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Thus I entered the fold of Islam
Posted by admin on Sunday, October 04 @ 06:09:43 CEST (9091 reads)
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Left Jamaat

Bismillah al-Rehman al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 31st August 2000  

Thus I entered the fold of Islam

by Mohammed Rafiq Bajwa

Janab Rafiq Bajwa was a born Ahmadi/Qadiani. When Z A Bhutto nationalised the private educational institutions, he was studying in Taleemul Islam College, Rabwa. When he stressed upon the Qadiani leadership to whole-heartedly accept this decision by the Government, the Qadiani heirarchy became his enemy. An attempt was made on his life in Rabwa. With a broken heart and bloodstained clothes, he left Rabwa and reached Maulana Taj Mahmood in Faisalabad. Seeing the example of Muhammadi manners of Maulana, he embraced Islam. His family was forced to leave Rabwa and took refuge in their ancestral village, Chawinda. Seeing the injustices and cruelty on her brother, his sister also embraced Islam. While he was in Chawinda, Qadiani hooligans again made another attempt on his life, but Allah saved him. Agha Shoresh Kashmiri and Maulana Taj Mahmood shook the Punjab Government on this issue which took Qadianis to the task. He was a tall, beautiful young man. He is currently settled in Canada with his wife. May Allah bless him and continue to protect him , whereever he is. Following is his autobiographical account of why he left Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

"My grandfather, Chaudhry Rehmat Khan Bajwa Sufiad Resh of District Sialkot, like many others got caught in the Qadiani trap and embraced Ahmadiyyat at the hands of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. My father, Chaudhry Basheer Ahmad Bajwa was a bron Ahmadi/Qadiani. On the appeal of Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud (the 2nd Khalifa), due to his religious fervour and madness, he left his excellent job in a government office and devoted his life to the propagation of Mirzaiyat, accepting a meagre salary.

Families of both my father and mother belonged to Qadiani families, I was also born in 1952 in a pure Mirzai atmosphere, it was only natural that I was a Mirzai and according to my parents even my name was also suggested by Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud.

Under such cir*****stances, for 21 years that I spent (in Mirzaiyat) I could never imagine that I would denounce Mirzaiyat and even such a though never crossed my mind. Thus as a sincere Mirzai student I started taking active part in religious and Jamaat's activities. I remained a member of Atfal Ahmadiyya, which is the religious and Jamaat's organisation of Mirzai children. After that I became an active member of the Mirzai youth volunteers' organisation, Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya. As I continued to actively participate in Jamaat's activities, I had occasions of closely observing and understanding the entire atmosphere of Rabwa. Although like other blind followers I was also a great devotee of Mirzaiyat, but when I used to see the noticeable differences in attitudes that were being displayed between the members of the family of Mirza Saheb and other people, then a faint desire used to surface in my heart, whose pain and soreness made me think…

Every child had special emotions about his parents. Naturally I also loved my parents intensely, I was their only son and they had brought me up with great love and affection. I used to feel the pain for my parents also because despite belonging to a land lord family, they were living in great poverty and humility only for the sake of Jamaat.

When I used to see the rude behaviors of the officers of Royal Family, my heart used to turn to pieces, but then I would console my heart by saying that they were our religious leaders, they have spirituality and they were respectable people for the Jamaat, thus I used to keep quite. The consideration by members of Mirza Saheb’s family as Royal Family and by the other residents of Rabwa as the family of slaves, always used to stick in my heart, especially when certain un-mentionable stories of some of the princes of this royal family started reaching my ears.  I was in Rabwa when some friend gave me a booklet ‘Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat’ to read. I discovered that certain people from the Jamaat were forced to revolt and this happened when some serious and colourful secrets reached them about Khalifa (Mirza Mahmud, the 2nd Khalifa), as a result of which their devotion for the Khalifa ended. Fearing exposition of these colourful and compromising secrets, Mirza Mahmud arranged attempts on the lives of those persons and they had to leave Qadian and then Rabwa. I felt curious in mind to know what were those serious and colourful secrets for which great people like Abdur Rehman Masri and Mian Abdul Mannan’s devotion to Khalifa ended and Khalifa Saheb resorted to trying to killing such stalwarts of Jamaat and to save their lives they had to leave the centers of Ahmadiyyat. I tried a lot in this respect but like other Mirzais, I was also a frog in the pond in this particular atmosphere of Rabwa. Therefore someone would tell me something, and yet others would shut me up by giving a sincere advice and then I would sit quite once again. Because of my parents’ devotion for the Jamaat and because of their respect and fear, I would not mention my concerns to them. Although my activities for the Jamaat continued but I started observing and studying the atmosphere in Rabwa more closely.

Now I was a student of Taleem-ul-Islam college in Rabwa. Because of my nature my activities were of charitable nature providing help to students. As a result I became prominent and out-standing among the students. During those days one friend in Rabwa gave me another book to read. This book was written by Mazhar Multani. Mazhar Multani was the son of a Shaheed (Martyr) of Jamaat from Qadian, Fakhruddin Multani. Because of his stay in Qadian and closeness to the Caliphate environment, he came into possession of certain colourful and serious secrets. And now in Pakistan, he published this book, Tareekh-e-Mahmudiyat, which had been printed many times. It also came to be known that using their contacts in the government, Mirzais managed to get this book banned, making it illegal for anyone to possess this book. Now this book reaches people discretely and they read it. Hearing such stories, my interest in this book had increased and I also discretely read this book from beginning to the end. In this book sworn on condition_of_divine_punishment_if_wrong statements of nearly 30 dependable and highly influential Mirzais are given. Apart from this, it also contained the heart-terrorising letter of Abdur Rehman Masri which he wrote to Mirza Mahmud Khalifa Qadian. After reading this book, the truth dawned on me. I would also have labeled this book as false and misleading, but certain things and talks had already come into my knowledge repeatedly which were beyond the shadow of doubt. My those thoughts were in total conformity with what was mentioned in this book and my mind became absolutely clear. I became enlightened about the entire spirituality and leadership of  Royal Family in Rabwa. I became absolutely convinced that this Pharoanic attitude of people of the Royal Family and slavery of others was not due to any religious and spiritual superiority or inferiority but simply on the basis of their riches and their power in Rabwa, they were playing God here, and only because of their neediness to feed their family they were forced to accept this humiliation. Now my mind was set on revolt from this system, because I could not force my nature to accept lies as truth or to accept black as white just to fill my stomach or simply because of my parents’ helplessness.

Just during that time, the movement for Peoples Party commenced and Bhutto Saheb raised the attractive slogan of ‘The era of Kingdom of Democracy is coming’. This slogan was exactly in accordance of my emotional state, because I was also of the opinion that: Whatever useless impression you come across, erase it. Thus I raised the Peoples Party flag on my roof top against the wishes of gods in Rabwa. Royal family or Rabwa and its paid cronies tried their best but I refused to take down the flag. This was my first rebellion against the gods of Rabwa. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifa Rabwa, had earlier given the fatwa against Socialism, how can any Mirzai could dare in Rabwa to say anything against the wishes of Khalifa Saheb? But I continued to raise this flag of public movement of Peoples Party and till the last day when we vacated that house, flag remained there.

Peoples Party came to power and as usual just before that Mirza Nasir and his associates had already prostrated in front of Bhutto Saheb, since it was the customary for them to worship the rising sun and say that this is our lord.

Government took over the Taleem-ul-Islam College and I was very happy with this step of the government that at least the College atmosphere would be rid of the dictatorship of Mirzaiyat and we would be able to continue our education in an open atmosphere. But Rabwa had gripped this college with an iron fist. They were secretly resenting this step by the government and continued to extract college tuition fees and hostel charges from the students and deposit them in their personal coffers. With the help of other students I raised my voice against this injustice, saying that this college is now government property and it is a government institution, Rabwa had no right to extort money from the students and put it in their own treasury; it is government fund and as such it should be deposited in government treasury. But the college principal was on the one hand a Mirzai/Qadiani/Ahmadi and on the other hand he was their slave, and because of his personal weaknesses he was their sycophant, he did not move an inch on this issue. Rather one day while I was addressing the students, Mirzai hooligans attached me at his instigation. Students became furious at this misdemeanor of Qadiani hoodlums and they went on strike.

