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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 22nd Sept 2003

Merchant of Lies

A Peep at the Fraud of Bait in Germany

Deceptions of Abdullah Wagushauser and Zubair Khalil


Dr. Rashid

Dear Readers

Since 1993, Jamaat Ahmadiyya under the leadership of Mirza Tahir had been engaged in an organized propagation of lies - fraud of bait - the new converts to Ahmadiyyat. According to a report published in the official Jamaat Ahmadiyya publication, AlFazl International, following is the summary of new converts announced by Mirza Tahir, the 4th Khalifa of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, at their Jalsa Salana in London every year:

 1993      243,0081994      421,7531995      847.7531996      1,602,7211997      3,004,5851998      5,004,5911999     10,820,2262000     41,308,9752001     80,106,721 (Figures given at Germany Jalsa in August 2001)2002     20,654,000

Total in 10 years::160,875,605 (AlFazl International p.4 vol.9, No. 33, dated 16-22 August 2002)

Mirza Tahir died on 19th April 2003. Mirza Masroor, a great grand-son of Mirza Ghulam AHmad Qadiani was elected as a new head. At the Jalsa Salana of July 2003 in London the number of new converts announced was merely 800,000 - a drop of 99% of the 2001 figure. I have written two open letters to him, and still awaiting a reply from him. In the last letter I had asked him to state the official position of Jamaat Ahmadiyya as regards to these converts over the past 10 years. I have also requested him to indicate whether these 160 million converts are still in the Jamaat or not. The letter can be read at the following url:

Following report from Germany exposes the myth of this new baits. It is published here as a courtesy of This website (Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam) does not have to agree with all its contents. The purpose of presenting this article here is to show the fraud of bait that has been committed deliberately with the connivance of highest people in Jamaat.    

Merchant of Lies

A Peep at the Fraud of Bait in Germany

Deceptions of Abdullah Wagushauser and Zubair Khalil

(Name of Author withheld upon request) (Courtesy of  

This is a special report received from Germany. Several such reports are on record. Since the site ( has given Mirza Masroor sometime to find a way to improve, there it is hoped that in this report every word related to the news baits would be read carefully, and then carefully analyze the bait form coming from all over the world. After that decide whether all these office bearers who misled about the numbers at the wishes of Mirza Tahir, are they deserve to be punished or not. If Mirza Masroor himself acts to take action against such liars, well and good, otherwise after one month, from August 2003, site will start its true mission. As a goodwill gesture, Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib is given time till the Jalsa Salana London. Then either the condition of Jamaat will improve or else ......(dama dam mast Qalander)

German Jamaat Ahmadiyya has its own history spreading over the past 50 years. Long time back a preacher, Fazal Ilahi Anwari, appointed at the Masjid Noor, Frankfurt, saw this dream that the in the verandah of Masjid, there is an apple tree bearing so many fruits that it cannot be taken care of. The Khalifa at that time gave this interpretation that there will be so many members of German Jamaat that this place where there are only few people pray, will become insufficient. Time passed, people of Germany did not get the guidance from Allah, but after 1974 when conditions deteriorated thousands of people migrated from Pakistan to Germany and certain agents took hundreds of thousands of rupees to smuggle people here, thus increasing the number of members. The then General Secretary Germany, Major Zubair Khalil, also swam with the tide and made millions. Later when he was Court Marshaled by the Pakistan Army, he came to Germany. That was the time when Ahmadis from left an Islamic country, Pakistan, and suddenly landed in the colorful life of Europe. The missionary incharges of that time tried to educate people and and take care of them according to their capabilities. Time passed and Mirza Tahir became the Khalifa of the Jamaat. As was his habit, he offended the then Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan, General Ziaul Haq and ultimately cir*****stances deteriorated so much that he had to leave Pakistan for London. After coming here, he converted the Jamaat, which was developed on love and affection, into a political battlefield. Issuing statements sitting in London used to cost many innocent Ahmadi lives in Pakistan. This trend continued till a 'prince' of the 'royal (Qadiani) family' lost his life in Pakistan. When the fire reached his own backyard, then only he shut his vulgar language against Molvis of Pakistan.

