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Posted on Wednesday, August 19 @ 20:46:09 CEST by admin


by Amin Minhas



London based Main Qadiyani Leadership (MQL) has stepped up its policies & measures and all round general efforts for harming the Islamic Repubic of Pakistan and the Religion of Islam. The Main Qadiyani Leadership (MQL) has all along been working intimately with the World Zionist Organization (WZO), which is a public front for the secret rulers of the Jewish people - the Zionist International Jewry (ZINJRY) - and which also has Headquarters in London and is the principal international force acting as the avowed enemy of the Muslim Ummah. Their mutual collaboration should therefore evoke no surprise. If the background of the Qadiyani Subversive Movement is fully examined, it will be found that the Qadiyanis are just like the Druzes, Ismailis and the Bahais. It should also be realized that both the Jews and the Qadiyanis look upon Islam and the Muslims as their primary opponents and thus they are natural allies.

Among the Qadiyani (community) in Pakistan, there is a minority group who are perhaps much less dedicated to the Qadiyani creed than the rest of the community and may even be genuinely disbelieving in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophethood, but those who have to remain within the clan due to social and economic pressures. Additionally, there are also those Qadiyanis who are fully committed to the practicing and preaching of their creed but who may not have knowledge of the MQL aims and schemes of damaging Pakistan.

Nevertheless, regardless of what category do the Qadiyanis belong to, they have to obey the MQL, adhere to the charter of duties and obligations laid down for the Qadiyani community and can be called upon at any time by the MQL to carry out tasks against the interest of Pakistan. We, the Pakistani Muslims have a duty to protect our country from the danger that arises from the Mutually-combined Centrally-controlled Qadiyani Community.  

MQL General Objectives

The objectives of the MQL re-invigorated activities are as follows:

Their target is to check Islam for its rapid growth in the world especially in the Western countries including Russia and in the Far East including Korea, Japan , the Philippines and China and to augment the ongoing campaign of the ZINRY for discrediting Islam and its followers and for creating the bogey of Islamic Threat to the World.To target Pakistan, to assist and advance the ZINJRY schemes against this Country (Pakistan) and to increase the Qadiyani influence and involvement in the major affairs of Pakistan to secure MQL 92 s own interests.To promote unity within the ranks of Qadiyanis who are faced with mutual conflicts and divisiveness.To re-harness those members of the Qadiyani community who are ideologically borderline cases, or are disillusioned with the Qadiyani subversive schemes, are giving priority to their individual interests or who are moving towards renouncing the Qadiyani creed, having come to the conclusion that it is false.To intensify and to expand the preachings of the Qadiyani creed to its followers in Pakistan as well as in other countries of the region and to provide greater motivation to the Qadiyani people to obey the MQL directions of implementing the subversive schemes.To pursue long-term plans, like the Jews, for shaping and cultivating the Qadiyanis' new generation, to shape them into highly skilled agents for achieving MQL aims againt Islam.


Policies and Measures

Some of the policies and measures which the Main Qadiyani Leadership has set in motion with renewed vigour are discussed below :

 Directing Blasphemy and Insults at Islam:

There has been a spate of incidents all over Pakistan of Blasphemy against the Holy Quran and the Personality of the Prophet Mohammed (SAAW). In some of the cases, the culprits involved were know to be Qadiyanis, while in the some of the other cases they were suspected Qadiyanis. Even in the cases where the culprits were Christians, the elements behind the scene turned out to be Qadiyanis.

Many a case of blasphemy has remained unregistered or unactioned. For example an article published in the daily NATION Friday Magazine on 27 December 1991, under the title "ON FILTHY WORDS AND FALLEN WOMEN" by Zaheer Ahmed Bhutta (a suspected Qadiyani), which contained extremely insulting insinuation against Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAAW), apart from having very vulgar contents, remains unregistered by the the Police although efforts were made to register a case of blasphemy against the author and the paper editor.