Now principal became nervous, he started trying various tricks but could not break the unity of students. Next day all students, among them Ahmadis and non-Ahmadi students, sat down and decided that voice should be raised against these injustices and with the help of press this matter should be brought to the notice of the government. Therefore a delegation of students went to (a nearby city of) Chiniot and called a press conference of national newspapers representatives at the Chiniot press club.

This unpleasant task was given to me that in front of press conference I should highlight all the irregularities and injustices being practiced in the college. I gave to the press all the information regarding the corruption, embezzlements and excesses of Mirzais being practiced in the college after its nationalization.

Next day the details of our press conference came in the newspapers. The entire Khalifa palace was in uproar, great mayhem started. Parents of Ahmadi students were started being summoned, they were being interrogated. Inquiries started at ambassadorial and departmental levels and decisions were being taken to expel and punish certain students. Fourth day it came to our knowledge that Dr. Adbul Khaliq, Punjab’s education minister is coming to Layalpur ( a nearby town). Our delagation went to Layalpur to me him and told him how our college is being controlled by Fascists, how the government’s policy of nationalization of educational institutions is being compromised, various punishments are being decided against the students and an atmosphere of fear and terrorisation is being generated in the college.

Dr. Abdul Khaliq listened to our complaints and expressed his deep sympathies with us but probably because of his fear of Rabwa, he avoided committing himself on this issue. Students decided to proceed to go to Lahore on their way back to protest in front of Governor house. Next day a delegation of hundred students reached Governor house, conveyed their demands and told the government that the Principal of Taleem-ul-Islam College Rabwa has become an instrument of the religious traders of Rabwa, that they are spoiling the government’s policy of nationalization of educational institutions, and that for God’s sake, government should pay some attention to this issue. Next day the delegation also met the Chief Minister of Punjab and in front of him as well, students protested the injustices being practiced against the students in Rabwa. Upon the written complaints of students, Chief Minister wrote a very strong note to the Principal of the college and gave it to the students.

First Companion of Mirza Ghulam leaves the Jamaat
Posted by admin on Sunday, October 04 @ 06:05:05 CEST (2594 reads)
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Left Jamaat

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 26th March 2000


Why did 1st Mured of Mirza,

Mir Abbas Ali, leave the Jamaat?


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Mir Abbas Ali Ludhianwi was a disciple of Hazrat Shah Sulaiman Tonsavi RA. After his death, Mir Saheb started looking for another murshid. This was 1880 and it was in those days that Mirza Ghulam had just started his journey towards 'prophethood'. When Mir Saheb heard about his book, Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and his claims about recepient of inspirations etc., without investigating further, he accepted him as his guide. This association started in 1882 when Mirza Ghulam had just published the 3rd part of Braheen -e-Ahmadiyya and most probably Mirza Abbas Sahib was the first disciple. No one had yet given his hand in the hands of Mirza Ghulam. The first and the most bulky volume of Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya consists of those letters which Mirza had written to Mir Abbas. Mir Abbas had shown such excellent devotion and servitude towards his Master, that he surpassed all other Ahmadis. During the following years, many a times such incidents happened when his firm belief was shaken, but he did not abandon the faith. Finally after 9 years of wandering in the darkness, the divine call of hidayah came and Mir Saheb broke all shakles of Ahmadiyyat and reverted to the fold of Islam. As usual this unleashed a barrage of abusive accusations against him by the founder of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and his followers, but could not shake Mir Abbas, rather he challenged Mirza Ghulam for a final test - to either show him the Holy Prophet SAAW to prove his prophethood or else Mir Abbas will show him the Holy Prophet SAAW to prove that Mirza was a Liar. Mirza could not face him directly.  

Mirza Ghulam in Praise of Mir Sahib

In his various letters, Mirza Ghulam had showered his praises for Mir Abbas. Thus he writes:

"That Eternal Being who had given you this sincerity, is the One who had chosen you Himself." (Letter dated 21st May 1883, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"AlHamdolillah that God had made you the closest of my ANSARS (helpers). This humble self takes pride in your existence and I consider you a complete embodiment of mercy from God." (Letter dated 29th October 1883, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"He is fortunate on whom goodness is dominant, these are the ones who stay away from stummbling, their natural light save them from the satanic darkness, and only few are like this and AlHamdolillah I see you in the first grade of those few." (Letter dated 1st January 1884, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"Your sincerity and passionate love has reached its zenith; This is the Fazl of Allah, He give it to who so ever He wants. (Letter dated 19th April 1885, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)"The amount of pain that you have undertaken to propagate the religion and raise the name of Islam, may God be pleased with you the way He is pleased with His true servants and accepted ones." (Letter undated, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya Vol.1)

Moreover introducing his close associates who were ready for the propagation of his message, he writes in his book Izala-e-Auham:

"Hubbi fi Allah - my lover in Allah Mir Abbas Ali Ludhianwi. This is my first friend in whose heart God had put my love and is the first one who took trouble of travelling, according to the way of the pious souls, in solitude, only for Allah, came to meet me in Qadian, he is that Buzurg. I can never forget that with true enthusiasms he expressed his loyalty and endured all kinds of difficulties for me and heard all kinds of talks from his people...... He is spending his days in this inn only trusting in God. In his early days for 20 years he was government servant in British Office but because of poverty and derveshi, it was not apparent on his face that he knows English as well. But despite that he is very simple." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.527-528)

The Level of Steadfastness of Mir Abbas Saheb:

Whatever was said above in praise of Mir Abbas, I am sure it carries great significance in the eyes of every Qadiani/Ahmadi. However there was something else which out shines far more than anything said above. Mirza Ghulam even received an inspirations regarding Mir Abbas's sincerity:

"Mir Sahib is a person with great spiritual condition and has a spiritual connection with this humble self. And to prove his level of sincerity, it is enough that once this humble self received an inspiration in his favour: 'aslohoo sabitun wa farohoo fis samaa' (his roots are firmly fixed and his branches are in the sky)." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.528)

The meaning of this inspiration that Mir Abbas was so firm and steadfast in his faith that there was no question of any wavering or downfall of his faith in Mirza Ghulam. But when Mir Abbas Ali denounced Mirzaiyat and reverted to Islam, Mirza's disciples started asking him that how did this happen? God had informed you Huzoor that the roots of this tree are firmly established in earth, how did it uproot?  

Reasons for Leaving the Jamaat:

There were several reasons for denouncing Mirzaiyat. Mir Abbas was in search of spiritual upliftment and for that he remained  associated with Mirza for 9 years. he did everything in his power to be a sincere follower and servant as above writings prove. However with the passage of time he got more and more disillusioned. Mirza Ghulam gave two reasons for his leaving the Jamaat:

Wrong impression of Delhi Debates in the heart of Mir SahebAn absolutely false idea is fixed in his heart that I am a Naturist, deny the miracles, and refute the Night of Ascension, Claimant of Prophethood, Slanderer of Prophets, and turning away from the Islamic beliefs. (Tableegh-e-Risalat Vol.2 P.82)

Readers will note that Mirza Ghulam did deny the miracles of various Prophets, did actually wrote that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW did not go on the Night Journey with His body and soul, did slandered all the Prophets of Allah, did claim Prophethood and did actually turn away from most of the basic Islamic beliefs. It was the intelligence of Mir Abbas Sahib which detected all these subtle things in 1892 well before Mirza Ghulam openly started writing about them, as his later writings show.

The last straw was an incident that opened his eyes and gave him the courage to call it a day.

The Bane Of Qadianiat
Posted by admin on Sunday, October 04 @ 05:58:56 CEST (2347 reads)
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Left Jamaat

Ahmadiyya Awareness Movement in Islam


Bismillah ar-Rehman ar-Raheem

The Bane Of Qadianiat

by Al-Hafiz B. A. Masri

Many of my friends requested me repeatedly to express my views about Mirzais (Qadianis) in the light of my personal experiences, just to bring the matter on record. It is not possible here to go into details. A full account would need a book of great volume. This short article, therefore, contains only a synoptic record of the events which led to my denunciation of this heterodoxical and hypocritical creed.

