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Ethics and Morality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and Co.
Posted on Thursday, July 30 @ 09:24:21 CEST by admin
Life & Beliefs Of Merza Ghulam

Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign

27th February 1998

Hoo al-Haque

Ethics and Morality

of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani & Co.

Muhammed (Pbuh), Mercy for all the worlds. Paragon of Beauty. A Masterpiece, that Allah created for Mankind to follow (Peace be upon Him). Quran, Hadith and scores of books of Seerah and biographies, by Muslim and non-Muslim authors alike, bear ample testimony to the virtues and conduct of this Holy Prophet. His dealings with the people of other faiths and treatment of his opponents are a constant source of pride and inspiration for generations of Muslims. None could have paid a better tribute than The Creator himself:

"Verily, You (O Mohammed) are on an Exalted Standard of Character." (al-Quran 68:4)

Throughout history, pious Muslims have always struggled to emulate him and adopt the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) in their daily lives, and yet no one had ever claimed to have achieved perfection. Such a boastful claim is in itself against the piety and preaching of the Messenger of Allah.

However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement and the so-called Prophet, Mahdi and the Promised Messiah, is a unique person in the History of Islam who has ever claimed to have perfectly followed the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and on its basis claimed to have attained the status of prophethood and becoming His (pbuh) prototype. Hence, according to his strange ideology, Mirza Saheb became the second advent of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) who, therefore, still remained the Last and Final Messenger. (see references later) Today his followers likewise boast of having the best morality and as such claim to be the true representatives of the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammed saaw. Whether this is true or false, it will be evident from the following sections. I will endeavor to examine the behavior and reactions of the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement towards people of the other faith and towards his adversaries as well as the response of Ahmadis towards Muslims in contemporary times.

The life and Seerah of Holy Prophet (SalAllaho 'alaiHe wa aalehi wasallam) is well do*****ented and has been thoroughly investigated during the last 1400 years. It need not be elaborated here. However, it remains to be seen to what extent was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani justified in claiming to have imitated Holy Prophet (SalAllaho 'alaiHe wa aalehi wasallam) to qualify exclusively and solely to become a Prophet. (P.S. It is a Qadiani doctrine that a person can even attain prophethood by following the footsteps of Holy Prophet SAAW!!)

The 'Prophetic' Language of Messiah from Qadian

Some poet said:

Teer ka talwar ka to ghaaw bhara

laga jo zabaan ka zakham raha hamaishaa hara

(Injury of arrow and sword heals but the wound of the tongue always remains fresh)

Mirza's Ethics & Egotistical Claims of Excellent Conduct

"It is never our way to address our opponents with any kind of harsh words in debates and disagreements or in our writings or to utter heart-breaking words for hi or for his elders....(Shuhna-e-Haq...)"Badter her aik bad se hai jo badzabaan hai ~:~:~:~ Jis dil mein ho yeh najaasat, bait-ul-khala yehee hai."

(Worse than any vile is the one who is foul-mouthed ~:~:~:~ The heart that has this shit, is the toilet) (Durre Sameen, Poetry by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)  

"I have not even answered back anyone with abusive language."

(Roohani Khazain vol. 19, p.236)

"Don't swear at anyone even if he utters obscenities."

(Kishtee-e-Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol. 19, p.11)

"Cursing is not the style of Truthful. Faithful (M’omin) does not curse."

(Izala-e-Auham p.660)

"Uttering obscenities and to be foul-mouthed is not the honored style."

(Arba’een No.4, Zamima 5)

"God is the one who has sent his Messenger, this humble self, with good conduct and manners."

(Arba'een No. 3, Roohani Khazain vol. 17 p.426)

"It is against my nature to say any offensive words."

(Aasmani Faisla p.9)

"I have never sweared even in retaliation."

(Mawahib-ur-Rehman p.18)

Mirza Claims to be a PROTOTYPE and REPLICA of Mohammed (saaw)

