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Fatwa No 1
Posted on Friday, October 09 @ 22:24:15 CEST by admin

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

9th May 1996

Al Fatwa No.1


Chief Editor: Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah Co-editor: Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Two Contradictory Beliefs of Mirza Ghulam

The Seat of Hypocrisy

·  "I (Mirza Ghulam) believe in all those things which are in Islamic beliefs and as is the belief of Ahle Sunnah Jammat (Sunni), I believe on all those things which are proven facts according to Quran & Hadith. And after the finality of prophet Hazrat Mohammad's (PBUH) Messengership, I consider any claimant of Prophethood and messengership as a lair and disbeliever. I believe that revelation of messenger started with Adam (PBUH) and ended on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)." (Announcement dated 2nd Oct. 1891 mentioned in Tabligh-e-Risalat p.20. Collection of Advertisements by Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani) 

·  "....I Have said again that these words which recite, this is absolutely and definitely the word of God, just as Quran and torah are the words of God. ....Like Moses and Jesus and David and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) I am truthful........"  (Roohani Khazain vol.19, p.96) 

·  "True God is the God who has sent his messenger in Qadian."  (Roohani Khazain Vol. 18, p. 231) 

Dear Brother & Sister in Islam !! By the Grace of Allah we are having the honour of starting this newsletter. The idea is to show Muslims and non-Muslims the real face of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, and to expose the pious fraud of Ahmadiyyat, committed in the name of Islam.

 Hypocrisy is a worst kind of sin and a very dangerous trait in somebody's personality. A hypocrite is in Islamic sense, a person who pretends to be a Muslim but in fact he is a disbeliever at heart. They, therefore, are more harmful than an open enemy. From the days of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), such double-faced dissemblers have always conspired with the enemies of Islam to damage its cause from within. They have always played the role of a fifth columnist.

After sending His Most Beloved of all Prophets, Syedna Mohammad (pbuh) in the end, Allah says in Holy Quran:

"This day I have perfected your religion for you

and completed my favours upon you and

have chosen for you Islam as your way of life."

(Al-Quran 5:3)

It is for this reasons that despite the weaknesses and short-comings of the Muslim Ummah, Allah has and will always protect it for all times to come from the fabricators, hypocrites and impostors.

The life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, as depicted in his writings, has been plagued with the same duplicity as evident from the above quotations. His personality, his character, his beliefs, his thoughts and his relationship with the Muslim Ummah are nothing but hypocritical, and his writings bear testimony to this effect.

 Through these pages of AlFatwa, Inshallah, we will try to bring forth those aspects of the life of Mirza which are even hidden from the eyes of his ardent followers, let alone a Muslim. I humbly request all qadianis/ahmadis to leave aside their blind faith on Mirza and for once examine these quotations honestly and fairly, and decided for themselves which face of Mirza is the real one.



Dear Brother ! You have read the quotations on the title cover. Before we proceed further, let us see what does Mirza Ghulam Qadiani thinks of his own duplicity. This is what he has to say:-


"And if these inspirations (of Prophethood etc.) would have been revealed by me at a time when these religious scholars were against me then they would have raised thousands of objections. But they were in my favour enthusiasm (against Mirza), they have accepted it once. And reflection will reveal that the foundation of my becoming Promised Messiah was laid on the basis of these inspirations, and in them God has named me Eisa, and the verses with respect to the Promised Messiah, He (God) revealed them in my favour (in Mirza's revelations!!). If religious scholars had know that these inspirations are proving this man (Mirza) to be a messiah, they would have never accepted them. But this is God's power that they accepted and hence they were trapped in the scheme." (Arbaeen No.2, vol. 17 p. 21 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)


Subhan Allah!! This is the Qadiani mentality! The secret of Mirza's evolutionary prophethood and messiahship is concealed in the last line of the above quotation. It seems that from the very beginning in a well planned manner our Mirza had started off with such inspirations which would seem benign to an undoubting reader, such that you can easily twist their meanings according to the situation. And our Mirza has been trapping innocent and unsuspecting Muslims. This is why there is so much contradiction in Mirza's writings. On the one hand he says:-

"How can it be permissible for me to get out of the pale of Islam and to join the party of infidels, by claiming prophethood."