I was born in Qadian in 1914 - an unfortunate accident of birth which has been hanging round my neck like an albatross throughout the 73 years of my life. As a child I was indoctrinated into believing that the rest of the Muslims were nonbelievers (kaafirs) - so much so that even belief in God and in Islam was conditional to belief in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (the founder of this movement) as a prophet and, after him, belief in his successors as the so-called Khalifas of Islam.

However, as I grew up, I found around me a society which was, by and large, insidiously fraudulent. Of course, there were a few elderly people among them who had joined the Movement during the early period of its inception in good faith, under the misconception that it was a genuine ‘Reform Movement’ within Islam. Such sincere and faithful few, however, were either too simple-minded to notice what was going on around them or were totally helpless to do anything about it..

As a teenager, I was not capable of grasping mentally the significance of the theological sabotage, which this Movement had started committing on Islam. My initial reaction against these people was on moral and ethical grounds. It was at this stage of mental and spiritual immaturity that fate decided to throw me into the furnace of infernal fire, as if to test my metal.

I was a healthy and athletic young man of man of about 18 when I received a message from the then Head (Khalifah) that he wanted to see me for some confidential matter. That was the period when I held this man as a demigod and, naturally, felt greatly honoured by the invitation. I just guessed that he wanted to assign to me some religious errand of a confidential nature.

This first meeting remained very formal – the Khalifah asking me various personal questions and I answering them with all the due respect. I was ‘commanded’ not to tell anyone about our meeting and was given an appointment for the next. The subsequent meetings however became informal, leading up to an invitation to join an ‘Inner Circle’.

This ‘demigod’ was in reality running a secret circle of fornication, adultery, incest and general debauchery. For this, he had organised a clique of pimps and procuresses. Most of the young man and women who were seduced were selected from such families as were economically dependent or fanatically brain-washed and for various other reasons, were incapable of putting up any resistance. There were occasional cases of defiance, but they were easily silenced by the weapons of boycott, excommunication, systemic vilification and ostracism.

The Mirza Family was not only the spiritual head of the community but was also the owner of most of the land in and around the town of Qadian, as Feudal Lords. Apart from religious alliance there was no security of the tenure of land for those families who had burned their boats to settle in the so-called ‘sacred precincts’ of Qadian. Under such cir*****stances it was unthinkable in those days for any one to fight back. Quite a few of those who did try to revolt met with apparently accidental deaths or simply vanished in thin air without trace. While all this was going on, Muslim theologians, in their naivety, thought that they could defeat Mirzaiyat on the debating platforms and only by doctrinal arguments.

The first effect on me, after coming in contact with these dregs of vice, was that of stuporous helplessness. I still remember many a wakeful night when I used too wet my pillow with silent tears. I could not tell my parents, not being sure whether they would believe me. Neither could I discuss it with my friends for fear of being betrayed. One easy way out for me could have been to leave Qadian and disappear. This would have, however, meant discontinuation of my studies in the University. Also, there was the sense of responsibility that I should not desert my parents, leaving them in ignorance of this filth.

There were times when the idea of putting an end to all this by murdering the perpetrator of this pious fraud would become very tempting. However, even at that immature age, logic prevailed. Firstly, I reasoned that it would be misunderstood by the society at large as an act of a religious fanatic and this man will go down in history as a martyr. Secondly, I thought, a quick sudden death for a man like him would be a boon instead of a chastisement which he deserved, not only for committing these atrocities but for committing them in the name of God and religion. The subsequent events proved my reasoning right. He was later crippled by paralysis ad died a miserably lingering death. A doctor who attended him during his protracted illness told me that, during the last stages, he had become a mental imbecile, babbling filthy obscenities.

In addition to all these considerations, there was another reason why I thought any direct action would be futile. I had come to realise that this corruption would not end by this man’s death. It was not only this one man who had turned into a sex maniac. His brothers and most of the other members of the Mirza Family were no better. Even the elite order in this community’s religious hierarchy, holding responsible positions under the camouflage of flowing beards, had their own ‘enclaves of depravity’, with the tacit understanding among them: "you don’t ruffle my beard and I won’t yours". As a matter of fact, in the Establishment of this organisation, only those were promoted to high positions who had fallen in line with this family’s lifestyle – the family who they have the audacity of calling ‘the prophet’s family’. It was not surprising that the news of such amorous licentiousness spread around from mouth to mouth and play-boys from rich families started joining this ‘Reform Movement’ to seek freedom from the strictures of the then sexual discipline of the Asian culture, and so on…..

Since my alienation from the Khalifah’s ‘inner circle’, my life had been constantly in danger. His mafia-like thugs started shadowing me. In desperation, I decided to take the bull by the horns, went to the Khalifah and showed him a long letter in which I had recorded all the details of his private life with names, dates, facts and figures. I told him that sealed copies of that letter had been deposited with some persons in authority, instructing them to open the letters only in case if my death or disappearance. From then on, I felt safe and walked about freely in the streets of Qadian.

The more I saw of this corruption the more I became sick of religion, one and all, till ultimately I ended up as an atheist. This morbid phase of my life, however, left a spiritual vacuum with which I could not cope on my own, and I had to tell my father. It came to him as a great shock. Naturally, he could not accept the word of a young boy without corroboration and started making discreet inquiries. It did not take him long to be convinced that I was telling the truth.

Posted by admin on Sunday, October 04 @ 05:56:24 CEST (3700 reads)
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Left Jamaat

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate


Usman Barry

September 1995

I was born in England of Irish Catholic parents and became interested in comparative religion in my early twenties. After a trip to Morocco and a year spent in India, I became more and more attracted to Islam. As my appreciation developed into a desine for acceptance, I felt the need for Muslim company . During my stay in Copenhagen, Denmark, a quick look through the telephone directory showed only one mosque, ' The Ahmadiyya Islamic Mission', though I later discoverd that the Turks , Morrocans and The Pakistanis had places which they used as Mosques. This meant that any school or college that wanted to take students to a mosque, found only the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission and the same applied to a would be convert like myself . It was my first encounter with the 'Ahmadiyya Efficiency', which today manifests itself in Satellite TV and Periodicals in many languages.

I was welcomed by the mosque goers, who were a mixture of Pakistanis and some Danish converts plus an American Musician of some note, Sahib Shihaab, who was well know in the Jazz world. I was working as a musician myself at the time and although I never actually joined them, they taught me to pray and gave me many books to read including an English translation of Quran by Muhammad Zafarulla Khan, which I found very interesting indeed. The translation I had before was by the unsubtle enemy of Islam , Greoge Sale.

After six months of praying the Friday prayers with the Qadianis of Copenhagen, I left Denmark to return to England. In Birmingham, to my dismay I found the Ahmadiyya Community to be much less organised , less serious and less intelligent than Coperhagen. For the mosque they had a very slapshod arrangement where hardly few people were coming for prayers. Disillusioned by such setup, I started going to the Birmingham's Main Mosque. Here I met several Jamaicans who had similar experience. They too had joined Ahmadiyya Movement thinking them to be Muslims but embraced Islam after discovering the truth. This was the first time someone had explained to me the difference between Ahmadiyyat and Islam. However I was still not sure.

My visits to Birmingham Mosque was of course, greeted with cries of horror by the Qadianis who were in contact with me. I was told frankly that such prayers would not be accepted. Ahmadis informed me that they are the only real Muslims and they are the only group in Islam accepted by the Westerners for their moderate views. The only other altenatives are the grave-worshiping, ignorant Barelvis on the one hand and the bomb-throwing fundamentalists on the other. Obviously that is a line that must work with many weakminded persons. It was at this time that a Biy'ah Form (an oath of allegiance to Mirza Ghulam) was presented to me for signing, which I signed, though my heart was not in it nor had my musician lifestyle changed much more than my giving up alcohol.

In the December of 1981, the Head of the Qadianis in London, one Mubarak Ahmad , called me and gave me a ticket for Karachi, telling me to attend the Jalsa Salana in Rabwa. I found my way to Rabwa via Karachi and Lahore and met members of the sect form all over the world, even an Arab or two. I spent my time with 2 Euro-Qadianis, a German (Ahmad somthing) )and an English man by the name of Luqman somebody . Both were married to Qadiani women and were thus effectively captured. Fortunately for me, I was already married and thus was spared this particular fitna . However it was suggested to me that since my wife was in the way of my religion I should leave her and I can have a nice Qadiani girl. I had three beautiful girls and I had no intention of leaving them.