 Setting up of Dish Antinnas:

The MQL has directed the Qadiyani households to maximize efforts to install dish antinnas with TV sets and tune into the MQL's broadcasts issued by the in*****bent head, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiyani or his top liar tenants in London. As Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, the broadcasts were started on weekly basis on Fridays through a studio in North London, but recently have been changed to daily basis and in several languages and all the Qadiyanis were instructed to view the broadcasts as a matter of compulsory routine. Paying hugh sums, the MQL has obtained an exclusive Satellite TV channel for the above-mentioned purpose and could also use it to convey coded messages to its agents especially during crisis periods in Pakistan.

 Radio Broadcasts

Radio Broadcasts were also started from January 94. Daily transmissions are conducted in Urdu, Bengali, English and Russian languages and could have the same significance as that of TV transmissions.

 Disclosure of Qadiyani Identity:

In a new policy step, many of the Qadiyanis who previously were keeping silent neither acknowledging nor denying their identity, have now been directed to publicize themselves as Qadiyanis. It seems the MQL felt that hiding of the identity by most of its followers in Pakistan was obstructing the advance of the Qadiyani movement. Another reason is that the MQL's step is in tune with the ZINJRY's own new policy of recent years, by which more and more of the Jews around the world are being allowed to disclose their previously hidden Jewish identity. The policy of disclosure is still meant to exclude the Qadiyanis holding key or senior appointments in the civil and military services and other important fields of national affairs in Pakistan.

 Dedicating Children for Life-long Service:

In a move exactly on the pattern of the Jews that the ZINJRY has been systematically using for about 200 years, the MQL has laid down a practice under which babies, boys or girls, born to Qadiyani couples are earmarked as a dedicated for life-long service to the Main Qadiyani Leadership. A special committee handles this scheme. The children's names and family particulars are recorded and thereafter all the affairs of their lives, including schooling and future career are supervised and directed by the committee. The committee is to decide after necessary evaluation about the career in Science or Arts to be followed by each child, and his or her subsequent employment on special mission for the advacement of the Qadiyani aims.

 Support to ZINJRY's Schemes of Independent Kashmir & Defence Cuts:

The MQL has directed the Qadiyanis to give support and projection to the ZINJRY's scheme of Independent Kashmir, which envisages breaking away of the Northern Areas from Pakistan and carving out Three Independent Mini-states from the Occupied and Azad Kashmir. Qadiyani Journalists, Professors, Foreign Service Officials and Retired or Serving Military Officers, while generally remaining in disguise, are busy canvassing for the Independent Option. One such individual is a Retired Govt-official, employed on Periodical Instructional Assigments in the Civil Services Academy, Lahore, who in a talk in a Rotary Club meeting emphatically tried to make a case for an independent Kashmir. When he was confronted with the Northern Areas question, that their separation would upset the political and territorial integrity of Pakistan, he kept silent ! Similarly the community's Intellectuals and prominenetly-placed members have been directed to support and spread the American/Zionist demand that Pakistan should cut its Defence Budget unilaterally. The Qadiyani journalists, especially one Khalid Ahmad, previously of THE NATION, and now working for the FRONTIER POST, is constantly projecting this demand.

  Spearheading the All for American Lobby:

The well-placed Qadiyanis have also been directed by the MQL to support and spearhead the pro-US lobby in Pakistan, which is now being led to espouse the position that Pakistan cannot live without US aid and involvement; and therefore Defence Cuts, Decentralization of Federal Government, Expansion of Provincial Autonomy etc. in other word give all that the Americans want. If any government agrees to these measures, it would of course mean the end of Pakistan, yet the All-For American Lobby, with Qadiyanis in the forefront, seems to be influencing people in some of the important circles.

 Capturing Important Positions:

There are alarming reports of Qadiyanis having secured high posts in the Federal Secretariat in Islamabad as well as in the Provincial Administrations. A number of Qadiyanis were shifted to important appointments in July 1993 by The Imported Prime Minister, Moeen Qureshi, who himself was reported to be a Qadiyani loyalist in intellectual if not in religious terms.

The MQL particularly seeks to capture Academic Positions in Pakistan and Abroad. In Academic Institutions in Britain and USA, Qadiyani Professor have been infiltrating into centres/departments of Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Urdu etc. Everywhere they are being used by the MQL to subvert the Teachings of Islam and the Interests of Pakistan.

