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Mirza Tahir and Mubahila
Posted by admin on Friday, October 09 @ 22:17:46 CEST (7558 reads)
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Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Rehman

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 7th June 2003

Mirza Tahir and Mubahila  

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali  

"Those liars who do Mubahila with the truthfuls, those liars die in the lifetime of truthfuls" (Statement of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani in Malfoozaat

In 1988 Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, the self styled khalifa of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, published a challenge of Mubahila (prayer duel) to the entire Muslim Ummah, addressing them as 'disbelievers, liars'. The challenged was discretely thrown into houses of Muslims in the middle of night in Karachi. Many Muslim scholars accepted this challenge, including Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah, the founder of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam and offered to come to London for a face to face Mubahila (as required by the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW). Mirza Tahir, however, got so scared that he did not even acknowledged these offers.

Ever since, myself on behalf of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam had challenged Mirza Tahir for Mubahila on several occasions (1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000)1, but he never got the courage to accept these challenges. Maulana Manzoor Chinioti had been going to London almost every year and challenging Mirza Tahir for mubahila, but in vain. Brother Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari went to London Headquarter in September 19962 and desired to meet Mirza Tahir for a mubahila, but he refused to see him.

There is a saying in urdu that when the death approaches the jackal, he approaches the city. Over the years of his khilafat, Mirza Tahir became more and more arrogant, but every one has his day and some days are longer than others. Despite being cautious never to accept a mubahila challenge, Mirza Tahir made the fatal mistake in 1999.

In June 1999, Mr Illias Suttar had been having discussions with Mohammed Usman, the Qadiani Murrabi in Karachi, Pakistan. During the course of this discussion, on 3rd June 1999, Mohammed Usman gave a booklet entitled "Challenge of Mubahilla to the Entire Muslim Ummah" dated 10/6/88 to Mr Illias and offered to have Mubahila on behalf of Mirza Tahir, to prove the truthfulness of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. This was readily accepted by Brother Illias Suttar.

Subsequently during the Jalsa Salana of July 1999 in London, Mirza Tahir announced the acceptance of this mubahila in front of his 18,000 followers, who were gathered in Izlamabad in Surrey, UK, for this Jalsa. He called names to Mr Illias Suttar: "Karachi ka Jaahil", "Lalloo Panjoo", "Airaa Ghairaa Nathoo Khairaa".

Exactly after 20 days of accepting this challenge, while on a tour of Norway, Mirza Tahir was struck by the curse of Mubahila. He was delivering a speech, when he suudenly could not say anything coherently. He was flown to London and was in *****municado for many weeks, recovering from his mysterious illness.

The following account of this mubahila and its results were published by Brother Illias Suttar.  


Mirza Tahir annoucning the Mubahila with Illias Suttar on Ahmadiyya TV

On 30th July 1999 during the 34th Jalsa Salana in London, in front 18000 Qadianis who came from all over the world, Qadiani Leader Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani announced the Mubahila with Illias Suttar, which was directly telecasted all over the world through Ahmadiyya TV channel. Some exceprts from the speech of Mirza Tahir is presented here:

"At this moment first of all I will present you a review of attendance. Just now Idrees Saheb has presented this summary of figures. He says that the attendence of this first meeting is more than the attendance of the final day's meeting last year. AlHamdolillah summa AlHamdolillah. Last year, the final day's attendance was 17,500, this year the first day's attendance is 18,500 ..... the thing is that in Karachi a JAAHIL (illiterate) has dared to do Mubahila ...... our scholars should understand this thing that my work, I am the Head of all the Jamaats worldwide and this is not my job that any Tom, Dick and Harry who challenges for Mubahila, to accept his mubahila or to challenge in reutrn. But I do not know why people do not understand. Therefore it so happened that two Murabbi Sahebaan of Karachi were trapped by their apparent opponent and called him for debate. He (Illias) came with this intention that during the debate he will suddenly challenge for Mubahila. This during the debate he presented a challenge of Mubahila. And despite that it was not in*****bant on me, because I had not given him the challenge. But it was never obligatory on me to accept his challenge, and if I had accepted it them I would applied some conditions like who is your leader behind you? who supports you? who accepts you? if you are defeated, will you accept the victory of Ahmadiyyat. But leaving aside all these things, our two simple Murabbias not only accepted his challenge of mubahila but also gave my challenge to him. Now what has this got to do with it? They had no right to do this, but I understand that they were two fighters of Ahmadi army. Therefore they accepted it and I ALSO ACCEPT IT. AND FROM THIS POINT OF VIEW I HAVE ACCEPTED THIS CHALLENGE OF MUBAHILA ...... I AM SAYING THIS THING OPENLY IN FRONT OF YOU THAT ONLY THIS ONE YEAR THE PERSON WHO IS DOING MUBAHILA WILL BE PROVEN A LIAR. "

Mubahila is valid after the accpetance from both parties

"(On 3rd June 1999) the topic of discussion was the Rewarding Challenge of Illias Suttar. Mukarram Usman Saheb presented Mukarram Illias Suttar the Challenge of Mubahila by Mirza Tahir, Imam Jamaat Ahmadyya, and gave him the leaflet of Mubahila dated 10th June 1988. Muhtaram Illias Suttar accepted this challenge of Mubahila."

AlFazl Internations 3rd Sept 1999 - 12th Sept 1999 printed the Mubahila News:

"Illias Suttar has accepted the Mubahila Challenge given by Jamaat Ahmadiyya"

Comments of Mohammed Zakaria Khan Qadiani, President of Shah Faisal Colony Qadiani Halqa

"Since Illias Suttar has presented himself in the court of Allah, now Allah will decree, which will be turth and just, inshaAllah."

Faiza Ayesha (Qadiani) emailed to Illias Suttar on 5th October 2002

"Illyas Saheb as Mirza Tahir is ill, may be this illness due to your mubahila. Faiza" faiza_ayesha@hotmail.com



Translation: Mirza Tahir afflicted by illness 20 days after annoucing the Mubahila

"London 10th Sepr 1999: Huzoor (Mirza Tahir) gave a brief sermon of 17-18 minutes. As usual MTA telecasted the sermon live. Regarding his illness and absence from AlFazl Mosque for prayers for certain period of time, Huzoor said that: "... there were some mental worries, difficulty to explain anything coherently. The main reason for this worries was the Jalsa Salana. 21,000 man and women, I have to meet all of them. The burden of meetings is more than the burden of speeches in Jalsa. Everyone relates their problems, then stand with them to make photographs, all these burdens heaped together, and then all of a sudden there was vacuum......as a result my mind was involved in such thoughts that I considered it wise not to come for sermons yet........ may God make this sermon a begining for my future health. So I have appeared in front of you, so that you can see with your own eyes that I am perfectly normal. My mental status and power is all in order and I can say everything with full conviction and confidence." (AlFazl International 14th September 1999)

Question from Illias Suttar: If the reason of this sickness was the exhaustion of Jalsa Salana, why did this sickness happen 20 days after the Jalsa? You should have become sick immediately after the Jalsa. Besides this was 34th Jalsa, did he or any other Khalifa ever become sick for such a length of time in any of the previous of 33 Jalsas? In the previous 33rd Jalsa as well there were 17,500 delegates. Why did you not become sick then?

Khatme Nabuwwat Weekly

Mubahila 2000
Posted by admin on Friday, October 09 @ 21:58:46 CEST (2129 reads)
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam May 2000

Who can be more wicked than one who invent a lie against Allah or said "I have received inspiration" when he has received none? (Al-Quran 6:93)

Mubahila 2000

Millennium Challenge of Mubahila to Mirza Tahir


Mirza Tahir A Qadiani

Imam Jamaat Ahmadiyya,

16-18 Gressenhall Road

London SW18 5QL

United Kingdom

Mr. Mirza Tahir A Qadiani

Peace be on those who seek and follow the hidayah

Sub: Mubahila 2000/Muharram 1421

I, Dr. Syed Rashid Ali of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, challenge you to a Mubahila at the beginning of this new millennium and the new Islamic year. Once again I give you an opportunity to prove the world the truthfulness of your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement who claimed to be a prophet, promised messiah and imam mahdi, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement.

Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani stated the following as an inspiration from God:

"By way of prophecy the Exalted God revealed it to this humble one that ultimately the elder daughter of Mirza Ahmad Baig, son of Mirza Gaman Baig Hoshiarpuri, would be married to me. These people would resort to great hostility and would place obstacles in the way, but in the end, it surely would take place. The Exalted God would, by all possible means, bring her to me, whether as a virgin or a widow, and would remove all impediments, and would of necessity, fulfill this task and none would be able to prevent it." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.198)

After publicising this prophecy, he declared:

"This should be clear to people that there can be no better criterion of testing our truth or falsehood than our prophecy." (Roohani Khazain Vol. 5 P.285-286; Collection of Advertisements vol.1 p.156-157)

The Mubahila will be conducted on the basis of this prophecy of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani about his Divine Marriage with Mohammadi Begum.