In the verse of Holy Quran 'wa laakin Rasoolullahe wa Khatam anNabiyeen . . . . ' there is a prophecy hidden, which is that until the Day of Judgment there is a Seal on Prophethood. Now except for the 'prototype', who is the Holy Prophet (saaw) himself, no one has the power to openly get hidden knowledge from God . . . . only one PROTOTYPE of Mohammed with all His VIRTUES was destined to come, thus he has appeared (as Mirza) . . . . .) (Eik Ghalti ka Azala, Roohani Khazain vol. 215 p. 18) "Thus only one person from the Ummah of Mohammed got Prophethood and none attained such station because it is not everyone's task to advance/elevate to such status. No doubt many people have born in this Ummah who according to Hadith 'Scholars of my Ummah are like Prophets of Bani Israel' were equivalent to the Prophets of Israel, but amongst them none except Maseeh Mowood (Mirza Ghulam) showed such emulation to be called a PERFECT SHADOW. Thus only Maseeh Mowood was chosen to be called Prophet."(Kalimatul Fasl, Review of Religions, Qadian, p. 116, No. 3, vol. 14, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) "From the outset God had the intention that to express and affirm the various virtues of Holy Prophet (saaw), one person should be elevated to the status of Divine Addresses and Conversations through imitation and emulation of Holy Prophet (saaw) which will generate in him the Prophetic Colours as a mirror. Thus God named me Prophet . . ." (Chashma-e-Ma'arifat, Roohani Khazain vol. 23 p. 340, footnote.) "Since I am, as a Burooz (Prototype), Holy Prophet (saaw), and in Buroozi colours all the Excellence of Mohammed including His Prophethood is reflected in my mirror, then who is the separate person who has claimed Prophethood independently? (Aik Ghalti ka Azala, Roohani Khazain vol. 18, p. 212)

These are just a few examples. For further details fo slanderous remarks and profanities against Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, read these articles.  

Mirza slanders Hazrat Eisa (Jesus) ibne Maryam (as)

Will be discussed later

Mirza Qadiani and Other Religions

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had claimed that he had come for followers of all religions. He is Mahdi for Muslims, Messiah for Christians, Lord Krishna for Hindus, Jai Singh Bahadur for Sikhs etc. The only exception to this is the Jewish Community. One wonders why!! He said:

"In the end let this be clear that my coming in this age is not just for reforming the Muslims, rather Muslims and Hindus and Christians, reform of all three nations is desired. And just as God has sent me as Promised Messiah for Muslims and Christians, similarly I am like an Autar for Hindus and for the last 20 years I have been advertising this that I have (come) to rid the world of those sins with which it is full. Just as I am Messiah ibne Maryam, similarly I am in the form of Raja Krishna, who was one of the big Autars of Hindus or let us say I am the same one." (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad dated 2nd November 1904, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.228)  


"The STUPID and ILLITERATE and EVIL (KAMEENA) NATURED certain Aryans of Qadian...." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.6)"For these people (Aryans) to lie is mother's milk. They are Satans not humans..." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.11)"Thus O Aryans!...O Impious and stone-hearted Nation!...He is a first class wicked natured and impious natured .." (Tatamma Haqeeqatul Wahi p.156)"Wicked-natured Lekhram. Alas! This seed of profanity and obscenity was brought by Dayanand in this country.... Lekhram Peshawari who was absolutely stupid and a boil (Aablaa)." (Cashma-e-Maarifat p.3)"Such kind of profanity and foul language and mischievousness is a special Aryans' way." (ibid. p.6)"Thieves and professional dishonest..." (Arya Dharam p.25)"Uttering such abusive words of meanness (SIFLA-PUN) from the mouth and then wrote something on our advertisement.." (ibid. p.25)"Maharaj with wicked soul said.... Wicked Pandit..." (ibid. p.31,34)"These KAMEENA-natured people were already eager to criticise and on top of that they got hold of some Mischievous and Stupid Christians and Satanic Inclinations instructed them they are all true, thus they also took their share of this Black face and Embarrassment, which is now evident on the faces of Stupid Christian Priests." (Ibid. p.47)"Otherwise they are faithless and Professional dishonest." (ibid. p.60)"O Stupid Aryas! Go and jump into some well and kill yourself." (ibid. p.62)"Lekhram's nature had a lot of element of Fabrications and lies.." (Istafta p.7)"This USELESS (NaaLaaiq) Hindu was the same person who boasted to be a Pundit  and remembered Bawa Saheb with words like stupid and backward.... and how evil this nature is that for pious people bad words are blurted out immediately.... thus no good person considered him a good man." (Sat Bachan p.6)"Like Dayanand they were not in the darkness of illiteracy and miserliness." (ibid. p.7)"Actually this person (Dayanand) was absolutely Black-hearted and enemy of good people ... this Truth-ignoring and ZAALIM Pundit...." (ibid. p.8)"Because of the instigations of this same STUPID (nadaan) Pandit, had the right... This DRY-BRAINED PUNDIT (khushk dimaagh) was absolutely UNFORTUNATE (bey-naseeb) and WRETCHED (bey-bahraa) .... he was EXTREMELY THICK SKULLED PERSON and for this reason he was also a FIRST RATE PROUD MAN." (ibid. p.9)"But Dayanand did not desire to remove this PALEED CHOOLA (dirty dress) of BUKHL (meanness) and TA'ASUB (racism) from his body, thus he did not receive a clean dress and he remained luckless in receiving true inspiration and true teachings ..... and how can such an opportunity arise for a Pundit like him who is drowned in the TA'ASUB OF NAAHAQ (racism of falsehood) and FITREE GHABAAWAT (natural stupidity) .... and to prove the ignorance of Bawa saheb through this is NIHAYAT SIFLAAPUN (absolute meanness). ... this ZOOD-RANJ (fast-offended) Pundit has shown such AHMAQAANA JOSH (idiotic vigour) at a small linguistic alteration." (ibid. p.12)"He himself was engaged in such MOTEY KHAYAALAAT (Fat thoughts) and Mistakes that even the GANWAAR (Backwards) of villages would hardly exceed him." (ibid. p.13)"It is the way of SHAREER (Mischievous) people that at the time of LAMPOONING someone they would begin with a word of praise, as if they are just-natured." (ibid. 13)"But Dayanand remained blind even in those days when Vedas had been translated in England and Germany." (ibid. 19)"O NALAAIQ (Ill-deserved) Aryans! (ibid. 36)Poetry of Mirza Saheb about Aryans (Hindus of India):

