Ahmadis in Israel
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5th June 1999


Ahmadis in Israel

aSpecial Correspondent in Kababeer

Dr. A. M. Odeh

Kababeer, a small town on Mount Karmel in Haifa, Occupied Palestine in Israel, is the center of Ahmadiyya activities inside Israel. Established in 1928, 99% of the residents of this town belong to Ahmadiyya creed, whose ancestor, Mr. Abdul Qadir Odeh, was the first Palestinian to embrace Ahmadiyyat at the hand of an Ahmadiyya Missionary from India, Jalaluddin Shams, under the false impression that Mirza Ghulam is a reformer and a Mujaddid in Islam. Little did he know at the time that this reformer in Islam, had later claimed to have become a Promised Messiah and Prophet in his own right. Some 2000 members of this community belong to more or less to the same family. In recent years the numbers have been dwindling and currently they are estimated to be only around 850 Qadianis in Palestine.

Qadiani Community occupies a special place in the Israeli/Western clandestine world. They have played a significant role as spies during and the 1st and 2nd world wars in the Middle Eastern Region. Full extent of their activities can be read from the articles under the heading of "Ahmadiyya Movement - British Jewish Connection" on my web site.

It is worth remembering that Kababeer is strategically located on Mount Karmel, overlooking the Athleeth Harbour and it Naval Base and Ordinance factory on one side and the Haifa Harbour on the other. 99% population of this town is Palestinian Arab belonging to Qadiani community. Zionists have known to displace/eleminate Palestinians from areas of much less importance. The village of Dier Yaseen was wiped from the face of earth, killing all its inhabitants. (Crossroads to Israel by Christopher Sykes, Promise and Fulfilment by Arthur Koestler, The Other Exodus by Erskine Childerns) and yet the same Zionists continue to tolerate Qadianis residence at such an important place for obvious reasons. Jama'at Ahmadiyya publishes its arabic propaganda literature by the name of AlBushra, from this place for distribution among the Arab World.

Even today Ahmadis play significant role in the Israeli administration. By taking advantage of their Palestinian origin, their muslim-sounding names and by the ignorance of people about the true nature of Ahmadiyya Movement, they play the role of fifth columnists among the Palestinian muslims, protecting the interest of their Masters. For instance:

Musa Sarwar: The Incharge of Passport and ID Card section in the Ministry of Interior.Abdullah Asad: 'Raees Bait-ul-Tasaareekh' Incharge of the Dept which gives permission to build houses in Israel. No wonder Arab homes are every now and then being demolished. This man takes advantage of his Arab identity to inflitrate and perform his clandestine activities against arabs.Ibrahim Asad: During 60s to 80s he was the Mossad agent in Germany but was deported when he was exposed. Now he is 'Mufattish Fanni' Inspector of Schools for Arabs. In this capacity he controls the kind of education and research is being done in Arab Colleges and Universities inside Israel. He never allows such research which can elevate the Palestinians inside Israel.Jama'at Ahmadiyya has special links with the Zionist state. Ahmadiyya Headquarter play host to the Jewish Dignitaries from Israel. (Khatme Nabuwat Magazine Vol. 9. No. 5, P.8)During the crackdown on Arabs inside Israel, as soon as the ID cards show the place of residence is Kababeer, soldiers allow the bearer of the card to go free, saying: Let him go. This is our man.

I (Dr. A Odeh) have been a born Ahmadi, an unfortunate event over which I had no control. I had been very active in various official capacities in the community - President Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Member Majlis-e-Shoora, President of Stockholm Jamaat and finally President of Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Sweden, a post which I held till I denounced Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and Ahmadiyyat in 1989. Fa AlHamdolillah 'ala zaalik. During my recent visit to Kababeer, I discovered some very startling things which I would like to share with my readers.

