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Ahmadiyya movement in against islam
Posted on Friday, October 02 @ 13:24:51 CEST by admin

In the name of Allah, the One and Only. His Love and Peace be upon Syedna Mohammad, after Whom there is No Prophet, and upon His Ahle Bait and His Companions


FACT SHEET NO. 1 - An Overview

Friday, August 25, 1995

Dear Brothers/Sisters in Islam Colonial era began in 17th Century when European Powers started colonizing various parts of the globe. British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Belgain - all of them took part in this rat-race. British came to India as traders in 18th Century and gradually usurped the power from Muslims who had been ruling the Indian Subcontinent for 1000 years. They faced repeated uprisings especially from the Muslim quarters. This was the same Movement of Jihad which had earlier forced them to leave Sudan. The Independence Movement of 1857 and the Jihad Movement of Syed Ahmed Shaheed were nearly successful in uprooting them from the Indian soil but for some black sheeps amongst the Muslim ranks, who took sides with the Colonial Masters for their petty interests and compromised Muslim resistance. A commission of inquiry consisting of Members of British Parliament, Church Officials and Journalists, came to India in 1868 to find out ways and means of controlling this spirit of jihad. In 1870 they submitted their report entitling "THE ARRIVAL OF BRITISH EMPIRE IN INDIA." In this report they recommended that :


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, was selected for the task. Years later, he admitted in his letter to the Lt. Governor of Punjab that he is the SELF IMPLANTED & SELF CULTIVATED SEEDLING OF THE BRITISH MASTERS. In another letter to Queen Victoria on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of her coronation, he reminded her of the services rendered by his father (who donated fifty armed horsemen to fight against the Muslims in the Mutiny of 1857, to prove his loyalty to the Raj) and his own CONTRIBUTION of FIFTY THOUSAND leaflets, treatises, and books written, printed and distributed in various Muslim countries,


the proof of his unswerving loyalty to the British Raj. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born in 1839/1840 in a Mughal Barlas landlord family, who had lost all its lands at the hands of Sikh Rulers. With the coming of British, the family saw a chance to regain the lost estate and became their faithful servants. Mirza recieved formal religious education at home and studied medicine from his father. Being of weak mind, his father used to discourage him from indulging in books. Around 25 years of age, he ran away from home with his father's yearly pension and spent it in various undesirable pursuits. Later he took up a clerical appointment at a civil court in Sialkot. Here he befriended certain Christian Padres, who were later on responsible for his selection as a candidate for 'apostolic prophet'. According to his writings, Mirza Ghulam suffered from various illnesses including melancholia, hypochondriasis, paranoia, fits of unconsciousness, attacks of hysteria, dizzy turns, diabetes mellitus, excessive urination of upto 100 times per day, impotence etc. etc. He used to consume wine to boost his health. Under divine instructions he prepared a special medicine called, 'TIRYAQ-E-ILAHI' , a major component of which was opium . Not only he, but others in his jama'at were also using this medicine for sexual energy, amongst them Hakeem Nuruddin, the 1st Successor and Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood, Mirza's son and his 2nd Successor. A combination of mental sickness, wine and opium is enough for anyone to become God. Hence it was not surprising that the sudden emotional trauma due to his fathers death when he was around 37 years old, precipitated Acute Psychotic Illness with Auditory and Visual Hallucinations and Delusions of Grandeur. He thought that he was inspired by God AlMighty! Mirza claimed to be recipient of revelation thrrough angels called Teechee Teechee and Ail . His revelation informed him that God has named him after all the previous Holy Prophets. Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya became the book of God and whomsoever did not accept his prophethood were labeled by him as Children of Prostitute, considered to be Disobedient of Allah and Holy Prophet PBUH, out of the fold of Islam and doomed to hell. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claimed to be the 1) Promised Messiah, 2) Mahdi, 3)Prophet, 4) Messenger and 5) Second Advent of Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH, ALL IN ONE, who has come again in the person of Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani to propagate Islam! Now he was none other than Holy Prophet himself, his followers became Sahaba, his family assumed the title of Ahle Bait and his wife was addressed as Umm-ul-Momineen!! Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani boasted that his claims are based on (his own distorted interpretation of) Holy Quran and His Own revelation. He announced:

"Like a waste paper, I discard all those Hadiths (of Holy Prophet PBUH) which are contradictory to my Revelations and Claims."