The Mubahila would be conducted in accordance with the Sunnah of my Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW and tradition of your false prophet Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Both parties will sit face to face, in front of audience, and four witnesses from either side. Both us will take oath on Holy Quran and declare the following:

On the basis of these writings, I will declare on oath that Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, was a Liar, a false claimant of prophethood. Mirza Tahir! You will declare on oath that Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani was a truthful person, his prophecy about his divine marriage with Mohammadi Begum was fulfilled and therefore he is true prophet of Allah.

Then both of us will invoke the curse of Allah upon the liar between the two of us, to be manifested within one year from the date of acceptance of this Mubahila.

Venue: AlFazl Mosque, 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18 United Kingdom

Date: According to the convenience of Mirza Tahir any date and time is acceptable to me.

Mr. Mirza Tahir,

You have three months from 1st of May 2000 to accept this challenge of Mubahila. Once again it is a golden opportunity for you to prove that your grandfather and founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was truthful in his claims of prophethood, that God truly informed him of this divine marriage with Mohammadi Begum and this prophecy was fulfilled.

Failure to accept this challenge of Mubahila on your part will be taken as a deliberate attempt to hide the truth and a proof that you know very well that Mirza Ghulam was a liar in his claims, was a liar about this prophecy and therefore he was not a prophet of Allah.  

Prophecy of Divine Marriage with Mohammadi Begum

Following are some of the quotations from the books of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani regarding this allegedly divine marriage of Mirza with Muhammadi Begum:

"If I am truthful than God will fulfill these prophecies. If these words are not from God, then my end will be very miserable and never ever these prophecies will be fulfilled. Our Lord! Judge between us and our people in truth, for you are the best of those who give judgment. And in the end I make this prayer that O Omnipotent and Knowledgeable God! If the prophecies of severe punishment to Atham and ultimate marriage of the daughter of Ahmad Baig with this humble one, if these prophecies are from you then manifest them in a manner which becomes a sign for your creations and the mouths of dark-spirited jealous people are shut.


But if your blessing is with me and if you are the one who spoke to me and said: 'antaa wajeehee fi hadhratee, akhtertoka le nafsee' (you are respectable for me, I have chosen you for myself) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'yahmadokAllaho min arshihee' (God praises you from His throne) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'ya Eisa allazee laa yoda'a waqtehee' (O Eisa he does not waste his time) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'alaisAllaho bek'aafin abdehee' (Is Allah not sufficient for his servant?) and if you are the one who addressed me and said 'qul innee omirto wa ana awwalul mo'mineen' (Say I obey your command and I am the first Muslim) and if you are the one who is almost daily telling me 'antaa ma'ee wa anaa ma'ak' (you are with me and I am with you), then help me and stand up in my support. Wa innee maghloobun fantaser (and I am vanquished, thus help me).

I am Khaksaar Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian, District Gurdaspur

Dated 27th October 1894" (Collection of Advertisement vol.2 p.115-116)

1896, Mirza insisted that his prophecy was true and he had no doubt about its ultimate fulfillment. He again insisted that:

"I say again and again that the essence of the prophecy, the death of the son-in-law of Ahmad Beg (i.e. Sultan Muhammad) is assuredly pre-destined, wait for it. IF I AM A LIAR, THIS PROPHECY WILL NOT BE FULFILLED AND MY DEATH WILL COME." (Anjam-e-Atham p.31. Roohani Khazain vol.11 p.31, footnote)

It is obvious from these statements that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was quite convinced about his divine marriage with Mohammadi Begum and but alas! Despite repeated assurances from his god, this marriage never materialized, thus proving that indeed these inspirations were not from Allah, but from satan, and that Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani was a Big Liar as per his own criteria:

"This should be clear to people that there can be no better criterion of testing our truth or falsehood than our prophecy." (Roohani Khazain Vol. 5 P.285-286; Collection of Advertisements vol.1 p.156-157)

Please Mirza Tahir A Qadiani. Do not try to run away once again from this Mubahila, as you have done on previous occasions. Be a brave man, stop deceiving your ignorant followers and for once try to prove that you really believe in the truthfulness of your prophet whose khalifa you are.

Wassalamun ‘ala mun ittaba’a alhuda

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

May 2, 2000

Curse of Allah be upon Liars

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam Dr. Syed Rashid Ali P O Box 11560 Dibba Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. Tel: 9719 244 7337 Fax: 9719 244 2846 rasyed@emirates.net.ae |http://alhafeez.org/rashid/


Notice given to Mirza Tahir for Lying
Posted by admin on Friday, October 09 @ 21:54:38 CEST (4509 reads)
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 11th September 1999  

Bismillah arRehman arRaheem

Peace and Love of Allah be upon Holy Prophet Muhammad, the Last and Final Messenger

Notice to Mirza Tahir for Lying about Results of Mubahila 97

Another desparate lie exposed

Dr. Rashid of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement accepted the challenge. Dr. Rashid had been running an active Anti Ahmadiyya Campaign since 1988 by accepting the Challenge of Mubahila that Mirza Tahir had issued. He had translated Two in One from Urdu to English, written several books and numerous leaflets exposing the fraud of Ahmadiyyat in the name of Islam, which have been translated into 23 different languages, publishes a regular quarterly newsletter 'AlFatwa International'. His friend Dr. Iqbal translated the book from English to Arabic in 1990. Dr. Rashid is actively engaged in Anti Ahmadiyya awareness campaign all over the globe. On several occasions he had challenged Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani for face to face Mubahila but he never even acknowledged it. On 10th January 1997 Mirza Tahir when Mirza Tahir renewed his challenge of Mubahila of 1988, he immediately accepted it and requested to sit with Mirza Tahir face to face in his London headquarter mosque and do mubahila in the presence of Ahmadis. But this was rejected. On December 1997, when one of his colleague Dr. Iqbal died, Jamaat's propaganda machinery came into play. AlNida International is a monthly publication of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya published under the patronage of Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani by the Canadian Jamaat. IN its March 1998 issue (volume 1, issue 4) under the title of 'A Great Heavenly Sign of the Vicotry of Ahmadiyyat', Jamaat procailemd the victory in Mubahila between Dr. Rashid and Mirza Tahir.

Qadianis/Ahmadis started sending letters to Dr. Rashid saying that Mirza Tahir has won the mubahila because of this death Dr. Iqbal. Why? Because he made the cartoons of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. Thus he died according to this revelation of Mirza:

" 'I (Allah) will humiliate him who intends to humiliate you.'  Dr Iqbal Muhammad also added several cartoons and displayed his pride by autographing them with Iqbal on every cartoon." (AlNida International - March 1998 issue)

SubHanAllah! What logic! The person who wrote the book (Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah) is alive and well and still engaged in AntiAhmadiyya Campaign, the person who translated the book, is actively engaged in exposing the fraud of Ahmadiyyat all over the world and above all who accepted the mubahila, nothing happens to him and upon the death of an unrelated person, they claim that they have won the mubahila. I feel sorry and pity their desparation. And this is not the end of the story. In their haste to proclaim victory in mubahila, they decieved their followers and others and announced the death of the person who made the cartoons, taking advantage of the similarlity in names.

The lie thus propagated was a pathetic attempt by Mirza Tahir and his propaganda machinery to decietfully convince his followers as well as general public of the victory in Mubahila. What a humiliation for a leader of this creed who claims a conversion rate of several millions per year. Is this how he is gaining converts - by lies and deception?

Mr Iqbal Ahmed, the Caricaturist of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement, has given a notice to Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, Ameer Jamaat Ahmadiyya and Mr Shahzad Ahmad, Editor AlNida International, demanding an unconditional public apology and US$50,000 compensation for causing mental anguish. Following is the text of his letter.

From: Iqbal Ahmed Caricaturist United Arab Emirates

Date: 09 July 1999

Attn: Mirza Tahir Ahmed Qadiani Amir Jamaat Ahmadiyya & Self appointed 4th Khalifa 16-18 Gressenhall Road London  SW18  5QL

Mr. Mirza  Tahir

Sub: News Item in Nida International about ;the death of Iqbal Ahmed The Cartoonist of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement  in Islam.

I have taken a very serious note of a news item that appeared in one of your Jamat’s  publication  about my death. The said  magazine  states:

“A few years ago Dr. Iqbal translated the book called 'Two in One' written by Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah of Thatta Pakistan, from English into Arabic (The Translation from Urdu to English has been done by one of his colleagues, Dr. Syed Rashid Ali). This book uses very filthy and impertinent language about the founder of Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Mirza  Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian ... Dr. Iqbal Muhammad also added several cartoons  and displayed his pride  by autographing them with ‘Iqbal” on every cartoon ... Almighty Allah showed  a powerful sign on that  day by causing Dr. Iqbal to die a despicable death …. The MIGHTY SIGN WHICH ALLAH MANIFESTED IN RESPECT OF THE TRANSLATOR OF THE BOOK “TWO IN ONE" IS A CLEAR SIGN OF SUCCESS IN THE MUBAHILA.” (Al Nida International March 1998)

In your desparate attempt to somehow show to your public that you have won the challenge of Mubahila 1998, you have intentionally and deliberately misinformed the public through your said newspaper. I am the cartoonist Iqbal Ahmed who had made all those cartoons in Two in One and in all other publications of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement. You have published in the news item that the caricaturist, that is me, is dead and that this death has come to me as a providential punishment for publishing Mirza’s Cartoons.

