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A DIALOGUE from Tanzania Part 2
Posted by admin on Friday, October 02 @ 16:05:20 CEST (1759 reads)
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 17th March 2003

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem


A general report on the progress of Anti – Qadiyanis movement in Tanzania

by Shaeikh Buzulu


Allah says in Quran: Jaa alHaqqo wa zaHaqul baatil; innal baatila kaana zaHooqa - Truth came and falsehood perished; falsehood was bound to perish. Whenever there is falsehood, Allah arranges for someone to proclaim the truth. Ahmadiyya Jamaat, also known as Qadiyaniyah, have been engaged in misguiding the innocent and ignorant Muslims for a long time, innocent Muslims who did not the real beliefs of this false prophet from Qadian, India. Pretending to be Muslims, they have used missionary tactics to convert many to their fold. By the Grace of Allah, Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam started its awareness campaign in various parts of Africa. In Tanzania we have been peacefully trying to spread this message of awareness through limited means available at our disposal. Following is a brief account of our activities. It is a living proof of Jaa Al-Haqqo wa ZaHaqul baatil. Fa AlHamdolillah 'ala zaalik.

Categories of our activities:

·         Caravan, dialogues, publication

·         Preparation and distribution of publications

·         Conducting seminars

The effects of activities;

·         Muslims return to true faith

·         Public awareness

·         The Qadiyyanis face resistance

Categories of our activities:


The attention is greatly being directed to the most important areas where Qadiyyanis seem to have greater influence in Tanzania the qadiyyanis are mostly scattered in eight region namely Tanga ,Pwani, Morogoro, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Iringa, Tabora and to the lesser degree in Kigoma Areas already visited and attend by the caravan are first Pwani from Rufiji ,Kibiti to Ikwiriri where Qadiyyanis are particularly present. Secondly Tanga from Dizinga to kirare and Morogoro from urban to mkuyuni  


Dialogue and public lectures have been conducted in different areas as follows. We held dialogue I  Kitunda area where sheik kingaru exchange argument with the qadiyyanis but seeing that they are defeated their leader named Durrani created disorder and the function had to terminated abruptly.

The second time the dialogue was resumed at the same place but the Qadiyyanis denied the presence of Sheikh Kingaru.They thus had argument with Sheikh Hussein Ishmael once again the dialogue had to come to an end before time owing to tumultuous situation engendered by Qadiyyanis failure to repress emotion.

The other Dialogue took place in Dizinga villages in Tanga. It was again Sheikh Kingaru who exchanged arguments with Qadiyyanis. The Qadiyyanis failed to advocate their standpoint.


Preparation and distribution of publications: We are preparing and distributing publications which are issued monthly. Such publications are distributed in urban and rural areas. The contents embodied in such pamphlets are aimed at exposing the falsehood of qadiyyanis faith in the name of Islam and expounding the true Islamic ideology and Tawheed. The publications are respectively entitled 'AlFatwa', 'Az zawaaid' and 'Al istia’b'.

We also approached the editorial board of the Islamic newspaper, 'An nur', and they responded in the affirmative to our request to have a special page dealing with Qadiyyani issue. Since last year they began publishing our articles on Qadiyyanism, the page has been bearing series from the books on the subject authored by the greatest Muslim scholars like Allama Ihsan llahi Zaheer and Maulana Maududi.


We have also conducted seminar in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions with a view to grooming the youths for our peaceful campaign to expose the fraud of Qadiyyanis in the name of Islam.

Effects of activities

The introduction of our movement against Qadiyyanis has been greatly harmful to qadiyyanis. For decades the Qadiyyanis have been carefully hiding some of the Mirza's claims such as his claim of attaining prophethood & divinity, his superiority over Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), his female quality to bear a child who is himself.

After the disclosure of these absurd claims through our article, the qadiyyanis have been trying to react to our writings without much success. Their own founder's collection of books 'Roohani Khazain' has been an insurmountable problem to themselves. Our articles have always refered to copious quotations from his books, most of the Qadiyyanis here in Tanzania do not even known this book.

When they come across our quotes from this book, they are baffled. Their Sheikhs/preachers/murabbis have even gone to the extent as to deny the existence of that book. Their Sheikh of Nachingwea, Sheikh Kais, declined that there was such a book, when the contents of the book were read to him by Muslim youth  that Mirza once dream that he was god. But later Sheikh asked his guides, the Qadiani Preachers/Muballighs, who admitted to him of the existence of that book. This is a clear testimony of how the truth is being systematically concealed from local Qadiani chiefs. It also shows how confused Qadiyyanis are owing to the frank exposition of their own writings, which they have decided not to translate them from urdu into Swahili language with a view to eschewing ignominy.

In our public lectures conducted at Ikwiriri, people were shocked and raised voices condemning Mirza as Kafiir! Kafiir! When Sheikh Hamim Boza read out the statement from Roohani Khazain about Mirza saying he is a god. The statement overwhelmingly perplexed Ikwiriri Qadiyyanis and left them helpless, for they know nothing beforehand about such statements of Mirza. Consequently some of the Muslims who were previously deceived into accepting Qadiyyanis returned to their true faith of Islam. Alhamdulillah.

Similarly in Tanga Muslims who were carrier tricked into qadiyyanis were returned to Islam when Sheikh Kingaru presented a topic containing Mirza's defamatory statements against the Holy prophet Muhammad [saw]. When these statements were read the assembly was bewildered.  Muslims on their part learnt the words with great grief and consternation. The Qadiyyanis themselves were greatly shocked to hear of that. Sheikh Kingaru provided them with a page in which such abusive remarks are found.

The publications are a very effective method in the campaign against Qadiyyanis. Since they are alluding to the writings of Mirza, they create public awareness among Muslims and they reach people in different areas to which caravan has yet to have access. By these publications Muslims everywhere are getting equipped with convincing arguments to challenge Qadiyyanis approaching them.

What Qadiyyanis fear most is the way these publication attack the very foundation of their religion, by delving for the truth into those sensitive books authored by various scholars. The spread of these publication has created thorny environment for Qadiyyanis that every where they have to experience pricking.

In Mlandizi area coastal region [Pwani] the Qadiyyanis bought a house and established the center there. When we got informed about that, I personally went there and distributed plenty of leaflets on different subjects about qadiyyanis. I distributed them on Friday in the grand mosque of the area. An old man who had sold his house to qadiyyanis was there. When he got a pamphlet and read it, he was moved to tears and was heard supplicating, ‘oh Allah forgive me for the sin I have committed by selling my house to Qadiyyanis. I was convinced that they are Muslims but they are the enemies. oh! My lord pardon my ignorance'.

Generally Alhamdulillah the evaluation indicates that the movement is successful. The dialogue as well as the publications defend Muslims and give strength of argument to counterattack and counteract qadiyyani propaganda. Qadiyyanis now have a difficult time to propagate their false doctrine.

A lot our thanks go to An nuur which has played a very important role in the struggle. Since the newspaper is read by a wide range of people throughout the country our message reach all such people at a time being a menace to survival of their faith, Qadiyyanis are doing their best to poison the newspaper. May Allah guard and reward all brothers who fight against Qadiyyanis. Ameen.

N.B The seminars we had conducted in Dar es salaam and Morogoro regions have been fruitful. Most of the participants have joined struggle in their respective areas.

May Allah help us, and put barakah in our efforts. May Allah protect the Muslims from the Qadiyani deception and bring all those, who have been trapped by them, back to the fold of Islam. Ameen.

There is no compulsion in religion. Our task is to create an awareness about the fraud of Ahmadiyya/Qadiyaniah in the name of Islam. After knowing, if someone wants to join Qadiyania/Ahmadiyya, then so be it, let him exchange his faith for petty worldly gains.