(Zamima Nuzool-e-Maseeh, Roohani Khazain Vol 19 p.140)

His 80 books, collected and published as Roohani Khazain by Ahmadiya Movement, illustrate his heretical views and provides an insight into the personality of this man. Although Ahmadiyya Movement claims to have printed Holy Quran with their own (altered and distorted) translation in 120 different languages, but it is surprising that the books written by this so-called Promised Messiah and Mahdi have hardly been translated into English! Request by us for permission to translate and print these books were turn down by the Ahmadiyya Movement HQ in London! Perhaps Ahmadiyya Movement does not like to bring to light the personality of its founder and his real beliefs, lest their fraud be exposed. Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani established Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam in 1889. His followers were called Ahmadis. By his edict, all those who did not follow him were out of the fold of Islam. Ahmadis were forbidden to pray behind a Muslim Imam, offer funeral prayer of other muslims or intermarry with other Muslims (because everybody else was a Kafir except Ahmadis!) . He abrogated jihad and declared that loyalty to the British Raj is the religious responsibility of every Muslim and whoever lifts a sword against them is disobedient of Allah and his Prophet.

Ahmadiyya Movement continued to flourish under the benevolent patronage of British Rulers and Muslims could do little to obliterate the advances of Mirza Ghulam's heretical doctrines. However, one of his fiercest opponent , Molvi Sanaullah Amratsari, pestered him so much that in 1907 he invited him for a prayer duel. He advertised his supplication to Allah AlMighty pleading Him to annihilate the liar amongst the two in the lifetime of truthful one, by Cholera or Plague. He considered them to be the sign of Divine Anger and Punishment. Mirza died of cholera within one year!! Ironically, his dead body was carried from Lahore to Qadian in a Rialway Carriage - the same Vehicle, which in his opinion was the Transport of THE PROMISED MASEEH AlDAJJAL - the Grand Liar!! Molvi Sanaullah Amratsari lived for 40 years after Mirza's death. Mirza Ghulam was succeeded by the so-called "Khulafa alRashideen", of whom the Fourth Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, the grandson of Mirza, is now residing in their present Headquarters in London. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers (qadiani/ahmad/mirzai/lahori) have been unanimously declared Apostates, Disbelievers (Kafirs) and Out of the fold of Islam by religious scholars of all schools of Fiqh (Sunni, Ahle Hadith, Shi etc..). Mauritius was the first country to declare them non-Muslims in 1930's, followed by South Africa. In 1974, Islamic Republic of Pakistan became the first Muslim country to pass a law and legally declared Qadianis/Ahmadis/Lahoris a non-Muslim minority, giving them all the rights of a minority that are gauranteed in its constitution. In the same year, An International Convention of Islamic Scholars was held in Makkah AlMukarramah under the auspeces of Rabita AlAlam AlIslami. Scholars from 124 countries unanimously declared Qadianis/Ahmadis as non-Muslim, disbelievers and out of the fold of Islam. This sealed the fate of this creed for ever in the Arab World and other Muslim Nations. Despite these religious edicts, Ahmadiyya Movement and its followers (ahmadis) continue to pretend to be Muslim and the Champions of Islam, who are admired by the Westerners for their moderate views. The reason for their obstinacy is quite obvious. They are the fifth columnists amongst the Muslims and their so-called islamic identity provide a cover for their clandestine activities while they continue to serve the interests of their masters. Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam is a Religio-Political Trading Corporation.It has branches in all countries and all major cities of the world under whose umbrella Qadianis/Ahmadis are systematically trapping Muslims, who are ignorant of their evil designs. Whether in America, Europe or Central Asia, or the underprivileged and displaced communities like Africans and Bosnian Refugees, all those who are not aware of the real motives of Ahmadiyya Movement get trapped by them in the name of Islam. 50,000 Muslims in Mali, 24,000 Muslims in Ivory Coast, 100,000 Bosnian Refugees in Europe and 45000 Albanians are just a few victims of Qadiani Onslaught. With the fall of Communism, West has suddenly realized that Islam is a bigger threat to their degenerating society. Moral deprivation and purposeless material life style has created a Spiritual Vacuum in the lives of Westerners and they are greatly attracted towards Islam. Islam is thus the fastest growing religion in the West, which is very alarming for them. It is under such cir*****stances that this seedling implanted more than 100 years ago is paying dividends. Amongst other strategies adopted to check the growth of Islam, supporting the activities of Ahmadiyya Movement is another way of halting this progress.

