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2.5 new convert every second !! where are they ???
Posted on Friday, August 07 @ 02:13:29 CEST by admin

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 4th Sept 2001

2.5 new convert every second!! where are they???

by Dr. Rashid

Dear Readers!

In June 2001, we read the following news from the Annual Ahmadiyya Gathering in Washington US, published in a Pakistani newspaper:

'41 million converted to Ahmadiat in a year' By Amir Mateen

WASHINGTON: Former federal finance secretary MM Ahmad has said 41 million people have converted to "Ahmadiat" worldwide in just one year. The disclosure was made before Washington-based journalists, who were invited to Jamaat Ahmadia's annual convention in Maryland. This seemed like a new policy of "glasnost" by the otherwise secretive Jamaat.

The 41 million figures, which is like nearly one-third of Pakistan, was naturally contested by the journalists. It seemed too big a jump from the previous year's claimed figure of 10 million. However, the Jamaat claimed they have proofs to back their claim. It is all do*****ented as each convert has to fill a form of acceptance and seek blessing (Baai't) from the Jamaat.

According to MM Ahmad (Mirza Muzzaffar Ahmad), who is Amir of Jamaat in North America, most of these conversions took place in Africa among Christians and Heathen tribes. Ahmad, known for financial wizardry during Ayub Khan and then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's government, vented his feelings of hurt about Pakistan. (http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/jun2001-daily/25-06-2001/main/main10.htm)

Correction: There are few things worth noting about this news report. The figures given were not of the year 2001, but belonged to the figures reported in the Jalsa Salana of July 2000.

And now in August, the German Annual Ahmadiyya Gathering reported a giant leap of 81 million!!! Following appeared in one of the Ahmadiyya forums:

Subject: Re: [Ahmadi Friends] Bai'at International Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 11:08:36 -0500 From: "Zubia Zahoor Khan" Reply-To: ahmadifriends@yahoogroups.com To:  References:            1

Asalam o Alaikum Congratulations to all the members of Jamat on the successful Jalsa and the baits of this years.Almudulillah. The number of baits of this year is; Eight crore ten lakhs six thousand and seven hundred thirty-one wasslam zubia khan



For the information of readers, this years Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) of Ahmadiyya, which used to be held in UK, was held in Germany, because of Foot and Mouth Disease. The figure announced in this Jalsa, according to the two emails above, was 81,006,731. Once again we see a gross discrepancy in the figures. And which figures is true? 41 million or 81 million?

Professor Pervaiz Parwazi wrote in the April 2001 issue of Ahmadiyya Gazette, Canada, that:

that Jamaat which was nearly 10 million at the onset of 4th Khilafat, has now exceeded 60 million.

Who is lying? Why is this confusion? Did Mr Parwazi gave a wrong estimate? Of course he did not mention that this 60 million was in just one year, which means that he was mentioning the strength as it was in April 2001. But just two months later Mr M M Ahmad, incharge of US Jamaat announced 41 million new converts in just one year. Did he lie to the press? Or was he referring to the figure of year July 2000? And now the news came from Jalsa Salana of 81 million new converts in the last one year!! Were these Ahmadis from German Jalsa Salana fed lies, just to boost their moral? I do not think that Jamaat can deny that this figure was announced in that Jalsa. Which means that, as Mr Mushtaq Qadiani has boasted above in his post, every second 2.5 new people are converting to Ahmadiyyat. Where are they? I dare Mirza Tahir to just produce a list of 10,000 new white american converts in US (leave Pakistanis out of them) or in UK (the seat of Khilafat), or Germany or any other European country.

Readers are reminded that since 1993 Jamaat has started a new system which is named Alamgir Baith (Worldwide Baith), as mentioned by former Ahmadi Professor Munawwer Malik of Physics in his article (Growing Number of Member in Jamaat Ahmadiyya 5 Million Baith in 1999 What are the Facts?).

 In the February or March of 1993, the whole Jamaat was given a target that by July 1993 200,000 new baiths should registered. In the UK Jalsa Salana of 1993 it was announced that the target has been achieved. Since then every year the target has been doubling and its achievement announced at the Jalsa Salana:

1993            200,000 1994            400,000 1995            800,000 1996            1.6 million 1997            3.2 million 1998            5 million 1999            10 million (10,820,226 is the exact official figure published in AlFazl International dated 13th August 1999) 2000            41 million (41,308,376 presons as quoted in AlFazl International dated 11th August 2000) 2001            41 million (Figures of US Missionary Incharge given to Journalists in June 2001). 2001 Aug.    81 million (Figures given at Germany Jalsa in August 2001)

AlFazl International 13th August 1999 



......In just one year 10,820,226 persons all over the world took ba'aith and entered in Ahmadiyya Silsilah.

AlFazl International 11th August 2000 



 (In just one year, 41,308,376 person from 338 nations in 117 countries entered Ahmadiyyat)


From 1993 to 2000 according to the announcements there are about 63 million new Ahmadis. According to the current announcement of 2001, by an Ahmadi source mentioned above, the figure has jumped to 83 million (US figure) or 123 million (German) figure. Where are these Ahmadis? Did the old Ahmadis see their mosques filled with new-comers? Did they notice this change in the community centers? Where are they hiding?

And where and when will this formula stop? If we continue to project the growth of Ahmadiyya by this doubling formula, then by the year 2010 or even earlier, there should be around 6 billion new Ahmadis worldwide in just one year. Suddenly the world population would double and treble, various world bodies like WHO, UN, UNESCO will have to announce an emergency, to cater to the needs of sudden doubling and trebling of the world population. Yet they would have to use a microscope to look for these increased numbers.

It is hightime that Ahmadis should ask themselves as well as their leadership to account for these statements concerning the figures. Who is decieving whom? Murabbis are decieving Mirza Tahir? Or Tahir is decieving his stupid foloowers who will believe everything he says? Do they really!!!!

Wassalam to those who follow the hidayah

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali rasyed@emirates.net.ae http://alhafeez.org/rashid/


New Qadiani Conspiracy against Pakistan

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