Then he presented a strange plan to the Jamaat to promote the Jamaat. (According to this plan) Jamaat cannot propagate from ten to twenty and from twenty to thirty. Rather the growth should be from 10 to 100, from 100 to 1000, from 1000 to 10000 and from 10,000 to 100,000. When such a strange plan of increasing the numbers came to light, he appointed Abdullah Wagushauser as the Ameer of German Jamaat. During that time the Bosnian and Albanian conflict was raging and hundreds of thousands of people migrated to Germany. These were the people who were suffering in the name of Islam but they did not even know what is a Muslim. The target of making new Ahmadis was given in such a manner that Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Majlis Ansarullah, Lajna and regional Jamaats will each bring separate baits. When the then National secretary of preaching, Maqsoodul Haq, refused to accept such dumb baits, he was replaced by a high class Liar, Major Zubair Khalil as Secretary Preaching (Tabligh), who was actually a cousin of refuse-to-lie Maqsoodul Haq.

Under the leadership of Peter Wagushauser and Major Zubair Khalil, Jamaat Ahmadiyya Germany played such a shameless game of preaching and baits, that even the coming generations of Jamaat will be ashamed on hearing it.

The office bearers of Jamaat used to go to immigrant camps, neither these people knew their language nor they (immigrants) understood the language of these people, using their hands they used to tell them that we have come to help you, give us your names and names of your family members. In their eagerness to get some help, they used to give them names of twice the actual number of their family members and by evening this tablighi group would send the report to the center of 300 to 400 baits. Next week Khuddamul Ahmadiyya would go to the same camp and in the name of help would ask for their names, and they would give the names and same evening the center would receive 300 to 400 names. Next day Majlis Ansarullah would go to the same camp, and same story is repeated, Lajna would go to the houses and repeat the same thing. Sometimes the neighboring Jamaat would also go into each other's camps and 300 to 400 names of people, who had simply given their names in the hope of getting some aid, will become 3000 entries of new Ahmadis in the register of Zubair Khalil at the center, and Peter Wagushauser would sign it and send the report to Huzoor in London.

Next day the sound of Na'ara-e-Takbeer would be raised on MTA and Ahmadis of the whole world would start celebrating. It was thought that the whole Germany was going to become Ahmadi. Upon the arrival of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Germany, to make a show on MTA, Bosnian and Albanians used to be gathered at various places. Immigrants used to be brought from their homes in luxury coaches, and before bringing them they were informed that their meal for the whole day is our responsibility. At times, they would be given the temptation of receiving gifts, even gifts were given. Strange thing was that in the Jamaat's record they were all Ahmadis, but after bringing them to these gatherings they used to be told what is Ahmadiyyat. One such gathering was held in Dusseldorf in which 500 these news Ahmadis, regarding which Mirza Tahir had claimed that they would changed the history of Islam, at the end of Jalsa, as soon as Mirza Tahir left, they started looting. One grabbed a certain things, another got hold of the banner, someone took the flower pot, another took a decoration piece and someone was trying to snatched the microphone.

I was myself part of the management team at that time. You catch someone and the other would grab the same thing and run away saying Tabarruk Tabarruk. They could not change the history of Islam, but certainly they changed the Tareekhe Ahmadiyyat. And the height of shamelessness and meanness was that the same evening this Jalsa was labelled as highly successful by the Jamaat. Inna lillah wa inna ilahe rajeoon....

A few days after this program, a training camp was organized in Cologne, its purpose was to prepare a Bosnian teacher. It was time of afternoon prayers, when I reached the mosque for prayers Bosnian Murabbi Medhat was leading the prayers and was in sujood. When i stepped inside the mosque I saw that one Bosnian who had taken the class of Moallem was fingering his bosnian companion who was in front of him prostrated (in sujood). This was the second incident of 'changing the history of Islam'.