Wabillah Tawfiiq

Sheikh Buzulu buzulu7b@hotmail.com            


A DIALOGUE from Tanzania Part 1
Posted by admin on Friday, October 02 @ 16:02:42 CEST (2355 reads)
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Isla 17th March 2003

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem    


Report by Sheikh Buzulu Tanzania

This dialogue is traced back to the article entitled ‘KHATAM-un- NABIYYEEN’ Written By Dr Rashid and published in the weekly Islamic news paper ‘An nuur’issue No 467dated October 4 –10 2002 /Rajab 1423. Since then An nuur has been publishing a variety of article on the same subject. generally the article have very severely attacked the very foundation of qadianis which is belief in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Qadiyyan.

Provoked by the writing and in an attempt to save their ‘faith’ from the religion catastrophe, qadiyyanis through their news paper “Mapenzi ya Mungu” [the will of god] have essayed to reply to the writing, "Khatam un Nabiyeen' by Dr. Rashid

The following are points of argument from each side;

Muslim position:

In arguing that Muhammad [saw] is the Last Prophet of Allah, Muslims have these points in their article bearing the title Khaataman Nabiyyin;

1.      ‘Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but [he is] the messenger of Allahand the seal of prophets[Qur an 33;40]

2.      "O! People! no prophet would be raised after me and no new umma  [Community] after you." [Bulughul Maram, Seerat ibn hisham the last sermon]

3.      "The tribe of Israel wasguided by prophet. When a prophet passed away, Another prophet succeeded him but no prophet will come after me only caliphs will succeed me’ [bukhar, kitab manaqib]

4.      "There will be thirty liars in my ummah, each of them claiming to be a prophet But I am the khaataman nabiyyin there is no prophet after me." [sunan Abu daud kitabul fitan]

5.      "I’m Muhammad I’mAhmad I’m the effacer and infidelity shall be erased through me I’m the assembler people shall be assembled on doomsday after my time." [Bukhar and Muslim kitabul fadhail Bab asmaun un nabii, Tirmidh kitabul adab bab asmaunnabii, muwata kitabulasmaun nabii, mustadrak sahihil hakim, kitabultarikh bab asmaun nabii]

6.      "A man erected a building and adorned this edifice with great beauty but he left an empty niche in the Corner where just one brick was missing people looked around the building and marveled at its beauty but wondered why a brick was missing from that niche? I’m like unto that missing brick and I am the last in line of prophets’." [Bukhar kitabul manaqib]

7.      “I’m the last in the line of prophets of Allah and my masjid is the last of masjid." [Muslim kitabul haj babfadhlu salatbi masjid maka and madina]

In addition the article has provided the readers with some quotation from Mirza books in which some Mirza himself denies his prophethood take for instance the following statements:

·         “I understand that whatever contradicts the Qur an is fabrication hence why should a make a claim to prophethood while a Muslim?     [Hamamatul Bushra Roohan khazain vol. 7pg297]

·         ‘According to spirituality I’m the khaataman khulafaa in Islam just as maseeh ibn Mariam is the khaatamul khulafaa in Israel chain[  kishtee noh,Roohan khazain vol.19 pg 17]

·         “I was the khaatamul walad [seal son] for my Father no child was born after me [Baraheen ahmadiyya part 5,Roohan khazain vol.21pg267]

·         Also in Roohani Khazain vol.11 pg. 27 Mirza Ghulam Qadiani admit that he is not a prophet.

In conclusion 'An nuur' published about 40 arguments constructed by ahmadiyya concerning the meaning of khaatam as according ahmadiyya dictionary to which Muslim have this answer:

The arguments are generally unfounded because none of them has been supported by any tradition  of prophet Muhammad[saw] despite their claim to have in the Qur an and hadith the Qadiyyanis have ignore the traditions which disproved their allegations why have these people done so? More over in all 40 example there is not a single example form Mirza writings now the qadiyyanis must be asked this question what did Mirza himself mean by the word khaatam?

This is very important question because when we refer to Mirza's own books we come across the contents, which elucidated his actual understanding of the word khaatam.

·         In Baraheen Ahmadiyya, Roohan Khazain vol.212 pg113 Mirza says that he is ‘khaatamul l walad’ meaning he is the last son ‘I was khaatamulwalad [the seal of children]to my father no child was born after me’

·         In Baraheen ahmadiyya part 5,Roohan khazain vol.21pg 26 Mirza Ghulam claim that he is khaatamul anbiyya- meaning he is a last prophet.

·         In Kishtee Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol.19 pg 267 Mirza claim that to be khaatamul khulafaa- meaning that he is the last caliphs,  “Spiritually I am the last caliphs in Islam the same as Jesus son of Mary was the last caliphs in the line of Jewish prophet”

Such are quotations from Mirza's own books prove that the word Khaatam according Mirza himself means finality. If the phrase khaataman nabiyyin were to mean the coming of other prophets then there should come at least three more prophets so as to qualify the word khaatam this is according to Arabic grammar. But the writings of Mirza inform us otherwise. In Kishtee Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol.19 pg 61 he says:

·  “ Blessed be he who recognizes me in all the ways of god I’m the final way of god I’m the final way in all his lights I’m the last light”

The Qadianis/Ahmadiyya position

In the defending their position or in other words in maintaining that Muhammad [saw] is not the last prophet and that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has succeeded him, qadiyyanis have these points in their article Entitled “An nuur lacheza matipwi. [An nur plays a childish cooking game] published in the November 2002 issues –No 83-834of ‘Mapenzi ya Mungu’

·         The Holy Qur an [33:40] applies the word khaatam in the sense of ‘stamp’and ‘superior’ and not in the sense of ‘finality’

·         The holly prophet Muhammad[saw] has twice used the word khaatam in two different meanings he first referred the word to the ‘ring’and secondly the ‘stamp’ not in the sense of finality [bukhar kitabul libas]

·         In the [writer of the article] hope that our readers will feel contented as they have been provided with an instance from both the Quran and tradition hadhrat Ahmad [Mirza] the holy founder of ahmadiyya has started, that tradition [hadith] of prophet Muhammad [saw] are the interpretation of the holly Qur an and are guidance and he who is opposed to tradition is not related to us.

·         Tradition which are in contradiction with the Qur an verses and other authentic tradition should as according to Islamic faith be regarded as false and rejected ‘except perhaps for the prophet of Satan [Dr Rashid] who would always refer to fallible traditions. No doubt therefore that hadhrat Ahmad [Mirza] and his followers believe, follow and obey the holly prophet Muhammad [saw]

·         When Hadhrat Mirza wrote ‘I am the last of children ‘khaatam-ul-walad’ he actually meant that he is the best of children above that he added a sentence ‘though no child was born after him’there for he used the word[khaatam]to mean ‘the best’and not the last [Baraheen ahmadiyya vol.5pg113]

·         The prophet of Satan ‘Dr Rashid’ has alluded to Roohan khazain vol.21 pg26 arguing that Mirza claim to be the last prophet, khaatam-ul-anbiyya’. In the first place Hadhrat Mirza did not write any where that he is the final prophet. I have opened the page mentioned in article but there is no such statement. More over I have gone through pages 126, 226 and 326 but none of the pages contains the alleged statement. This instead, seems to be a deception of ‘prophet of Satan.’

·         In Kishtee Nooh, Roohani khazain vol.19 pg17 he [Mirza] has not written to mean that he is a last of caliphs among the –khaatamul khulafaa but has meant that he is the best of caliphs among the belonging to prophet Muhammad in the same way as Issa [Jesus] son of Mary was superior to caliphs in succession to Moses [p.b.u.h].