For your information let me point out to you that by the Grace of Allah till this date I am very much alive and well and till the day I will live, Inshallah I will continue with my mission of portraying Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani, the Liar’s life in my caricatures.

However your deliberate deception has caused great anguish and psychological distress for me. My family and near relatives are greatly disturbed as well. I demand an unconditional written public apology in the news media within the period of two months from the date of this letter and a paymant of US$50,000/= as compensation for the inconvenience, anguish and distress caused to me by the publication of this false news. Failing which I will be compelled to proceed with futher legal action, the entire cost of which will be borne by you.

Awaiting your early reply, Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah Yours sincerely

Signed: Iqbal Ahmed  Shaikh C/o P. O. Box 11560 Dibba Fujairah United Arab Emirates.

Cc: Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah , Gujjo, District Thatta Pakistan Dr. Syed Rashid Ali  United Arab Emirates . Ahmadiyya Jamaat Offices in Various countries. Editor of Al Nida International Leading Newspapers of Pakistan, UK, Canada etc.

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam Email : rasyed@emirates.net.ae


Mirza Tahir afflicted by Paralysis after Mubahilla 99
Posted by admin on Friday, October 09 @ 21:49:03 CEST (5299 reads)
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 13th January 2000

Mirza Tahir afflicted by Cerebro Vascular Accident

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

On 2nd November 1999 Anti Ahmadiyya Movement gave a final notice to Mirza Tahir that unless he repents in 8 days, he will witness the hell sign. His Press and Publication secretary, Rasheed Chaudhary wrote back saying that once again the Satan has misguided us into believing the Mirza Tahir is being sick. On 11th November a local daily newspaper wrote that Mirza Tahir had suffered an attack of paralysis.

"The leader of Qadianis, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had an attack of paralysis due to which Mirza Tahir has cancelled all his engagements in London." (Daily Juraat, Karachi. Dated 11th November 1999)

Question is why this lie by the Press and Publication Secretary? Following is the reason.

On 3rd June 1999 a meeting took place between Mr. Usman Qadiani, a murabbi of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and resident of Bait-ul-Hamd - the Ahmadiyya headquarter on Martin Road Karachi and Mr Illias Suttar, a Muslim resident of Commercial Area, Bahadurabad, Karachi, who has been distributing a leaflet "Can Ahmadis Answer" for a long time.

They were discussing the same leaflet "Can Ahmadis Answer", which had been haunting Mirza Tahir and Jamaat Ahmadiyya for over 20 years. On that fateful day, the 3rd June 1999, having failed to give a satisfactory answer to Mr. Illias Suttar's leaflet, Mr. Usman Qadiani gave a challenge of Mubahilla to Illias Suttar on behalf of Mirza Tahir, the Imam of Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Mr. Usman presented to Illias Suttar the printed challenge of Mubahila by Mirza Tahir (of 1988 and renewed in 1998). Mr Illias Suttar immediately accepted the challenge. The conditions were duly written down and signed by both sides in the presence of witnesses which is attached here in original urdu language.

The mubahila was printed and widely circulated by Illias Suttar. In the end of July 1999, Jamaat Ahmadiyya had its Jalsa Salana, the 34th annual gathering in Izlamabad in Surrey, England, UK.Mirza Tahir endorsed the occurence of mubahila with Illias Suttar and 18,000 attendees jointly invoked the curse of Allah upon the liar. Although the Mubahila was offered by Mr. Usman on behalf of Mirza Tahir but in his speech in the Jalsa Salana, Mirza Tahir shamefully lied that the Mubahila was given by Illias Suttar. However, instead of naming Illias Suttar he gave him the titles of "Karachi ka Jaahil", "Lalloo Panjoo", "Airaa Ghairaa Nathoo Khairaa".

What other language can one expect from the Khalifa of Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani whose obscene language for his opponents was also legendary.

Just a few weeks after this Jalsa Salana the Curse of Mubahila struck Mirza Tahir. He was touring Norway with his urdu class, when during the Friday sermon his speech became incomprehensible. He was immediately flown to London, where he remained in communicado for a month. No one saw him until 9th September. AlFazl International of London wrote:

"Because of exertion, stress and disturbance due of unusual activities, (Huzoor) is resting for a few days and is not coming for leading the prayers in the mosque. Friends of Jamaat should continue to pray for the well being and health of Huzoor." (AlFazl International, London, p.1 10-16th Sept 1999)

On 10th September Mirza Tahir uttered a few words with great difficulty. According to AlFazl International, Mirza Tahir said:

"For some time I could not appear in the mosque to lead the prayers. Its reason was some mental disturbance due to which it was difficult to mentally express my talk clearly." (AlFazl International, London, 17-23rd Sept 1999)

Again Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid led the Friday prayers. Mirza Tahir did not have the strength to lead the prayers. AlFazl International kept informing its readers about the progress of Mirza Tahir's health.

"Whatever treatment is available, is being done." (AlFazl International, London, 24-30th Sept 1999)

In the meantime, hundreds of animals were being slaughtered all over the world as sadaqa and followers were requested to pray earnesty for the health of Mirza Tahir. On 1st October 1999, AlFazl reported:

"Whatever treatment is being instituted, its full effect will take some time to appear, therefore friends should not forget to remember (Tahir) in prayers." (AlFazl International, London, 1st Oct 1999)

A tight lid was kept on the nature of Mirza Tahir's illness. But the cat ultimately came out of the bag. Mirza Tahir had an attack of paralysis.

"The leader of Qadianis, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had an attack of paralysis due to which Mirza Tahir has cancelled all his engagements in London." (Daily Juraat, Karachi. Dated 11th November 1999)

However Qadiani Media is keeping mumb on this issue. WHY? Because they know the implications. If they admit that Mirza Tahir had an attack of paralysis, that would mean that Mirza Tahir had been afflicted by the curse of Mubahila. That would be disastrous for the whole Jamaat.

Readers are once again reminded of the story of (one-sided) Mubahila between Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and Dr. Alexander Dowie of US. When he died after sustaining an attack of paralysis, Mirza Ghulam rejoiced at the defeat of Dr. Dowie and published pictures of his paralysed body in his book, Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, proclaiming victory in Mubahila.


Is this what Jamaat Ahmadiyya and Mirza Tahir scared of? But how can they avoid what is written in the book of Allah?

Fa 'ataberoo Ya Olil Absaar - Then take admonition, O you! with eyes (59.2)

Wassalamun 'ala mun ittaba'a alhuda - Peace be on those who follow the hidayah.

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

rasyed@emirates.net.ae Homepage  


Mirza Tahir finally accepts Mubahila 99
Posted by admin on Friday, October 09 @ 21:36:23 CEST (2333 reads)
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 5th August 1999  

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful.

Peace and Love of Allah be upon Hazrat Muhammad, the Last and Final Prophet after whom there is no prophet.

InshaAllah MashaAllah

Mirza Tahir finally agrees for Mubahila

Mirza Tahir has finally suc*****bed to the pressure. He had done what he and his predeccesors had always been running away from and had been scared to do: Mubahila. After so many years of challenging and counter challenging of Mubahila by the opponents of Ahmadiyyat and two attempts at Hoax-sitting-at-home-Mubahila in 1988 and 1998 by Mirza Tahir, first time in the history of Ahmadiyyat Khalifa has authorised someone to accept face ot face Mubahila on his behalf and sign it in front of witnesses.


On 20-5-99 a meeting took place in Model Colony, Karachi, between Mr. Illias Suttar and Mohammad Usman. The subject of the meeting was : Challenging the Reward Bearing article of Mr. Illias Suttar: “ Can Ahmadis/ Qadianis Answer ?”. Mr. Mohammad Usman promised to give his answer on 27-5-99 but could not attend the meeting due to some other occupation. Therefore, another meeting took place on 3-6-99. On 3-6-99, Mr. Mohammad Osman instead of giving the answer, offered Mobahilla challenge on behalf of Khalifa Mirza Taher to Mr. Illias Suttar. Mr. Illias Suttar accepted the challenge and said: Since the offer of Mobahilla is from Mr. Mohammad Usman, so the cost of advertisements must be paid by Mr. Mohammad Usman. Mr. Mohammad Usman accepted to meet the cost of advertisement. The full text of the agreement is given below without any change :

On 3rd June, 1999 a meeting took place between Mr. Mohammad Usman (Ahmadi), and Mr. Illias Suttar (non-Ahmadi Muslim), resident of 19, Commercial Area Bahadurabad, Karachi-74800, Pakistan ( phone no. 4937221 ). Mr. Mohammad Usman is Murabbi of Silsella Ahmadiyya and lives in Baitul Hamd, Martin road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Subject of Meeting:     Reward Bearing Question of Illias Suttar                                     (The article titled, "Can Ahmadis/Qadiyanis Answer ?")

Mr. Mohammad Usman offered Mobahilla challenge on behalf of Mirza Tahir, 4th Khalifa of Ahmadis. Mr. Usman gave a booklet on Mobahilla dated 10-6-1988 issued by Mirza Taher, the Khalifa.