At the end of of the program, while I was preparing to leave the third evidence of changing the history of Islam, was also apparent. Some Bosnian teacher had taken my new pair of shoes as 'tabarruk'.

One Ahmadi friend is such that he had somehow prepared a list of names of 700 Bosnians and Albanians. According to him, whenever Jamaat stresses on him to bring new baits, he keeps sending the same list, thus he has attained more than 2000 baits.

Construction work was going on in Cologne Mission House. Late Ziaul Haq Shams, president of Dusseldorf Jamaat, who came on Waqar-e-Amal, asked the concerned secretary for half a day leave, saying that since he is the president of Jamaat, and center is pressing on him to bring new baits, he will come back in the night, but if he did not bring new baits, his presidency will be in danger. When he came back in the evening, list of 200 new baits was in his pocket. When Ameer of Cologne Jamaat, Dr. Basharat, was asked about this that Shams Sahib went from here and came back, and if one calculates he hardly had 2-3 hours for preaching; in this time one can hardly even write so many names how did he changed the beliefs of so many people in such a short time? Ameer Sahib said: It IS impossible but it is none of our business, the sin of lying will be on him, we will send this list to the center, our record will also look good with them (center). As far as the question of wrong baits are concerned, Shams Sahib is answerable to God not us.

In the same city of Dusseldorf, there is a person by the name of Saleh Basharat, he is from Lahore, he was a helper member in some office, leave aside German, he can't even speak urdu. When the race started for lying, he outpaced everyone. He put the crown of 5000 baits on his head. Mirza Tahir said...... and rewarded him a flag in front of the whole gathering. Mirza Masroor is requested to seat this historical Ahmadi beside him and interview him that how did this illiterate Ahmadi manage to change the beliefs of 5000 people. And if this news is correct then why these Murabbis, who are getting thousands of Euros in salaries, are a burden on the Jamaat, when they could not even make more than 100 converts.

In Cologne, one person was a house Master n the Mission House, his name was Mohammed Asif. He came from a village, was illiterate. One day before his statement in the Court regarding his application for asylum, I asked him whether he has done any preparation for the statement in the court? He said: Ameer Sahib has prepared him. I asked him if the judge ask him what are the five pillars of Islam, will he be able to tell? He replied: why not. When I asked him, he said:

1.     Allah Muhammad

2.     Huzoor-e-Purnoor

3.     Chanda

4.     Jalsa Salana

5.     Ijtima

I lamented in grief. I asked the then Ameer, Chaudhary Saeeduddin that what is this? He said: He will remain a duffer, despite lot of preparation being done. Same knowledgeable person was sent by the court to another city, there he was appointed as Secretary Tabligh by Ansarullah and through his excellent knowledge, this person converted 37 Africans Ahmadis. Nara-e-Takbeer!!!

Iserlohn Jamaat in the same Cologne region also sent thousands of bait to the center. Secretary at the center level came to visit this place. He requested Chaudhary Basharat Ahmad, who was the claimant of these baits, to meet these new Ahmadis; he started avoiding the issue. Then Secretary Sahib, who thought that the cir*****stances were suspicious, initiated a personal inquiry and discovered that the baits were taken with these words:

We are Muslims, you are Muslims, we will play together and listen to the music together...Please Sign here.

Secretary Sahib was an honest person, he forwarded the factual report to the center. Hence the world champion of lies, Major Zubair Khalil changed the status of the secretary who had sent the report.

To save their positions, office bearers of the Jamaat, after finishing their work, would take a copy and pencil in their hands would go out in search of Bosnians houses. For tabligh, they did not need any knowledge, only a pencil and a copy was necessary, they would search a house, and on the pretext of giving aid, they would get their names and the names of their acquaintances as well; people in the house would do this within few minutes, because the same thing they have been made to do ten times before. This shameless and insolent game continued until the day came that the number of new Bosnians and Albanians Ahmadis exceeded many times the actual numbers who had come to Germany, and thus while running behind and catching them, Peter Wagushauser, Zubair Khalil and company outpaced the thief. ....Nara-e-Takbeer.