·         Ahmadiyya are agreeable to accepting all the meaning of the word khaatam without bias our contestants should scrutinize their position [i.e. act likewise]

·         Our readers ought to understand that sending prophet is the divine task as God says in Qur an [6:125] should you be in need of further evidence about Allah’s will to continue sending prophet until the last day refer to the Qur an [7:36], [22:76]

·         Hadhrat Ahmad [Mirza] has written in Kishtee Nooh that he is the path and until ultimate light but this does not imply that he is the last of prophet but what it actually means is the direction of light already abstained from God to this moment he is the of such light. It does not mean that the other cannot come.

·         Voices are raised that Muhammad is the last prophet which means there cannot any other prophet but in the meantime they  [the people concerned] believe that logically means that our contestant do not believe that the last is Issa bin Mariam.

·         The crown of khaatam [the prestige of being final] is not some thing to be so easily stolen. We, Ahmadiyya, are defending it so that it should permanently settle on the on the Muhammad [saw] head. However much you will be trying to hand over the crown to Jesus you will not be able to do so. We will not allow Muhammad [saw] crown to be given to any one.

·         Stop propagating malignance, which is harmful to peace in the country, such malicious columns tend to cause confusion. Desist! Don’t dispute with the messenger of god please don’t estrange people if you are unable to advocate Islam you had better at least avoid spoiling its esteem [tarnishing its reputation] you just continues with your polities and leave religion to religious people.

·         When the word khaatam is connected with ‘jam’u’ in the rules of mudhaafu and mudhaafu ilaihi it should mean mudhaafu in singular and in plural it should be mudhaafuilaihi as it has been used in the phrase khaatamunabiyyin [here is khaatam is mudhaafu and an nabiyyin is [many prophet] is mudhaafu ilaihi] the word does not mean ‘last’ but it means ‘the best of them’ and ‘their stamp’

Letter of An Ex-Ahmadi to Mirza Ghulam
Posted by admin on Friday, October 02 @ 15:56:05 CEST (2022 reads)
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A Satirical by an ex-Ahmadi

20th January 2005

Dear Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib,

I am writing to you in English as my Urdu is not that great. However, since you received revelations in English (let’s overlook the poor grammar, shall we?) and since no doubt you are with your esteemed friends, including Maulvi Muhammad Ali, whose grasp of English I understand was very good, getting a translation shouldn’t be a problem.

I appreciate that you are no longer alive, but since you measure the success of the mission of the Promised Messiah in terms of the lifetime of the movement, I thought the matter of your being on this realm or not was hair-splitting. Incidentally, I looked for the Promised Messiah in the Holy Qur’an, but couldn’t find him. I couldn’t find Hadhrat Imam Mahdi there either. Oh, I found Hadhrat Isa, but let’s face it, you’re not the same person. As for Krishna, I found no reference to him in our Noble Qur’an either. So please excuse me if in my confusion over your identity, I simply refer to you as respected Mirza Sahib.

This is an open letter, and I’m sure that those who are still loyal to your jama’at and who will remember me as being loyal to your jama’at before November 2004 will find the way I have addressed you to be a little disrespectful, not calling you Hazoor and all that, a term that I feel is more appropriate for the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW by the way. I know you said that "those who distinguish between me and Mustafa, have neither seen me, nor recognised me", but I’m sorry, although I’ve only seen your picture - you definitely aren’t the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. I know you’re from India, but aren’t you taking this Hindu concept of reincarnation a little too far?

In case this stings you slightly, I should point out that the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, whom you followed in perfection to the point of being a second and improved advent of him was never averse to questions. Or was it Hadhrat Isa you claimed to be a second advent of? Or Krishna? Or was it all the prophets? I apologise for my confusion!

Since you have also abrogated the Qur’anic injuction of Jihad of the sword (Qital) for all time, I thought you would be open to a Jihad of the pen and thus my open letter. Don’t worry if you can’t reply yourself, I’d be happy to hear from one of your progeny, I mean, successors, seeing as they get revelations too. Maybe you could inspire them to reply?

Please excuse my frankness. As I say, I mean you no disrespect, this is merely my style. If you find me provocative, then I mean to provoke thought, not anger, you should consider me a friend! I really wouldn’t want you to write me a letter with a thousand numbered invocations of laanat. Since you have done this before, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of you and receive perhaps 10,000 laanats or more, all diligently numbered.

Hey! That gives me an idea! If you had followed this example to its logical conclusion, then perhaps you could have delivered on your original promise of 50 volumes of the Braheen-i-Ahmadiyya after all, instead of reneging on your deal with Muslims and delivering only 5 volumes! I can understand why you had been criticising and abusing the poor suckers who had been waiting 20 years who foolishly asked for their money back. After all, didn’t they see the funny side of you deleting only a single dot from the promised figure? These Muslims! No sense of humour!

If you had followed my suggestion, perhaps you could have filled the 45 missing volumes with laanats for all of your enemies! Or for all future enemies! For all of Islam in fact, because over a billion Muslims still don’t believe in you and therefore, as you say, are not really Muslims anyway. So that’s OK then. Anyway, I digress - that way, you could have avoided all those unfair accusations that you were not setting a good example in terms of sticking to promises; or just as bad, that you had gone back on a business deal and that the customers of the transaction were indignant about only getting a tenth of what they paid for.

Never mind, we could always get one of your divinely-ordained progeny, I mean of course, an independent Khalifa who is not necessarily a direct descendant of your family and heir to your money (silly me, I meant the money you took from those suckers that believed you, just because you were as charismatic and brilliant at debate as any modern cult leader – I’d love to see who’d win a mubahila between you and L. Ron Hubbard) to write the missing volumes and claim that they were there all along, but that "stupid Muslims" hadn’t seen them or asked about them. It would be so easy, I mean, as you know, nowadays we have the word processor and we have cut and paste! Damn! If you had had these things in your day, you might have been able to do it yourself! Just hit Ctrl-V for half a day (you could do it between Fajr and Asr, since you had time because you were in the habit of doing Zohr and Asr together, great time-saver! How else were you going to break the cross, eh?) and you would have been able to stick to your promise!

Oh the bit about your family, I meant Hakim Noor-u-din notwithstanding; let’s face it, Ahmadiyyat was more his idea than yours anyway. I don’t think you denied that. You were just the front-man. The charismatic leader who could contradict himself a thousand times, but like Tony Blair, never get chucked out of your God-appointed office. You were untouchable. Whoops, didn’t quite mean it like that, you know what I mean!

Oh there’s a bit of confusion for me right there. You said your office was appointed by the "stamp"-like seal of the Holy Prophet SAW. I was under the impression that only Allah had the power to appoint prophets. My bad. Sorry for the misapprehension.

You handing over power to your brother-in-arms (oh, we can’t have that, you abrogated arms, whilst confiscating alms) … your brother-in-no-arms after your death probably inspired Prime Minister Tony Blair. Looks like he won’t hand over power to Gordon Brown until after his own demise either. And like Noor-u-din, Brown was always the real brains and Power behind the Throne. Of course – your throne is the greatest of all sent down according to what your God told you. Do you remember? I think you’re so impressive - that people still believed you after you made such obviously over-the-top claims about your own grandiosity and enormity.