Like anywhere else in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, the community in Israel is always controlled by the Missionary, who is usually a Punjabi Qadiani, usually bearing Indian Passport, since a Pakistani is not allowed in Israel. The post of Missionary or Mubasshir, as he is usually called, is a very lucrative one, giving a lot of material benefits. Missionary in Israel was not any different in that sense and this had created a lot of harsh feelings among the qadianis of Kababeer. The last Missionary, Mr Kauther Qadiani from India, made a lot of money in the name of collecting chanda for the new mosque. Ordinary qadianis grew resentful and tired of financial offerings to the Missionary in charge who was more interested in filling his pockets than doing tabsheer. They complained to the London headquarter and Mr Kauther was disgracefully removed in the summer of 1997.

These activities of Missioanries has resulted in the division of Jama'at into three factions in recent years:

1.     True Ahmadis - who are with the Missionaries and thus with the London Leadership.

2.     Ahmadies who are openly against Missionaries, but still respect the HQ.

3.     Ahmadies who are least bothered about the present day Jamaat in London.

After the departure of Mr Kauther, a Palestinian, Mr. Falah Odeh, became a temporary Amir of the Israeli Jama'at. For a period of seven months, from June 1997 to Dec. 1997, there was no Missionary in Israel. In Dec 1997, a new young missionary, Mr. Baset Rasool Daar, arrived from India. He hailed from Kashmir and felt proud of his Jewish lineage, one of his parents being of Jewish descent.

Missionary order Qadianis to kill their daughters:

This new missionary who arrived at the end of 1997, was a young man, who speaks good English but knows only little Arabic. He had a uphill task of establishing the authority of Missionary-in-charge. Because of the dwindling population of Ahmadis, he ordered all Ahmadis to fill in the Ba'ait form again. Palestinians in Isreal, Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis have been living a life where they were comfortably intermixing with Muslims, who are totally ignorant of the real beliefs of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. The younger generation is more open minded, and mixed marriages were not uncommon. Soon this new missioanry discovered that some of the girls belonging to the Qadiani families are either engaged or married to Muslims living in other areas.

One such person was M.A. Odeh who is the father of two grown up children. He is a born Qadiani, an Acamedician and a Contractor by profession. He had been a devout Ahmadi all his life and had previously taught at the Ahmadiyya School in Kababeer. His son is also a devoted Ahmadi and is close to the new missionary, Mr. Daar. When M.A. Odeh submitted the duly filled Ba'aith form for his family, Missionary refused to accept his Ba'aith form, until he forces his daughter to break the engagement with a Muslim. He asked the missionary what does he think of his son who is close to him. Missionary expressed his total satisfaction with the young ahmadi. M.A. then said that he gave the same upbringing to both his children, one chose to remain Ahmadi and the other chose to leave it. Missionary again asked him to force his daughter to break this engagement. When he expressed his inability to do that, to his utter dismay, missionary ordered him to kill his daughter. There was so much he can take. He started screaming at the missionary. The other person present tried to play down the whole issue by saying that the Missionary does not speak english well and perhaps there is some misunderstanding. But M.A., who himself speaks good English, said that Missionary speaks good English and there is no confusion what he is saying and that he wants me either to stop my daughter from getting married to a Muslim or kill her.

Another Ahmadi had a similar experience. M.M.Odeh is an iron monger by profession and lives beside the Ahmadiyya Mosque. He is a born Ahmadi with three grown up daughters. When he took his Ba'aith form, missionary refused to accept it until he force his daughter to break her engagement with a Muslim. When he expressed his inability to do that, Missionary ordered him to kill his daughter. M.M. could not believe his ears.

Similar incidents were reported with other Ahmadis whose daughters are engaged or married to Muslims. People are wondering what kind of a reformer/prophet Mirza was and what kind of Islam he is preaching? Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW put an end to the killing of daughters by the pagan Arabs and this so-called prophet's missionaries are asking them to kill their daughters!!!

While this controversy is continuing, a new, older Missionary, Mr. Mohammed Omar, has arrived from Qadian Indian, to contain the damage done by the militant approach of Mr. Baset Daar.

Dr. A.M. Odeh Dr. Syed Rashid Ali Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 5th June 1999


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