Illias Suttar accepted the Mobahilla challenge and Mr. Mohammad Usman accepted the following conditions :

Illias Suttar will advertise the Mobahilla Acceptance in Pakistani Newspapers and the expenses will be paid by Mr. Mohammad Usman even if the expenses are Rs. 30,000/=  (Rupees Thirty Thousand ). Mr. Mohammad Usman will have this Mobahilla Agreement printed in England, etc. in Newspapers and magazines. Illias Suttar will have the Mobahilla Agreement printed and will staple it to his article or add it to the article in future editions.

Illias Suttar prays to Allah : If  Janab Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is WRONG  and NOT FROM ALLAH, then in 1 (one) year Janab Mirza Taher, the 4th Khalifa will be punished by Allah. Also Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya will be punished by Allah.

If Illias Suttar is wrong in his points, then Illias Suttar will be punished by Allah in one year. If Mirza Saheb is from Allah, then Illias Suttar will be punished in one year.

Signed by Mr. Illias Suttar (021-4937221) and Mr. Mohammad Usman (021-423426)

Witnessed and signed by following Ahmadis:

Mr. Qudratullah.Mr.Mohammad Saeed.Mr. Abdur Rehman.

Witnessed and signed by following non-Ahmadi muslims:

Mr. Shafiq H. Qadri.Mr. Mir Abduulah.Mr. Tahir Rasheed.

Dear Readers! Mirza Tahir has finally suc*****bed to the pressure. He had done what he and his predeccesors had not done, and had been scared to do: Mubahila. After so many years of challenging and counter challenging of Mubahila by the opponents of Ahmadiyyat and several attempts at Hoax-sitting-at-home-Mubahila over the years by Mirza Tahir and his predeccesors, this is the first time that Mirza Tahir has authorised someone to accept face ot face Mubahila on his behalf and sign it in front of witnesses. Now the Mubahila is on. Matters are in the hands of Allah. Let us see what happens. However Mirza Tahir has very cleverly chosen the words: The whole Jamaat Ahmadiyya has been included in it. The implication? Even if something happens to Mirza Tahir as a result to Mubahila, they can still try to wriggle out of this mubahila by saying that look at the Jamaat, nothing has happened to it!!


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali P O Box 11560 Dibba Fujairah United Arab Emirates rasyed@emirates.net.ae http://www.alhafeez.org/rashid/


AlFatwa International 27 - Open Letter to Mirza Tahir part 2
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AlFatwa International 27 (Urdu)

An Open Letter to Mirza Tahir, Imam Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

Part II


Plague and Mirza's Business

People were afraid of Plague but opportunistic and worldly persons like Mirza Ghulam do not hesitate in taking advantage of this life and death situation. First Mirza made propaganda about one prophet of God being disbelieved therefore God have sent plague, then he made propaganda that his house and those in it will be safe from this punishment. When people desperately started writing to him, then he devilishly forwarded his plan. He appealed for donation to enlarge his house:

"Since it is highly likely that in future the plague will spread in the country and our house ... has become very congested and you people have heard the God given a promise of special protection for anyone who will be in the boundary of this house ... in my opinion this villa can be readied in Rs 2000 (which is a million rupees by todays standard). Since it is probable that the time for plague is near and according to the gladtidings of revelation, in this storm of plague, this house will be like Noah's Ark, I do not who will the share in this promise of gladtiding, therefore this task (of extending the house of Mirza) is of urgent nature. Trust in God, who is the Creator and Provider and watches over the good deeds, and you should try. I have seen that although this house of mine is like an ARK, but in future there is no place in this ark for any man or woman and that is why there is need for its extension." (Kishtee-e-Noah, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.86)

SubHanAllah. Public is being instructed to trust the Creator and Provider, but himself Mirza Ghulam has not the slightest of that trust. He looks towards the pockets of people for his needs. As many followers, that much donation! Bravo Mirza Qadiani.

Mirza Ghulam's Revelations

It is the sunnah of Allah that He extends the rope of tyrant and arrogant, so that they advance in their insolence so that they close all doors for their return. In case of Plague, something similar happened with Mirza Ghulam. The extension given to him by Allah decieved him. He kept blustering about his revelation, and with each so-called revelation, his snobbery reached new heights. Every day he started issuing new so-called revelations. About his revelations, Mirza boasted:

"I have similar faith on my revelation as on Torah and Injeel and Quran." (Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.454)

Then on 23rd April 1902, Mirza wrote a book, 'Dafe-ul-Bala'. From this book and from other book, I will present some examples of Mirza's revelation related to Plague.

"The revelation of God that descended on me, its wordings are this: 'InnAllaha Laa yogaiyero maa beqaumin hatta yogaiyero maa beunfosehim, innahoo awal qarya' meaning that God has decided that He will never remove this punishment of Plague unless people remove those thoughts that are there in their hearts that is unless they do not accept the one who is appointed by God and His Prophet, till then plague will not be removed. And that Mighty God will protect Qadian from the destruction by Plague, so that you may realise that Qadian is protected only because God's prophet and messenger was in Qadian. Now see that this is proven in last three years that both these points have been fulfilled; that is on the one hand plague had spread all over Punjab and on the other hand despite that the plague has spread within two miles of Qadian but Qadian is still safe from plague, instead till now any plague-infected person who had entered Qadian from outside, he is also cured. Can there be any more proof? Things which were said earlier, had been fulfilled, instead this news of plague was also published 22 years in Braheen Ahmadiyya." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.225-226)

"Now from all this revelation, three things are proven: 1) Firstly that Plague has come in this world because God's Promised Messiah was not only rejected but he was also given pain. ... 2) Second thing that is proven by this revelation is that this plague will only vanish when people will accept this messenger of God .... 3) Third thing that is proven by this revelation is that God will in any case protect Qadian from this horrendous destruction as long as plague remains in this world, even if it is for 70 years, because this is the place of His Messenger's throne and a sign for all nations." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p. 229-230)

"God is not such that he will punish people in Qadian and you are living amongst them. He will protect this village from the afflictions and destruction of plague. If I had no consideration for you, and had no honour for you, I would have destroyed this village." (Tazkirah p.436; Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.227)

"If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village. I will save everyone within the boundaries of this house. No one among them will die from plague or earthquake. God is not such that He will punish them and you are among them." (Tazkirah p.645)

"When the fire of plague is raging, then can any fabricator say that 'If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village'. Was it not possible that this fabricator himself had died and was a victim of plague? At present Qadian is like Makkah, in that the people are dying around it and by the Grace of God here there is absolute peace." (Malfoozaat vol.5 p.369)

"At present there is plague two kilometers away all around Qadian and Qadian presently is like a boat which is surrounded by severe storm and it is moving in the river." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 p.32)

Present Khalifa, Mirza Tahir A Qadiani says:

"When Hazrat Maseeh Mowood announced the prophecy of Plague and Plague had not yet appeared, then he said that God has informed him that epidemic of Plague is going to spread which would come as a divine punishment because I have been rejected." (Homeopathy - Ilaaj bil Misl vol.1 p.550 Mercury)

In Summary

Dear Readers!

Six things are evident from what is quoted above:

1.     Qadian is the seat of a Messenger of God (which is Mirza Ghulam)

2.     Plague has spread as a Divine Punishment because a Messenger of God (Mirza Saheb) has been rejected.

3.     Plague will not subside until people have accepted the Messenger of God.

4.     Qadian will be absolutely safe from Plague, not a single person will die of this Plague.

5.     Anyone who is suffering from Plague, when he enters Qadian, he is cured of this disease.

6.     In Qadian getting affected by Plague will be a sign of Mirza Ghulam as a Liar.

How Plague Played Havoc in Qadian

Did Qadian remain immune from Plague? Did Mirza's God fulfil His promises upto the dot? Did all those living in Punjab ultimately accept Mirza Ghulam as a Prophet and Messenger of God?

When we analyse the facts, it becomes evident that Allah had delibrately delayed the arrival of Plague in Qadian to give Mirza Ghulam a chance to blurt out all his carnal desires in the form of prophecies, so that he cannot wriggle out of it. No sooner had Mirza Ghulam made his egotistical claims, hidden hands of Allah surrounded him. How Plague ravaged Qadian is evident from the following quotes:

"And then during the days of Plague, when Plague was raging in Qadian, my son Shareef Ahmad became sick, and he gpt high grade fever which caused my son to become unconcious, and started having fits in unconcious state." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi - Truth about Revelation, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.87 footnote)

"My Beloved My dear Nawab Saheb Assalamo alaikum wr wb. I feel sad after reading that my dear Abdur Rehman Khan has again developed fever. May God give him cure. Now I am dumbstruck that what advice can I give you about coming here soon. I have started praying aagain, may God give him cure. At this place Plague is wildly raging. A person gets fever and within few hours he is dead. God knows best when this affliction will end. Public is extremely scared. Trust for life has vanished. Screams and cries are coming from all sides. It is doomsday everywhere. Now what can I say, what advice can I give? I am extremely bewildered what to do." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112)

"You must consult the doctor and then according to his advice without waiting come to Qadian. Here Plague is raging wildly. Yesterday eight people died. May Allah have His blessing and mercy." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.114)

SubHanAllah! See how cleverly Mirza Ghulam is giving permission to one of his followers to come to Qadian (which he cannot refuse after so much propaganda of his Divine Ark, and at the same time attempting to discourage him from coming to Qadian, by mentioning the situation of Plague in Qadian, how many died and by asking him to take advice of the doctor, probably praying in his heart that he should not come.!!