Remember, you were promising 300 proofs of the superiority of Islam? I had an idea! Although you delivered only one proof in the end, you could have argued that since Allah is One, to have delivered 300 proofs might have implied a compromise in His Unity (God forbid). In fact, you could have just deleted the nukhtas and said "Since the difference between 300 and 3 is only two nukhtas, my promise has been fulfilled to those of understanding". But wait! That still leaves you with two proofs too many! I know, you could have added "Allah revealed to me that three proofs is abrogated for all time, and He said He doesn’t want anything to do with the number "3" as it represents the Trinity and the ideology of the cross. And I have to get on with destroying that. My job role as Promised Messiah is too important an issue to set aside just to be fair and reasonable! So since I am here to show that there is no ‘3’, and there is only ‘1’, I have kept my promise". Oh and of course, I almost forgot. Your job role as the Promised Messiah also obviated your requirement to do Hajj. People should understand that breaking the cross, which of course you did, oh wait, no, Christianity increased both during your office term and after it; let’s think about that one for a bit. Anyway, we’ll work out a good excuse as to why "the second advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW" didn’t do Hajj.

Those "idiot Muslims" who were expecting you to stick to the letter of your word should have known that Allah Himself told you directly that you are to Him as His Unity and Uniqueness. Not even the Holy Prophet SAW could have claimed such a revelation! Isn’t your jama’at lucky to have you? Then again, you have claimed to be a more perfect advent of RasulAllah SAW and people really shouldn’t be expecting you to be so earthly as to condescend to honour a public transaction. That would mean you offered nothing new in Islam! No Shariah, no deal. It doesn’t matter that there is no concept of a Shariah-free-prophethood mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, since you are the best person to interpret it until Judgement Day.

Let’s face it, one of your greatest achievements was the new and interesting way you interpreted the Holy Qur’an! What were all those Arabs thinking of that they didn’t even understand their own language that it took a man of Mongolian, I mean, sorry, Persian descent to tell them what the Holy Qur’an really meant? You came to reform, to guide, to innovate all those great thinkers. Even Imam Bukhari got it wrong with his Sahih Bukhari, don’t you think? All that stuff about the Holy Prophet SAW being the last in the line of prophets! What a daft idea! It was something that no native Arab speaker for 1400 years got the hang of!

Anyway, what’s wrong with a fresh idea? What would be the point in another prophet like you if he was not going to be innovating in religion, even though Allah Himself has expressly forbidden it? Like your God said to you, if it wasn’t for you, He wouldn’t have created the heavens! I guess He created the Qur’an for you too, right? I mean, He did reveal it to you again. Maybe you think He got it wrong the first time? Maybe you think you understood it better than the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Sahaba? Oh wait. You have Sahaba too, right? This is all getting a bit confusing.

Respected Mirza Sahib, I don’t mean to poke fun. You see, I’m of the Internet generation. We ask questions. We want to learn. We don’t just take things at face value. That might make us a little impertinent, but we don’t want to be taken for a ride. I’m sure you wouldn’t want innocent people taken for a ride. Would you?

Well, I’m sure you’re busy getting ready for your heavenly nikkah with Muhammadi Begum, that is assuming her legitimate and rightful husband doesn’t object, but who is he to stand in the way of such a great prophet, right? I know you can’t write back, but I know you’ll find a way of reading this. Perhaps you can ask Allah to inspire one of your descendants to respond? I’d love to know what you think of my ideas.


Shahid Kamal Ahmad





Qadiani Khalifa Condoles the Death of Queen's Dog
Posted by admin on Friday, October 02 @ 15:49:33 CEST (1992 reads)
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Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 1st January 2004

Qadiani Khalifa Condoles the Death of Queen's Dog!!


Yeh aik sijdah jisay too giraan sumajhtaa hey Hazaar sijdoon say deta hay aadmi ko nijaat

This one prostration which you consider difficult Gives reprieve to a person from thousands of prostrations


(Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his creed could not totally submit to Allah and Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW. He became his Master's voice and the creed followed. Now the newly elected Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, had a chance to prove his loyalty to his master!!)

Corgis are favorite dogs of the Queen of England. According to news reports (BBC and others), one of the Queen's Corgi, Pharos, had to be put down after being savaged by an English bull terrier, Dotty, owned by Princess Anne. The attack is thought to have happened on Monday, when the corgis ran out to greet the Princess Royal as she arrived at Sandringham for Christmas. The Queen is said to be devastated by the death of her corgi. The Queen's love for her corgis is well known and they were last seen in public milling around the feet of England's World Cup rugby stars at a Buckingham Palace reception earlier this month.

Media has reported this incident widely and according to NBCSandiego.com News Queen was mourning. This incident has saddened not only everyone in the Royal Family, but those loyal to the throne of England are also showing their solidarity with the Queen.

According to Ahmedi.og, reliable sources has said that the newly elected Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, had also sent a message of heartfelt condolence to the Queen and prayed for the heavenly abode for Queen's corgi and thus proven his loyalty on this sad occasion. Ahmedi.org futher says that it is quite possible that members of our Jamaat will doubt that such a message has been sent, in that case they should use their own resources to verify it; they should not expect that Khalifa will have the courage to make a public statement about it. On the other hand they might say that if such a message was sent, it was a goodwill gesture on the part of Khalifa and shows our excellent conduct. Well that may be so, but let these Ahmadis also ponder on the following questions:

·         Did this so-called God-appointed Khalifa expressed any sadness at the senseless killings of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Bosnia and other parts of the world? If not, then why not? Just because they have not taken the oath of allegience with the Khalifa of Ahmadiyyat, does that make them sub-human?  The Khalifa of this Jamaat claims to be appointed by God, jamaat claims to have gained more than 100 million converts (!!!) over the last few years, claims to be the only representative of true Islam and among the 73 sects, claims to be the sect which will go to paradise (all others will go to hell), is this the conduct of a true Islamic jamaat?




·         Perhaps Queen's Corgi has taken an allegience with the Khalifa!!!




·         In the eyes of Qadiani Khalifa, Corgi is better than Muslims!!!


Ahmedi.org futher says that should the Khalifa decides to offer funeral prayers of this Corgi, it should kindly be announced over MTA, so that millions of Ahmadis all over the world can join their Khalifa in proving their loyalty.

It would be worth remembering that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, had also gone out of his way to prove his loyalty to the British Raj. Please read his books, Tohfa-e-Qaisariyah, Kitab-ul-Bariyah, to just get a glimpse at this.

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali P O Box 11560 Dibba AlFujairah United Arab Emirates rasyed@emirates.net.ae http://alhafeez.org/rashid/


Final Message to Mirza Tahir
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 2nd November 1999

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem





Following is the text of an urgent telegram sent to Mirza Tahir Qadiani from Karachi Airport Telegraph Office on 1st November 1999.  







Caricatures - Is it an Indecent thing to do?
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Bismillah ar-Rehman ar-Raheem

Caricatures - Is it an Indecent thing to do?


Graphic Arts has become a popular means of expressing ones thoughts and feelings. To make them more appealing, since the start of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement, in our publications we have tried to express graphically various aspects of the life of Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani. Our cartoons have generated a mixed reaction amongst the 'Tolerant' Muslims and an unfavourable response from Qadianis. One qadaini recently wrote:

"No sane person would resort to making pathetic and childish cartoons in his literature to raise an intelectual point............Your catoons show the filth and immaturity inside your mind. Because you have no constructive arguements to base your grievences against Ahmadis, you resort to the age old technique of trying to confuse your opponents. Well Mr Ali you certainly confused us with your cartoons, it certainly showed what an irrational person you are. I think your talents would be better employed by working for Disney and drawing Mickey Mouse cartoons."

Similarly Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, the leader of the Ahmadiya Community considered it a very 'MANHOOS' act.

Now I invite all Qadianis to apply the same criteria upon everyone who try to act in a similar manner.

