certificate from the college. Aslam Waraich took admission in Gujrat College and Anwer Deo in Sargodha. Maulana Taj’s manners and love made us his admirer. In his paper ‘Lolaak’ I also announced my denunciation of Mirzaiyat/Ahmadiyat/Qadianiyat and embracing Islam.  Maulana instructed me to serve my parents in Chawinda and complete my education.  Now I serve my parents and am busy to complete my education.

By going to Chawinda, Allah had rid the small mosque of this village from the filthy presence of Mirzais. I teach children Holy Quran in that mosque, try to enlighten them about Jehad and generate love for their country.  In this small mosque I frequently arrange sermons of famous scholars. Thus Allah exposed the truth of Mirzaiyat on me and I entered the fold of Islam.

(From Qadianiyat to Islam. Compiled by Mohammed Mateen Khalid pp. 437-449)

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