"At this place in Qadian, nowadays Plague is wildly raging. Nearly all surrounding villages have vanished." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112-115)

"Elderly Ghausan (probably a housemaid) got fever. She was expelled from the house, but i think she is not suffering from Plague, only as a precautionary measure she has been expelled. "Master Mohammed Deen got the fever, gland has also enlarged. He has also been expelled from the house. Anyway in our place also plague has started raging." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

What a Prophet of God!!!! What an inhuman gesture!! Throwing out the poor lady and poor man, with no regard to the propaganda he did about his house being safe as guaranteed by God. Man may also have donated for the extension of house, but who cares!! Propbably Mirza himself did not believe in all those prophecies and reassurances given to him by his God.

"Today the son of Mian Mohammed Fazal, editor of the newspaper, is also on deathbed, he has Pneumonic plague, it seems that he is breathing his last. There are cires everywhere. May God have His blessing." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.53 p.131)

Mirza Ghulam came up with a cure for an Infectious Disease: "Ya Hafeez, Ya Aziz, Ya Rafiq. Rafiq is a new name of God which never mentioned before in the list of Asma-e-Ilahi (99 names of Allah)." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.135)

"My Master, My Respected Brother Seth Saheb! (SubHanAllah! A Seth - a financiar - is the Master of Mirza!!! Author) Assalamo alaikum wr wb For a long time I have not recieved a letter from your honour. I am extremely worried and disturbed. May God protect you from calamities. Here Plague is raging so much that it is like an Armageddon." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.91 p.39)

"Plague is still around. This is not desicive that Plague has gove. Remember that God never leaves a fabricator unpunished." (Mafoozaat vol.9 p.400)

Dear Ahmadi Brothers!! We also say the samething. Allah never leaves a liar unpunished. Hold your breath and read carefully. Mirza Ghulam was a liar that is why Allah afflicted him with plague and let him taste hell in this world:

"As an example I state that by HELL in my inspirations, plague is meant." (Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.583)

"Plague is very active in this region, I have heard that one or two suspicious cases have taken occured in Amritsar as well. Few days back I also developed a gland on my body, initially some serious symptoms appeared. But by some Grace of God, its severity subsided. Then on another arm glands enlarged. And this Plague affects the joints. Thus some glands appear behind ears r in the groin, or axilla or at some joints as joints of the arms or legs along with fever." ((Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

"My Master, My Brother Seth Saheb. Assalamo alaikum wr wb I recieved the news of your wellbeing through your letter. After discovering the blessing of God and your well-being, I thanked God. I am well along with my family and friends. Here Plague is shining. Now there are about 80 villages in which there is lot of havoc. In Qadian situation is this that boys and youth and old people get little fever, then next day they get glands below the ears, below the axilla or in the groin. I got one gland; earlier also I got one gland and my son Basheer Ahmad also got a fever one day and then developed a gland in front of ears. Son-in-law of Molvi Saheb Hakeem Nuruddin Saheb also developed a gland below the axilla, Mir Nasir Nawab Saheb's son Ishaq also developed a gland in the groin after fever." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.40 p.15)

AlFatwa International 27 - Open Letter to Mirza Tahir part 1
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam April 2002

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

AlFatwa International 27 (Urdu)

An Open Letter to Mirza Tahir, Imam Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

Part I

Mr Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18 5QL

Peace be on those who follow the hidayah

Sub: Khisyaana Billa Khumba Nochey - "Shaitan ke Chailae - Satan's Desciples by Hadi Ali Chaudhary"

All Praise be to Allah only, who sent his Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAW as the Last and Final Messenger and Prophet, and gave Muslims the honour to be among His followers. Millions of my gratitude go to Allah, who gave my writings the honour of such recognition that forced you once again to stoop down to such low level, that you had to resort to personal attacks on me rather than addressing the real issues that have been raised in AlFatwa from the platform of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. AlHamdolillah. This honour cannot be earned by one's efforts. I pray to Allah that may He protect my Muslim brethren from your fraud and deception, and bring those Muslims back to fold of Islam who have been trapped by you. Ameen.

Mr Mirza Tahir! As soon as I recieved the book "Shaitan ke Chaile", published by Jamaat Ahmadiyya, suddenly this urdu idion : Khisyanee bille khumba nochey rang in my mind. I hope you will appreciate the graphic representation of this state of your mind.

Just a cursory glance on this book published under your guidance, makes it clear that it is the same cheap manner of argument which has been the characteristic of your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement. To boast the morale of your follower, the author of this book has unsuccessfully tried to distort the facts. (Urdu poetry translation: Truth cannot be concealed by false pretensions; Paper flowers cannot emit beautiful scent)

Mirza Tahir! It was in the Muharram of 1416 (June 1995) that upon your instructions that Naeem Osman Memon Qadiani wrote a rebuttal entitled, "Three in One" of the book by Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah entitled Two in One. Shortly after authoring this book, he died. May Allah grant him place with Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Ameen. Actually his book was a pathetic attempt to cover the facts mentioned in Two in One. By the Grace of Allah, the popularity had increased ever since.

Like Three in One, the new book, "Shaitan ke Chailae - Satan's Desciples", also contains a cartoon on its title. In other words you have re-lived the tradition of your grandfather and so-called prophet, Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Of course we have no objection on the cartoon, as we think that graphics art is an effective means of expressing happenings and one's emotions. That is the reason that we also sometimes graphically represent certain aspects of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani's life in AlFatwa International. But Alas!! You dislike our flyers and its cartoons. So much so that in the Jasla Salana of 1995 in London, you, Mirza Tahir, expressed your anger in following manner:

"One BADBAKHT (wretched), from the area of Shaikhdom, is constantly breaking the hearts of Ahmadis in various parts of the world. Against Hazrat Maseeh Mowood, one extremely KHABEESANA (wicked) advertisement making is small leaflet, who he names it as AlFatwa, he sends to Ahmadis to break their hearts ... I have handed him over to Naeem Osman Saheb so that he may tackle him and by the Grave of God he has plenty of capabilities of defensive attacks. I had explained to him generally and now he has printed that book now. It is ready now with us. Just as he has made a picture (cartoon) of Hazrat Maeeh Mowood, we have not made the picture of that MANHOOS, that MANHOOS (wretched), but the concept of satan that prevails here in the west, we have made a picture of that (on the title of this books, Three in One)..... " (Speech of Mirza Tahir on 2nd day of Jalsa Salana, London, 1995)

BADBAKHT! KHABEESANA ISHTIHAAR! MANHOOS!! SubhanAllah! What an emotional outburst!! Probably this is your style of defensive attacks. But Mirza Tahir, by such outbursts are you trying to justify the false claims of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani? Perhaps you have not heard the story of an Imam who was crossing a pool of sewage water when he saw a boy also crossing it; Imam asked the boy to be careful, lest he would fall. Do you know what did the boy reply? He said: You be careful, because if I fell, I will fall aone, but if you fell you will take with you all those who are following you.

Mr Mirza Tahir! The man under discussion is Mirza Ghula A Kadiani. The life of founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, his character, his writings, his claims are under scrutiny and not Dr Rashid or Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah. If Mirza Ghulam is a liar, as is proven by his writings, then he has already sent a lot of people into hell. And now after his death, wearing the cloak of his Khilafat, you are busy in making people fruit for hell. For how long are you going to continue decieving ignorant and unsuspecting Muslims?

Mirza Tahir Saheb! Through this AlFatwa 27, we are presenting you an open letter of a former Ahmadi, Brother Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari, the founder of Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Bombay, India. This is actually an appeal to Ahmadis/Qadianis. At the end of this letter Brother Ahtesham has invited you or your designated person for a debate on the Lies and Truth of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. I sincerely hope that to protect the honour of your grandfather, you will not try to escape like your muballighs.

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

Dr Syed Rashid Ali Dibba, AlFujairah Dated Muharram 1423/March 2002  

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Jaa Al-Haqq wa zahaq Al-Baatil; inna Al-Baatila kaana Zahooqa Truth has come and falsehood perished; verily falsehood was bound to perish.

An Appeal to Ahmadi Brothers

New Offer to Ahmadi/Qadiani brothers from Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai

Rs. 150,000 will be rewarded to anyone who would prove quotations from of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani wrong.

by Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari Former Ahmadi Mumbai, India

Respected Readers. Dear Ahmadi/Qadiani brothers and friends!

Brief account of how Qadiani Muballighs fled the debates

It is the unanimous decision of nearly 1.5 billion Muslims of the world that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers (Qadiani/Ahmadis/Lahoris) in the light of their writings are kaafirs and out of the Islam. On the other hand Ahmadis insist that they are Muslims. Who is right and who is wrong?