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote following poetry regarding Hindu ladies and their tradition of 'Niyog'. It is difficult to convey the exact meanings and implications of such writings. Niyog is a hindu custom whereby a widow or childless lady or the one whose husband has gone on protracted journey, goes to the houses of upper class hindus or to their relatives to get pregnant (Roohani Khazain vol.10 p.68 by Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani). Some of the highlights of this poetry are as follows. The way Mirza has ridiculed this religious practice, is quite below the status of a reformer, let alone a prophet, if at all he is one!:


He who loves the tradition of Niyog  He is humiliated in this world and hereafter 

He whose religion has such shamelessness  It is devoid of civility and wisdom   

why shouldn't second marriage be forbidden  when they have the ritual of Niyog 

Chupke chupke haram karwaana  Aaryon ka usool bhaari  To get adultery secretly  Is a big ritual of Aryans 

Laaiq-e-sokhtan hain unke mard  unkee naari her aik kee nari hay  Their men deserve to be burnt  their wife is the wife of everyone 

Wah wah! What a religion! what a faith!  Jis mein wajib haramkaari hay  My My! What religion! what a faith!  In which prostitution is obligatory 

Zun-e-Begana per yeh shaida hain  jis ko dekho wohee shikari hay  He is fond of other's ladies  Everyone is a hunter 

Ghair murdon say nutfa mangna  sakht khubs aur naabkari hay  To ask for sperm from other men  It is great wickedness and evil act 

Ghair kay sath jo soti hay  woh na beewee, zun bazari hay  She sleeps with the other man  she is not a wife but a prostitute 

Hay woh chandaal, dasht aur paapi  Juft uskee koee chamaari hay  He is Low-cast, wicked and Sinful  His spouse is some low-caste 

Hain karoron niyag kay bachey  Arya dais main yeh khuwaari hay  There are millions of children of niyog  This is the humiliation in Aryan nation 

Aisee aulad per khuda kee maar  yeh naa aulad qehr baari hay  Curse of God be upon such children  These are not children but God's punishment 

Naam aulad kay hussol kaa hay  saari shehwat kee beqraari hay  It is an excuse to get children  But it is actually restlessness of Lust 

Baitaa Baitaa pukaartee hay ghulat  Yaar kee usko aah-o-zaaree  She wrongly pretends to be worried for her son  She is actually crying for her lover 

Dus say karwaa chukee hay zinaa laiken  Paak daaman baichaari hay  She has committed adultery with ten, But  Poor lady is still chaste 

Ghar main laatey hain uskay yaaronko  Aisee joroo kee paasdari  HE brings her lovers into the house  This is how cares for his wife 

Uskay yaaron ko dekhnay kay leeay  sar-e-bazaar un kee baari  To see her lovers  In the market they take turns 

Jorooji pay yeh fida hain yeh jee say  woh Niyogi pay upnay waari hay  He is deeply in love with his wife  She is obsessed with her Niyog 

Hay Qawi mard kee talaash unHain  Khoob joroo kee haqdaari hay  They are in search of a strong man  they take good care of their wife's rights 

Taakey kerwaaein pher ussey gandgi  Paak honay kee intizaari hay  So that they will submit her for adultery  They are waiting for her to get clean (from menses) 

Kya krein vaid kaa yehee hukum hay  turk kernaa gunaah gari hay  What can they do? This is the order of Veda  To reject it (Niyog) is a sin. 