Very few Qadianis/Ahmadis know that 92 years ago Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had done the same thing. He considered Dr Dowie a false claimant of Prophethood and when he died made cartoons of him, advertised them and published them in his book, Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi. Once again it proves that qadianis/ahmadis have not read the books of Mirza Ghulam otherwise they would have known that their so-called Messiah is recieving it b ack in the same coins.

I asked Qadianis a question. I am an ordinary man and do not claim any divinely-inspired status but Mirza Ghulam claimed to be the Messiah, Mahdi and second advent of Holy Prophet SAAW (Astaghferullah al Azeem). He claimed to have examplery manners. Yet, 100 years ago he made cartoons, at a time when they were not so popular means of expression!

Open his book 'Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi' or Click here to see these cartoons.

  Is he also an insane person who is trying to raise

an intelectual point by making pethatic cartoons?

  Is he also indulging in a Manhoos act?Is he also an irrational person?Does these cartoons also show the filth and

immaturity inside Mirza's mind?

Now what is your verdict about your founder and Messiah? Do not forget his claim that he has been sent with the best conduct, according to what God has told him !!

Come On! Be Honest!

1.     Indian vs American Messiah - I

2.     Indian vs American Messiah - II





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- by Gulzar Anwar -

Part II

Many relatives of Mirza Sahib, who were agnates or otherwise and refused to accept the claims of Mirza Sahib, are said to have died with no offspring except a boy from among them who survived because he became a follower of Mirza Sahib and had children. Suddenly the Divine Death Squad intervenes here again to destroy relatives of Mirza Sahib sparing only a boy. So much for the love of Mirza Sahib for his kinfolk. Jesus spent his entire life gathering the lost sheep of Israel, living in continence and pursuing this task alone, while Mirza Sahib, against the spirit of his proto type, is seen busy decimating his own close and distant relatives who did not agree with him and one of them had the affront of even refusing outrightly to give the hand of his daughter in marriage to Mirza Sahib despite some passionate appeals and animated efforts made by Mirza Sahib himself to enlist the support of some notable persons from within the family and overtures and threats made to those of the girl’s elders who could possibly influence her father to relent and agree. Even the threats, coercion and blackmail failed to work. After all hopes were lost to win the hand of the girl, Mirza Sahib decided to fall back on his prescient skills in order to prognosticate as follows:

About the husband of Mohammadi Begum, Mirza Sahib said:

"……… if I am a liar, my prophesy will not come true and my death will arrive

The position is that not only Mohammadi Begum survived to live until late after Mirza Sahib died, her husband also lived for much later, despite injuring himself in the WW-II, to make a mockery of the forecast. Pray tell me, where the Divine Death Squad could have been? The unfortunate corollary, however, of the forecast was that Mirza Sahib carried out the threat, already made, and divorced his wife and his son also, under duress, divorced his. Timely intervention of the Divine Death Squad could have averted this disaster and the two innocent ladies saved from being driven to a life of privation, which a widow faces, for no fault of theirs. Despite, a humming female side of the house, Mirza Sahib decided to add to the distaff portion under divine direction. Remember, a prophet never speaks until he is asked to. In support of my claim I translate below a Persian verse:

"Mustafa (PBUH) never spoke until Gabriel spoke (to him). Gabriel never spoke until God spoke (to him)."

In short, what is decided in heavens must come to pass. But, in this case, we see it happened to the contrary. Mirza Sahib could not have possibly spoken against the will of God but why the will of Almighty failed to materialise is difficult to answer. As I have said above, Jesus went celibate all his life but should all the messiahs, or at least the replica of Jesus, then live a life of celibacy? I cannot answer this question. Prophets are special people of God but for ordinary people like me, I can say, a house without a woman is a haunted house and that is why the houris will be there to keep you company in the paradise. However, although allowed to have more than one wife, I cannot understand why a man should need a second wife unless there are fertility problems or he has a nagging wife? In the later case, I quote the Solomen’s wisdom:

"A nagging wife is like a water going drip-drip-drip on a rainy day. How can you keep her quiet? Have you ever tried to stop the wind or even tried to hold a handful of oil?

The above will surely give a strong justification, in addition to cases of sterility, to have a second wife in the presence of the first one. I have seen, in many cases, where a man has a wife and children and is happy yet he seeks to marry a second time. Why? There can be no other reason except carnal pleasures but that can be open to debate. Remember, I am talking about ordinary people falling in my category while special people of God do not say or desire anything until they are directed to do so. A low-key case which I have read in the book - biography of Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib - is the death of Ashiq Hussain, a Goldsmith of Shahkot in Dist. Sheikhupura via electrocution which has been claimed to have happened only because the person was organising a demonstration against Qadianis. I reproduce below the relevant portion from the book pointing to the incident (translation is mine):

"The pamphlets of Mubahila reached Shahkot. This is a small town of District Sheikhupura in Pakistan.………. Ashiq Hussain, a Goldsmith by profession ……………… organised a big procession against …………. Ashiq Hussain went into the shop ………… as soon as he tried to switch on the fan he was daily using …………. received an electric shock, fell down and died ……….. (Ek Mard-e-Khuda-Page 379)

Obviously, one of the members of the Divine Death Squad short-circuited the power supply to the shop to have the scamp despatched to the world of dead. The readers should note that this ferment was a direct result of the “Mubahila” pamphlet. If we honestly try to apportion the blame, the writer and distributor of the handbill were directly responsible for the flare-up. This is, however, a sad story. The point to remember is that in the said demonstration the deceased was not the only one who participated. There must have been other men and/or women as is usually the case when such a demonstration takes place as a reaction or chain reaction to something extraordinarily provocative. How the other hundreds of participants escaped a similar end through some bizarre happening definitely deserves explanation? This is yet another case which has been made up by my Qadiani friends to prove the probity of their faith and what is most remarkable about it is that it is mentioned in the biography of their current Imam. I do not think there is any lack of learned people in the Jamaat which boasts of having plenty of learned men (erudite), in its ranks, who can shed some light on such a logic which otherwise makes little impact on most people. Yet, how do they accept such funny stories is not readily understood but they just hold fast to the official policy line of propagating make-believe stories like this and they are received with considerable enthusiasm and readiness? Strange, the people who talk so much, and ask, about the logic in regard to the return of Jesus with his terrestrial body hardly bother about questioning the validity of such wild claims where people are quoted to have died because of hurting the Jamaat or its people. To avoid any explanation, they will do well by attributing these acts of murder to the Divine Death Squad employed for this purpose. In a closely similar incident, another enemy of Qadianis, living in UK, accepted the challenge of prayer duel (mubahila) but soon afterwards he died in a road accident and when people came to his house in order to offer prayers, the roof of the house caved in over their heads and many people were injured (ibid Page 380). The man who died paid for his mistake, alright but what about those who were injured following the roof falling over them? Did they commit a sin by offering sympathies to the bereaved family? Now this mubahila stuff is becoming overly complicated as the time wears on. There have been claims and counter claims accusing each other for running away from the battle royal. When it is going to be resolved no body knows. I understand that Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib threw the gauntlets to the mainstream Muslims for a mubahila. Obviously, he did this after some careful consideration and this evoked considerable interest and a flurry of response, although with some commotion, as every other day someone came out to accept the challenge but the mubahila remains elusive so far as it has not been held nor any steps have been taken to hold one as yet. Madness prevails but the method to madness is missing. May be, there are some finer points to be sorted out. When is it going to happen, only God knows? Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib refuses to come out of his hermitage/fastness in London and the controversy continues regarding the form of Mubahila, how and where it should be held? I think Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib should give up dictating terms of Mubahila and compromise on a given and take so that the people of the 20th century witness a novel way of establishing the veracity of a faith, simultaneously reliving the scenario of 14 centuries ago. I do not, however, think they will ever agree and I fear the people might get disgusted with the whole thing and the very word “mubahila” may, at some point in time, become deseutude. Who to blame? There is, however, an easy solution in that I will recommend that my Qadiani friends summon their Divine Death Squad, pervading the heavens and earth, to go roving about and wherever they see someone clamouring for mubahila should be dispatched to hell. That is the only way out, unfortunately though! Lord Nelson, the British Admiral, who exhumed the body of Mehdi Sudani, and desecrated it, died a violent death and his body was entomed in the deep recesses of water when his ship sank. That could be the most glaring example of someone dying, outside of his appointed time, for offending a pious freedom fighter who had every right to wage a holy war against oppressors and liberate his people. I would still prefer to believe that Nelson died on his appointed time, and because of the force majeure on which no one has any command or control by any worldly means, and yet his excesses against Sudan and its most respected leader had nothing to do with the way he died. However, this is solely my opinion and is not binding on others and everyone is free to differ. The greatness of great people like Mehdi Sudani lies in the efforts and sacrifices they make for their people, and example they set for their future generations, and it is for this that they will ever be remembered and not because some of their enemies died an exemplary death to pay for their misdeeds or excesses. Who cares if an idiot lives or dies! For this illustrious band of people, Dr. Iqbal had said:

"They set up a good tradition by commingling themselves in the dust and blood. May the God Almighty shower his (choicest) blessings on these ingenuously loving people of a pious disposition."

The man, they say, occupied a lofty estate of living in the Eden garden although he had as humble an origin as can be perceived for being created from clay. The clay or soil is as low as the belly of snake and every body knows what “belly of snake” means figuratively. Yet, the Almighty Allah assigned him a most high position where he never knew even the meanings of vice and virtue. Unfortunately, he had a sudden fall from grace through eating that forbidden fruit and was evicted to live on earth and strive for his living. From then on the cycle of life and death began. The duration of this cycle is determined by the Almighty himself and therefore He warned all men to beware not to take the life of a fellow being as, otherwise, it will tantamount to killing the entire human race. Death is a difficult experience but life is no easy either. In a way, death is a blessing as it provides a relief and brings an end to a man’s miseries which, as a human being, he should carry as a burden all his life but that, most certainly, does not mean you have to die before you die to rid yourself of the inexorable experience of life. You have to wait for your time to come and until then you are required to live it out one way or the other. Ghalib correctly pointed out: “Why should a man be free from the worries (of life) before his death”. After crossing the threshold of death the man, once discarnate, is said to be happy over feeling himself free from his bodily confinement the same way a bird is happy to free itself from the coop but that this is beyond our perception. In this context, I translate a couple of Persian verses:

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- by Gulzar Anwar -

Part I

Death is sure of one who is born. It is the one reality the man always prefers not to face, forgets or skips over conveniently although he knows there is no escape from it. He sees his fellow beings dying everyday around him but refuses to take lessons to fashion his life in a decent way. He attends the funerals, says the farewell prayers for his friends and foes alike, takes a last look of the dead bodies, whom he has to follow one day, often accompanies the cortege to the cemetery, watches with remorse the rites of burial and throws the customary last "handful" of dust on the grave but is not prepared to heed and take an insight into the final end of man which is very tragic to say the least. I translate below a Persian quatrain which is a stern reminder to man to realise his real status in this world and mend his ways before the time runs out for him to avoid his frightful end:

"Come for a moment and pass through the graveyard. Cast a glance at your final destination. Thousands of beautiful faces lying under the dust. Look, cast off all the spite and disdain from your head."

But the man is intransigent, contumacious and refuses to recognise his real state which is "dust he is and unto dust he has to return" and overlooks the fact that once he transmutes from his terrestrial repose, he loses all his significance whatsoever except that he will for sure receive the recompense for his deeds strictly according to their being good or bad during his incarnate period on this earth. Inspite of this miserable end, he is busy making problems for others and is generally given to strutting out before his fellow beings and shows spite to everything which does not fall within his good will. The two inherent evils in a man i.e. corruption and greed, which are the source of all the trouble for the entire human race, accompany him right to the end and are deposited with him in the bowls of earth but even the fright of death does not impel the person to expel these evils from his body frame. The man fails to gain awareness of his self and remains a captive of his desires all his life, is generally lost in its momentary pleasures and when the death brings the curtains down on him, he is already ill-prepared to cross over to his eternal abode. Life is only an illusion and death serves to disillusion the man in regard to any misgivings he may have had about life in his mind. It is important to always keep the efflux of time in mind, as the death sounds no alarm bells when it comes. It is inevitable and can be sudden and unexpected and is not used to giving any respite to anyone when it strikes at its appointed hour. Nevertheless, sometime it casts its shadows before when someone is terminally or very seriously ill but no one can predict its arrival time accurately. It is a gateway to the afterworld. None has been given the power to administer it to any one at will nor can any one delay or hasten its arrival. You cannot hide from it. Death is a logical end to a man’s earthly life, which is only a probation to test him, and you cannot transfer one man’s death to the other. Your deeds good or bad have nothing to do with the arrival of your appointed time. It is pre-determined and fixed and cannot be averted. Every one will take his turn on his appointed time. There is no man-made pattern for death as it is solely determined by the will of God. Scanning the history of mankind, at no place does one come across that the arrival of death was determined by any single act of man falling in the category of good or bad or any holy man was in control of delaying or hastening the death of any one. God is merciful and judicious and does not interfere with the schedule of the demise of human beings already charted out from day one. All men are born equal and there is no divine discrimination inasmuch as the final exit of man from this world is concerned. His stay here is neither prolonged nor cut short. The schedule of arrival and departure is, per se, tight and not pliable and cannot therefore be interpolated or interfered with. In other words, the arrival time of death is precise and immutable. He is Almighty God who does not personalise the arrival of death in different cases as, despite being All Powerful, He is free from any shallow thinking, prejudice or giving preferential treatment in isolated cases for altering the chart of death, even on the demand of his most favoured people, which otherwise is already clearly drawn out leaving no room for alteration at any time. They say that the final day of a human being is determined the moment he arrives in this world. According to a time-worn Punjabi maxim, you cannot trust on death or a guest. They will arrive any time, and without notice, and you may not be ready for them. Yet, you have to welcome them with open arms whether you like it or not. In short, life is a conundrum or a long lane which has many a turning. The behaviour of life is fulsome. The man winds down through the journey of life as a wayfarer and faces all kinds of troubles along the way until he wears himself down through the ups and downs of life. The weary body needs rest and it is here where the death proves a great leveller. It should be enough to say now that no body knows what he is going to do tomorrow and where and when he is going to die. Remember for one last time, dear readers, that the life span of a human being is pretty well planned which is always reducing, as the countdown continues, the shadows of death are lengthening with every passing day and we get a step closer to the ultimate reality of leaving this temporary abode to meet our Creator. About death, Mirza Sahib, in his book "The Philosophy of the Teaching of Islam", while dilating on the third question, gives his valued opinion in his opening remarks before he proceeds to talk at length:

"... man ... does not come into the world of his own accord, nor will he depart therefrom of his own will.."