Dear Readers! We believe that religious differences can be amicably solved by mutual discussions. Since in this Ahmadiyya controversy, it is the public who is affected most, therefore Anti Ahmadiyya Movement decided that this issue should be settled in people's court. For this purpose, in our opinion, there can be no easier and safer method than enlightened debates. In the presence of public, not only both factions have a chance to present their point of view but the public also gets a chance to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Through AlFatwa International No. 22 (Urdu), Anti Ahmadiyya Movement challenged the Qadiani Muballighs from all over the world for a peaceful public debate, even police can be arranged if they were afraid of any disturbance. They were invited to fix a date and venue of their choice to debate the character of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and whether he was a liar or truthful in his claims. But Qadianis have no regard for the honour of their so-called prophet. We firmly believe that inshaAllah any person or muballigh (preacher) from the Qadiani jammat will never agree for a public debate with Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. AlHamdolillah, Mirza Qadiani and his followers has not given birth to even one person who can defend the false claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Consistent fleeing of Qadiani Khalifa, Mirza Tahir, and his muballighs from such invitations for debate hoave once again proven Mirza Ghulam to be an unmistakable liar.

You will remember that last time we had given a prized-challenge, offering Rs. 500,000 to anyone who can prove a single quotation to be wrong. But alas! Not a single person among the qadianis could find the courage to defend his so-called prophet and claim the prize. Likewise our other reward of Rs 100,000 for challenge entitled, "Glorious Victory of Islam and Humiliating Fleeing of Qadiani Muballighs from Munazirah", also went unclaimed.

Dear Ahmadi brothers! It is time for you to think. These Mirzai muballighs (preachers) habitually make tall claims in front of you and through newspapers and flyers they constantly challenge Muslims for debates and mubahila, but whenever we come forward to accept their invitation and challenge them to talk about the writings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, they run away. Why is that?

It reason is very clear and simple. The books of Mirza Ghulam is full of lies, deception and rubbish. We have the original books and we have read them. Hence when we request these muballighs to have face to face debate, they have no way but to escape. Yes they are always ready to trap such persons who are ignorant of the writings of Mirza Qadiani. For such purpose they devilishly engage simple-minded Muslim into the discussions about life and death of Jesus, meanings of Khatam and Khatem, by giving them distorted meanings of Quran and Hadith. Poor unsuspecting Muslim thinks that these Qadiani muballighs are making a lot of effort to propagate Islam. Thus they get a chance to decieve him. Public's attention is diverted from Mirza Ghulam and his deception and lies are vieled from their view. The fact is that when these preachers are preaching you about Ahmadiyyat/Qadianiyat, the most important thing that you have to know is the person whom these preachers are trapping you to accept as Prophet or Messiah or Mahdi, who is he? what is his character? what has he written in his books? Whether this man is truthful in his claims or a liar? But these preachers never talk to you about his person!

LATEST POSTMORTEM of Mubahila 88 reissued by Mirza Tahir in '98
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Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign

3rd February 1997

In the name of Allah, the One & Only. His Love and Peace be upon Syedna Muhamaad, after Whom there is no Prophet and upon His Family & Companions

Lo! Those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers; on them is the CURSE of ALLAH and of ANGELS and of the whole MANKIND. (alQuran 2:161)

Latest Postmortem of the 1988 Mubahila Challenge by Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, Head of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Dear Readers!

On the occasion of Centenary Celebrations of Ahmadiyya Movement in 1988, Head of Ahmadiyya Movement issued a Challenge of Mubahila addressing the Entire Muslim Ummah as DISBELIEVERS and LIARS. Its purpose was basically to boast the falling morale of Qadiani Creed and invigorate their faith in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. With the collaborations of 'unseen hands', the success of this Challenge was announced a few weeks later when General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, President of Pakistan, was killed in a plane crash alongwith the cream of Pakistan Armed Forces. Sweets were distributed in the streets of London by Qadianis. Whether it was divine punishment or a human conspiracy, only time will tell, InshaAllah. A team of experts was appointed by Government of Pakistan who could not come up with any explanation. Head of this was a QADIANI!!

This Mubahila has booby trapped Mirza Tahir into his self-created quagmire. The more he wants to wriggle out of it, the deeper he is sinking. It was his big mistake to give the initial challenge in 1988. It was this mubahila which led to the formation of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, an awareness campaign to inform Muslims and non-Muslims in remote corners of the earth about the Pious Fraud of Ahmadiyya Movment in the name of Islam. By the Grace of Allah All Mighty, due to efforts of scores of volunteers in various parts of the world, Muslims and non-Muslims are getting educated about the decietful nature of this movement.

Since the day of its inception, it has been the policy of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement not to indulge in debates and discussions about the doctrinal issues of Finality of Prophethood, Death/Life/Ascent/Descent of Jesus etc. Had it been possible to solve the Qadiani issue through such discussions, it would have been solved long time back by the learned scholars from both sides. But we saw that the problem got from bad to worse and rather than Qadianis trying to prove the truthfulness of their founder, Muslims ended up defending their faith. We decided to expose the personality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and let people judge for themselves.

Our moto: Let us analyse the character, the life, the sayings of the man who claims to be a Prophet/Messiah/Mahdi. Even when an ordinary soldier is commissioned into the army, he must meet certain standard to qualify. It is unthinkable that Allah should not have any standard for his army of Prophets. Back in 1988 we challenged Mirza Tahir to furnish written proof that first 40 years of Mirza Ghulam's life resemble any True Prophet. He has yet to prove it.

Now on 10th January 1997, Mirza Tahir has made another blunder, hopefully the last one, of renewing the Challenge of Mubahila of 1988. Somehow his followers have been brainwashed into believing that Muslims had run away in the past and are going to run away again to avoid this challenge. Flood of mails in my guestbook are a proof of such mentality. Initially they dared me to accept and now that I have accepted this challenge, they are telling me that I am unfit for Mubahila!! Anyway I am not going to let the man off the hook so easily. Time has come that this challenge should be scrutinized in the light of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's writings and then let people be the judge.

Let us just see the salient features of this Mubahila.

Mubahila Challenge of 1988 by Mirza Tahir

For English Version, visit the following site: Mubahila 1988

Writings Speak for themselves

As Muslims we endorse, affirm, believe, and declare it as part of our faith anything and everything that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW has said or done, irrespective of whether we know it or not. We expect the same from Christians about Jesus, from Jews about Moses and from Qadianis about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. Whereas I have no doubt that present generation of Qadianis are by and large ignorant of the writings of their founder, but this should not be taken as a proof of baselessness of Anti-Ahmadiyya allegations.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was quite right when he said, "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Another 16th Century Englishman, Dean Henry Cole, said: "Ignorance is the mother of devotion."

We will endeavour in the following passages to enlighten the reader (and Qadianis/Ahmadis). I invite all qadianis to verify the authenticity of these references and then review their faith in its light. Following quotations clearly portray the true personality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. If it can be demonstrated that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's beliefs were against the preachings of Islam, then it is easy to determine the position of present day Ahmadiyya Movement and its adherents.

Mirza Ghulam's relationship with GOD !

"I saw in my vision that I myself am God and believed that it is true . . . . Godhood penetrated my tissues . . . and in this state I was saying that We want a new heaven and a new earth. Thus I created heavens and earth . ."

(Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.103)

"On one occasion Hazrat Maseeh Mowood revealed his condition that the State of Revelation came upon him in such a manner as if he is a woman and God has expressed His power of Virility. Hint is enough for those who can understand."

(Tract No.34, Islami Qurbani p.12 by Qazi Yar Mohammed Qadiani, a close associate of Mirza Ghulam)

(SubhanAllah! Accusing Allah of Homosexuality! May Allah protect us from such wild imaginations.)

God tells Mirza in his Wahi:

"(O Mirza!) Heavens and Earth are with you as they are with me. . . .You are from me as my Unity and my Uniqeuness.You are from me like my Throne.You are from me like my son.I make mistakes and I fulfil . . . . .I Fast and I break the fast.We give you the gladtidings of a son which will be the menifestation of 'HAQ' and the MAJESTY, as if GOD has descended from Heavens. We give you gladtidings of a son.."

(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.79-99)

Mirza Ghulam claims to be better than other Prophets:

"Many Prophets though have come but I am not less than anyone in knowledge.

Every Prophet recieved a cup (of knowledge) and my cup given to me was full to the brim."

(Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.477)

"I have been given that thing which no one has received in both the worlds."

(Roohani Khazain vol.22, p.715)

"All the different Virtues present in other Prophets, all of them were present more intensely present in Holy Prophet (Muhammad SAAW) and now all those virtues have been given to us by the Holy Prophet and that is why my name is Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Joseph, Solomon, Yahya (John), Eisa etc...."

(Malfoozat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.4 p.142 by Manzoor Ilahi Qadiani)

Mirza Ghulam's Wahi: "Many Thrones descended from Heavens but your throne was placed at the highest level."

(Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.92)

"This place (Qadian) compare to previous Prophets, a lot of Miracles and Prophecies are present, rather there is no comparision between (these) and some of the previous Prophets' miracles and prophecies. Moreover their miracles and prophecies are now merely stories and anecdotes, but thousand of people are witnessing these miracles. Even Hindus have a lot of stories. To mention stories are similar to presenting a heap of dung in front of Musk and Amber."