I found the books of Mohammed Zafarulla Khan intersting, based as they were, on real Islam with the 'Promised Massiah kept well to the background. His translation of 'Riyadh as Saliheen' has the best English usage and is, as for as I know, acceptable.

However, it was the books of the Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, translated into English, that disturbed me . There was one particular revelation where this Promised Messiah saw in a dream a tree, with many white birds on it. He then heard a voice saying (in English), "I will give you a large party of Islam."

I wondered how God who revealed Quran in such eloquent, beautiful and faultless Arabic, could not manage a grammetically correct English sentence. I was reminded of this revelation while I was in Rabwa . We three Europeans were put on display to others as the white birds of the revelation. Naturally, I met all the top people of the Ahmadi clan. I found them all too glib, too prone to false smiles to be credable. I noted the wickedness in their habit of educating the sons of small qadiani farmers around Rabwa (eg sending them to Moscow or Romania with its cheap education) and then accepting donations of the aging gratified farmers' land, who by now has no son to help him with the hardwork. In this way, the empire of the Holy Family, as I heard them call, continues to expand.

After the Jalsa, I was compelled to visit the grave of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian as part of a religious requirement. I found people there most discourteous and ill-mannered and was glad to get out of that place.

As I mentioned, we three white birds met with Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the then second Khalifa, with a cameraman always present by his side, who would jump to take a snap as soon as someone of not comes to shake hands with him. I also met the present leader, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who gave us a long talk on how everything in the West was wonderful and right , except for its morality of course, and how the West would have to look to Rabwah for guidance for its moral up lift .

I thought, could the Divinely Inspired and Supremely Successful Movement of Mohammed, The Messenger of Allah, culminate in a few boring, money-mad Pakistanis, trying to lead their followers into complete submission to the Kuffar (enemies of Islam)?

It seemed unlikely. To me, all those whom I met, belonged to either of the two categories:

FOOLS, who had no idea what is going around them andRASCALS who were well aware of their fraud in the name of Islam and were actively involved in corruption in their Jama'at

All in all, I'd had enough of this sneaky and underhand sect and made up my mind to abondon them as soon as possible. When I got back to England, I dropped the whole thing -- prayers, reading and everything and for two and half years put the idea of being a Muslim out of my head.

I came to the conclusion that if Ahmadiyyat was the true Islam, then Islam was not for me.


The Sequel

I gave up the music business and rented a farm in Ireland. For several years I thought of Islam only occasionally. Then by Allah's Grace I met some of the Muslim community in Dublin and my wife and I embraced the real Islam in 1984 in Dublin Mosque.

Usman Barry Islamic Information Centre P O Box 5732, Dubai United Arab Emirates


714 Qadianis Embrace Islam In Germany
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Heilbronn July '95: Zafar Iqbal, a young mujahid of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam has reported from Germany that qadiani/ahmadi preachers are very active all over Europe and especially in Germany. Their target -- the Bosnian Muslim Refugees. As usual, taking advantage of their plight and predicament and their ignorance about the true nature of Ahmadiyya Cult, this jamaat is offering them financial incentives, in the name of Islam. Pretending to be Sunni Muslims they have managed to misguide a lot of Bosnian Muslims. However by the Grace of Allah AlMighty, this young dynamic muslim along with other courageous muslims have started an information campaign. Within a short space of time, more than seven hundred bosnian refugees in Heilbronn alone have reverted back to Islam. AlHamdolillah.


Why did I denounce Mirzaiyat ?
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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 3rd February 2000

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Denounciation of Qadianiyat

Why I Left Qadianiyat?

By Maulana Lal Hussein Akhter

Translation by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Maulana Akhter Lal Hussein was a well-known figure in the Muslim and Qadiani world. Many benefited from his efforts to expose the Qadiani deception. Both, in and out of the country, people acknowledged his unparalleled services. Initially he was a Qadiani muballigh but left the Jamaat when the truth dawned on him. How, when and why it happened, let us hear from his own mouth. He wrote 14 articles denouncing Qadianiyat.In the following article, ‘Tark-e-Mirzaiyyat’ he describes his reasons for leaving Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

Unlimited Praise and Glory be to Allah, The True Creator who brought everything from none to existence. Millions of Praises be on Him who excelled earthling over all creations and put his stamp of ‘Ahsan-e-Taqweem’ over this excellence. Thousands of Salutations on that Holy Personage who was sent as a Mercy for all the worlds, whose blessed advent, cooled down from East to West, from North to South, the flames of polytheism and disbelief with the showers of Oneness of Allah; created a world of spiritual light in the darkness of materialism; whose Pious and Holy gaze rid the man of all those afflictions of ignorance, barbarism, immorality and corruption which were clinging to him. This Perfect Guide and the True Leader, this biggest pedagogue, the Intercessor on the Day of Judgment, is that individual on whom befits the phrase, ‘ba’ad uz Khudaa buzurg Tooee - after God, You (O Muhammad) are the Most August One. He is our Lord and Master, Muhammad Mustafa (may peace, love and blessing of Allah shower on Him). It is He who transform a beggar into a King, it is He who shows the path to the lost souls, it is He who cleanses the sinful and introduces them to the Divine Presence.

By the Grace of Allah and through the blessings of the Holy Feet of RasoolAllah SAAW, a sinful person who for 8 years was lying in the dark ditch and had been staggering in the dark cave of misguidance, today he is entering the bright world of lights and Nur. This is the Blessing of Allah; He bestows it upon whomsoever He wants.

The credit of the beginning of my religious life goes to the Khilafat Movement. I was studying in Oriental College Lahore when Khilafat movement started. Based on Quran, religious scholars gave a religious edict boycotting the education in Government owned institutions. I therefore left the college and set off for my place, Dharamkot Randhawa, District Gurdaspur. I was fully aware of my feebleness, lack of courage and my ignorance. But despite that I had a hidden desire, which wouldn’t let me sit quietly, an intense desire to serve my beloved Islam. Contrary to the advice of my mind, my relatives and friends, I did not listen to anyone. Reciting the lines of some poet {I have put my heart now in the river of love, I have put my faith in Allah} I signed my name in the Khilafat Committee. For 8-9 months I worked honorarilyy with Batala Khilafat Committee in District Gurdaspur. I toured the entire district and with full vigor propagated the aims and objectives of Khilafat. My activities and reawakening of masses ignited the fire of revenge in the Government. Finally on the basis of my 3 speeches a case was filed against me that I am inciting hatred against the Government of Gurdaspur. After some cursory hearings, court punished me to one-year imprisonment. I spent one year and 20 days in Gurdaspur jail. Before my release, I learnt through newspapers in the Jail that Swami Shardhanand and Arya Samaj has taken up the task of converting Muslims into apostates and Shudhi Movement is progressing with full swing. After my release from Jail, I studied the atmosphere and decided that I must propagate Islam against Arya Samaj and Shudhi Movement.

It was in those days that I came across some muballighs from the Lahori group of Ahmadiyya movement. They presented to me greatly exaggerated claims of the propagation (Tableeghi) activities of their Jamaat and told me fictional boastful stories of Mirza Saheb’s services to Islam and said that their Jamaat has the same beliefs as that of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat; that Mirza Sahib was not the claimant of prophethood, those who attribute such claims towards Mirza Saheb are lying about him and have fabricated and feigned a lie against Mirza Saheb. To prove this statement they recited some of the quotations from his earllier books in which Mirza Saheb had labeled a claimant of prophethood as kaafir, dajjal and out of the fold of Islam. Since my knowledge about the Mirzai religion was nil, in the name of Tableegh-e-Islam, I got trapped in their net and put the rope of Mirza Saheb’s Mujaddadiyat and Mahdiwiyat around my neck. After taking the oath of initiation, I entered the Tableeghi College of Anjuman.