Surely, the Almighty Allah controls the exit and entry of man from and into this world. That should be a proof enough to vitiate the claims of anybody who professes to possess the power of invoking the death out of turn, delaying it or postponing it for any reasons, whatsoever, in any body’s case however evil he might be. Nothwithstanding the above, my Qadiani friends have their own logic about death. They not only warn people for dying a miserable death, they summon death to punish their enemies as also quote cases where death, in the past, had arrived out of turn or immediately on people who offended their spiritual leader or the community, in general, in an oppressive or abusive way. From the internet I found people delivering death threats and intimidating others about the arrival of their death in a given period of time. How do they forecast this, and on what authority do they do so, I do not know but below I reproduce one Mr. Shahid Eithisham Mirza from USA issuing death warrants to Dr. Rashid and with considerable conviction. Read and enjoy:

"i am going to allaha tonight .therefore ,i am giving you notice the same you sent to hazoor .in eight days some hell things will happen with you,if you do not repent .i am going to allaha tonight just for you satin,.rasheed you are in a trap. nobody can help you except allaha .repent as early as possible. shahid ahtisham mirza new york "

You see he says he is going to see Allah during the quiet of night. As I say, he has chosen the night to plan his punitive action, with some divine aid as an appanage, avoiding the daylight hours when the people are dispersed all over the place, lest some body spots him going heavenwards. He is not nocturnal though, only the bats are! Where is the meeting place with God fixed, he does not say anything about it despite knowing full well that God has no study set aside to receive people? This is only the beginning of the real threat. He is simply setting up his target (Dr. Rashid) for the final and fatal blow. I have reproduced the above exactly as it was and have neither altered even a comma nor changed the lower or upper cases. How do you find it? Does it make any sense to you?. Look the way he is treating the Almighty Allah. Nothing more than an intimate/trusted friend next door who can be visited and called upon any time to come out and destroy a naughty person who has been misbehaving lately and causing ripples in the peace and quiet of the community people. Look the way the threat is being taken to its logical conclusion. He is relentless and says again:

"if nothing happened to you in 8 days i will assume that there is no true religion on the earth.in both case you will get punishment .therefore,ready for it. may be in next few days your whole life will be in hell inshalla.you will know what i mean very soon ."

Please watch out carefully the tenor of threat being delivered gradually, the quality of language being used and the punctuation applied.Any boy in Pakistan at the high school level will do a better job when writing something to someone. If the threat does not take its toll, the poor religion has to be the ultimate sufferer as if the Almighty does not exterminate the troublesome person the religion loses its licit standing in the estimation of Mr. Eihtisham. That is typical Qadiani logic in my opinion which few people, like me, will understand. You are not done with yet, an astonishing piece of considerable daring and pluck is still to follow:

"if i admite that Mirza sahib is liar then same time i will believe that all prophets are liar,there will we no more prophethood in the universe ... "

To me the above appears to be the outcome of a disturbed mind and when someone goes to the extent of saying that if such and such person is a liar then the whole company of prophets gone by are liars too, you have hardly a chance to give him a piece of wise counsel but you can certainly give him a peace of mind if you want to. Only the Almighty Allah can help him. By even the simplest psycho-analysis, such a person will deserve all my sympathies. Let us proceed to see what he says next:

".......i am coming with you punishment with the army of Allaha.now you cannot run .your time is over .it is end of the thread which was loosen by Allah.......... "

See the garbage he makes out from the words he uses and the sentences he constructs for invoking divine help to destroy someone he is at variance with. Talking about the army of Allah and the punishment hardly makes any sense to anyone with a sane mind. He is coming with a bagful of punishment and is asking his adversary to show courage and stay there to face the awesome punishment he is bringing along. Not content with the above, he proceeds further:

"... it is a life and death game .i am not a religious person but my allaha is coming to give my reply.wait for him... "

See the way Allah has been reduced to a commodity under the exclusive use of these people. Where is Allah coming, he fails to cite exactly? So, you see the threat was delivered in pieces and consummated with the final warning that Allah is on the way to arrive any moment and will take it upon Himself to deliver the final blow. He is not the first person to talk balderdash. This is their stock in trade. A no-nonsense guy will hardly brook such a nonsense but Dr. Rashid must be a remarkably patient person who has quietly taken these body blows without delivering anything in return. I think these people are mentally sick and need help. Show some compassion to them instead of getting cross. Now if you read Mr. Shahid Eitisham Mirza’s letters carefully, you will see the kind of ordinary grammatical mistakes he makes. I was flabbergasted to read the low level of his skill for letter-writing despite living in USA where he was expected to know a lot more of the English language, at least the colloquial English if not the literary side of it. His knowledge of English is not only poor but, apart from poor grammar, his ken for proper spelling is sadly missing. He did not realise that if his grammar was not correct and spellings good, how will God understand his request when he was going to be in direct communication with Him face to face? When someone does not understand your speech - because either it is faltering, impaired, obscure or cryptic - he finds it unwieldy to talk to you and prefers to dismiss you at once. Allah is Himself beautiful and loves all things of beauty. So, you have to sound beautiful in your speech too before being admitted for audience by Him. For a change, in the context of death, a few quotations from the Holy Book:

1.     Everything that is thereon will pass away.

2.     Every soul must taste of death.

3.     Wheresoever ye may be, death will find you out, even though ye are in towers built up strong and high.

To sum up, everything animate or inanimate passes through its different stages of development and will reach its end, which is the appointed time of its terminus, again through the will of God and not because of any other reason of any possible perception. So, when the death arrives there is nothing much you can do and arrival of death, according to scriptures, is the reality of life one must not forget, it is merciless and it makes no discrimination for high or low, good or bad and adheres strictly to its time schedule. But it is all in the hands of God and no human being can envision its arrival. The attempts made by prominent persons like Mirza Sahib in foretelling the death time of some of his enemies also failed for example in the case of valetudinarian Abdullah Atham, Sanaullah Amritsari, Dr. Abdul Hakim Khan, etc. Inspite of this, the literature of Qadianis is replete with incidents where they claim people having died because of hurting the Jamaat or incurring its displeasure, in one way or the other, which was a fitting reprisal by the Providence on behalf of the people so humble and innocuous.
waxen wings
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Desire grows naturally in a man and is acceptable because it is a part of human nature.  I think the life, in itself, is a struggle and there will be no struggle unless there is a desire.  Until the life reaches its terminus, the desire will keep its company.  The state of desirelessness is a matter for saints to ponder over and not for the ordinary persons like me who cannot suppress their desires or keep them in check.  For example there is a desire to succeed.  Success is of two kinds:  (1) To succeed through one’s sweat and toil, and (2) To succeed through some favourable cir*****stances, support and condescension of others.  I think, in case (1), the man is satisfied with his success because it has come the hard way and he thinks it a just outcome of his struggle.  His desire, also, remains within limits and does not become inordinate inasmuch as he treats his success, with reserve, as the reward of his sincere efforts.  He has no misgivings about himself and takes his life as a routine. In case (2), the success comes not through one’s efforts but via the favours of others.  In this case the efforts are only symbolic.  It is from here where the trouble emanates.  The man becomes self-conceited because of his easy success and his desire becomes overweening.  He wants then to fly higher and higher in the horizon of success but unaware of how to levitate he, like Icarus, grows waxen wings and takes off without knowing that the utility of the waxen wings is limited and one cannot go beyond a certain limit where their effectiveness ends.  Unaware of this, he continues soaring up and up and then, as soon as he crosses the danger zone, his waxen wings begin to liquefy and he comes down faster than he went up.

Icarus was young and stupid.  He failed to heed the advice of his father and the result was his fall into the abyss of ocean.  He had the desire of achieving something remarkable and grew over-ambitious.  He went up and up  without considering the danger of rising too high.  The youth exuberance, as you know, has its own downside.  Despite knowing that haste makes waste, he was impetuous and inconsiderate to his own safety and that of his father and therefore paid the price. 