A Muslim converted to Ahmadiyyat is one Muslim less.

They know it just as the Qadiani hierarchy knows it. Towards this goal, the movement is doing the following


every ahmadi is contributing 6-30% of his savings to the Jama'at, to sustain the Qadiani Royal Family and to propagate Ahmadiyyat.printing weekly and monthly periodicals in 120 different languages.In 1989 Christian Missionaries working in Ethiopia spent $35 million to publish distribute free Qadiani Literature in West African countriesJewish Leader of the New York Business Community donated a computerized printing press on the birthday of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Imam of Ahmadiayya Jama'atMuslim Television Ahmadiyya has been set up in North London. It has hired 4 Satelites for its world wide transmission of recorded as well as live programs in 13 different languages, an investment which even a rich country can not afford.Ahmadiyya Radio is broadcasting daily programs in Urdu, English, Bengali and Russian since Jan 1994.Distributing Holy Qurans with their own distorted and corrupt translations and other Islamic literature in various communities like Africans, Bosnians, Albanians, Central Asian & Russian Muslims etc.Setting up mosques and centers in various countries.

How Ahmadiyya Movement is funding all such projects, is anybody's guess. Suffice is to say that the amount collected by donations from the wealthy qadianis/ahmadis is not enough to even sustain the Qadiani Royal Family all over the world. Today Ahmadiyya Cult asserts having a community strength of 10 million qadianis/ahmadis all over the world. 99.99% are converts from Islam!! What a loss to the nation! The reasons for these conversions are :

Ignorance from Teachings of Islam;Ignorance about Mirza Ghulam, Ahmadiyya Movement and its evil designs;Poverty.

Financial and sexual incentives used to be the most attractive charm to become a qadiani. But in recent times, Ahmadiyya Movement is using another ploy to trap Muslims. Through their unfounded propaganda of the so-called persecution of ahmadis in Pakistan, they have managed to attract the attention of Human Rights Organisations. Western Govermments, being the so-called champions of human rights, are granting immigration and asylum to qadianis/ahmadis from Pakistan. All one has to do is to take an oath of allegiance (and sell his faith for petty material gains) to Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Ahmadiyya Jama'at issues a certificate and on its ground a person gets an asylum along with a qadiani girl to marry! Dear Brother! Help us in making other Muslim brothers aware of this pious fraud in the name of Islam. It is hurting Islam form within. Knowing Islam is essential BUT NOT ENOUGH to protect you from Ahmadiyya Fraud. You have to know about the ilk of Ahmadiyya Movement to protect your faith.

A Word Of Advice to Qadianis/Ahmadis

Read the books of Mirza Ghulam with an open heart. It is all there. He said "anyone who has not read my books at least three times, his faith is in doubt." I am sure none of you have read these books even once. How can you? 30% of his books are in Persian and Arabic and the rest are in Urdu. How many of you know all three languages? If after reading them you still insist on believing in his claims, then is your choice. But then, since you have :

your very own prophetyour own holy book called Braheen-e-Ahmadiyyayour own holy city of Qadianyour own pilgrimage to Qadianyour own heavenly graveyardyour own Masjid-e-Aqsayour own meaning of KALIMA in which Mirza gets included automaticallyyour own 'Holy Family'your own set of 'Companions'your own religion called Ahmadiyyat

In other words you have a Parallel Nation to Islam! You desecrate everything sacrosanct to a Muslim! You play with the sentiments of about 1 Billion followers and yet you expect them not to react. Stop this Sacrilege. Stop decieving people in the name of Islam. Give your creed any name other than Islam and believe me, Muslims will be as tolerant towards you as they are towards people of the other faith. May Allah open your heart for Islam. May Allah protect all Muslims from the evil forces against Islam. Ameen. Yours truly in Islam Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

http://www.alhafeez.org/rashid/ For further information, please apply to; to: rasyed@emirates.net.ae or P.O Box 11560 Dibba AlFujairah United Arab Emirates

New Qadiani Conspiracy against Pakistan

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