In 1924 I became Mirzai and repented in 1932 and became a Muslim. I spent 8 years in Mirzaiyyat, for 3 years Mirzais gave us education, Molvi Muzaffer Ali and me. At that time our education cost around Rs. 50,000/= At Rs. 150 per month two teachers used to teach us Hebrew and we studied Bible (Old and New Testament) from him. Two teachers were for teaching Sanskrit, we studied Vedas and other Hindu religious books from them to debate with Aryas. Two teachers were appointed to teach us Hadith and one for teaching Tafseer of Quran. Initially there were 30 students but of the difficult Sanskrit grammar they all left except Molvi Muzaffer Ali and me. Thus in 3 years we completed our education and then for 8 years we engaged in debates for Mirzais. I was in the Lahori Jamaat.

After finishing the course in designated time, as a successful Muballigh I was given the task of propagation and lecturing about Ahmadiyyat. During this period I was not just performing the duties of a Muballigh and performing debates, I also held the important offices of Secretary Ahmadiyya Association, Editor of Newspaper ‘Paigham Sulh’ and ‘Mahsel’ etc. For 8 years with my might and soul I was actively engaged in lecturing and propagating Mirzai beliefs.

Once Maulana Raipuri asked me why did I leave the Jamaat? I replied: By the Grace of Allah, I started having dreams. In one night I used to have upto two three dreams, nightmares. I would get up recite Ayat-al-Kursee, Ma’oozetain, La Hawla walaa qoowata illa billah etc and then sleep again but again the nightmares would be worse than before. I used to think that these were satanic dreams. I still remember two dreams vividly. In the middle of 1931 I saw few dreams one after the other in which I saw Mirza Saheb with a horrible face and in very bad condition. I could not relate these dreams to Mirzais because if I had done that, they would have told me that these are dreams from Satan. Neither could I relate them to any Muslim, because they would have told me that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a liar in his claims and that I must repent and denounce Ahmadiyyat. I was confounded and my condition was like a catch 22 situation.

Dream 1:

One night I saw a dream that there is a large clear ground and the earth is salty. Lot of anxious and distressed people are standing there, I am also among them. We are surrounded huge iron pillars wrapped with barbed wires from floor to above. There is no way or door to get out of this enclosure of barbed wires. Thousands of people are imprisoned in it. I asked them that why are we confined with this punishment? They said: “We have been barricaded here by our opponents because of Ahmadiyyat. At some distance from here ‘Maseeh Mowood’ is sleeping and he is not aware of our condition so that he can try to do something about our freedom. We do not have any tool to cut these barbed wires to make a way out of this barricade.” I started looking all around these wires and found a place nearer to the ground where the wire was loose. I sat on the ground and put my right foot on the wire and pressed it down till it touched the ground. Then I pushed above the other wire near my head, now there was enough space for me to get out. At a distant I saw a bed on which Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was lying covered with sheet. I went near him and stood beside him respectfully. He removed the sheet from his face and I saw that his mouth was two feet long and face was that of a pig, one eye was blind and closed and the other was small, the size of gram seed. He said: ‘My situation is very bad’. With these words a gust of strong fetid odour emanated from his mouth. I was terrified with his face and fetid smell and immediately woke up.”

Dream 2

There is a plot of land with a room there and a lot of people are gathering. I asked them why are they gathering there. They replied: We have come here to see Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. I asked: Then why don’t you go inside? They replied: We do not have permission. I said: I have the permission. Then I entered the room and saw that there is a huge bed, which is covering the entire room. Mirza Saheb is lying on it and covered with white sheet. I went to the bed and stood beside it with respect. Mirza Saheb removed the cloth from his face. I saw that his mouth is 3 hands long and face is that of swine. One eye is blind and the other small. He said to me: I am in a bad condition, why have you come here? After that I woke up.

Dream 3

One man is walking about 200 yards ahead of me and I am following him. There is a string around his waist whose other end is tied around my neck. We are walking from West to East. One person appeared from the right hand side, very beautiful, white face, bright eyes, medium height, and white dress. He asked me smiling: Where are you going? I replied: Where this man in front is taking me. He said: Do you know who is he and where is he taking you? I replied: I do not know who is he and where is he taking me. He said: He is Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and he is going towards hell and taking you as well to hell. I said: There is no one in the world who will go to hell willingly and take others with him. He asked me: What do you say about Musailma Kazzab? Did he not falsely claim to be a prophet thus deliberately chose the way to hell? When I could not reply to this reasoning, he said: Look ahead carefully. I looked ahead and saw on the horizon there is redness from the sky to the earth. He said: Do you know what is this red colour? I said: No. He said: These are the flames of hell. I kept walking behind Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and that person disappeared. Now I could even feel the heat. That beautiful person reappeared and took a knife from his pocket and hit the string with force. The string broke, my necked jerked and I woke up.

Certain inspirations and some of the prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad were always disturbing for me, but the power of my devotion and excessive love immediately used to suppress such thoughts and I used to console my heart by saying that Mirza Saheb is not a prophet that all his utterances should be true. But the frequency of these dreams overwhelmed me into thinking that though the religion is not dependent on our dreams but they can nonetheless guide one towards the truth. Finally I decided that I will keep aside the love or hatred of Mirza Saheb, I must judge the truthfulness or falsehood of Mirzaiyat on the touchstone of research.

Swearig by Allah, the One and the All Mighty, Ever-Present and Ever-Seeing, I consider it my duty to announce that leaving aside the love or hostility of Mirza Saheb and with an open mind, as an investigator, for six months I had carefully studied all the famous books written by Mirza as well as those books of Qadiani and Lahori Jamaat which were written in support of the claims of Mirza Saheb. I also read some of the books written by Muslim scholars in refutation of Mirzaiyat. Truth is that the more I studied, the falsehood of Mirzaiyat became more evident to me. Finally I became fully convinced that Mirza Saheb was a Liar in his claims of receiving inspirations, Mujaddidiyat, Meseehiyat and prophethood etc. I reached the conclusion that Holy Prophet SAAW is the Last Prophet, Hazrat Maseeh AS is alive in heavens and will return to this world before the day of Qiyamah.

O God! All secrets of religion are opened up on your slaves We got the sure-knowledge, the knowledge through visualization and then knowledge of Truth.

My Departure from Qadianism Albanian brother leaves Ahmadiyya Belgium
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Left Jamaat

Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam June 2001


My Departure from Qadianism Albanian brother leaves Ahmadiyya Belgium - by Rinol -

Bismilahi-Rrahmani-Rrahim INTRODUCTION

My name is Rinol, I am an ethnic Albanian from Macedonia. Currently I am a student in Belgium. I, like many others, have fallen in the dejjalian trap of Qadianism. Qadianism is known to a very small number of people; especially those Muslims who live in Eastern Europe are much more vulnerable to the Qadiany creed. It is known to everyone under what hegemonic conditions the Muslims have lived in the communist law of non-religious tolerance. By this I am trying to say that I was not very prepared to resist the Qadiany creed. In 2000, I heard by a Qadiany who told me about his “sect which in not really a sect”. This Qadiany student told me that in the Qadiany mission house, they have some books in Albanian. This attracted me, since I had not read any Albanian books for a long time. This was a twisted promise, because the primary reason for it was to talk to the Qadiany doctors specialized in brainwashing young eastern European Muslims. I think I should clarify for the sake of not being misunderstood that the Qadianies have not been successful at all in propagating their cult among Eastern European Muslims who live in Western Europe. Most of those who have joined the Qadiany fold, have fled it. My presence in this group lasted about 5 months. I am not going to go into detail in describing the way I fell in the trap, but I am going to talk about the way I got out of the trap. Eventually I started realizing that I was in some sort of a trap. The more I was learning about the new “reforms”, and the more I was learning about Qadianism and Qadianis in general, the more it was becoming evident that something is wrong. First of all, I did not know that after the death of the founder of Qadianism, the Qadianis split into two groups. Second of all, the Qadianis were saying very good and endorsing words about the Jews. At the same time they were saying very aggressive and horrible words about the Muslims. The Jews on one hand were chosen, and the Muslims on the other were kaffirs. Furthermore, a Qadiany is not allowed to pray with a Muslim imam. The thing that I could not understand was that how can the Jews be chosen if they tried to kill Isah (a.s.)? Most importantly, how can they be chosen if they fought against our Holly Prophet (SAWS)? Moreover, the Holly Koran clearly portrays the Jews as the enemies of Islam. I found out that they have very good relations with the British from their literature. The Son of Mirza Ghulam, in his book "Invitation to Ahmadiayyat" mentions the fact that he was praying for Great Britain to win the First World War. Was not India colonized by the British? It would have been logical if he prayed for Great Britain to lose the war. Therefore, this showed to me that there must have been some sort of relations between the Qadianies and the British colonizers. Later on I found parts of the book Ahmadiyya Movement: British Jewish Connections, written by Bashir Ahmad who is a Muslim. This book significantly helped me recover from the deceptive state. In particular I was happy to find proof that indeed the Qadianis have strong relations with the Jews, and that it is a British puppet movement in "Islam".