Roohani Khazain vol.10 pp.75-77


Muslims "Ex  cept for the CHILDREN OF PROSTITUTE, whose hearts have been sealed by God, everyone else believes in me and has accepted me.”

(Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547)

"God has revealed to me that anyone to whom my message has reached and he has not accepted me , he is not a muslim."

(Letter of Mirza to Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan Patialvi)

"I have God’s inspiration that 'he who does not follow you and will not enter your Ba’ith and remain your opponent, he is disobedient of God and His Prophet, Hellish."

(Advertisement in M’ayaar-ul-Akhyar by Mirza Ghulam p.8)

"Thus remember as God has informed me, it is forbidden and absolutely forbidden to pray behind any disbeliever and hesitant; but is should be that your imam should be one of you."

(Arba’een No 3, Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.417 footnote)

Some one asked a question and Mirza has replied to it. Both are mentioned in his book, Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi. I quote: "Question: Huzoor-e-aali has mentioned in thousands of places that it is not at all right to call KAFIR a Kalima-go (one who recites a Kalima) and an Ahle-Qibla. It is quite obvious that except those Mo’mineen who become Kafir by rejecting you, just by not accepting you no one becomes a Kafir. But you write to Abdul Hakeem Khan that anyone who has recieved my message and he has not accepted me, he is not muslim. There is contradiction between this statement and the statements in previous books. Earlier in ‘Tiryaq-ul-Quloob’ etc. you had mentioned that no one becomes Kafir by not accepting you and now you are writing that ‘by rejecting me he becomes a Kafir.’

Answer: This is strange that you consider the person who rejects me and the person who calls me Kafir as two different persons, whereas in the eyes of God he is the same type; because he who does not accept me is because he considers me a fabricator.... apart from this, he who does not accept me, he does not believe in God and His Prophet as well, because there is God’s and his Prophet’s prophecy regarding me”"

(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.167)

"It is our obligation that we do not consider non-ahmadis as muslims and do not pray behind them, because for us they have rejected one prophet (Mirza Ghulam) of God. This is a religious matter and no one has any right to do anything in it."

(Anwar-e-Khilafat, by Mirza Mahmood, Khalifa 2, p.90)

"All muslims who are included in the initiation of Maseeh Mowood, even if they have not heard the name of Maseeh Mowood, they are Kafir and out of the fold of Islam. I admit that these are my beliefs."

(Aina-e-Sadaqat, by Mirza Mahmood, 2nd Khalifa, p.35)

"Every one who accepts Moses but not Eisa or accepts Eisa but not Muhammad or accepts Muhammad but not Maseeh Mowood, he is not only Kafir but a hardened Kafir and is out of the fold of Islam.

(Kalimat-alFasl by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam p.110)

Question: "Is it permitted to say ‘May God Bless the departed soul, forgive him and send him to Paradise’ for a person who was not included in Ahmadiyyat?"

Answer: "The KUFR of non-Ahmadis is proven by evident signs and it is not permitted to ask for forgiveness for non-believers (KUFFAR)."

(Al-Fazl Qadian vol.8, No. 59, 7th Feb 1921)

"Non-Ahmadis are the disbelievers therefore their funeral prayers should not be offered, but if an infant of non-ahmadi dies, why should we not pray his funeral prayer, he is not a disbeliever of Maseeh Mowood? I ask the inquirer, that if this is true than why don’t we offer funeral prayer of a Hindu or a Christian child? How many people offer their funeral prayer?"

(Anwar-e-Khilafat, Mirza Mahmood, 2nd Khalifa, p.93)

"It is the order of Hazrat Maseeh Mowood and firm order that no ahmadi should give his daughter to non-ahmadi. It is obligatory on every ahmadi to carry it out..... there is great loss in it, besides this marriage is not permitted."

(Barakat-e-Khilafat by Mirza Mehmood p.73)

"Our prayers are separate from Non-ahmadis, it is forbidden to give our girls to them, we are stopped to offer their funeral prayers. Now what is left that we can participate with them? There are only two kinds of relations - religious and worldly. For religious relations, it is the gathering for prayers and for worldly relations, it is the marriage and both are forbidden for us."

(Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam, Kalimat alFasl p.169)

"The point is now quite clear. If it is 'Kufr' (infedility) to deny the Gracious Prophet (Muhammad pbuh), it must also be 'Kufr' to deny the Promised Messiah, because the Promised Messiah is in no way a separate being from the Gracious Prophet; rather he is the same (Muhammad incarnate). If anyone is not deemed a Kafir for denying the Promised Messiah, then anyone else who denies the Gracious Prophet also cannot be considered a Kafir. How is it possible that denying him in his first birth as Prophet should be regarded as Kufr, but denying him in his (reincarnated) second birth as prophet should not be regarded as Kufr, when, as claimed by the Promised Messiah, his (Mirza's birth as Muhammad incarnate) spiritual attainment is stronger, complete and severe."

(Kalimatul Fasl, pages 146-147, as cited in the Review of Religions, dated March-April 1915)

"Any person who believes in Moses but does not believe in Christ, or believes in Christ but does not believe in Muhammad, or believes in Muhammad but does not believe in the Promised Messiah, is not only a Kafir, but a 'pakka' (confirmed) Kafir, and (he is) out of the fold of Islam."

(Kalimatul Fasl, page 110, by Mirza Bashir Ahmad, M.A.)

"All such Muslims who did not swear allegiance to the promised Masih (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian), even though they did not hear the name of the Promised Masih, are Kafir and debarred from the fold of Islam."

(Aiena-e-Sadaqat, page 35, by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani).

"Allah has revealed to me that he who does not follow me and does not give me his oath of allegiance and remains in opposition is disobeying the will of Allah and His Rasul and is Jahannami (doomed to Hell)."

("Baraheen Ahmadiyya", Vol. 5, Pages 82-83, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

"All those Muslims who do not enter the fold of the Promised Messiah, whether or not they have heard of Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) are considered Kafirs and are beyond the pale of Islam."

("Aeena-e-Sadaqat", Page 9, By Bashir-uddin Mahmud)

"He (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) has regarded him as an infidel who knows him to be truthful and does not believe him in speech but has not yet entered the fold."

("Tashi-ul-Azhan", 6:4, Apr. 1911, Miyan Mahmood Qadiani - "Aqaid-e-Ahmadia", Page 108)

"A man once asked the first caliph of the Messiah (Hakim Nuruddin Sahib) whether it was possible to attain salvation without having faith in mirza Sahib? He replied: 'If the Word of God is based on truth, it is not possible to attain salvation without having faith in Mirza Sahib."

("Aa'ina-e-Sadaqat", Page 25, Miyan Mahmood Ahmad Qadiani)

"The fifth tenet that is binding upon my sect in this erase is that you should not give your daughters to non-Ahmadis. He who gives his daughter to a non-Ahmadi does not know what Ahmadiat is. Do you find non-Ahmadis giving their daughters to Hindus or Christians? Non-Ahmadis are, according to our faith Kafir, but they are better than you in this respect. In spite of being Kafirs themselves, they do not give their daughters to Kafirs but you, in spite of being Ahmadi, give your daughters to non-believers."

   ("Malaika-tullah", Page 46; by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud)  

Abuses hurled at Opponents

Please read the books of Mirza Saheb. Innumerable places you will find scolding/abuses and frankly street language being used for his opponents.

Mirza announced:

"Cursing is not the style of a Truthful person. Faithful (M’omin) does not curse." (Izala-e-Auham p.660)

Yet if you open his book Nur-ul-Haq, volume 17 of Roohani Khazain. From pages 158 - 162, 5 pages, he has cursed his opponent thousand times, LITERALLY, writing CURSE1 CURSE2 CURSE3 and so on, until he literally finishes writing thousand curses.


( Nur-ul-Haq, Roohani Khazain vol.17 pp158 - 162)

Is this the way of a Prophet? Is this the way of a normal person?


"Abdul Haq Ghaznavi ... O BADZAAT JEWISH NATURED! In this Padres faces have been turned black and yours as well. ... O KHABEES! How long are you going to live? .... Especially RAEES-ud-DAJJALEEN (Head of Dajjals) ABDUL HAQ GHAZNAVI and his whole clan, upon them may fall 1 million shoes of the Curses of ALLAH. O PALEED DAJJAL (Filthy Dajjal)! Prejudice has blinded you." (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol.11 pp.45,46)



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Ethics and Morality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and Co.

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