(Hamamatul Bushra, p. 96, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani)


" We also curse the claimant of Prophethood, believe in La Ilaha Illallah (there is no god except Allah & Mohammed is His Messenger ) and believe in the Finality of Prophet (Mohammad) PBUH."

(Advertisement dated 20th Shaaban 1313H,by Mirza)


But on the other hand, book at the following quotations:

"I claim that I am a Messenger and a Prophet."

(Announcement in Badr Newspaper, dated 5th March 1908, by Mirza)


Not only this, Mirza Sahib goes one step further and says:


".....How ridiculous and false this belief is that it should be thought that after Prophet PBUH, the door of revelation from God had been closed forever and in future till the Day of Judgment there is no hope of it (to open). Just worship the stories(of bygone days)...I swear upon God that in this era there won't be anyone more fed up from such religion than me. I call such a religion a devilish religion, not Heavenly religion."

(Zamima Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, part 5, p.183)


Qazi Yar Mohammed, a very close confidante and ardent follower of Mirza writes in his book "Islami Qurbani."

"Hazrat Maseeh Mauood on one occasion revealed his condition that state of revelation overcame upon him in a manner as if he is a female and God has expressed his power of virility (masculinity). A hint is enough for the wise."


Dear Reader! Picture is becoming very complicated. On the one hand Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani believes that Revelation began with the Prophethood of Hazrat Mohammed PBUH, and that any claimant of Prophethood after the Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH, out of the fold of Islam. But on the other hand Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is not only claimant of Prophethood but any such religion where the door of Prophethood is closed, Mirza considers such a religion a devilish religion. In other Words, it is Islam which, in the eyes of Mirza, is a devilish religion, because it is only this religion where this door has been shut for ever. The writings of Mirza bears testimony to this fact. From whatever has been said above, following things are clear:

The door of Prophethood is closed in Islam forever.Any one who claims to be a Prophet is out of the fold of Islam.On the other hand, he does not follow such a religion where the door of Prophethood is closed, rather he considers such a religion a devilish religion.

One wonders that why does Mirza and his followers insists on calling themselves the followers of the very same "devilish religion". Worse than that, qadianis/ahmadis has the cheek to consider other Muslims Infedils, Hellish, Bastard and Out of the pale of Islam. Mirza says:


"Except for the children of prostitutes, whose hearts have been sealed by God, everyone has accepted my Prophethood."

(Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, p.547 by Mirza)


Mirza's son, Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood, the 2nd Khalifa of Qadian, goes a step ahead and declares:

"All Muslims who do not take pledge with Hazrat Maseeh Mauood(Mirza), even if they have not heard of Hazrat Maseeh Mauood, they are KAFIR and out of the fold of Islam." (Aina-e-Sadaqat, p. 35, by Mirza)

Can qadianis/ahmadis answer me the following questions:

What are the reasons for which you still want to identify yourself as Muslims?When your beliefs and the beliefs of your "Prophet " are quite opposite to the tenets of the religion which every body knows and considers as Islam, then why can't you give your creed another name, just as Bahais have done?

It is quite obvious that your interest lies in identifying yourselves as Muslims because only then you can reap the benefits. Only by pretending yourselves as Muslims you can misguide the simple, ignorant and unsuspecting Muslims of Africa, Europe and Americas, and trap them in your net, just as your Mirza used to do. Otherwise there is no other reason for this wrongful and unjust insistence to call your creed Muslims.

What are those benefits and why does Ahmadiyya Movement insist on labeling themselves as Muslims, this we will examine, Insha Allah, in some other later issue. In the end I pray that May Allah show the light of the right path to qadianis/ahmadis and give them the courage to embrace Islam. Ameen.

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