O, those of you who believed! Do not make allies the Jews, nor the Christians. They are allies of one another. Whoever from you makes allies with them, he is from them (he is like them). Really, Allah does not put in the right path, the sinful people. (Chapter 5, Verse 51 - my translation from Albanian)


About 6 months before I became a Qadiany, I saw a dream, which was very clear. In this dream I saw the holly prophet Muhammad SAWS stand in front of me. Although he did not tell who he was, I absolutely knew it was him, and I was very happy in the dream because I was expecting good news. I had never such a clear dream. The setting behind was a blue sky like in the morning, and lots of sunshine. Our holly prophet Muhammad SAWS was dressed in white, with a few vertical gray stripes. He had long dark hair, and an attractive face. Muhammad SAWS spoke to me in my mother tong (Albanian): "You are going to have "garth" [I had never seen nor heard of this word]." At that moment I woke up, and I saw my uncle going to work very early in the morning. I asked him what does this word mean. He told me it was fences that you put around the house or usually for sheep or other animals. My older brother told the same thing to me, but he added that it could be used as protection. The moment I became a Qadiany, this dream did not go into my mind. When I told this dream to the leader of the mission, and the preacher, they kept on suggesting that I must have seen Mirza Ghulam or one of the other four Qadiany leaders. I made clear to them that I knew for sure it was Muhammad SAWS. When I saw this dream, I already knew some things about Ahmadiyya movement, because of my fellow student. Hence he had created on me a few doubts about the coming of the Imam Mahdi. This is part of my reply that I made to the student:

He wrote:" I never showed you those dreams, it was Allah. So if you want to blame someone for guiding you to this path blame Allah!!" I replied: Indeed, it was ALLAH who showed me those dreams … dreaming about Muhammad SAWS is a grandiose thing. [Murabi sahib and Maksud kept on suggesting me : " Are you surre it is not Mirza Ghulam or our khalifs?"] Such a dream than should not be sent to a person who will flee the "true" path, i.e. Ahmadiyyat. You may say, well than you did flee your Muslim path. I did flee it, but it was temporary, it helped me clearly see that Qadianism is wrong …Thus, it was destined that I was going to enter your fold and ELHAMDULILAH it became absolutely crystal clear that Qadianism is wrong.


Mirza Ghulam had written a book called: "The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam". The president of the Shura recommended this book to me, after I had asked them to supply me with the books written by the founder. Naively, this is the first time I read a book written by the founder of Qadianism. By the grace of ALLAH, the tiny book that was given to me provided me with enough information to pinpoint the liar, and deformer of Islamic principles. In the English translation of this book, the thing that finally struck me was his translation of Chapter 102 (Suretu et Tekathur: has 8 verses) in the Koran, at which he translates them incorrectly and corruptly. He does that on purpose to reinforce his interpretation. In the end he ADDS something which is NOT mentioned in the verses, that is:"...you will know hell through your experiences" [Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam. The Philosophical Teachings of Islam. London (1992). Page 75.]. It is indeed a horrific crime to do this. Only a very wicked person can dare to do this. Therefore, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is a dajjal (liar). This was the point when I departed away from Qadiany trap.


The leader of the mission including the president of Shura, have both refused to provide me with information regarding the number of Ahmaddies in Belgium. When I say "refused", I do not mean that they said, "we cannot tell you the number", but they sort of escape the answer claiming that the West is a "materialistic nation". According to my observation, I estimate the number of Ahmadies to be about 200 (including the children). The vast majority of them are from Pakistan. The number of converts (non-Pakistani) is about 10. In my five-month presence, I witnessed 2 people to have fled the group. They had not shown up at the mission house for months. Thus, I asked the president of Shura where were the two guys. He did not give me any answer at all.

In this short resume, I have not managed to mention all the points that made me see the truth. Mentioning all the mistakes that I found is going to require an extensive elaboration, so I am not going to do all that. Inshallah, I will do that some other time.

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Why did I leave Ahmadiyyat ?
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Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 11th July 2001

Why did I leave Ahmadiyyat? For Ahmadis, but Muslims can also read it!

by Prof. Munawwer Ahmad Malik

Professor Munawwer Ahmad Malik had been a qadiani for 40 years. In 1999 Allah gave him the hidayah and opened his heart for Islam, after which he denounced Ahmadiyyat. Now he is engaged in exposing the secrets of this cult, so that ordinary Ahmadis can discover that which is hidden from him.

My Dear Friends of Jamaat! I want to talk to to you about certain things, draw your attention towards such things which are not only just worth considering, but also worth investigating. Since I have spent 40 years of my life with the Jamaat, therefore you cannot deny those things. As a sincere Ahmadi, I had been engaged in tabligh as a Muballigh of Jamaat, and as an ordinary worker I have been participating actively in every activity of the Jamaat. Lastly I had been the Naib (Assistant) Ameer of Jhelum Jamaat and after developing a relationship with the hierarchy of the Jamaat and experiencing their ways, I thought, investigated and then Allah gave me the guidance to leave the Jamaat and thus entered the fold of Islam. If what I am going to say, you tell me that this is not true, then I will be justified in saying that either you are not aware of the reality of this Jamaat or else you are just a paid 'murabbi'.

Dear Jamaati friends! You know that since childhood every Ahmadi child's mind is fed with this belief that Ahmadiyyat is true Islam, that in this last era God has given the task of total victory and domination of Islam to Ahmadiyyat, that the Islam of rest of the Muslims is not only stale but also it has been altered, that that Islam which was present at its advent, Ahmadiyyat is presenting that Islam to the world .... etc. etc.

Dear friends of Jamaat! The basic articles of faith in islam are five, which every follower of the Jamaat accepts. They are Kalima Tayyebah, prayer, fasting, Hajj and Zakaat. These are basic articles of faith and not to accept any one of them is equivalent to not fulfilling the basic conditions of Islam.

Dear Friends of Jamaat! There is great stress in the Jamaat on donations. Chanda Aam is that basic donation that is payable by every earning person (rather now it has become compulsory for unemployed persons as well to pay it), its payment is obligatory. Every employed person must compulsarily pay 6.25% of his salary as Chanda Aam. Round the year members' attention is drawn towards this task. Two three times a year inspectors come from the center and make sure the 100% collection of this donation. To facilitate its collection, many 'religious incentives' are given, that those who will make 100% payment, their names will be sent to 'Huzoor' (Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani) for dua, and that at such and such times the names of Jamaat will also be mentioned etc. etc. Before the end of financial year, the leaders of the Jamaat give several sermons on the importance of this Chanda and to draw attention towards its collection; and at the end of the year, the details of this donation is announced, details of promises and next budget is announced.

On every person, whether employed or unemployed, donation 'Tehreek Jadeed' is compulsory. Earlier it was optional, but now gradually it has become obligatory. To make 100% collection of Chanda Tehreek Jadeed, separate inspectors come from the center, leaders give separate sermons and the whole machinery of Jamaat gets busy in collecting this donation. 'Chanda Salana' is also a compulsory donation, which is taken annually at the rate of 10% of the monthly income. For its collection as well special sermons are delivered. 'Waqf Jadeed' also was introduced as an optional Chanda but that is also now becoming an obligatory donation. The inspectors of above mentioned four chandas come from the center three times a year to make sure the collection of these chandas. Those on whom the dues of these chandas are outstanding, inspectors even approach their homes to collect the donations.