Every serious Ahmadi was amazed that why this lie is being propagated/ For God? To show off to the world? Or to win the Oscar Award for Lies?

One office bearer asked the present missionary incharge, Haider Ali Zafar, during the executive council meeting, to bear God as witness and tell whether these new people are really Ahmadis? He lowered his head, closed his eyes for sometime and then said: Only the Present Khalifa can answer this question. This was the reply of a man of conscience. Missionary incharge of that time, Late Ataullah Kaleem, had informed all Murabbis that you should be involved in lies, and do not write anywhere that you had accomplished so many baits, rather you should write at the most that we had conveyed the message of truth to so many people.

On the occasion of Jalsa Salana Germany, to propagate this fabricated story on MTA another drama was staged. Chanda collected from the hard earned money of poor people, was wasted like rain water. Bosnian and Albanian refugees were begged, coaxed, tempted for food, water and gifts, and brought to the venue of Jalsa by luxury coaches. Some received cash to come to the Jalsa. In the Jalsa hall special arrangements were made to serve them, and during 'IJTIMAEE BAIT' (collective bait), they were holding each others hands, smoking cigarettes and some young boys and girls were even kissing each other in European style. This shameless scenes were observed by hundreds of people. One person even said: Curse be on those who brought them and will take them back. On the other side of the huge tent Mirza Tahir was sitting on the stage with a beautiful Bosnian translator enjoying the slogans of 'ZINDABAD' of new converts.

After few days Bosnian Murabbi, Medhat Krajic, who was staying in the Cologne Mission house, was crying in front of Peter Wagushauser and begging him to stop these lies for God's sake. He said: 'The lists of new Bosnian converts given to me for there training, none of them are Ahmadi. When I go to their addresses provided by Jamaat, they don't even want to listen to me; when I insist on talking, they threaten to call the police. Their signatures have been taken by deception, in reality they are not Ahmadis nor are they prepared to be Ahmadi.  Some action should be taken against those who have done such a big fraud with the Jamaat.' Since that day life was made unbearable for Medhat Krajic. Ultimately he left Germany for Australia. Before he often used to call this Jamaat as Jamaat of liars.  He stopped praying behind Ameer and Murabbi.

Zakaria Khan, brother in law of Laiq Muneer, was brought from Sweden to educate these people, since he spoke their language well. When he used to go to the houses of these new Ahmadis, they would refused to open the door. He went to some house, and in the meantime, police raided the house, because they were thieves, thus Khan Sahib also had to raise his hands and stand by the wall, somebody released a dog on him and someone abused him. In fact, when a lot of money was spent on him, then Mirza Tahir, who was seasoned merchant, announced in a speech that these new converts should be made used to the system of Chanda and for the time being 1 DM chanda should be received from them (1 DM means annual collection of 3.6 million from 300,000 people, which means 13 crore rupees). People who were told that they will receive aid, when they were asked for chanda, then they realized that they have been duped, and these (Ahmadiyya) are not the one to help, rather they are the ones to take their money. Another thing, Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwwat people came into action took literature in Bosnian and Albanian languages to their doors and informed them that this is royal company which have been rejected by Muslims, who will extract the last drop of blood from your body in the name of Chanda, after your death, in the name of Wasiyat, it will usurp your property and you and your children will have to live like a slave, in which you will have no say, you will have to lay down your life, fortune, honor and time in the feet of officers and their mogul king (Mirza Tahir, even to lift an eye towards the king would be a crime, and if you dare to lift your head, you will be expelled from the Jamaat, you will be separated from your wife and family, announcements will made in the mosques so that people should stay away from your bad company, no one will be allowed to take your salaam or to talk to you, and until you will not bow your head into the feet of the King, your bread and butter would remain sealed. They were also told that this is the only Jamaat in the world who oppress its own people, and the most important thing is the the Muslim world have declared them as Kafir, and coming here, they are deceiving the world. Such adverse propaganda proved successful against the fraud and temptations of Jamaat.