Man is a creative artist as he himself creates a desire and then goes in its hot pursuit and, by his very nature, tries to accomplish his desire rather hastily and, in the process, sets his foot on the soil without making sure it is stable and often is caught in quicksands which not only hamper the pace of his progress but, in the end, bring out results other than those he had foreseen.

Having dug their feet in Europe and elsewhere through the good offices of the host countries my Qadiani friends have grown over-ambitious and want to conquer everything in one sweep.  I was browsing through the internet, last week, when I read the proposal of one Mr. Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin, a staff member of the “The Tomb of Jesus Christ Website”.  This is a unique proposal and, for the benefit of my readers, I quote him:

            “  I also believe we Ahmadi Muslims should look into the possibility of purchasing ABC from its current owner--whoever that might be.  Now, these are not the words of a young ‘unrealistic’ idealist.  I am an older Ahmadi (middle-aged).  Allah can do anything.  ABC is nothing to Allah--absolutely nothing. “

Here is a case of a surging desire, overpowering a man, which is a direct result of over-ambition and which, in turn, grows out of misgivings.   Misgivings are a result of self-conceit and, generally, lead to disaster as in the case of Icarus.  The idea is not however bad nor is it vile to think of purchasing such a network.   Surely, if you have the resources sky is the limit.  It is also not impossible, to go into such a venture, if you have the right kind of money and support.  The question is, do the Qadianis have amassed the wealth good enough to bid for such an enormous network.  Of course, they have otherwise how their imagination will get so wild?  To this, Mr. Salahuddin answers himself:

            “  Now, I am told that there are a bunch of Ahmadi millionaires all over the place--in the U.S., Canada, Europe, etc.  But more importantly than that, we have within our community some of the most highly intelligent and brilliant people on earth--experts in finance, law, etc.  Naturally, we would ask Hazoor about this, but in my opinion this is just a business matter, and anyone  should simply start looking into this and/or forming an Ahmadi think tank for the express purpose of figuring out how to purchase ABC. “

I think their stocks are very high and they can clinch this deal with a bit of luck if they are serious.  In fact, they will be given preference.  All they have to do is to sit down, think, decide and gear up their efforts to go for it.  Once they have made up their mind, and are determined, in my guess-estimate, there is no way their desire is going to go haywire.  They are not only diligent, they are downright lucky.  When good luck combines with diligence, success is not only achievable, it comes easy.  Why should it not, diligence is after all the mother of good luck.

Hoping against hope, I wish my Qadiani friends the best of luck.  They should launch themselves into this and I am sure they are going to make it in the end.  They have the money and the support and, above all, the God is on their side because most of them are directly inspired by the Almighty as I have seen them talking.   It appears that the God has established a helpline for them and they are free to call on Him and enlist His support at will and manage the results of their liking.  After this, they will be able to work their way to the desired ends.  In the olden days, the divine message was very difficult to disseminate but the arrival of high-tech media, in our times, has changed the entire complexion of the means of communication.  Through the mighty media their task will be made lot easier and the kingdom of Birlas Mughals will spread far and wide.  Whether they were invested with a prophethood or not, I don’t know, but certainly a dynasty has been founded?  It began by throwing dust in the eyes of the followers by selecting the first successor to the “Promised Messiah” from without the family and after that it became a family affair and now there is tremendous scope for it to prosper.  Next in line came the “Promised Reformer” and, God knows, how many more healers of human afflictions will follow with different titles.

When the circle of followers is docile, their task of submission without question is cut-out for them and they have to give their allegiance with filial obedience.  At the ceremony of the coronation of a new caliph all those, who are away from the place of this ceremonial occasion, can quietly take the oath with no questions asked.  They will be duly rewarded for this  as “Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe”.

Election of the successor to the apostolic throne takes place through show of hands (Eik Mard-e-Khuda, Page 190) which is not a very ideal way of “adult franchise” if there is, in fact, the restriction of some age limit to vote in their system.  A secret ballot will be more in consonance with the practice of the time but why to take even a calculated risk lest it becomes inimical to family interests in the end.

With a network of their own, they intend to spiritually conquer the world.  Again an inordinate desire!  There is no bar on nursing a desire, however extravagant and immoderate it may be.  Who will be the main beneficiaries if their desire of owning a TV network comes to fruition?  Of course, the sponsors, the aiders and abettors because having caused conflagration in the already existing divisions of Islam, the Qadianis will be directly drawn against the mainstream Muslims, will prove even more handful than Israel and therefore will be more acceptable.  Look at the Dalai Lama.  How well is he received everywhere and taken care of.  These sponsors have a definite purpose to serve through all this hassle of coddling such people who have some following in the third world countries but are not, generally, well received at home because they are suspected as emissaries of some vested interests.

By associating with them, you will see that the Qadianis have a very cut and dried opinion about themselves in that they emphatically claim that they have been entrusted with the divine task of making sure the salvation of mankind.  In the new millennium a good network is the desideratum of spreading good news to bring people nearer to God.  According to Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib: 

            “  Jammat-e-Ahmadia has to convert the entire world to Islam in the next 200 years and remember that, according to the prophesy of the Promised Messiah, this will not fail to come about (Eik Mard-e-Khuda, Pages 255-256). “

Even if we accept their statistics, their total following stands at the moment at 10 million after 100 years.  This was revealed at their recent centennial celebrations.  At this rate, their total number should not exceed 30 millions in the next 2 centuries which will barely make 1/3rd of the current Pakistan’s population.  However, no harm in having such a wondrous idea and for such a massive task, a giant TV network of the size of ABC becomes automatically essential to acquire.

The plight of Muslims has been that they have always been sabotaged from within.

Qadianis are the proverbial albatross around the neck of Muslims who will have to carry it now for an indefinite period of time and I cannot predict when they will be able to throw it off.  Right now it looks very unlikely that they are likely to succeed that soon and may well have to live with it for the rest of their life.

Hadi Ali Chaudhary Disgraced
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam March 7th, 2003

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Author of 'Shaitaan Ke Chailae' Hadi Ali Chaudhary Disgraced

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali


Hadi Ali Chaudhary was the right hand man of Mirza Tahir, that is until as recently as January 2003. He was an important mamber of Wikalat-e-Tabsheer. He authored the Shaitaan ke Cahilae (Disciples of Satan) at the instruction of Mirza Tahir. It was a pathetic attempt to cover up the truth that is being exposed by Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. Hadi Ali Chaudhary was deported within 24 hours from London to Pakistan. This shows how close the Jamaat is with London Government. So far there is no news of any official investigation into this financial scam in a charity/religious organisation (Ahmadiyya Jamaat), as the law demands.

According to Ahmedi.org website, which is giving regular updates into what is going on in the Jamaat, Hadi Ali Chaudhary was accused of misappropriation of Jamaat funds from London and using it to make personal property. Jamaat has taken serious action against Mr Hadi Ali Chaudhary. In a counter accusation, from Rabwa Hadi Ali Chaudhary has taken the stand that he is not the only one who has used Jamaat's donations to make personal property, almost every missionary, preacher and office bearer has acquired such properties. Even Mirza Tahir himself, he asserted. Mirza Tahir has not only used million from these donations to increased his assets, he has even used various means to take advantage of the charity laws of UK to acquire and increase his estates.

Another twist to the story is that, there are rumours that one of the 'Princes' of Mirzai Royal Family had made an unacceptable demand on Hadi Ali Chaudhary, but when he was unable to meet that demand, he was accused of misappropriation of funds, disgraced and sent to Pakistan.

Whatever are the reasons, Hadi Ali Chaudhary was disgraced. Fa 'ataberoo ya olil absaar.

We will update this article as more news leak out of the Jamaat.

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

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