Apart from these, there are other chandas: For instance on young people (Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) there is Chanda Majlis, Chanda Ta'ameer Hall, Chanda Ijtama'a; on aged persons (Ansarullah), there is Chanda Bosnia, Chanda Africa etc. etc. Chanda 100 years Jubilee was collected for 16 years.

One Ahmadi whose salary is Rs. 3000 per month, he has to pay at least Rs. 300 per month in these donations. If his wife, children and parents are with him, then their dues will also be collected from the same salary. Thus he is compelled to pay between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 every month.  If he does not pay, then it would be added to his account so that at the end of the year he will have between Rs. 3000 to 4000 due against him. Similarly if someone is earning Rs. 10,000 per month, then annually he has to pay more than Rs. 12,000.

Apart from these donations, there is another system in place, which is that if someone wants that after his death he is buried in a special 'heavenly graveyard' in Rabwah, then it would be necessary for him that instead of 6.25% of Chanda Aam, he will pay 10% and he will transfer 10% of his property to the President of Anjuman-e-Ahmadiyya, and he will continue to pay 10% of all his earnings in future to the centre. These conditions are applicable from the day he makes the will. Now if a person dies and his dead body has reached Rabwah, but 10% of his property has not been transferred to the President of Jamaat Ahmadiyya or if he has some unpaid dues, then his burial will be stopped. Unless his heirs clear all his dues, the burial cannot take place.

If an Ahmadi refuse to pay the above Chandas, then he does not remain an Ahmadi. If he doesn't pay the chanda or delays the payment, then that chanda will be added to his dues, which will be collected from his relatives after his death. Anynow who has arrears in payment, his name is advertised, he will be considered 'tainted' in the Jamaat and like an animal whose tail is cut, he will be the focus of everyone.

Dear Jamaat Friends! By all this details, the point that I want to highlight is that how active is the jamaat regarding the payment of Chandas and how an organised network is working for it. BUT have you ever seen a ZAKAAT INSPECTOR coming from the center? Has Zakaat (which is an obligatory duty of every Muslim) ever been tried to collect from you? Has Zakaat ever been added to your arrears? Have you ever heard a sermon or lecture on Zakaat from 'Huzoor' (Mirza Tahir)? Have you ever seen any attempt at the central level to draw your attention to the collection of Zakaat? Definitely your answer would be in negative. Is it not worth thinking that a basic tenet of Islam has not only been left, it is considered as out of religion. Can Islam exist without this pillar? What I mean is that can Ahmadiyyat remain linked with Islam without this pillar?

Dear Ahbaab of Jamaat! On numerous occasions you must have heard several sermons from the mouth of 'Present Khalifa' (Mirza Tahir) about the 'barakaat' of Jalsa Salan, good wishes about the attendees of this Jalsa and supplications for them, you must have heard many lectures and sermons about these Jalsa Salana programs, drawing attention to attend them. We keep reading detailed reports of Jalsa Salana, Rabwah and London in magazines and newspapers of Jamaat like 'AlFazl', 'Khalid', 'Tasheed-ul-Azhan', 'Misbah', and 'Ansarullah'. As a result of all these efforts, a person who has been hearing all this since childhood, by the time he reaches 30-35 years of age, he developed so much faith with every aspect of this Jalsa that no non-Ahmadi can imagine that.

BUT have you ever heard any sermon on Hajj from the mouth of 'Khalifa-e-Waqt'? Have 'Huzoor' ever told Jamaat members about the details of Manasik-e-Hajj? Ever heard any lecture on Hajj by any high placed Jamaat's office bearer? Your answer will definitely in negative. Why is this so? A basic tenet of Islam has not only been ignored, instead as ooposed to it stress is laid on attending Jalsa Salana. How many Hajj were performed by the 2nd Khalifa Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud? In 51 years when he was the Imam of Ahmadis, he should have done more than 30 Hajjs, but just to decieve people he did once only? He was supposed to have a special affiliation with religion, yet how many Hajj he performed. It was he who informed Ahmadis that all non-Ahmadis are not only Kaafirs, but they are PUKKA kaafirs. And it was his such delicate writings that in 1974 Ahmadis were declared as a minority and made it reach upto this point.

Then Ahmadis do not perform Hajj because of restrictions but spend thousands of ruppees to go to london to attend Jalsa Salana. A government employee cannot leave the country without official permission. But an Ahmad government servant attend Jalsa abraod by obtaining fake passports and by providing false informations, they even go to Qadian to attend the Jalsa Salana. They do not care for any restrictions to attend this Jalsa. in other words they prove by their actions that as compare to Hajj, Jalsa is more important.

Dear Ahbaab of Jamaat! If until now you consider yourself a Muslim and considers it necessary to believe in 5 basic tenets of Islam, then think, where is Jamaat taking you by totally neglecting/denying two basic tenets (Zakaat and Hajj) of Islam? And then how can you call yourself a Muslim?

Dear Ahbaab of Jamaat! Now i want to draw your attention to another important problem. When the time comes for the election of President/Ameer of some local Jamaat,
National General Secretary of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Hungary left the Jamaat
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Left Jamaat

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 18th November 2002

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

National General Secratery of jamat Ahmadiya Mahmoodiya HUGNRY resigned from his post and left the jamaat with describing some fatcs. (Source: www.ahmedi.org)


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

September 16, 2002,

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Szombathely Genfer Strasse 11 D-60688 Frankfurt

am Main It must be very unpleasant news to you that I, Miklos Molnar, General Secretary of the Ahmadi Jama'at in Hungary, have come to the firm conviction that by serving the so-called 'Ahmadiyya Movement' I do not in any sense serve the cause of God.

This conviction of mine was formed out while I watched your missionaries live and work, eat and pray, deal with people and everyday problems. Although these Pakinstanis are capable to speak about 'God' for twenty-four hours without taking breath, they couldn't impress me for a moment as being men of God. Small-minded, mistrustful, paranoid, uneducated yet conceited, these men appeared to me as rude colonizers, or as professional technicians of indoctrination at the most. I realized rather fast that they don't make friends because they love people. They never make friends for the sake of getting acquainted with someone. Suspucious and destructive as they are, they want to force out of mind, out of sight, anything or anyone opposing their 'truth'. If they are interested in anyone, it's for nothing more than to have raw material to be duped and brainwashed into their alleged 'religion'. Indeed, their conduct reminds one of the behaviour of the worst kind of colonizers. Not knowing anything about my country or about my people, they want to occupy it, take advantage of it, exploit it, 'convert' it - in the name of what? In the name of a fake religion. In the name of the Big Business 'Ahmadiyya'.

The longer I watched these narrow-minded missionaries, the more I began to feel that something must be amiss with this 'movement' of yours. I can smell a rat, you know. Working inside me, there's a fine precision instrument which I call deceptograph. It didn't leave me alone until I decided to check on what I had been told about Mirza Ghulam of Qadian, the founder of your movement. (According to the Hadith Seeking knowledgeranks higher than worship.) It turned out in a flash that most of his writings have been handled as strictly confidential to be kept a long distance away from the common followers of the 'Ahmadi'credo.Having looked a bit into Mirza Ghulam's life, teachings, prophecies, statements and deeds, I was horrified: how could a sane person believe that this man was a prophet of God? How could I believe in such an atrocious lie?

You have bamboozled me, gentlemen. I have been as gullible as an old supertitious peasant woman living in some godforsaken village to give credence to your nasty tricks and mendacities. Now I can see clearly that you, at daggers with the whole world, are peddling a most terrible hoax. The whole edifice of your movement is built on a big fat lie. The caliphate of yours that had been created with fraudulent references to the alleged 'Promised Messiah' is absolutely illegitimate. The 'Ahmadis', or rather their leadership, cheat, manipulate, brainwash people all over the world. In the name of 'true religion', prisons are built around misguided followers, exploiting and misusing their spiritual and, last not least, financial resources. That is a crime against Islam. That is a crime against mankind.