Damage done to Pakistan in the Past

The full extent of the serious damage done to Pakistan by the Qadiyanis has not been realized so far because the subject has not been investigated comprehensively either by official or non-official analysts. It was the Qadiyanis in the Civil Services who were employed as the trusted agents by the anti-Pakistan Western/Zionist Governments from the time of Pakistan's Independence. The Qadiyani, Ghulam Ahmad, was even identified as the Scotland Yard's Principal Agent for looking after the British interests in Pakistan. It is a published fact that Sir ChoudharyZafarullah Khan, the First Foreign Minister, obeying his Westren Masters dragged the country into the American-British lap, preventing the patriotic elements in the Government of Pakistan from shaping a balanced neutral policy for the newly-established country.

The Qadiyani agents, with M.M. Ahmad and Aziz Ahmad in the lead, played the key role in destablizing the Central Government in the late 1950's and in bringing General Ayub Khan in power in October 1958 in accordance with the USA/Zionist plans. On Ayub Khan's installation by the Americans, as the Chief Martial Law Administrator, Aziz Ahmad appointed himself as Cabinet Secretary and Ayub Khan's Principal Secretary and in that capacity acted as the country's real ruler for quite some time. M.M. Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed's grandson, became a close confidante of Ayub Khan and led him into implementing the American/Zionist schemes, whose long-term sinister aims were not understood by General Ayub Khan at all.

The role of the Qadiyanis in thrusting the 1965 War on Pakistan is well-known by now. Nawab Ameer Mohammed Khan, then Governor of West Pakistan and known to be an intimate friend of Ayub Khan is quoted by Qudratullah Shahab in his book as having said:

"The 1965 War was not at all a war for the interests of Pakistan. Actually this War was perpetrated by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Aziz Ahmed, Major General Akhtar Malik, M.M. Ahmed and Nazir Ahmed."

All of these characters except Bhutto were known Qadiyanis. Incidentally, another figure who also participated in the secret schemes of this gang and was an effective instrument in misleading Ayub Khan, was N.A. Farooqi, a Qadiyani who had been appointed as the Principal Secretary to the President for this very purpose. It was by a stroke of good fortune, of course , with the help of Allah Almighty that Pakistan was saved from the disaster which the Qadiyani gang had planned to bring about in accordance with the American/Zionist scheme through that War.

The secret role of the Qadiyanis in the 1971 war is still hidden. However it is known that Aziz Ahmad, as the Chief Secretary in East Pakistan, did a lot of subversive work in alienating the East Pakistani public from the Central Government and inflaming separatist feelings amongst them. Rafi Raza, another subversive figure, a suspected Qadiyani and a CIA agent, was in close collusion with Z.A. Bhutto, enforcing surrender on the Pakistan Armed Forces in Dhaka in December 1971.  

More Rrecent damage

In the political confrontation between President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Prime Minister Mohammed Nawaz Sharif, plunged the country into severe crisis in all fields of national life from February '93 till October 1993. The main instigator was M.M Ahmad; his other accompice in that scheme was Rafi Raza. Even the information about their clandestine role in that confrontation, which has been leaked out in the press, is enough to establish the sabotage committed by them.  

Qadiyanis Involvement in the Next India-Pakistan War

On what major schemes are the Qadiyani agents are working, we may not know immediately, however one thing is certain i.e. that the Qadiyani agents in and outside Pakistan (like M.M.Ahmad and Rafi Raza who stay abroad) will be employed by the American/Zionist schemers to shape the events in engineering the next Indo-Pak War and in securing their planned destructive aims against Pakistan through that war. It ought to be realized that another war between India and Pakistan is itself a certainty although its exact timings cannot be predicted. In the ZINJRY's program the next India-Pakistan War has to take place by the end of 1995; it is quite likely to be engineered within the current year.

The coming war, just like the previous two delibrately-directed India-Pakistan Wars, will also be an engineered and deliberately-directed event. The trusted Qadiyani agents of the American/Zionist administration are bound to be employed in various ways, including passing of disinformation to the top decidion-making authorities. The ZINJRY's earmarked persons, Qadiyanis and non- Qadiyanis are already being slipped into important/key posts, just as was done before the war in 1965 and 1971.

It should be noted that there has to be comprehensive plan to save Pakistan from the enemy's schemes concerning the next war.  