(Nuzool-e-Maseeh Roohani Khazain vol.18, p.460)

"This Ummah's Joseph that is myself is better than the Israeli Joseph (Hazrat Yousef alaihe Assalam) because this humble self was saved from the prison despite praying for it but Joseph s/o Jacob was put in prison. And 25 years ago God testified to absolve the Joseph of this Ummah that is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from accusation whereas Joseph s/o Jacob depended on the testimony of a human being for his vindication."

(Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part5 Roohani Khazain vol.21, p.99)

"God is showing so many signs for me that if they had been revealed in the time of Noah, they would not have drowned."

(Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.575)

Mirza Ghulam claims to be second advent of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"'Muhammedur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' in this revelation God has named me Muhammed as well as Messenger."

(Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.207)

"Holy Prophet has two advents or in other words you can say that in one Buroozi way coming again of Holy Prophet (saaw) was promised which has been fulfilled by the appearance of Promised Messiah and Promised Mahdi."

(Roohani Khazain vol 17 p.249)

"Anyone who differentiates between me and MUSTAFA (pbuh), he has not seen me and has not recognize me."

(Roohani Khazain vol 16 p.171)

"Maseeh Mowood is not a seperate thing from Holy Prophet pbuh, but it is He Himself who has come again in this world in Buroozi form..... therefore is there any doubt that God has sent Holy Prophet again in Qadian?"

(Kalimat Alfasl p.104-105, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Review of Religions, Qadian, March 1915)

"I have said several times that according to the verse (of Holy Quran) 'wa akhareena minhum lamma yalhaqoo behim' as Burooz I am the same Prophet, the Khatamul Anbiyyah, and 20 years ago God named me Mohammed and Ahmad in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and declared me His Being."

(Aik ghalti ka azala, Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.212)

Mirza Claims to be better than Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW:

"When I am the Holy Prophet re-incarnate and when all the accomplishments of Muhammad including the prophethood are reflected in my mirror of my shadiness, then who is the man who has claimed prophethood in a seperate being ?"

(Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, p.8; Roohani Khazain, vol.18,p.212)

"The truth is that the spirituality of the (reincarnated) Holy Prophet at the end of the 6th millennium (i.e. these days in the form of Mirza), is much more stronger, more complete and forceful than in those early years, rather it is like the 14th (moonlit) night". (Khutbah-e-Ilhamiyah, Roohani Khazain, vol.16, pp. 271-272
Mubahila 98
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Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign 15th December 1998

 Those who disbelieve and die and remain kaafir, those are the one upon whom is the curse of Allah and Angels and all Humans.


AlFatwa International No. 4

by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali


Dear Readers Assalamo alaikum

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement had renewed its challenge of Mubahila in Sept 1998 to the leader of Ahmadiyya Jamaat. It has been more than three months and Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, the leader of Ahmadiyya Movement has yet to acknowledge and accept this challenge. This challenge is being reproduced here. Just as I, Dr. Syed Rashid Ali, have come out challenging Mirza Tahir for the prayer duel to protect the honour of Holy Prophet of Islam SAAW, I request Qadianis/Ahmadis to force their leader that if he really believe in the claims of prophethood/messiahship/mahdihood by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, then he should come out to protect the honour of his prophet.

The present challenge of Mubahila has been based on the following Hadith of Rasoolullah SAAW:

"If following four (habits) are found in a person, then he is a PERFECT HYPOCRITE. And if one sign is found in a person, then he has one sign of hypocricy until he leaves it:

 When he is entrusted (with something), he embezzles;When he talks, he lies;When he promises, he flouts it; &When he quarrels, he is abusive."                    (Bukhari & Muslim)

Readers will note that the Holy Prophet SAAW has clearly indicated how to identify a PERFECT HYPOCRITE and obviously such qualities do not befit a good muslim, let alone a prophet. Let us now see in which category of Hypocrisy does Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement fits. You must remember that Mirza Ghulam claimed that he was a prophet, a messenger, Promised Messiah, Imam Mahdi etc. In the presence of such claims, to what extent he is permitted to lie or embezzle or flout his promises or use abusive language for his opponents, that I leave for the readers to decide.

I must remind readers that ALL PROPHETS of Allah had examplery character and mannerism. They had NEVER lied, NEVER embezzled, NEVER broken a promise and NEVER used abusive language for their opponents.

Readers are also reminded of the grandiose nature of the claims of Mirza Saheb whereby he had the audacity to claim to be the replica of Jesus Christ, Zil and Burooz of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, claims of excellent conduct which is the unique honour bestowed upon by Allah on Holy Prophet SAAW. Some of the examples of such claims are as follows.  



"When I am the Holy Prophet re-incarnate and when all the accomplishments of Muhammad including the prophethood are reflected in my mirror of my shadiness, then who is the man who has claimed prophethood in a seperate being ?" (Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, p.8; Roohani Khazain, vol.18,p.212) "The truth is that the spirituality of the (reincarnated) Holy Prophet at the end of the 6th millennium (i.e. these days in the form of Mirza), is much more stronger, more complete and forceful than in those early years, rather it is like the 14th (moonlit) night". (Khutbah-e-Ilhamiyah, Roohani Khazain, vol.16, pp. 271-272) "'Mohammadur Rasoolullah wal lazeena m'ahoo, ashiddao 'ala alkuffare rohamao bainahum' in this revelation God has named me Mohammed and Messenger as well."     (Roohani Khazain vol 18 p.207) "I have claimed to be Maseel Maseeh, which stupid people thinks that it is Promised Messiah ..... I have never claimed to be the Messiah ibne Maryam. Anyone who accuses me of it, he is absolutely a liar and fabricator. I have  been constantly announcing for the last eight years that i am Maseel Maseeh, that is, Hazrat Eisa AS's certain spiritual properties and nature and habits and virtues has been given to me as well by God AlMighty." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol 3 p.192) "I proclaim that I am the Promised Messiah about whom every God's book has prophecised that he will appear in the Last Days."  (Tohfa-e-Golravia, Roohani Khazain vol 17 p.295) "It has been revealed to me that this humble self in my Poverty and Humility and Reliance on God and Sacrifice and According to Signs and Radiances, is an copy of the first life of Maseeh; and this humble self's nature and the nature of Maseeh resembles each other so much as if two pieces of the same atom or two seeds of the same tree."                                  (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Part 3, Roohani Khazain vol 1 p. 593) God is the one who has sent his mesenger, this humble self, with good conduct and manners.” (Roohani Khazain Vol 17 P. 426 by Mirza Qadiani)

The Other Side

In the following passages, I will endeavour to show you the two faces of Mirza Ghulam - his claims of examplery character on the one hand and the proofs of his PERFECT HYPOCRICY on the other. Lets us analyse various aspects of the life of Mirza Ghulam in the light of Hadith of Rasoolullah SAAW.

The Lies of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani

Mahdi is not anyone’s student. I swear that this is exactly my condition Nobody can prove that any human has taught me Quran …….”  (Roohani Khazain Vol 14  p. 394 by Mirza Qadiani) At 10 years of age an Arabic Teacher was appointed for me whose name was Fazal Ahmed ….and when I was 17 -18 years of age I was educated by another Molvi Saheb whose nem was Gul Ali Shah, who was appointed by my  father in Qadian to teach me.”  (Roohani Khazain Vol 13. P. 180) When I was 6-7 years old a person teacher was employed for me who taught me Holy Quran….. and his name was Fazal Ilahi.” (Roohani Khazain Vol 13. P. 180)

The Embezzlement of Money & The Broken Promises

 Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani announced in 1879 that God has appointed him to prove the truthfulness of Islam. For this purpose he advertised that he is going to write a book, Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, in 50 volumes. But since he was a poor man, he appealed for money! He advertised for Muslims to come forward and purchase the book in advance. He promised to send them the volumes as soon as they are printed. (Majmooa-e-Ishtehaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p.18-19)

Muslims generously contributed and purchased the book in advance as is mentioned in the initial volumes of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. However after publishing 4 volumes in the next 4 years, the reality dawned on him. Now for the rest of his life probably he would be writing, publishing and distributing Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya - a book for which he has already recieved advance payments. In other words no further hope of monetary gain. He stopped writing the book. Despite protests from buyers who had made advance payments or had made generous contributions for this book. He said:

“Now God is the real and apparent incharge and caretaker of this book and I have no idea how many volumes of it (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya ) He is going to publish it.” ( Roohani Khazain Vol 1 P. 47)

Years after years Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani, the so-called "PROPHET, PROMISED MESSIAH, MAHDI" kept flouting his promise. For the next 23 years he wrote, published and sold some 80 other books. Fifth volume of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya was not published until after 23 years. However if someone expected Mirza Ghulam to be remorseful about breaking his promises and embezzling the funds given to him, then he can just forget it. On the contrary he wrote in the preface of this 5th volume:

"At first I had intended to write 50 parts, but I contended with writing 5 and since the difference between 50 and 5 is that of a mere ZERO, therefore my promise is fullfilled by writing 5 volumes.”