I can tell you only this much: I'm not going to be apprentice boy of, or headhunter for, crooks like you. Hereby I declare my final decision that I resign from the position of General Secretary of the Hungarian Ahmadi Community for good. I quit your movement once and for all. I'm not willing to identify myself with you any longer. I do not serve what you serve, nor are you serving what I serve. Miklos Molnar Hungary

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I Realized Mirza was no 'Isa Lookalike
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Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 13th August 2003    

I Realized Mirza was no 'Isa Lookalike


Brigadier (retired) Ahmad Nawaz Khan



"Even if someone were to incorrectly believe that the second coming of 'Isa(a.s.) alludes to the birth of an 'Isa-lookalike, still Mirza Ghulam can not be given the benefit of a doubt to be that lookalike. Indeed, Mirza does not even come remotely close to the prophecies regarding return of 'Isa(a.s.)." 

I am extremely grateful to Allah Ta'ala since, after being the victim of Ahmadiyyat for thirty years, He guided my family and me back to Islam. It happened one day, as I was reading some of the Islamic poetry of Allamah Iqbal. It affected my heart and caused me to reflect upon my situation and the reality of this deen. Soon after, Allah Ta'ala granted me an opportunity to research the subject in more detail; It did not take me long to discover the Truth and unveil the emptiness of the Ahmadi drama.

I am thankful to Allah Ta'ala in every way. I have, alhamdolellah, been blessed with seven sons and three daughters. My three daughters are in the Army Medical Core; three of my sons are physicians in Pakistan Army; two are in the foreign affairs services; one is in P.I.A. and one is in U.N.O. By the grace of Allah Ta'ala, all my children are good practicing Muslims, very much devoted to Islam and true followers of Prophet Muhammed(s.a.w.). Indeed, Allah Ta'ala has showered me with his blessings.

However, the greatest blessing of all is the peace of mind that I found in Islam, after I was led away from Ahmadiyyat. I am truly grateful to Allah Ta'ala for this, since it was only by His infinite mercy that my children and I were led away from the falsehood of the Ahmadi leadership and to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.).

As Muslims, it is our belief that, before the Day of Judgement, 'Isa(a.s.) will return to this world to fight the Dajjal. No Muslim has ever denied this in the history of Islam. But Mirza Galam Ahmed conjectured that the prophecies on the second coming of 'Isa(a.s.) allude to the fact that someone with the qualities of 'Isa(a.s.) will be born! By rejecting the doctrine of return of 'Isa(a.s.) and advancing this conjecture, Mirza Ghulam opened the door for his subsequent claim at being that alleged 'Isa-lookalike, allegedly commissioned to fulfill the mission stated by Rasulollah(s.a.w.).

I would like to point out that not only the claim of Mirza to be the "prophesied 'Isa-lookalike" is without any merit in Islamic teaching, but also it has no logical connection with what he was and accomplished. For the sake of brevity and clarity, let us set aside the debate on the question of the return of 'Isa(a.s.) and concentrate on the claim of Mirza and his associates.

The point I encourage you to consider here is whether there is any similarity between Mirza Ghulam and 'Isa(a.s.) and whether Mirza Ghulam even came close to fulfilling what he himself had acknowledged the alleged 'Isa-lookalike would be sent to fulfill. Upon an examination of the evidence, I trust every person will realize that, even if by "the return of 'Isa(a.s.)", Rasulollah(s.a.w.) had been unclear (astakhforellah) and had actually meant that an 'Isa-lookalike will be born, still Mirza Ghulam could not have been that person! In short, there is no logical or rational support for any of the claims propagated by the family and inheritors of Mirza Ghulam's business.

Obviously, there were tremendous differences between the characters, habits, births and capabilities of Mirza Ghulam and 'Isa(a.s.), and there is absolutely no resemblance in their physical features. For the purpose of comparison, the following is a brief description of the tasks that Mirza carried out, versus what 'Isa(a.s.) is supposed to complete upon his return. This should suffice to reveal the truth to anyone seeking it.

In the Qur'an and Hadith, Prophet 'Isa(a.s.) is referred to as 'Isa bin Maryam(a.s.) (Jesus son of Mary). Also, his grandfather's name is mentioned as 'Imran (Surah Aal-e 'Imran and Surah Maryam). In comparison, Mirza's father's name was Gulam Murtaza and his mother's name was Chiragh Bibi. Thus Mirza's name was not "'Isa bin Maryam"; he was the grandson of Murtaza.

The Hadith informs us that 'Isa(a.s.) will be married in the family or nation of Shu'ayb(a.s.), in Jordan (Miqrezi, vol. 5, p. 350). In comparison, Mirza was married in India.

According to Hadith, 'Isa(a.s.) will appear in Syria and the center of his activities will be in the Middle East. In comparison, Mirza never walked in the Middle East.

Hadith informs us that 'Isa(a.s.) will perform Hajj and 'Umrah and then will visit Roza-e-Mubarak (grave) of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.), in Madina-e-Munawwarah. He will wear Ahram from the place called al-Roha, which is located sixty miles towards Badr from Madina-e-Munawwara (Musnad Ahmad, v.2, p290), and perform Hajj and/or 'Umrah. Mirza never performed Hajj or 'Umrah and had never been to Roza-e-Mubarak of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.).

According to traditions, 'Isa(a.s.) will wage war against the unbelievers and wrong doers, including Jews, until Islam is the only religion on the face of the earth (Bukhari,v6, p75). In contrast, Mirza abolished Jihad and, not only never fought against the Jews, he was very friendly with them. It was due to this friendship that, while Muslims were being oppressed in Israel, Mirza's followers were allowed to establish a Center in Israel's city of Heyfa.

The traditions state that, upon 'Isa's(a.s.) return to this world, all Christians will embrace Islam. Like a pot filled with water (Musnad Ahmad p.430, Abu Dawud, v.4, p.17), only Muslims will be left in this world. Compared to this, in Mirza Ghulam's time, Christianity became stronger and the power of Jews also increased. Mirza also praised the Christian queen of England, who had forcibly subjugated India from the hands of the Muslim leaders.

The Hadith inform us that, after 'Isa's(a.s.) appearance and victories, there will be total peace in the world and all wars will come to an end. In contrast, both of the World Wars occurred after Mirza was born. India and Pakistan alone have fought three major wars since that time and the amount of evil and immorality which has appeared on this planet, during and after Mirza's life, have been unprecedented throughout human history.

We furthermore are told that, after 'Isa's(a.s.) descend, there will be unprecedented wealth around the globe. No one will be willing to accept charity and everybody will be well off. A poor person cannot be even found (Sahih Muslim v.2, p.193, Musnad Ahmad v.3, p.345) to accept charity. However, since Mirza's time, there have been billions of poor individuals and families around the globe, even in the wealthiest of the nations.

According to hadith, 'Isa(a.s.) will eat foods not cooked on fire (Kanz al-Ummal v6, p126), but Mirza's favorite food was roasted meat.

As taught by authentic traditions, 'Isa(a.s.) will die in Madina-e-Munawwara and will be buried next to the grave of Prophet Mohammed(s.a.w.), in his Roza-e-Mubarak (Musnad Ahmad, v.2, p.437). But Mirza died in Lahore, Pakistan, and is buried in Qadian, India.

At the time of his death, 'Isa(a.s.) will have reappeared on this earth for 40 years (Abu Dawud, Vol. 2, p. 266). Contrary to this fact, Mirza was born in 1833 and died at the age of 76, in 1908. He claimed to be a Mujaddid (renewer) in 1884, Messiah in 1891 and a prophet in 1901. By any method of calculation, his age contradicts authentic teachings.

Soon after the death of 'Isa(a.s.), the signs of Day of the Judgement will begin to manifest. Thirty years after the clan of Banu Tamim, which had helped 'Isa(a.s.), has died off and, after the death of scholars, the knowledge of Qur'an will be taken away from this world. Mirza and his successors have all died for a long time and such a thing has not occurred.

After reviewing these fundamental and irrefutable differences, allow us to revisit the original question. Even if someone were to incorrectly believe that the second coming of 'Isa(a.s.) alludes to the birth of an 'Isa-lookalike, still Mirza Ghulam can not be given the benefit of a doubt to be that lookalike. Indeed, Mirza does not even come remotely close to the prophecies regarding the return of 'Isa(a.s.).

May Allah show the right path to all those who seek it, and give the wealth of His love and the love of Rasullulah, Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.), like he has given me. Allahumma Rabbana Aameen.

"It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong - that are (truly) in security, for they are on (right) guidance." (The holy Quran, Al-Anaam, 6:82)


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