Protection against the Qadiyani Threat

Once the authorities in Islamabad realize the full range of the threats posed by the Main Qadiyani Leadership and its agents, they would automatically know the counter-measures to be under-taken. Only two suggestions are advanced here:

Considering the sensitiveness and the seriousness of the danger, it is essential that a special cell should be formed at a suitable level and given the task of planning and conducting all the required counter-measures thoughout the country. Looking at the free hand that the Qadiyani agents have been having in damaging our country, it seems that in safegaurding the security of Pakistan, the threat from the Qadiyani agents has not been taken into account so far. Even the Qadiyani agents, such as M.M. Ahmad and Rafi Raza, whose subversive activities have been confirmed, continue to operate within the ranks of the highest authorities in Pakistan. As such it is obvious that even basic measures will also have to be included in the defensive plan to be made by the cell.A great deal of attention has to be given to devising ways to deal with the half-hearted borderline Qadiyani cases, especially those who are at high military/civil posts. It should be possible to get them into the regular fold of Islam. While keeping them under surveillance discreetly, they should be intelligently approached and influenced by genuine and well-educated Islamic Scholars as well as by such Muslims who are looked upon as sincere friends by the border-line Qadiyanis. It is not known if systematic attempts to retrieve these cases have been made in the past. However, if conducted wisely, the plan would surely produce positive results. In this regard wider efforts to influence the disillusioned young men and women of the Qadiyani community should also be undertaken. In all these plans, effective contribution of suitable preachers from amongst the Muslim Ummah can be obtained.


Determination to Protect Pakistan from the Qadiyani Schemes

The Goverments in Pakistan have shown a serious lack of determination in dealing with the anti-Pakistan Qadiyanis and their schemes. One reason of course is that the Qadiyani officials and political figures, themselves being a part of the administrative machinery, have been successfully preventing governmental actions against them. Another major reason is that the Muslim in high position in Pakistan have not really comprehended that Qadiyanis by ideology are traitors and enemies to Islam and belong to the category of people who are outside the faith of Islam and that on their part, the Qadiyanis treat the Muslim people as unbelievers or infidels.

Allama Mohammed Iqbal, in a comprehensive thesis on the Qadiyani danger which was written in reply to Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru's articles published in favour of the Qadiyani creed in 1935, made the following remarks:

"The cultural value of the idea of finality Islam, I have fully explained elsewhere. Its meaning is simple : No spiritual surrender to any human being after Mohammed (PBUH) who emancipated his followers by giving them a law which is realizable, arising from the very core of human conscience. Theologically the doctrine is that : Socio-Political Organization called Islam is perfect and eternal. No revelation, the denial of which entails heresy, is possible after Mohammed (PBUH). He, who claims such a revelation is a Traitor to Islam. Since the Qadiyanis believe the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement to be the bearer of such a revelation, they declare that the entire world of Islam is infidel".

The blank refusal of Sir Choudhary Zafarullah Khan to join the Namaz-e-Janaza of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah in September 1948, was a publically-displayed evidence of this unholy tenet of the Qadiyani creed. It is not a matter to be taken lightly that the Qadiyanis consider the Muslim as infidels.  

Verdict of Quran-e-Majeed

The Book of Allah that gives us guidance on all matters of life, warns the Muslims (so that they do not get cheated) about those who are outside their fold.

"O YE who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks.

They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin.

Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouth;

what their hearts conceal is far worse.

We have made plain to you the Sign, if ye have wisdom.

(Al Quran 3:118)


We cannot afford to ignore or be complacent about the war of subversion being waged by the Main Qadiyani Leadership, which is operating in league with the Zionist International Jewry. And to deal with the Qadiyani agents there is no other option but to have a dedicated body for this purpose and to exercise full determination to protect the Islamic Republic of Pakistan from the Qadiyani danger.

By courtesy of: Amin Minhas Tehreek-e-Fahm-ul-Quran Islamabad Pakistan.

Distributed by

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

Dr Syed Rashid Ali P O Box 11560  Dibba Al Fujairah United Arab Emirates Fx No +9791 442 846

New Qadiani Conspiracy against Pakistan

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