(Roohani Khazain Vol 21. P.9)

Mubahila 97
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Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign

19th January 1997

In the name of Allah, the One & Only. His Love and Peace be upon Syedna Muhamaad, after Whom there is no Prophet and upon His Family & Companions

Lo! Those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers; on them is the CURSE of ALLAH and of ANGELS and of the whole MANKIND. (alQuran 2:161)



Head of Ahmadiyya Movement

Mirza Tahir Ahmad

16-18 Gressenhall Road

London SW18 5QL

Sub: Renewal of the Challenge of Mubahila of 1988 on 10th January 1997

        Declaration that General Zia-ul-Haq's death in plane crash was due to Mubahila

Dear Mr. Khalifa Mirza Tahir Ahmad,

Ever since your Friday sermon of 10th January '97, your devotees are repeatedly sending letters/emails challenging me to accept this renewed challenge of Mubahila and in the same breath accusing me of running away from this challenge. Amazing!! They state that running away from this challenge is my defeat and to accept it is my destruction. Life and Death is of course in the hands of Allah. Who will die when, only Allah knows. But not surprisingly they are all singing the same tune, since all of them have been fed the same lies.

I have heard your address 10th January '97 over the internet in which once again you have labelled the entire Muslim Ummah as DISBELIEVERS and LIARS. Though I have yet to recieve formally a copy of the challenge in my name or in the name of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement, but since you have addressed all ENEMIES of AHMADIYYAT and since your devoted followers are constantly challenging and accusing me in the same breath of running away from this challenge, I deem it fit to take the lead and INFORM YOU OF MY ACCEPTANCE of this challenge and at the same time point out some facts. I feel sorry for your ignorant followers whom you have deceived so successfully for such a long time into believing that:

General Zia-ul-Haq had died as a result of the Curses of Qadianis/Ahmadis during the previous challenge of 1988.None of the Muslims could dare to accept your Challenge in 1988.Muslims are scared of doing Mubahila with you.Muslims will once again run away from this Challenge of Mubahila of 1997.

I wish they would see the other side of the picture.

Now I would beg you to bear with me while I relate some facts. I am sure you are aware of them but your simple-minded Qadianis may benefit from them.

Mubahila of 1988:

While many learned scholars had accepted this Challenge, my teacher Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah, not only accepted the Challenge of Mubahila but wrote to you that if you are willing, he is prepared to come to London to do face to face Mubahila with you. We had a prolonged correspondence with Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Chawdhary, Secretary Press and Publiction Desk of Ahmadiyya Movement Headquarter in London who as per your instructions made fun of our proposal. He wrote:

"Mubahila is to supplicate earnestly to God so that He may show the difference between the truthful and the liar and since God is present everywhere in the Universe, He is capable of afflicting us of your curses here in London and afflict you of our curses whereever you are." (Letter of Rasheed Chawdhary dated 23rd Dec 1988, published in 2 in 1 by Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah)

My dear Mr. Mirza Tahir Ahmad! When we could not convince you in any way to sit together for Mubahila, we decided to create an awareness campaign by the name of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement. The purpose was to put Muslims in every corner of the earth on their guard against the pious fraud of Ahmadiyya Movement in the name of Islam and to show Qadianis the real face of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Today by the Grace of Allah Anti-Ahmadiyya literature is available in more than 13 languages. I am sure, Mirza Tahir, you are fully aware of the impact of our work. No wonder you remembered me with names like BAD ZAAT (wicked), KHABEES, and MANHOOS in your Jalsa Salana address of 1994. No doubt I am proving very very Manhoos for your Movement.

Mubahila No. 1 of 1994 by Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement:

In August 1994 we Challenged you for a Mubahila. We offered to come to AlFazl Mosque, your headquarter in London, on an appointed time of your conveneience to do face to face Mubahila with you. In the presence of four witnesses on either side and public we would DECLARE on Oath that according to criteria laid down by Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, was a PERFECT HYPOCRITE. On the other hand we invited you to declare that your so-called Promised Messiah/prophet/mahdi had never lied, never embezzled, never broken a promise and had never resorted to foul language during an argument with his opponents. Mirza Tahir Ahmad! You were given 3 months to respond to it but you choose to ignore this Mubahila. Your silence on this was an admission of your guilt. Don't you think so?

[Note: According to Hadith of Bukhari and Muslim, if follwoing four habits are found in a person then he is a PERFECT HYPOCRITE:

     When he is entrusted, he embezzleswhen he talks, he lieswhen he promises, he reneges on it &when he quarrels, he abuses.

Mubahila No. 2 of 1995 by Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement:

In May 1995 AAMI again challenged you for Mubahila. Once again we offered to come to your HQ, AlFazl Mosque, in London on a time of your convenience for this Mubahila. In the presence of four witnesses from either side and public we offered to Declare on Oath that in the light of his writings Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has committed Worst kind of Blasphemies against the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW. You on the other hand would declare on Oath that your founder, the so called messiah/mahdi/prophet was an AASHIQ-e-RASOOL, a devout servant of Holy Prophet SAAW and has never Blasphemed the Holy Prophet.

Once again you chose to remain silent. Were you scared or admitting your guilt? Decide for yourself.

Will Mirza Tahir Once Again Run Away?

Mubahila 1997

Everything must wait its turn. We waited patiently for an oppurtune time. Your first mistake was the Mubahila of 1988 and fortunately for us, you have now committed another blunder. At last on 10th January '97, you have reiterated your Mubahila of 1988, declaring that General Zia-ul-Haq died in the plane crash due to your first Mubahila which became a sign of your victory and a proof of truthfulness of Ahmadiyya Movement. You challenged all Enemies of Ahmadiyyat to accept this challenge of Mubahila.

I, Dr. Syed Rashid Ali, accept this Challenge of Mubahila on behalf of the Entire Muslim Ummah and on behalf of Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement, to prove that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement was a Liar, an Apostate and a Perfect Hypocrite. Kindly inform me the place and time of your convenience for this Mubahila. How about HYDE PARK, London or your Headquarter at alFazl Mosque in London? Both of us will sit face to face with each other and invoke the Curse of Allah on Liars and pray that the Liar should die within one month.

We will declare on Oath that: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Liar in his claims of Prophethood, Messiahship and Mahdihood. We will also declare on Oath that General Zia-ul-Haq did not die as a result of your Mubahila of 1988.

Mirza Tahir! you will declare on Oath that your founder and prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was truthful in his claims of being a Messiah, Mahdi and Prophet and that General Zia-ul-Haq died as a result of your Mubahila of 1988.

Mubahila - a Prayer Duel

I think now it is appropriate that I should say a few words about Mubahila for the significance of those who do not know what it is. Mubahila is a Quranic and Prophet's way of seeking Allah's judgement between two opposing parties. When the Christians of Najran came to al-Madina al-Munawwarh and after lengthy discussions did not accept the Prophethood of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, Allah revealed the following verse to the Prophet:

"And whoso disputeth with thee concerning him, after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, say (unto him): Come! We will summon our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves, then we will pray humbly (to our Lord) and (solemnly) invoke the curse of Allah upon those who lie." (al-Quran 3:61)

Next morning Holy Prophet SAAW gathered His family (Syedna Ali Bibi Fathima, Syedna Hasan and Syedna Hussain {May Allah be pleased with them}) and sat in the Mosque and called the Christians of Najran to come for Mubahila. Upon seeing the faces of Holy Prophet SAAW and Ahle Bait, they refused to do Mubahila and accepted to pay Jizya tax. (Sahih Muslim, Tirmidhi)

At least one thing is clear from this tradition of Holy Prophet SAAW, that both parties should sit face to face with each other. This is the Sunnah of OUR Holy Prophet. Ironically your so-called prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, also followed the same practice. Read the following quotations from the books of Mirza Ghulam:

"So now get up and get ready for the Mubahila ....And it will be like this that after FIXING the DATE and PLACE of Mubahila, I will take in my hands all those INSPIRATIONS/WAHI which I have written and ENTER the place of Mubahila." (Roohani Khazain vol: 11, p.65)

"Secondly, when we went for Mubahila, our elder son was extremely ill and a serious sickness had afflicted him. We did not care for it and travelled in the same condition. But after that Mubahila, God cured his illness." (Roohani Khazain vol.9, p.33)

Mirza Tahir Ahmad! If not the Quranic Injunctions and the way of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, at least relive the sunnah of your prophet. Or else tell the world that your Prophet/Messiah (Mirza Ghulam) did not understand Quran and Hadith as well as you do. I am sure that if in your heart you really believe in the truthfulness of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, you will not hesitate for a moment to come face to face with us for this Mubahila. We on our part are willing to lay down our lives to protect the Honour of our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAAW. Are you also willing to stick out your neck for the honour of Mirza Ghulam? Come on Mirza Tahir. Be brave! Across the world 10 million Qadianis are watching you expectantly.

Eagerly awaiting your positive response,

Wassalam on those who follow the right path.

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

PO Box 11560

Dibba, Fujairah, UAE

T. No 9719 444022

Fax:   9719 442846

email: rasyed@eimrates.net.ae

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