Stop Interacting with Dr. Rashid and Mulla Irshad
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 13th September 1999

Al Hamdolillah Wahdahu wa AsSalaato wa AsSalaamo 'ala mun La Nabiya Ba'adahu Praise be to Allah, One and Only and His Love and Peace be upon Him after Whom there is No Prophet

Stop Interacting with Dr. Rashid and Mulla Irshad

Mirza Tahir orders his followers

AlHamdolillah. Truth came and falsehood vanished! It was early 1996 when one friend from Sweden brought to my attention that Qadiani/Ahmadiyya prolesytisation going on on mass scale over the internet. At that time I did not even know what was internet. There was no such facility available in UAE. But shortly after this service was introduced and I discovered that Qadianis were indeed very active on the web, they had several different sites mostly under the title of Islam but few by the name Ahmadiyya. They were very active on different discussion forums where as usual they were pretending to be the only champions of Islam. Some of their sites were operating under the guise of Islam and others under the title of Ahmadiyya. They had become so bold that they were even posting translations of some of the writings of Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani.

Soon by the Grace of Allah we established an Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam Homepage on the web to counteract the Qadiani propaganda and make people aware of the the decietful doctrine of Ahmadiyya Movement in the name of Islam. Several articles were put on this website exposing Mirza Ghulam's character, his life and anti-Islamic beliefs, quoting extensively from original books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and other original Qadiani sources. From the very begining we had created links with various Qadiani websites so that public can hear both sides of the story.

The guestbook archives is the proof of success of this website and the impact it was having on Ahmadiyya Movement. Emails containing abusive language from Qadianis was the order of the day. Several attempts were made to sabotage this website and my computer, by viruses and hidden tags in the guestbook enteries. But Man proposes and God disposes. The material on my website was obviously disturbing the Qadiani/Ahmadi followers and their leadership. We were using some of the material on Qadiani website, to prove how only one-sided story is being told to decieve the public.

Finally last year, all Qadiani Website were shut down on the orders of Mirza Tahir, the Ameer of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, on the pretext of being getting upgraded. The Qadiani links on my website are a reminder of some of those websites. The only official Qadiani website that is operating contains as of today two speaches of Mirza Tahir. When I asked the reason for this change, Farhan Qureshi, one of the Qadiani activist on Internet and some other Qadianis told me that we were using the material from the Qadiani sites, twisting/distorting them for creating anti-Ahmadiyya material. I suggested to them that in such a case there is all the more reason to leave such material on the web so that people would discover how big a liar I am, how dishonest I am!! Then I asked them the reason for leaving only the khutbas of Mirza Tahir. Reply: It is difficult for us to understand the meanings of Mirza Ghulam's writings and Mirza Tahir's speech is an easiest way of understanding them!!

Following the taking down of Qadini websites, these Qadiani activists became more active on various discussion forums. However by now their attitude had changed from aggresive proselytisations to a sloppy defense of their founder and his heretical beliefs. But there was nothing much they could do about the writings of Mirza Ghulam. They cannot deny the existence of those books and the quotations from those books. The best defense they could offer was one of the following:

Avoid and ignore all attempts to discuss the personality of Mirza Ghulam and his writingsPublicise the love of Mirza Ghulam for Allah, Holy Prophet, Quran and HadithTry to keep the discussing on doctrinal issues of Finality of Prophethood, Life/death/ascent/descent of Jesus etc. etc., in other words keep the discussion revolving around Quran and Hadith, away from Mirza and his booksDeny the authenticity of quotationsKeep alleging that the quotations have been taken out of context, that the meanings have been twisted etc.The real meanings are metaphorical in natureChange the topicKeep silent and hope that the danger would pass

Anyway, myself (Dr. Rashid) and another friend from USA (Irshad)'s constant efforts to expose the fraud of Mirza Ghulam and persistent tackling of Qadiani activists over the internet ultimately forced Mirza Tahir to issue another order: Stop all interactions with Dr. Rashid and Mulla Irshad over the Internet.

There is a reason for such a step. Leaders like Mirza Tahir cherish one way interaction with their followers. He does not want his followers to indulge in a two-way life discussions with opponents of Ahmadiyyat. All such mediums where this kind of interaction is possible is avoided and the followers are actively discouraged, at times forced, to avoid this kind of debate/discussions. Internet had provided a unique opportunity for people to interact wiht each other, more or less in real time. Many Ahmadis have been discovering a lot about the opinions of the opponents of Ahmadiyyat and for the first time in life, read those writings of Mirza Ghulam which they have never had access to. Of course the result of such communication is that a lot of new generations of Ahmadis have started asking a lot of questions about the truth. And this is intolerable for the Qadiani leadership, because they see the potential of such an attitude: It can blow the whole myth of Ahmadiyyat.

Hence the order: Stop all interactions with Dr. Rashid and Mulla Irshad over the Internet. Poor Mirza Tahir !! It is too late now. The tide is turning and inshaAllah time is not far away when this whole falsehood will come to its logical conclusion - Jaa alHaq wa zahaq albaatil - Truth came and falsehood perished.

Wassalam 'ala mun ittaba'a alhuda

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali


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