Since these people were still un-educated, they announced their separation from Jamaat and again recited the Kalima Shahadah. When millions of baits just vanished, people started talking. National Ameer solved this by changing Major Zubair Khalil from secretary Tabligh to National General secretary, Germany. Now whenever the new secretary tabligh was asked about the previous baits, he would simply say that this did not happen during my tenure, therefore do not ask me such questions. Those who worked hard under unfavorable cir*****stances and brought the Jamaat to a good standing, and who were never in favor of such traditions of lies, Peter Wagushauser expertly humiliated and removed each and everyone of them. Among them previous missionary incharge Malik Mansoor Umar, Masood Jhelumi, Fazal Ilahi Anwari who saw the dream of apple trees, National Ameers Shareef Khalid, Shukoor, Aslam and God knows who else nice people became the victim of this blood-thirsty Ameer. When Peter Wagushauser and Zubair Khalil and company taught this habit of lies to Mirza Tahir, then he also stood at the minaret of millions of false baits, imagining himself himself to be very grand. And Baray Mian SubHanAllah! Here the matter was of hundreds of thousands baits, according to his status he took this lie to other heights and claimed millions of new converts all over the world. ..... Nara-e-Takbeer....

Leave aside the world, even Ahmadis were amazed that in this age of technology, when nothing is hidden from the eyes of the world, what Khalifa of their Jamaat is doing. Whoever dared to speak the truth, he was expelled from the Jamaat. Those who saw these incidents with their own eyes, their hearts ached, among them were those people who sacrificed their houses several times for the sake of truth, the throats of their sons were cut in front of their eyes, their daughters were molested in front of their eyes, their businesses were burnt down in front of them. Thinking themselves to be right, sacrificing everything they had for the sake of that truth, when a whole gang of liars was disgracing the Jamaat in the whole world, it is easy to understand the feelings of such people.

When Mirza Tahir accepted the challenge of Mubahila of Illias Suttar from Pakistan, then every knowledgeable Ahmadi in Germany knew that knowing everything Khalifa is just inviting his death, only to satisfy his false ego. Ultimately same thing happened. After accepting the mubahila, the whole world saw on MTA what happened to that arrogant_proud_keeping_his_head_always_high Mirza Tahir; how God humiliated him, God would bring him down, then give some reprieve and then again bring him down. He who said 'Curse of Allah be upon Liars', the curse of Allah fell on him. He who brought the body of Sahibzada Abdul Latif from Kabul testifies that in extreme heat, during the mountainous journey of several days, the body was giving off smell of musk, he who did mubahila after proclaiming the 20 crore false baits, his body could not even remain for three days in a cold country and a cold room, color changed, started giving putrefying smell. Dead body was shouting: Look at me, O you who had a reproachful eye. Curse of Allah be upon Liars. Whether someone accepts it or not, it hardly matters. Allah had shown his sign to the whole world. A horrifying end of deception has already taken place. Now Mirza Masroor also has to take one decision. Either he can admit these lies, and expel all those Ameers, Murabbis and involved office bearers from the Jamaat all over the world, who have been involved in this fraud, and run the Jamaat purely on truth; in this, his image will be elevated and Jamaat will also come out of humiliation into the real world. OR ELSE, he can continue to follow the footsteps of his predecessor and make from 10 to 100 and 100 to 1000 and 1000 to 100,000 new Ahmadis. After 20 years, MTA will announce the whole number of Ahmadis more than the population of the entire world. If this does not happen it will be said that the new Khalifa is useless, because of whom the progression of Jamaat has stopped and Jamaat has started its reverse course.

May Allah give Mirza Masroor the guidance to understand, listen, learning and speaking the truth. Ameen.

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